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The hidden technology of my favorite book essay

Every person has his own favorite book. For this particular reader this book stands out from others, so it definitely deserves my favorite book essay.

The supposed content of my favorite book essay can’t be covered in one sentence. What’s the essence of my favorite book essay ? We can’t give you a straight answer, but paying attention to the main hero of your favorite book really makes sense. So, let’s see how to write a persuasive character analysis essay.

The essence of a character analysis essay isn’t limited to showing your instructor that you’ve just read the assigned book. That’s also expected to enhance your awareness and knowledge of certain psychological factors. Now, let’s see what you should do with my favorite book essay in detail.

First of all, you require selecting a character you’re really interested in. The opening paragraph of my favorite book essay needs to introduce who this particular personage is. Explain his or her role in the book and explain why you’ve decided to analyze this character.

The next step in my favorite book essay suggests defining your chosen personage in terms of whether she or he is the protagonist, antagonist, catalyst or supporting player. A catalyst character normally avoid participating directly in actions. Instead, he or she prefers to inspire the major personage to take up a quest or something like this.

The second thing you should do with my favorite book essay is to work out a list of your personage’s positive traits as well as weak points he or she needs to overcome throughout the course of the book. Keep in mind that heroes can’t be ideal. 100% bad or good characters have never existed. Respectively, if you decide to analyze a personality of the villain, you require identifying specific influences as well as events, which led this particular personage down a path of evil.

We keep writing our essay on favorite book. At this stage, you should identify your personage’s core quest. To be short, a quest is what actually makes up the entire conflict, generates and fuels the friction between your personage and his rivals and drives the action forward. As usual, quests are based on revenge, reward, escape or a combination of any of these. It’s up to you to explain why this particular quest is so crucial to your personage.

You should pay special attention to the subtext of your personage’s actions and what they say about her or him. Of course, you’re expected to provide quite convincing examples. For example, your character volunteers to take care of an old man. At the first sight, this might seem kind and generous. In reality, this personage simply puts himself in a definite position of favoritism for the future disbursement of his estate. You can offer another example – a person never spends a penny on himself and even goes heavily into debt just to keep buying toys for his beloved cat. Of course, you can use other examples in the essay my favorite book.

Then, you’re welcome to discuss the personage’s interactions with other characters. Inform your readers in the essay on my favorite book, whether your favorite characters treats them as peers, superiors or subordinates. Find out whether these interactions meet your expectations or not.

Meanwhile, you’re expected to discover any signs of symbolism of objects closely connected with the character. Offer a suggestion why these objects are significant. Stress what they tell about the main personage’s personality. Pay attention to their memories as well as vulnerabilities.

As an essay writer, you should evaluate your favorite character’s actions as well as reactions in the context of the story’s cultural and historical setting. For instance, you may explain that this particular personage of the 21th century has more freedom to change his tricky situation, than a personage, who lives in the 16th century. This move will most likely intrigue your readers, as people have always liked to compare things and other human beings.

After this, you require describing the conflicts’ resolution in terms of the personage’s spiritual and emotional growth. We’re talking about the so-called character arc. It refers to the ways in which the personage has evolved in the course of the story. By the way, some characters don’t have their own character arc, so they don’t evolve and remain the same as personalities by the end of the book. However, most of personages have to change themselves when stumbling on obstacles on their way. They’re literally shaped by them. For instance, a peaceful farmer can turn into a fierce revenger if someone hurts his only daughter.

Compare what you’ve already learnt about your favorite personage with your own personality profile in terms of what you like and dislike. You’re welcome to address how this story has changes or validated your way of thinking.

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