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Nature and nurture: Developing behaviour and behaviors

How far is the fact human emotions and manners are inborn and what lengths are each of them learned? This has been a very controversial concern over century which is now run into as the nature versus nurture debate. "By birth the same, by custom different" is a quotation by Confucius meaning all human being are naturally similarly, it is the habits that make each of each human being far apart and different from one another. Evolutional perspective which stresses on real human kinship and ethnic perspective which targets human diversity are the two main ideas that dominating the thinking of real human similarities and variations in societies nowadays. Some scientists held the opinion that people behave as they do for their genetic makeup. This is exactly what we known as the "nature" of individuals behavior or frame of mind. While on the other hands, some scientist assume that individuals think and act according to the way they are being taught which is then known as the "nurture" of real human behavior. A whole lot of research have been done and proved that both edges are partly right. Characteristics bequeaths us with innate qualities and expertise and nurture uses the environment factors to mildew and condition these genetic tendencies. For me, I feel that human manners are largely designed by the environment, in other expression "nurture"' play a greater part in developing our personality and behavior.

Evolutional psychology acknowledges that aspect and nurture interact to form our habit and personality. Our biological traits aren't fixed plans, their manifestation rely on the surroundings factors. One of the classical instances is the experiment done by an American psychologist John Watson with a young orphan name Albert. The effect implies that phobia could be described by classical conditioning, an environmental learning. The little Albert began crying every time he see a furry subject because he has learned that the furry thing will always accompanying by a loud "Bang" sound that going to frighten him. Other psychologist like B. F. Skinner, the daddy of behavioral research in addition has done experiments which produced dancing pigeons and proven that human habit could be conditioned in similar way to the animal. Besides, a study published in "New Scientist" propose that sense of humor is not genetically inborn but a discovered trait that creates by people and ethnic. Naturally, environment definitely plays a role in shaping human's action and attributes. If this is not the case, exactly the same twins should be exactly the same theoretically even they have been brought up in different place. But studies reveal that they are never exactly the same even though they are very much alike in most aspects.

Cultural diversity is one of the dominating factors that cause differences among people. You will find millions of different culture are present around the world, cultural diversity even can be found within nation. Malaysia is a good example for cultural diversity within nation, despite the different of the physical look among Chinese, Indian and Malay, we all have been living under the same environment and taking the same food yet what make us so specific from each other? Each of us routines different culture and tradition basic on our contest and faith, so basic on different believe we kept, our patterns and thinking will never be the same even though we all have been in essence living under the same rooftop. On the other hand, the cultural variety is even more evident when people are from different area of the world. The dialect, traditions, culture, and expressive conducts that change from one country to another country make people different from one another. And because of the factors above, people from different part of the world could keep different opinion about the same concern. Some societies do not wear shoes in house while other societies doing it; some societies consider looking at people's sight while talking is a show of politeness although some other societies consider such action as disrespectful. Moreover, differ in parenting style in collectivist culture and individualistic culture provides a very clear exemplory case of cultural variety between different societies. Parenting style is greatly affected by the social context of a particular culture because the ethnic context will have effect on parents' moral principles, consider, and socialization goals. So, what is consider normal in a single culture maybe called unusual at another culture. Studies show that individualism and collectivism societies often maintain different behaviour and value when teaching the youngster. The parenting style in collectivism societies emphasize on compliance, self-discipline and the value to prosper in school. Additionally, the children are expected to live with their parents until they get marry. While on the other side of the token, the parents in the individualism societies treat their children totally in an reverse way. They encourage their children to tone out their thoughts and opinions and fight whenever the kids think they may be accurate. The parents in individualism societies, normally the westerners give a lot more freedom with their children compare to the parents in collectivism societies. Furthermore, the children of the westerners are expected to live with their own when they reach the age of 18 because they are regarded as adult and must have the ability to stand independently ft. Thus, we can imagine that how huge the different is it when people are being brought up with different culture.

