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Nescafe Today And Intro Of The Company Commerce Essay

In the next assignment I will be talking about Nestle's background, vision and mission affirmation, objectives, business strategy, marketing position, competitors, SHRM at Nestle/my view, Nestle's 3 HR policies and my views/suggestions, changing role of HR Professionals, and lastly my final result and suggestions.

2. Nescafe Today and Advantages of the company

At current time Nestle is one of the world's leading Food Company, using its headquarters based in Switzerland. Till point in time company has more than 280, 000 employees and has over 500 factories in 86 countries. Its major market sections are Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania from where it generates huge gains.

Its main purpose now is to setup factories locally wherever it can, and then seek the services of local employees. It also tends to count on local resources and natural material. Therefore, a great deal of attention is paid towards its professional training and its cultural environment.

Nestle was founded in 1866 in Vevey, Switzerland, and is also a public own company. The company has over 250, 000 shareholders and out of those no one owns more than 3% of the stock. Only 1 1. 5% of its profit is produced from its homeland, and leftovers is from the other 12 factories so it has abroad.

Nestle is well known for its wide range of products, such as; baby food, dairy products product, beverages, family pet attention, ice-creams, and pharmaceuticals products, etc (Nestle 2010). Together with the help to all these products it addresses an enormous market and for that reason, provides its shareholders with a long term profitable development.

3. Nestle's Vision

To keep its consumer satisfied, by giving them with best high quality food, and dairy product.

4. Nestle's Mission

The foremost motive is to keep its customer happy by making products as per to the individual flavor, lifestyle, and needs which is wonderful for health.

5. Objective of Nestle

Want to support its long term image by making and marketing its Company's products in that ways, which web links using its customer needs and lifestyle.

Turning short term profit into lasting.

Want to carry on its trust and brand image in customer and staff mind by caring for their values and values.

To recruit the right person for the right job, because professionalism and reliability is very much indeed required to make it through in today's competitive world.

6. Business Strategies

6. 1 Corporate and business Level Strategies

Improve its product's growth through renovation and innovation in process and technology.

Want Long term potential

Business should be achieved by holding on to the values and management concepts of the organization.

Build its corporation based on human prices and ideas (Scribd 2010).

6. 2 Business Level Strategies

To provide low cost products to its consumers to reduce competition.

Have the concept of Differentiation - By this After all to reduce the chance of complexity of source string and lower appeal for discounters.

7. Market Setting:

Nestle tries to position its product as a superior quality product and consumer centered. Therefore they have got this attracting slogans and messages, such as;

"We realize your taste better than you"

"Nestle Milk load up is now at your door step"

"Add additional flavors' to your life"

These all slogans will appeal to the potential buyers and would therefore help Nescafe to show its picture evidently and differently. For example, milk pack will position Nescafe's product on a better platform against the competitors and for that reason would gain competitive gain. Another way of promoting would be displaying their products on the events like Valentine day, Father's day, Christmas, etc, so that individuals get acquainted with their products.

8. Competitors

In todays time any business that runs a company face competition in this competitive market. Nestle is a multinational company, and for that reason has a rival as well in this global market. A primary competition of Nestle at the moment is Kraft, which includes recently taken over Europe's No. 1 Cadbury Company also. Besides this there are other competitors like; Mars (in chocolate), Dannon and Yoplait (in yogurt), Standard Mills (in flour), etc (Castelar Articles 2005).

9. SHRM at Nestle

NESTLE - A Human being COMPANY

Nestle is a human being Company and I could say this because they pay special focus on the individual needs of their customer and employees. You can view from their frame of mind and sense of responsibility that how much they are really concern for his or her people. It's true that Nestle needs to increase its revenue, sales, market section, however, not at the cost which would have an effect on the quality life of its consumer and worker.

Whatever Nestle is today, it gives all this credit to its people because without them they wouldn't have come so far. It's their peoples' energy and strength which acquired them so far, and for that reason, people are their real advantage. The company has always promoted and encouraged open and active communication among its employees. Therefore taking in mind their workers ideas and discussions, Nestle today has resulted into improved upon Company overall.

Therefore, Nestle thinks in;

- High Performance

- High Engagement &

- High Determination.

