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Negative Health Behavior

The negative health patterns that I will discuss is about the behavior of eating abnormal amount of detrimental processed foods that is high in calories, sugar, body fat and salt details. This is because it is convenient and available just about everywhere, stomach filling up and cheap. That is why medical problem that is concerned by society as it may lead to many different influences on health, for example cholesterol, diabetes and overweight, which might also eventually cause the problem to worsen until the state of having threat of having serious diseases like center diseases and even tumors. This is then why this problem a problem that people look into. Research : figures show that one atlanta divorce attorneys 3 schoolchildren eats fast food daily. Surviving in urban areas, under such society, everyone are stress and look after their profession, many busy parents see fast-food as a 'solution' rather than a problem. Parents with very hectic schedules will have no time to get ready meals because of their kids thus fast foods are seen as a very convenient way to nourish their kids. On the other hand it might be due to the people cannot manage to make healthy food choices as organic and natural foods are a lot more expensive. Thus poor health habit has gradually entered to their life. These are all scheduled to social influence, personal goals, cognitive factors as well as availability.

Elaboration about TPB

In this theory, its show the way the behavior and attitude are interring related. Tendencies is the result of behavioral purpose. Thus I'll use the idea of planned behavior to make clear how lifestyles have an effect on our health habit and eventually become our behavior. In such a theory, it implies that one won't have an abrupt change in its own behavior however, after a long period of time, the long accumulated habits which include our frame of mind, subjective norms and identified behavioral control that give climb to behavioral intention, to own such a tendencies.

The frame of mind for in this case for example 'burgers are yummy and it has many different flavor that meet my food cravings ', this may give an final result of patterns -continue to consume. As for subjective norms, it refers to how modern culture reinforces the behavior and influences ones thinking. This consists of the statistic of the populace and the level of popularity of food. As for Perceived action control, it consists of both inside and external control factors; both relating to the past to constitute that final action of one. That is important as it gives them an idea of either they can make it or not.

Application of TPB

Since eating junk foods are unsafe which can cause and contributes to many undesirable end result, why a lot of people are not able to take part in the behavioral change?

Example 1(successful one)

By getting the determination and the attitude of lowering the opportunity to be obese so that they can wear nice clothing and look fit, this thoughts may changes the view of how people look at you as society judge one person by their look. The interpersonal circle -Family & friends (subjective norms) likewise have been persuading you to consume better choice foods and your friends have been asking you out for the outdoor game titles as a kind of exercise. My perceived action is that I really do not need to be overlooked and I want to wear nice fit clothing. My behavioral motive is 'I must control my diet' resulting in my behavior changed - eat prudently.

Example 2 (unsuccessful one)

If my frame of mind toward healthy food choices was good but if my friends said that it is expensive and not nice as in the way that its tasteless ; my patterns intention is I'll continue my bad eating lifestyle, producing my eating habit unchanged. This is when each one of the attitude, subjective norms or perceived behavioral control breakdown, it breaks the string and it is also known as spiral model of periods of change.

High risk group & psychosocial factors

Over-indulging of junk foods can result in obesity, a significant cause of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers. Worldwide, about millions of children under age five are believed to be obese or chubby.

Those who are in the risky group are those people who have diabetes type 1 mellitus or having a family history of heart disease illness. For people who have diabetes since birth, their body immune system is naturally insufficient insulin. If indeed they carry on their habit of eating junk food and meals, they may have a higher chance of getting disease like diabetes and cholesterol which might leads to coronary attack. Besides, those people who have a family record of heart disease; this may be a genetic hereditary disease. They could be putting themselves in danger if they continue steadily to eat these processed foods which might eventually causes the recurrence of center attacks. Furthermore, there are a few of the psychosocial factor that may be the possible reasons that causes them not to be motivated to engage in such behavioral change. Firstly, it might be because of the environment that people reside in, the accessibility of junk food available are available just about everywhere in almost all of the shopping centre. In addition, due to communal influence, the inside of life (friends); if they always eat junk food, automatically you will observe as you do not want to be left out. Lastly, it could be credited to personal choices and culture different for example Caucasians they are used to it and they feel fine with it thus sensing that it is unnecessary to improve their behavior which is so cumbersome.

Preventive measures

There are a few of the procedures that healthcare practitioner can do to encourage behavioral change in setting up:

Firstly, since habit is natured since young, kindergarten and childcare centre can put together healthy lunchbox which includes different types of fruit and vegetables with a part dish of meats to have a balance diet. Besides, nowadays major institutions have been doing the 2+2 fruggie day which comes on every 22nd of every month. Most of the institutions have TAF membership program for those obese kids to melt away their fats to keep at healthy range. Furthermore, Medias can Integrated Marketing Campaign and Reality TELEVISION SHOW so that individuals can easily see it during entertainment times to be able to educate the general public by demonstrating them the consequences of having poor eating habit and encouragement to participate pursuits like 'walk a jog' in which to stay a healthy lifestyle too. Lastly, parents play an important part too; they themselves should do an example for children to follow.


Having a poor eating habit will eventually contributes to a bad eating habit after a while by. This habit does not take place with no reasons, no matter personal preferences, interpersonal factor or environment factors; if you don't want to get that habit, you won't have it. Keep in mind, it is the perceived behavioral control that gives surge to behavioral objective and to have such a action. It's the mindset of the one that change one point of view towards this habit rather than others influences.

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