Sometime, all the people behave in the same manner under certain situation; it has nothing in connection with our biological characteristic but is because of the sociable norm. Public norms are also one of the factors that guide human behaviors and behaviour. Norms is the requirements for accepted and expected behavior which contemporary society prescribe as "proper" tendencies. The majority of our behaviours are largely form by the contemporary society and people seldom go against the particular contemporary society expect us to do once we scared that we will be turned down by the contemporary society. For example, stop when the traffic light turn red, open the entranceway for a vintage lady, and keep peaceful in the collection. Try to picture you speak loudly while every person is silently studying in the collection, what will happen? Definitely everyone will look at you one kind. Furthermore, there's also norms that people talk about across different culture. No matter what country are we in and what culture are we exercising, we value our friend's privacy, nor divulge things said in assurance. That is known as general friendship norms. Other than that, there are also universal status norms where people will speak in a far more respectful way when speaking with a higher-status people, for example lecturer and converse in a far more casual way when the person is same level as you, for example friends. Finally, the most widely known universal norms will be the taboo against incest. Sexual activity is prohibited among family member, neither parents with children, nor siblings with each other. Thus, people will govern their behavior regardless their hereditary makeup in order to avoid rejection from the public.

Undoubtedly, genetic cosmetic makes an enormous different between male and feminine. Male and girl are given birth to to be physically different, female is born to be has 70% more body fat, 40% less muscle, 5 in. shorter and 40 pounds lighter than male. But biological attributes only make different in sexes not gender. Gender is the characteristics people assign to male and female. Again, it is the society that assign specific gender role for men and women so the modern culture can function well with each one of the gender perform their allocated role and responsibility properly. Many people feel that men are created to become more dominant and unemotional and women are born to become more emotional and soft which I do not think is true. Because of the gender role allocate to male and feminine, they are simply being raised in different ways given that they were young. Men are thought to be more independent, protecting, and unemotional because since hundreds of years ago men have been the head of the house, they are accountable to feed and protect the family; whereas women are thought to be more emotional, very soft, and obedience because they're the one who going to give labor and birth to baby, take care and train of the child. They don't have to be strong because their job is stay and manage everything inside your home. Thus, it is the "nurture" that causes the two sexes behave in certain way and I think that men will stand out to become more dominant is because of the gender role that has been assign to them. Men are always given priority in the work place as their pay are always higher compared to the women who have same position as them and they're typical of those in higher-status positions. So, it is unassailable that men have higher status than women in the society and hence they may be more dominant. Alternatively women will be more emotional attached and express empathy more often is because they can be being raised and train by doing so. Hence, the mental trait inside women is not innate but learns through the individuals and environment.

In a nut shell, dynamics and nurture interact in creating our attitudes and behaviors. And I show the details above that in simple fact "nurture plays a bigger part than "nature" in identifying human frame of mind and actions. If human tendencies can be determine with simply biological attributes, there will not have so many unsolved question and question about individual thinking and tendencies, nor the exits of mindset, sociology, anthropology to study the presence, culture, and habit of individual. The surroundings and culture play a significant role in the "nurture" part of molding our personality and patterns. If with no existence of cultural diversity, I assume that all of the people across the world will be much likely behave in the same manner as each and every one of us shares the same culture and the natural attributes only play a minor role in determining our behavior features and its major role is to differentiate us in term of your sexes. It is the same that apply to environment differences, as we are being increase up in particular scenario; therefore we react and behave in another way. Because of the surroundings is changing over time, behavior and frame of mind of individual are also constantly changing. Every single one of us is unique anticipated to environment and ethnical that we you live in, so this is why that a same situation given but all of us react differently. Moreover, people often choose and create their own situation platform on their personal desire and imagine. Thus, learning of human attitude and behavior can be an ongoing process that will never end as long as human beings continue steadily to survive in the earth.

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