10. My views on Nestle's SHRM

According if you ask me I feel that Nestle did a congrats in interacting with its strategic HRM. This is because Nestle has effectively connected its HRM with its strategic goals and aims in order to boost its business performance and long-term customer relationship. The business has aligned its HR strategies with its business goals, through which it achieved its core values. It placed its employees and customers satisfied by looking after their needs and requirements. Nestle totally achieved its proper HRM by achieving its objectives which were;

Market its Company's products in such a ways, which links with its customer needs and lifestyle.

Turning short term profit into long lasting.

Wanted customers and employees rely upon its brand

To recruit the right person for the right job

Therefore, it's turned out that Nestle have meet its Strategic HRM, but with this it doesn't mean it halts here. Nestle has to keep on changing its Strategic HRM with the changing time and needs of the customers. And therefore it demonstrated that its SHRM is equal to HRM and vice-versa and it both moves together for company to achieve success and perform better.

11. Nestle's HR Practices

Nestle is a company whose HR strategies or methods are produced by remember the Business aims of the company and the strategies devised to perform the business enterprise. The HR strategies are always in position with the business enterprise goals. Nestle is unique in the sense that it has been able to efficiently inculcate its business goal as well as its primary values, constantly in its employees day-to-day activities starting from recruitment till continuous performance appraisals. Today, Nestle has one of the most identified HR functions internationally. (Nestle Occupations 2002)

Three Nestles' HR guidelines that I am talking about are the following;


Theory discussed

As per to Drucker the main one contribution that director should make it that he should provide better vision to other, in order that they could perform better. So basically main work of director is to stimulate, train, and develop people in through the means of training.

According to Kirkpatrick there are four level of learning analysis which is through effect, learning, behavior and lastly the result. If you follow these four rules you will get to know how to teach your employees and in which field they want advancements in (Business Balls 2009).

Nestle's Training and Development process

At Nestle Training and Development is very important, from bottom to top. All around the world, every company works its training and development methods, such as; class room programs, e-Learning, etc. Therefore, Nestle also acquired its own training and Development technique, which is really as follows;

Nestle supplies the following-

Literacy training-to improvements essential literacy skills, specifically for workers who operate new equipment.

Nestle Apprenticeship Programs.

Local Training Programs-on issues ranging from technical, management, and communication and business economics.

My views on Nestles' Training process

According to me Nestle is not performing a good job in its training and development office, therefore with the changing time it should also be transformed and improved. Using this method it will help Nestle to improve their business production and growth. Therefore, a special attention should be paid towards the training procedure for employees, so the company functions well over time.

My recommendations

In today's time it is very important that training methods should be changed as the business strategy changes. Therefore you should keep in mind few things when you are developing a training strategy, such as;

Always recognize the abilities and capabilities needed by employees.

Then have an overview which will explain that how your investment in training will help in conference business goals.

Finally, execute the plan you made and keep an eye on the progress that it resulted into (tutor2u 2009).

In circumstance of small range firm, training can get by the supervisor or a skilled man, whereas in large organizations, there must be a complete time training officer on training team for the employees. The training methods that I would suggest for Nestles' are the following;

Training - on the job

By this I mean that training should be provided at the task place. For example;

A proper instructions and demo should be provided to the trainee regarding their job.

A special instruction should be provided to staff. By this I mean that there should be close working marriage between an experienced worker and the trainee, so that trainee can learn and adjust to new area.

A job rotation should be achieved regularly. By doing so a trainee will learn and experience different process and activities that 're going on in the business.

Advantages of- face to face training

- It is rather affordable for the company.

- It appears to be very effective, because while learning they are also working.

- Insurance agencies someone standing on the very best, give employees more confidence, because they know they are really doing good job.

Training - off of the job

Off the work training means that employees have to take training by staying away from work place. This is an extremely formal kind of training provided to employees. Off the work training can either be provided by the company's training team or through exterior provider. The types of off the work training are as follows;

First an example may be Day release. It is when employee must take the time right out of the routine working hours and have to wait training centre

The other an example may be that you have to take nighttime classes outside the work premises and hours.

Then you have sandwich classes, where the worker has to spend around 6-9 calendar months in college or university before signing up for work.

Advantages of off-the-job training:

- A particular external trainer is appointed by the company, so they cut costs by not employing trainer on set salary.

- Employee can pay his full attention on training rather than working and getting sidetracked.

- The employees will get possibility to meet other business employees who are there to learn the same techniques.


It is one the very best training skills. With this trainer show trainees how they need to work and perform their activity. In some cases trainer should include the trainees in his demonstration so that they could feel and observe the work practically alternatively than just considering it.

