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My ecological footprint

My ecological footprint ratio is 70. 82%. We'd need 4. 51 earths if everyone had the lifestyle that I lead. The results made me feel concerned because my footprint is below average by almost 20 percent, which seems such as a lot if you ask me. I was astonished that my results were so poor because I think of myself as a person who is environmentally mindful. I do not litter by throwing garbage on the road. When a garbage can is not quickly located by me, I bring the garbage with me at night until I can find a garbage can. Because of little things like this, I was surprised that my ecological footprint is so low. That is why I think this is a worthwhile task because it educated me about how environmentally friendly I am. I would realistically reduce my footprint by about 25% by using cleaner travel. Usually I drive whenever I need to go someplace, but I think from now on whenever possible, I'll take the Metro Transit bus instead.

I feel that resource depletion will probably increase as Growing Countries attempt to increase their standard of living. The country where I am from, a growing country, Yemen, doesn't have as large an ecological footprint as Canada does indeed. In our metropolitan areas, cars are used a lot however in the countryside, people uses horses and camels as their main way of carrying themselves. Yemen is wanting to be more developed like the Western world, but so far it has not worked out that well. Formerly, because Yemen began as a kingdom, only the Ruler had an automobile but over time, as it became a republic, cars became more common as people began generating them in the cities. I think that as Yemen looks for to become similar to the Western world, especially the United States, resource depletion can be more pronounced. Developing Nations should not have the right to deplete resources merely to are more like the Western world, because that can make just the problem with the surroundings worse as time goes on. If every country has a big ecological footprint, then we will progressively need more earths to meet everyone's energy ingestion.

The article, found on http://www. edie. net/news/news_story. asp?id=16168. says that folks in European countries are relying too much on groundwater. If this proceeds, then the normal water supply could turn into a problem. If that happens, the price tag on water will go up, which will be bad for the world economy because everyone requires water. If people who require it cannot afford to pay for it, then that may be an financial, as well as environmental, disaster. The primary cause of this problem is that folks are relying too much on groundwater. We can reduce our footprint as countries by ensuring some people do not get extra water, while some go without.


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