Needs, Desires and Requirements Essay example

To achieve and keep success in such a complex program as market it is essential to each marketing person to understand evidently consumer patterns. Understanding buyer behavior is not really that easy as it might seem in the first glance. The reason is that there are several various factors that may influence it in one certain approach or the additional. When considering each one of the factors it is additionally important not to forget that they should be analyzed while different parts of one particular whole picture, that is, in correlation with one another.

The factors that have a great influence upon marketing administration, marketers' business decision-making, and their relationship with customers contain macro- and micro-environment, as well as the latter subsequently includes the idea of so-called "4 P's" (i. e., product, place, promotion, and price). Micro-environment is also referred to as "immediate environment" and stands for the factors that are literally "close" to a certain organization: its suppliers, customers, intermediaries (e. g., advertising agencies), and competitors ("Marketing environment, " d. d. ) Four P's are also known as "the advertising mix, " and their most favored interpretation belongs to McCarthy (Blythe, 2008). The marketing blend indicates the four facets of how to make your company profitable and yourself efficient as a marketing specialist. As Cannon (1992) pointed out, "The marketing mixture is the pair of controllable parameters that the company can use to influence the buyer's response. " 1st, the business person needs to determine what the product of consumer's desire is. It really is obvious that "an undesirable product" will never be sold. Producers, however , may well invent something that consumers also did not have but urgent needed, at least, unconscious...

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