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My Personal Code Of Ethics School of thought Essay

After taking this class I be seated here and ask yourself. Am I the only person who has never noticed how much ethics performs such a large area of the world today? I have always known that most businesses that I've worked in have a code of ethics but I did so not realize why they own it. Until now after being in this course I have been taking a look at how ethics not only needs to be a part of a business but how it is certainly a sizable part of modern culture in itself. To me I did so not know how many various areas of ethics there are but how they play make me check out what's going on in the world today in an ethical way.

Society today is full of chaos because it seems the ones that are more youthful than me have a complete different prospect on the planet or is it that they don't really know about how precisely ethics plays a part in their lives. For example: During this 1 / 4 when at supper I would take a seat with my teenage kid and ask exactly what does he knows about ethics and he looked at me like I was crazy. THEREFORE I thought to him do you really feel that you follow a code of ethics at college and he said yes. What do you consider these are I ask? Well we must follow rules, and have to value the educators by listening to them and doing the work they give us. By having this dialogue with him at meal we would speak about how there are moral meanings that relate to his answers. I check out tell him how he essentially has a sociable agreement. David Gauthier contract theory is showing self- interested individuals should prefer a minimally cooperative moral system (Waller, 2005, p. 68). He still didn't understand therefore i used an example that I think I remembered from school and this was Audi does not through his book bag at Mr. Lucabaugh and Mr. Lucabaugh listens completely to his response. Then I said basically the code of ethics in your school uses a contract theory because you agree to respect and pay attention to your teacher as well as your educator agrees to respect and listen to you. He finally got it.

With the proceedings nowadays from the economy, the conflict, and what is occurring in Libya if we as a world didn't have any moral beliefs there would be much chaos that world would self destruct. A perfect example of this would be Libya and their leader Omar Gaddafi. This is like the second reflection newspaper that I wrote for this course. When I published that newspaper Egypt was at chaos and now it is Libya who's in a "war of most against all" (Waller, 2005, p. 64). In Libya folks are not only protesting against their innovator Moammar Gaddafi and want him to step down. Gaddafi if you ask me is defiantly using Dostoyevsky's obstacle which is using the utilitarian calculation by getting much pleasure at the cost of his people (Waller, 2005, p. 55). Could it be that Gaddafi will need a social contract with himself and this matching to Thomas Hobbes our natural tendencies are toward murder and mayhem (Waller, 2005, p. 66) and he's out for himself. Gaddafi is an individual and widespread egoist. Similarly he would like for his country what will benefit him. He has been quoted as stating "I'll perish a martyr" (Metro, 2011) and on the other side he says that he does not need help from every other countries and they should stay out of Libya and the happenings with his country and folks. Many countries have different perspective on this concern and almost all of for the reason that of cultural relativism this is how one culture has different value from another. This could be a good example of America and Libya. For American culture we value people and the fact that we have free talk and this everyone should be free compared to Libya where in fact the people their don't have the same rights of free speech and really are not free because if they go against their federal government they could perish.

Having ethical beliefs or morals in population is a positive thing because it helps control the chaos that might be if there were none. Ethical values should also get caught in individuals as well. If the individual person doesn't have ethics then how would they be able to socialize within an appropriate manner? Everyone has different honest beliefs whether it's based upon religious beliefs or their culture or maybe it's based upon gender. Many people follow the Ten Commandments which is their moral and moral belief system and feels they were created to help control chaos and keep some order of serenity on the globe or within themselves. As being a society we likewise have the Constitution of America which many people follow that as their code of ethics. And many people will tell you that ethics and morals are passed down from technology to generation within the family. It does not matter what you think or were they originated from but that we may not be familiar with the importance of these and exactly how they relate with our lives.

In the Bible one of the Ten Commandments is "You shall not grab" now visualize if no person in the world has any morals or honest beliefs. Everyone would be stealing in one another and no person would have anything that they could call their own. But by people having some type of ethical beliefs many of people do not take because it would be against their code of ethics or moral values. Immanuel Kant basic principle of ethics is Categorical Imperatitive says always act so that you could and will respond (Waller, 2005, p. 22) which is basically stating do unto others as you would have them do to you. So if you want to be cared for well you should treat others well. If people didn't have this moral belief to check out then there would become more people in the world that only look out for them and have no thought for others.

