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My Profession In International Management Education Essay

The main purpose of this survey is a self-evaluation of my skill, traits and competencies relevant for my job in International Management. Explain skill that an international manager should have, consider these skills and discover where my strengths and weaknesses are, and also supplying proof my experience with these skills.

Also included is a review of progress made about the mid semester SMART development plan, that revolved around targets within an interval of six weeks. A good development arrange for a period of six months will be included in this report and it will focus on two important goals that i intend to improve on to help me for another six months, it'll be specific, measurable, attainable, practical and time bound.


The primary goal of this do it yourself development plan is a guide in identifying skills, competences and features relevant to me for another career as an international manager. Regarding to MacBeath 2006, "self analysis is an activity of discovery", knowing one's self applied and identifying advantages and capabilities, determining weaknesses and also improving in it. For a future career in international management i have to first identify some skills and competences that i will have and this are important to be effective as an international administrator these skills are:

Cross social Communication skill

Interpersonal skill

Cultural intelligence


Time management

Leadership skill

Decision making

Negotiation skill

Cultural empathy

There are so a great many other skills and competences that are not mentioned previously, although these are the few that i can relate myself with and show to what extent i have developed in these areas.


Personally, i favor in person communication that involves direct contact with speaker included, knowing the audio system facial expressions and gestures and also to have the ability to listen properly and avoid miscommunications, having proper understanding of what the audio system is saying. For example when i started my master's programme i found it difficult to talk to my lectures, because i put to send emails to them, this is a new experience for me personally. In communication across ethnicities contexts is very important, according to Browaeys and Price (2008), Hall (1990) resolved securely on two groups of culture high context and low framework cultures. A good example of the high framework cultures are central European countries, Arabs and Asians who leave their messages unspecified and most of the message is covered in the written text making it somewhat difficult to understand, while an example of the low framework ethnicities are Germans, People in america their text messages are explicit and can be recognized through facial expressions and gestures. Although communication with Chinese language and Indian fellow workers and school mates was very difficult a first because of the accent they have got but as time passes, i began to comprehend them better without having any problems as a result of everyday encounter.


Interpersonal skill is mainly regarded as important as an international director, having this skill will aid integration socially to get knowledge and also create connections with people. I don't believe i have any issue fitting into a fresh environment, i view my environment first to learn the type of people, know very well what to say and what not saying to them that might hurt their emotions. After carrying out this most of enough time i don't find it difficult getting along well with people. This skill has generated my self-confidence a lot and it has also improved my romance with folks from different cultures

2. 03 CULTURAL Cleverness CQ

Cultural intelligence is due to understanding different civilizations by interpreting unfamiliar and ambiguous gestures (Earley and Mosakowski 2004). After taking a test on cultural intelligence from the article from my MCME module guide, the result reflected that i have a reasonable degree of cultural intelligence. There have been three aspects cognitive CQ, physical CQ and psychological/ motivational CQ. The total highlights of 5 where, for Cognitive CQ - 4, Physical CQ - 4. 3 and Emotional/ motivational CQ - 4. 5. I am at ease this consequence because before interacting with people i stop to think before performing and i can also change the proper execution of speech like my highlight. I scored higher in the Emotional/ motivational CQ i am self-assured that i could deal with folks from different ethnicities and i can also adapt to the lifestyle of different civilizations. When i first arrived to the UK i had to improve my accent for folks to understand and i also needed to get accustomed to the word "love" which is utilized often here.


Working in clubs is no new thing if you ask me and it is an essential skill for an international manager. My course international business and management entails a great deal of team work and we are usually placed into groups of students from different countries. In these categories there will vary people from different parts of the world, Chinese language, Indians, Germans, and Italians with different team functions. According to Belbin's team functions (Duggan 2009), people have different roles like coordinators, sharper, implementer, completer, specialist, source of information investigators, having a number of of the skill will enhance a job in a team. Out of all these assignments my preferred role is by coordinating, for example calling my group associates and fixing meetings and also a team contractor as well. I happened to have done a whole lot of group benefit my master's degree, where we are placed into for five to six customers and an assortment of students from different ethnicities, Chinese, Indians and the outcome has been worthwhile especially through give food to backs of grades honored by my tutors. This also pertains to my display skill as the results for the majority of my presentations have been good and i have examined this form give food to backs obtained form the tutors and also my category mates. Since the start of my course i have worked on my display skill and also my electric power point skill. I've used the skills online website provided by my college to enhance this skill. It offers helped me concentrate more on main points in the presentation, being confident and making eyes contact with the audience.


This is an essential skill, when there is no good management of the time they tend to be a whole lot of procrastinations, which affects time since there is a trend to wait in doing something that is previously planned. First this was a difficulty for me personally and it started affecting almost all of my day to day activities due to procrastination, this was really bad initially because it kept on taking place and then it started to influence my assignment work. I made a decision to have a to-do-list mapping out things i had formed to do on the daily bases and implemented this list religiously, because as a student in the UK i have maintain time since it is area of the culture of the people to achieve this task. Time is very crucial and very important to a future job in international management because in the foreseeable future, i must be promptly for business visits and meetings. Growing this skill has been of good use to me.

2. 06 Control SKILLS

In analyzing my authority skill, by looking at my role as a team member which is that of a coordinator and it is due to organising people for conferences and also building a highly effective team. I have had an experience in university where i put to take up a leading role because my group associates where a lttle bit laid back and nonchalant about our display so i took up the role of coordinating the group and made sure the task was done properly. From the six command styles which are coercive, authoritative, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting, and training leaders, as time passes i have seen which i am more of an affiliative/ femininity head in the sense which i usually do not be too much on people and create an emotional bond with the folks around me. Leadership varies with regards to the culture, corresponding to Hofsted's findings, there are four measurements of different ethnicities, and they're power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism / collectivism, and masculinity/ femininity. Although in Nigeria where I'm from command is more collective and masculine and also a higher level of electricity distance. With my little work experience a whole lot of admiration is shown by those who find themselves being led.


