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College narrative essay examples and methods

We all have plenty of stories to tell. Some of us recall a campfire trip and narrate it to our friends. As a matter of fact, most of the times, we are telling stories to ourselves and our mind acts like a personal journal. But what we would like to highlight is the point that whenever your mind is creating a story, it is following a certain procedure which is required for the formation of a story. In the similar way, a narrative story also has various styles in which it can be written. But there is a huge difference between regular storytelling and narrative essays, and this depends on the depth. In a college narrative essay example, the one thing that you will notice is that the essay will be recounting some event that occurred in the past. There must always be some form of enlightened statement, personal realization or sentences related to the topic of the essay that are described in a profound way so as to embark a strong impression on the reader or listener. Otherwise, there is nothing that can be deemed as substantial in a narrative essay if it fails to take the reader to the depth of the topic that the essay is based upon.

You will come across plenty of case study topics on the internet and drafting these essays can be a lot of fun. Once you are able to comprehend the basic concept of how to write a narrative essay, you can craft a flawless one every time you think of a topic to write on.

Pointers to consider while writing a narrative essay example college

There are a few pointers which must always be taken into consideration while drafting an apa paper or a narrative essay:

    • An Umbrella Statement : In any narrative essay example college write-up, you will notice an umbrella statement which happens to be a form of advice or a moral piece of writing that paves a way for the reader to understand the rest of the essay. It can be something as elementary as a powerful quotation which can work wonders and it must always be included towards the beginning of the essay. An umbrella statement is supposed to highlight the root meaning behind all the events that have been depicted in your narrative essay.
    • A captivating story : Unless the story is dramatized properly, it will never make an impact on the reader. There are lots of narrative essay examples college students choose from and those happen to be elementary topics such as a visit to the nearest supermarket or your first job interview. But what you need to keep in mind is that the sentences have to be structured in a way that seems fascinating to the person reading the essay and you must enhance the quality of the essay as much as you can. But this does not mean that we are coaxing you to focus only on making the story sound entertaining, but your story must support the umbrella statement which you have chosen. Let us say you have chosen your umbrella statement as “cheaters can never prosper” and you are drafting a story about how you saved a puppy from drowning in a pond, then the premise of the story and the umbrella statement fail to relate to each other. The reader must be able to visualize your story and should have an understanding of the thesis methodology chosen by you. All you need is a style of writing that makes visual illustration easy.
    • The main lesson : You cannot make such a presumption that all of the narrative essays are meant to pander to a particular lesson, but you can definitely be sure that most of them will. At least, you will come across certain points in an essay which describe a particular event which you might have witnessed or hypothesized at some point of time. So in case if there is such an event, then what exactly did you reap out of it? How exactly has the occurrence of that event impacted your thought process? Whether the event has changed you into a better person or otherwise? These crucial questions need to be answered and any case study method will ask you to do so since it is a mandatory rule for drafting a narrative essay.
    • Organization : A well-structured narrative essay always has a proper organization. It starts with an introduction which is where the umbrella statement is included and this is followed by the body where the story is highlighted. This is eventually followed by a well-drafted conclusion statement. This is where the morals and profound revelations of the essay must be included. Once you follow the proper organization and draft an ideal research summary, the appreciation factor of your narrative essay will definitely be high and it will certainly strike a chord with anyone who is reading it.

The pointers given above are immensely important for anyone who wants to understand how narrative essay example college write-ups are supposed to be written and how must they be evaluated. A well-drafted essay will certainly score more than the one that only has content, but lacks a proper structure. Vocabulary and articulation must also be emphasized upon and make sure you write your essay in such a way as if you are trying to narrate a story to a silent audience that seems to make sense out of whatever you are speaking. This is the reason why it is really important for you to draft the essay in your mind first and then express the same thing on paper afterwards in order to achieve perfection. Also, make sure you get your essay reviewed by someone who has experience in writing narrative essays. You can also seek help from online communities, but make sure not to share your essay as someone else might end up using your essay.

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