This may be related to virtue ethicist Aristotle who says that virtuous person is not one that will the right function but person who consistently does indeed the right take action and for the right reason (Waller, 2005, p. 98). You might ask what does this want to do with individual honest belief well if you believe about any of it. Because people who do not steal have made it a habit not too and for that they consistently do the right thing. Another example could be as newborns almost all of us were educated not to hit someone because that is not right and maybe it's resistant to the morals of your family not too. So we eventually expand up that the right reason not to hit someone is basically because you would not like that to happen for you.

When it involves ethics many people do not connect it to critical thinking. Critical thinking can play a huge role when it comes to ethics because when people start having interactions about anything that can be honest it can change into a heated argument or if they do nothing like what they are experiencing they'll use the red herring fallacy. Red herring fallacy is what they call a argument trick (Waller, 2005, p. 2). For instance: You and I are experiencing a dialogue about the conflict and I do not recognize or like what you say so I change the dialogue by stating I see, did you know the Red Sox acquired the game yesterday. If more folks take on the charity fallacy which is usually to be charitable or nice toward the positions and discussion we oppose (Waller, 2005, p. 4). The perfect exemplory case of would be you are having a discussion about the conflict and exactly how they trust it and you also pay attention to them and calmly respond yes but.

As people get older and our intellects have more developed we realize that men and women are not only bodily different but emotionally different as well. Women become more act utilitarian because we want to increase pleasure and lower suffering for everybody compared to men who become more rule utilitarian's go through the act. It is known that ladies are more emotional and think in different ways from men. For most women care and attention ethics plays a big role in morals. Treatment ethics stresses on the value of affection, friendships and connections (Waller, 2005, p. 119) which is for most women the main of their feelings. A good example of this may be a couple is out to dinner even though walking to the restaurant the partner wants the hubby to carry her hand and the partner does not want too. This is the women wishes to feel some type of devotion and the man does not. Another example will be a guy usually does not caution if he doesn't speak to a few of his friends were it could really trouble a women because her friendships are essential in her life.

I decided to go into this category with an open up mind and by doing so I can actually say that I check out ethics in a much different point of view. I don't think I have ever before really considered ethics other than my own beliefs or corporate ethics. I noticed how I hardly ever really viewed my ethical values and how they may not be the way I feel that I live my life. By this I mean the tutor used a circumstance about a little girl and someone was going to kill her if I did not rest. For me I really do not have confidence in telling a rest or getting lied to. As the teacher continued with the several cases and I placed saying I would not lay, he finally said in the brake really look at yourself and what you say or respond to things even the smallest of things and discover if you lie. So I do that and low and behold he was right. . I am finding that it is hard to live 100 percent ethically on my values.

As I used to be writing this I am trying to take into account myself and what how the several parts of ethics match my entire life and can say that we am an function utilitarian because I do proceed through life attempting to not just have maximize pleasure but the people involved with my life and try to minimize the anguish of people linked to my life which is a hard thing to do. For someone whom I might maintain a romance whether a friend or on a more intimate level I could understand the interpersonal contracts that we share that people make an effort to be as genuine as possible to each other agree to not to cheat on each other even though tendencies might take us in other places. I also believe that we all should do what's in the best interest for every so that could make me follow the common ethical egoism theory. When I believe of virtue ethics, I think about myself and what or how I think of individual figure. Many people say that I am kind, caring and very considerate person. That always think about other people and how I can help them. This would be because my moral opinion is the fact I treat others as I like to be treated. So if you wish value then you have to provide respect. But I also think about how exactly I feel after i help someone which would be the care ethics part of my beliefs. . I myself know that we am consistently kind to people and care very much for people in my own life but also for the elderly, kids and domestic pets and I do this for the right reasons and that would be since it makes me feel good about myself.

Without ethics whether personal or for culture in a complete the world would not be able to function to be able and there would be chaos beyond control. Everyone has ethics if they are taught them in the house, from the bible or from authorities itself makes everyone an improved person or country. For me personally taking this class has defiantly made me look at myself and what I frankly think and how I a lot of an ethical specific person I am. I also know that even as we grow older me ethical values can change. I have also learned that even though we might not exactly agree with other people's beliefs we ought to be open about them and have the ability to have conversations with providing anger or disagreements in them.

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