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Network Management Justification for Handmade Furniture Ltd

Based on the initial inspections completed lately, Handmade Furniture Ltd has experienced difficulties controlling the IT infrastructure as well as providing IT support for personnel. The prevailing network management and support services are carried out within an uncontrolled procedures which have resulted in variety of data loss and possible hacking tries. This may lead to future compromises such as financial deficits, disruption of services etc. , which can tarnish company's reputation.

This article includes the justifications of selecting network management plan for the company based on the existing infrastructure and future implementations. Selecting the choice should think about multiple criteria which are costs, security and administrative control buttons as key points along with specialized expertise. Report includes terms of reference followed by justification for the selection of network management plan, elements of network management plan, options for enhancing IT support and suggestions. The suggested network management plan will be expanded for the proposed network infrastructure and security upgrade project in near future.

The scope of the statement is to provide help with selecting an option for IT support by getting ready a network management plan. The accounts ready for the research of the Handmade Furniture Ltd table members. Record includes important elements of the network management plan and excludes technical details of design or configurations and product explanations. Main sections are the elements of network management plan including mistake management, settings management, accounting management, performance management and security management. You will see several follow-up reports after which include specialized plan. This may be submitted after the IT staff have been appointed.


It is recommended to have bought it support personnel and completely deal with and maintain IT support in-house for an arranged number of a few months. After the IT functions are streamlined and new enhancements completed, IT support outsourcing option must be preferred.

As the Initial step, Handmade Furniture Ltd should identify the IT staffing needs. This should include identifying the work role, skills and experience level and the communication hierarchy. This step requires in-house real human learning resource skills to recruit personnel based on the recommended staffing needs. The option of selecting everlasting IT personnel or contract personnel needs to be done carefully. The higher level positions have to be everlasting whereas desktop support etc. can be on deal basis. Furthermore, the web development project needs to be outsourced as there is no need to have a permanent web designer in-house.

Once the IT staff are available, next step is to assign job jobs and responsibilities to the personnel. Combined with the job tasks, the immediate supervisors have to be listed. Furthermore to daily job role, IT team will have additional work to streamline the current network infrastructure and the operational procedures. Most significant point is to own backup staff. Each IT job role must be backfilled with another employee.

There will be two sub programs contained in the management plan. They are :

1. Plan to take care of the network infrastructure restructuring.

2. Plan to keep up with the new network functions and steps.

First sub plan will provide IT personnel with enough training to prepare for the future network enhancements. Second sub plan is to use in-house IT staff for network management within the business.

Justification of network management plan selection

As opposed to IT support outsourcing, use of in-house IT staff has several advantages. Taking into consideration the existing network issues and happenings as well as operational procedures, company needs to have major changes. Eventually this can lead to backup/archiving company's data, changing passwords and creating customer accounts etc. The most important asset of the company is its data. Therefore, use of your outsourced party to handle company's data is not really a recommended practice. (Vigeant, 2015). The upcoming task for network updates include employing a Wi-fi system, updating all PCs and moving messages and systems to cloud. These jobs require handling end user accounts, data as well as security steps. You will see advanced of readiness for the future projects by building an in-house IT personnel.

One of the downside of the in-house IT staff is the functional cost when contemplating employed funds, boasts and expenses. Alternatively, there is a huge competition between your IT support companies offering attractive charges for maintaining sites. However most of these offers include limited volume of support engineers compared to a team of personnel available in house. The greater support staff available in the outsource team more budget required. (Rossi, 2016)

Another advantages is the efficiency of communication. With an in-house IT support team, you will see two levels of communication between staff and the manager or senior employee. With an outsourced IT support team, there may be multiple levels of communication such as between managers/senior staff, mature level to junior level etc.

A help table is required to deal with IT support requests handled by an outsourced IT team. At the current level, company should streamline the IT procedures before implementing a help office. Therefore, company is not in a good position to outsource IT businesses.

With the execution of new proposed IT strategies such as cloud structured email, etc. there can be more consistent support incidents as users are new to these applications. Assign to take care of a large volume of happenings by an outsourced team can be expensive and inefficient without utilizing a help workplace. On the other hands, once new systems and network elements are set up, there may be a rise in IT support incidents. Therefore, having more IT support personnel in house can be an extra cost. At this stage, best option is to outsource IT support. (Vigeant, 2015).

One of the major decision point of selecting in-house or outsourced solution is the size of the network. Generally a network with 50-100 PCs is consider as a small to medium business. It isn't necessary to have a huge IT support team as the aids requests can be taken care of in house. (Gluck, n. d. ).

Followings are the key benefits of outsourcing IT support (Editors, n. d. )

Reduce labor cost

Can give attention to key business

Less training is needed as outsourced IT staff should have the required skills.

IT Staff requirements

Selecting skilled IT personnel is vital for the successes of the management plan. You will find no IT staff to teach the new personnel, Therefore the new IT personnel need to be able to work with minimum guidance and guidance. Pursuing is an overview of the abilities required.





Head of IT

PM, Information security, Networking

10+ Years

Optional ( If available in house)

Senior network administrator

Microsoft Windows server, Cellular networking, Cloud office 365

5+ Years

Network administrators

Microsoft House windows server/desktop, Wireless networking, Cloud office 365, cabling

3-5 years

Desktop support

Microsoft Glass windows desktop, Hardware, Cordless networking

1-2 Years

Web Developer

Web design/development skills

3-5 Years

Needs to be outsourced

Table 1: In-house IT staff requirements

Job roles for this staff

This is important to establish level of authority and responsibilities. At present, there are unrestricted settings between staff. Most important point is the fact no single person assigned obligations. Each task must have a backup person given.