Therefore, Nestle could provide some of above training options that I've recommended. In so doing, it will improve its efficiency, because now staff will better understand their work. As of this moment they did proper training in the field they were missing before.


Theory discussed

According to Sam Paul it isn't necessary to do recruiting yourself, either it is best if you higher and external source for recruiting on your behalf. By this you can just give them the composition or guidelines, that they will choose a prospect for you. That is very time cutting down and shows to be cheaper most of the changing times (Free Articles 2010).

Samta Sharma on the other hands says that recruiting proves to be too costly component for almost all of the industries. Therefore, company should adapt to online recruitment by setting up new software known as cv parser. This software can automatically short list the best candidate needed for that post. From then on interview could be set up. This will save lots of time and money of the company, because now they don't have to undergo the complete procedure for recruiting (Amazines 2010).

Nestle's Recruitment and Placement process

Nestle has a very outstanding recruitment techniques. Nestle, just doesn't fill up jobs, instead they look for the right person for the right job to maintain work efficiency. Nestle works very hard to obtain the right set of individuals such that it may survive this tough market competition. (HR tool 2010)

The recruitment process at Nestle is plainly defined regarding to its business needs which is;

People with attributes like dynamism, realism, pragmatism, hard work, integrity and trustworthiness are searched for.

Match between candidate's values & company's culture are recruited.

Recruitment for management levels happen in the top office by top management and others at the branch level. The existing employees are marketed to higher posts as per the requirements. A couple of no lateral recruitments. Another source of recruitment is campus placements and individual resource consultancies to consider the enthusiastic, determined and fresh pool of expertise.

Decision to employ a applicant is finally used by HR specialists only no preference is directed at external consultant. That is done to finally have the judgment vitality in the hands of Company.

Recruitment process is also totally based on selecting and recruitment of men and women who bring in new ideas.

My Views on Nestles' Recruitment Process

According if you ask me Nestles' Recruitment process could be transformed or improved in lots of ways. Nestle do have some good recruitment policies but at the same time it's old, and also to survive in today's stiff market competition you have to keep updated.

Therefore, I'd like to give some advice regarding how Nestle can improve its recruitment process.

My Recommendations

Therefore, according to me they must have a completely new recruitment process, that ought to be like;

The company should first identify the vacancy, under which the necessity should be; what posts to be loaded, number of people required for the post, what obligations they have to perform, and finally the qualifications required for hiring.

Should prepare the work description and the person with what kind of skill is necessary for that job.

Should give advert on it, Newspaper etc mentioning the skills they looking for.

From the response that arrived in, Nestle should short list folks who best fit the work explanation (Recruitment 2007).

Then the business should organise the interview with the chosen candidates.

Finally they must execute the interview and make contact with them with their final decision.

After this the recruitment process should be immediately accompanied by the choice process. The employee should be hired based on the requirement, and the formalities should be taken health care off.

Recent Trend in Recruitment Nestle should modify to


It is when the external firm helps the business by looking for the applicants regarding the needs and dependence on the business. So in simple conditions outsourcing firm has got the right applicant for the business according to their needs and requirements. In turns of this, organizations pay huge amount of money to the outsourcing organization for his or her services. Exemplory case of outsourcing process is in the following desk;


It is one of the most typical techniques applied in the current business. Poaching means that you can immediately choose the person's talent, rather than growing it from the start in new person. All of the skills that you required for the work could maintain this person, who is doing the same work in some other reputed company, that could be your competition. So the question is exactly what can you do to get him? The response is simple; you could offer her or him attractive and improved pay program with extra facilities (like, holiday packages, car, driver, house, etc). This will surely attract him, and he will tremble hands with your enterprise. Using this method you have weakened your competitor, and saved training and recruitment cost and time (Articles Basic 2008).


In today's time many big companies use internet for recruitment. From the means of Internet, company can post its requirement for the vacant job. Then people can send in their CV's/Curriculum vitae if they think that they can be applied for the job described. Using this method it saves lots of time for both prospect and the company. Because now company can just reply or contact the individual for interview who they think best attained the requirement.

Theory Discussed

According to Stephen Burg it is vital to keep employees satisfied and happy so that they could work proficiently. The business can do this by providing them with some types of rewards such as; appraisal, incentives, promotion, gift ideas, etc.

According to Daniel it is very important to give rewards and appreciate your employees work, but at the same time it ought to be related with their performance, and their competitive mother nature. Company should not merely give rewards if the person is just doing his or her job, because they could get lazy and think that they don't really have to work more hard as compare to what they are already doing. Therefore, company should give rewards to those people only who keeps on executing better and are innovative.

