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They call it up the beautiful video game. Some people might say that it is just a

matter of view, but I believe that it is the best game on earth.

Many individuals have obsessions with things like sneakers and clothing, even We

do, yet my biggest passion would have to be soccer. I i am obsessed

with it. It does not matter who is playing, I always have an interest

in it, whether it could be my small brother's group to Real Madrid.

Yet, this love didn't develop until I had been over my 'tomboy' stage.

Which appears strange numerous see myself as being a girly girl today. When

persons say that girls only watch football intended for the men, , nor

understand the video game, I would declare I was an exception to that rule.

But, some of the males a quite good looking, such as Freddie

Ljungberg and David Beckham. Basically were to be asked to explain the off-

aspect rule, We would have no problem telling you.

My father has adored football for most of his life and his passion and

knowledge of the sport they call football, has been passed down to my

two younger buddy, Craig and Stewart and myself. While my dad, Wayne

supports the blue half the city, Rangers, you would have got thought I actually

would have implemented suit. But , Stewart and myself support Celtic. My personal

dad stated that we just do this to bother him, he may have a place, but

all of us don't let him know this, all of us say that we all support the better team - which in turn

he admits they are, specially this season. I do believe my detest of

Rangers came about, due to what happened although coming back coming from

Blackpool in the very first getaway. I was about 10 months old and

were traveling back by Blackpool. My dad had seen the Rangers' team

coach travelling with ours. Of course , my dad was required to make a fool

of himself and wave to them like a loony. Some of the players experienced seen

myself on my moms lap and stopped playing their game of playing cards, just to

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