This can be an essential skill for most business dealings today. Negotiation styles fluctuate across different ethnicities. An example is a negotiation exercise i participated in, where we were divided into groups of US negotiators and Chinese language negotiators, i realised that the US negotiators are typically predicated on getting the offer done and are wanting to get just as much information they can to make progress in negotiations, while Chinese negotiators mostly try not to give information and this may cause aggravation, for example for a US negotiator.

The types of different cultures of negotiation by Richard D Lewis (Rushton 2009 ) are linear - dynamic, multi - dynamic and reactive civilizations. I am from a multi - energetic culture where most people are extroverts, they talk a lot, but personally i am more of an introvert, i have a tendency to be noiseless sometimes. Although haven't yet experienced much experience of negotiating professionally, i really do have to discuss at times for example, heading to a local market and negotiating on a cost for something. I still need to boost on this skill because it needed for me if i intend to go after a profession in international Business.


Decision making is not an easy process though it is necessary as a global manager to have the ability to make good decisions for an company or business. It is also needed for good leadership. When its times to adopt decisions by myself, i usually seek advice from family, friend and people around me. Making great decision a times is actually a problem for me.

For ethnic empathy i always try to pay attention to people, appreciate their views and use my ethnic intelligence skill in this as well.


In regards to a review of the improvement manufactured in my middle semester SMART development plan which was set at the start of my course, Msc International business and Management for an interval of six weeks got positive results. Although due to the fact that i possessed many skills to boost on, it was somewhat difficult to attain all of them.

One of the abilities i planned to improve which didn't quite work out fine was the writing skills. The key reason why it wasn't too successful was because the time frame given was too brief for me to get covered all i wanted to and i was not able to go to the program on writing skills made available by graduate skills programme because a few of the classes clashed with my classes. Although i made some improvement on my power point skill, which skill is relevant for me to create good visual aids for presentations within my course. I had fashioned a whole lot of practise done on my own and also i also volunteered to produce visual aid for group demonstration that was a good outcome with regards to nourish backs from my presentations. Also improvement was made on my research skills, which was done by exploring different resources of text literature, articles, journals which was very useful during my course. I have also been in a position to take care of my time by making use of my to-do-list that i made over a weekly basis. Over the to-do-list i put high priorities first before some other activity which helped me to a great extent. I could make time for my research, course work and also create time for myself.

My middle semester development plan had both positive and negative outcomes, although it was very useful for me because it helped me identify skills to be developed and advanced on.


With this SMART development plan, i am going to focus on a particular goal to be improved on within the next six months. By so doing i intend to take specific steps on improving on skills that will be of good use for both my course and in my professional life. I would like to improve on my writing skill and on my control skills, but also for the purpose survey i would improve on my writing skill, because writing is a very important skill as students and as a global supervisor. To justify my reasons for improving on this skill, below is a good development plan for another six months


I plan to improve on my writhing skill next six months, given that it's a longer time i should have the ability to work on this skill and accomplish it by the end of the sixth month.


In six months time i should have improved on my writing skill by:

Reading relevant catalogs, articles and publications on writing especially on educational writing.

Using information from the abilities online website offered for me personally by the institution.

I can know the correct composition and format for both article writing and record writing since it is very relevant for my course.

Properly apply the right sentence structure and punctuations in my own writing.

Going for classes on how to develop writing skills proposed by the graduate skills program of Sheffield business institution.


This skill may be accomplished by placing a great deal of work and by using the resources from the library, the internet to help me with this skill, although there might be some restraints scheduled to other commitments in conditions of course work.

These will be the activities that i will be able to achieve within the next half a year:

1st Month - First month starting from February i will attend class trainings like English for post graduate students by the university or college English structure. This can help focus on general dialect skills like writing and also finding your way through my dissertation. I am going to be present at these classes at least two times in weekly for a month.

2nd Month - Make use of the learning centre find catalogs on writing that will enable me understand writing properly.

3rd Month - Make use of the key skills online which has been made available for me personally by my institution; explore every option including a skill check on writing which will help me get clearer view off my writing skills.

4th Month - Search for books, articles journals that relate with essay and article writing. Take a look at samples and identify structures, the utilization of British.

5th Month - Get literature that will help me with my use of British, punctuations, sentence structure, vocabulary and also understand how to evidence read my essays and studies.

6th Month - practice writing by myself, using everything and knowledge learnt from past months, show a friend or colleague that is good on paper to double check what i have written and make corrections.


The need to boost on my writing skill is realistic in the sense that it'll be useful for the rest of the part of my course for my tasks and my dissertation. It will influence my tasks by writing proper essays and reviews use proper sentence structure and punctuations and and yes it help me in the foreseeable future if i intend to pursue a job in international management.


The time established for my SMART development plan is half a year and within this period i will be undergoing my experts program, writing will be a good skill to build up on because i am doing a great deal of writing and enough time of half a year is realistic.


The self analysis was mainly about the skills and competences that are relevant to me as i would like to pursue another job in international management. Preferably with more work on these skills it won't be problematic for me to work in a multicultural environment. The SMART development plan is about the skill i plan to improve, it is very important if you ask me as a student and also in my future career in international management.


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