Nestle's Rewards and Incentives Process

'Passion to Be successful' honors- These quarterly honours have been institutionalized to compensate those who over-achieve their targets.

Long-service Accolades- To identify employees who have been with the company for more than 30 years.

'Nestle Idea Honor'- It was found from the correspondent that the company institutes Nestle Idea Award every quarter to identify and award employees who come up with relevant and innovative ideas which have the potential to be carried out at Nestle.

For all areas of Reward, Nestle applies the following important principles;

Reward Principles

Performance Driven - The pay back is straight related to the performance of the worker. The better the performance, the better the incentive is likely to be.

Competitive - Nestle benchmark its' all aspects of Pay back to ensure that they offer almost all their employees a competitive Reward package

Inclusive - The prize program is made so that everybody could see the contribution that employees lead to the organization, not merely senior managers.

My Views about Nestles' Rewards and Bonuses process

This is the procedure where I am very satisfied with the Nestles' rewards and benefits because of its employees. But at the same time you could add too much to what they already have. Therefore, I would like to give just few advice about how they can appreciate their workers use few tips on no-money pay back and recognition.

My Recommendations

Besides what Nestle does for this employees it will also provide some kind of extra advantages to them. By this I mean; (Articles 2009)

Benefits should be provided to all employees, with no discrimination such as;

- Leave-Personal & Medical (set no. per calendar year)

- Children Education Assistance Scheme

- Provident fund

- Retirement life Gratuity Scheme

- Group Insurance & Accidental Insurance Scheme

- Monthly health check-ups & free assessment for personal & family etc.

These everything will really encourage employees to do their activity better, because now they may be more satisfied and feel that company treats them as a part and property of the company rather than simply a worker.

12. Recommendations

Hr strategies that Nestle should follow according to me

With the changing time Nestle should practice following HR methods:

Communication Strategy: Nestle should have an efficient communication strategy in today's changing circumstance. Therefore, employees should be well trained and informed with the changes on the market and organization. And this can be done by having open-end discussions in conferences.

Effective Training and Development: At Nestle most of the trainings are done by in-house instructors. But with the changing time they must call exterior trainer for specialized training. Besides this Nestle should also have training abroad program, so that employees find the feel of global market by working outside the house.

Entrepreneurship strategy: Every worker must be an unbiased entrepreneur, who are able to generate ideas and bring them to fact utilizing the existing resources and support of the organization to create impressive and creative products and services.

Recruit purposefully - In the current time when most of the organizations are firing people you ought to have more recruitment occurring for the search of accomplished people. So it is an enjoyable experience for savvy companies to employ talented individuals who have been down-sized by other organizations. This will give benefits to Nestle in coming years.

13. Conclusion

Thought Nestle have everything that it might to survive in today's competitive environment. But this competition will never stop and can get more strong with enough time moving by. Therefore, beside my recommendations in its' HR strategies, it will also pay attention to its VRIO strategy). This is the approach which I think is very much indeed required in today's time and changing environment. It is because if NESTLE will keep up with its VRIO structure it'll be unique and various than others, therefore will face less competition in the market. How can it do this? Response to this is by retaining its VRIO (Valuable, Rare, Inimitable, and Organized) composition, which is really as follows;


A tool is valuable if it helps the business meet an external danger or exploit a chance. If a resource helps lead to any one of the four things then it is valuable: Efficiency, Innovation, Quality and Customer responsiveness.

Valuable sources of Nestle are:

Human Resources

Brand Name

Research & development processes


A source is unusual simply if it is not generally possessed by other challengers.

Rare Reference of Nestle:

Its uniqueness in Toddler food products

Processes and substances they use are uncommon.

A resource is inimitable and non substitutable if it's difficult for another firm to acquire it or a substitute another thing in its place. This is most likely the toughest criteria to look at because given plenty of time and money almost ANY learning resource can be imitated. Therefore, one of many ways to think about this is to compare how long you think it will take for competition to imitate or swap something else with the resource and compare it to the useful life of the product.

Inimitable resources of Nestle are:

Corporate Culture

Values used at Nestle



A source of information is arranged if the organization is able to actually utilize it. However, if you analysis does turn up a valuable, unusual, and inimitable source of information that the firm is not taking advantage of, then the sources of the firm are not said to be organized.

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