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Nanotechnology Is The Science Of Regulating Matter On The Scale Of Molecules

589, 430 people from the Us are believed to pass away from malignancy in 2015 (ACI, 2015). Seeing someone you care about die from cancer tragic. Seeing someone you care about suffer from the medial side effects of malignancy treatment can be just as hard. The battle cancer treatment has been stress filled and harsh to sufferers. The most popular approach to treat cancer today is through chemotherapy. Radiation treatment is a technique of treating cancer using substances, specifically anti-cancer drugs. A brand new and growing way to treat cancer is nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the science of regulating matter on the level of elements (NCI, 2012, Para 1). Nanotechnology shows the power to selectively treat cancer cells contrary to chemotherapy.

Nanotechnology is a more successful way to treat cancer than chemotherapy as it offers the capacity to selectively deal with cancerous cells without harming normal cells and giving fewer side effects to patients. Nanotechnology is more effective in selecting cancerous cells and eliminating them, although chemotherapy can be not as skillful and shows several unwanted side effects. Chemotherapy creates several risky side effects which includes toxicity to vital bodily organs as the effect of killing regular cells. (Gunjal, Schneider, Abdelbaset, Kakar, Kucia and Ratajczak, 2015, pg. 1). Having the ability to treat only cancerous skin cells in nanotechnology is a more secure alternative to result in a lot less pain to individuals.

During malignancy treatment, nanotechnology does not eliminate normal cellular material while radiation treatment destroys countless of healthy and balanced cells. Nanotechnology is able to identify cancerous cells from usual cells in Magnetic Reverberation Imaging by making use of particles like iron o2 based nanoparticles, gadolinium structured nanoparticles and gold nanoparticles (Mody, Pharm, 2011 pg...

... linked to chemotherapy incorporate toxicity to vital bodily organs as a result of killing regular cells(Gunjal, Schneider, Abdelbaset, Kakar, Kucia and Ratajczak, 2015, pg. you ). The special skill provided with nanotechnology allows treatment to be safe.

Nanotechnology is still growing today and may continue to develop with time and research. Nanotechnology has proven to be the best method to get treating pathologies like tumor. Even though nanotechnology still needs some research to get over a few barriers, nanotechnology has made dreams turn into realities. With the knowledge that a safer cancer treatment is being studied and researched and has a huge opportunity to replace chemotherapy should provide friends and families expect if they ever listen to that a beloved is diagnosed with tumor. Winning a battle with cancer won't become such a painful struggle later on thanks to nanotechnology.

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