Security management -Install and configure central antivirus console

This is necessary because currently the computer virus guards are installed as standalone in each Computer. Monitoring of virus guards is challenging with this set up. It is not a good practice to assign users to monitor virus guards. Installation of new antivirus should be done by the network administrators and the monitoring needs to be done on daily basis by the SNR network administrator. Also, a written report on confirmed consistency can be published automatically to brain of computer. (Safari, n. d. )

Accounting Management -Configure a central back-up plan

User data for all the PCs has to backup automatically to a central storage. Existing NAS safe-keeping can be used for this. Quite point is the fact data must be backed up automatically on the schedule. Two possibilities for this

1. Use back-up software to backup documents to NAS

2. Create folders for each and every user in server and the folders should backup to NAS storage.

Also network segments need to be used (Ex Virtual Networks or VLANs) to provide gain access to control, based on users and groupings. Also, a directory site service is necessary so that all customer has their own end user account and password. This helps to use access settings to folders and files based on customer ownership.

Fault Management -Use a help desk

The existing and current IT support requests can be better treated by employing a help office. Help table provides reporting and monitoring facilities for support demands. (Safari, n. d. ) Once company programs to outsource IT support, this help desk can be useful to control the outsource team as well. However, since all the office buildings and users are in one location, developing a help office is not essential and the implementation is put through cost.

Help desk has two options:

1. Create a customized help office (This needs to be outsourced).

2. Buy an off the shelf help workplace product.

Configuration management -Network and operational procedure documentation

At present, there is absolutely no documentations about user accounts, configurations etc. This can cause critical issues especially in an emergency situation. As an aspect of the network management Plan, Company should start documenting all sites and IT related configurations, credentials etc. All changes have to be approved by brain than it and a collection of version must be used. Documentations have to be stored as hard copies and delicate copies in a secure place. (Safari, n. d. )

Performance management - Put into action a network monitoring system

There must be considered a network monitoring system (NMS) which provides network performance, speed, errors and alarms etc. in real time. This should have features to send alerts to administrators via Text, generate records etc. Among the types of a NMS is SOLARWINDS. (Solarwinds. com, n. d. )

Diagram 1- Monitoring plan work percentage

As shown in the diagram above overall management plan can be split into 5 phases corresponding to FCAPS model for network management. Out of these phases configuration management requires highest timeframe and effort accompanied by fault management. The reason behind this is the fact currently there may be zero level of records. Also no standard mistake management method is in use. Performance management requires less work as the network happens to be in acceptable performance level. Under accounting management more work should be achieved in proposed future job as there's a need for a directory to manage individual accounts via server.

Two options for having in-house IT staff at the initial level is either to hire permanent staff or hire agreement staff. Company needs a older level IT supervisor on everlasting basis to manage in-house IT staff as well as any future outsourcing requirements. Desktop support and junior network administrators can be employed on contract basis either by using an hourly rate or a fixed cost. However, the IT administrator should ensure that work done is being documented to be able to provide continuous support services. Following the initial phases of the management plan there should be reviews to choose to go with an outsourced option or even to continue in-house IT support.

The website development and help table implementation work needs to be outsourced. Having these resources in -house can be an additional financial overhead. Two options to outsource IT support services are either to outsourced technical engineers internally within the business or to demand support as required using either on-call or distant support. The first option requires extra functional cost for space, electricity and electricity etc. However, this option is more suggested than the next option. Second item requires service level contract (SLA) with stringent terms on primary response time. Also, this program requires a help table to be retained to log happenings and manage response time.

In terms of help desk a personalized help office is most suitable as almost all of the from the shelf deals have extra features which is not required and it is adding extra cost. Also, almost all of the outsourced companies provide a help table service, included in their services on offer. This is considered as well.

It is preferred to acquire in-house IT personnel for the original levels of the network management plan and for the duration of proposed new network updates. Company must take your choice of continuing with in-house IT personnel or outsource IT support services at the end of the implementations. The decision might be predicated on cost, number of incidents, and also other operational procedures and methods. Having an in-house senior level managerial position to provide overall management of the IT services is essential.

At present, company has zero level of IT support. Out of this point up to the completion of network enhancements, constant support service is necessary with extra effort involving beyond the office time are well. With an IT outsource team, this isn't useful as there are decided work time in an outsourced agreement. The extra time might be incurred separately with a higher rate.

Use of FCAPS model for network management is preferred as the five regions of these models is vital for the management plan. Documents plan is an important sub plan of the entire plan. Company needs to start out from level zero in paperwork. Documentation includes network configurations, consumer accounts and passwords, file agreement for users, backup plan as well as hardware warrantee and software license vendor details. It is expected to increase efficiency after applying the help office. Managing operational techniques through help office helps you to save time and cost.

The final finish is the fact that Handmade Furniture Ltd requires in-house IT staff at the original level of the network management plan. Further they have to recruit a mature level person as the level of CIO and brain of computer for overall IT management role. Furthermore, company should start documenting all IT related work, configurations and types of procedures.

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