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Why my father is an inspiration

My father essay s typically praise things about one’s father that are abundantly obvious about many people’s fathers. However, in this essay my father will be the subject of not only my admiration, but also of yours. My father is not a simple man; he has many interests but few friends, lots of free time but little patience, a generous spirit but very little money. Above all my father is not somebody who one would immediately call an inspiration. But he is. For it is he that taught me about the gift of essay writing. Despite his limited wealth and his difficult education and upbringing, he gave to me something that can never be replaced. He inspired me to write, critique and explore writing, particularly throughout my time in university. Without his guidance and his sharp, intellectual nature, there is no doubt that I might not have ever finished my studies and became the person I am today. It is for this that my father is an inspiration, if an unconventional one.

Throughout the years I spent in university my head was wracked with doubts. I found no solace in television, nor in alcohol or nightclubs, all of which constituted the entertainment immediately available to me upon reaching university. Even less so could I find solace and escape in my studies, which were proving fraught with difficulty. I consulted my new found friends, but they were of no help whatsoever. Most of them were either too drunk or too absorbed by the television to give my frivolous concerns about university work the time of day. But then I turned to the people I had known best throughout my life: my family. After my brother told me he was too busy, and my sister assured me she’d help “at some later date” I had only my parents to turn to. My mother soothed my teething pains at the university by offering philosophical wisdom like “If you want to be successful, believe you will be.” My father was my final chance to get help. He had some time off: a rarity in a life like his. He always hopped between jobs, finding himself distracted and wanting more after having only been somewhere for a fleeting period. His short attention span meant he was always changing jobs. This always proved difficult, as he was forced into a position of either compromising by finding a job that either sustained him or entertained him. However, my father is not a man of compromise. My latest academic quandary was writing about Roman history. A Romulus My Father essay would've been a welcome task, but alas, this particular essay was writing a profile essay about Julius Caesar. writing assignments were never my forte, even less though those about leaders, none of whom I could identify with. My father, however, had a brief fascination with the Roman Empire. I hadn't known this, as my father is a quiet man, not somebody that flaunts their achievements or tells people about his many talents. Rather, he remains modest about such things, only finding them truly worth something once they have been applied practically. So when I called him he was more than willing to help.

What he did

My father isn't a fan of writing assignments but when it comes to finishing things he cannot be deterred. I explained my dilemma to him, as well as the nature of the project, writing a profile essay about Julius Caesar to which he carefully listened. He considered what I'd told him. "Okay then," he declared, "shall we begin?" And with that we did. He on one end of the phone, I on the other. Suddenly, a wealth of knowledge that until then I hadn't known existed came flooding from his mouth, revealing all of the time he'd spent accumulating knowledge, learning not just the facts and the dates or the names, but learning how to pass on that knowledge. Countless My Father Essays might now go on to explain why this made their father a genius, or an incredible man and an incredible inspiration, but that's not what I'll say here. Whilst educating me on tangible, memorable elements of Roman history, he offered insights into things I thought could only be explained by top trained academics. He offered me a thesis definition , his knowledge of how to critique an article and how to compose a dissertation methodology . It is not that he offered these insights that made him worthy of high praise in a My Father essay , but the fact he was so modest. Some would want to immediately tell others they'd studied Roman history, or - in spite of never having been university-educated - knew how to navigate the terminology of academia and of modern essay writing.

A my father essay should never seek to simply be an appraisal of one’s father. Rather, a my father essay should be a composition about their influence. An essay about my father should be felt and expressed wholly. What writing a my father essay has taught me and reminded me is that people can surprise you, and for many years to come my father may still yet surprise me again.

  • In two very different my father essays both authors cite their fathers as an important influence. But then, whether absent or present, isn’t anybody’s father of some influence to them?


  • Others have documented how much of an intellectual influence their father was, including how broad their father’s knowledge was, something I considered true of mine also.


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