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My Core Values And Theory Of Practice Education Essay

Nationally, there is an expectation that students, by the end of senior high school, will be college or university and job ready, and diverse learners to add English Language Learners and students with disabilities, as well as those who find themselves educated in metropolitan settings are no exception. As schools prepare students to meet this expectation, they need to supply them with not only the social awareness, attitudes, and values would have to be successful in post-secondary education and employment, but also the type and integrity necessary to be productive people inside our global, scientific, and multidimensional culture. Among other 21st century skills, this includes the ability to think critically, solve problems, and connect effectively.

It is my idea that students, irrespective of scenario or difference, should and must be held to the same high educational standards. Because teaching and learning hardly ever really ends, the educational process is a "living, organic" one. All students are capable of learning and expanding skills, and must therefore allow ownership in the process of becoming life-long learners. As educators, it is our responsibility to instruct, test, and support students in realizing and achieving their maximum learning potential even as move them towards proficiency. This is accomplished by providing for activities and encounters outside and inside of the class room that are intentional, well-timed, and timeless, based on scholar needs and hobbies, singularly and in communities.


Each pupil can and desires to learn.

Therefore, as a professor, it is my responsibility to motivate the students in my class to learn by helping them to understand how what they are learning is pertinent to them as individuals so when members of the community. When this responsibility is carried out as intended, students will bring meaning to newly learned information, making connections across disciplines and their every day lives.

All students, when given the appropriate support, are capable of performing at or above the proficient level as described by the Pa Academic Specifications.

Therefore, as a instructor, it is my responsibility to supply the students in my classroom with curriculum that is rigorous, which both issues and supports them in meeting high academic criteria. Instruction and analysis must and you will be aligned with the curriculum. When this responsibility is carried out as designed, students will develop a repertoire of skills and strategies that permit them to gain access to the content-specific, level level information contained in the state specifications.

Every student counts and needs, would like, and deserves a top-quality education, as well as the support of nurturing adults.

Therefore, as a teacher, it is my responsibility to encourage the students in my own class to work harder and achieve more because they build meaningful, productive relationships with them based on trust, specific responsibility, and mutual respect. When this responsibility is carried out as meant, students will understand these are valued participants of the training community and they will demonstrate their dedication to the coaching and learning process.


As it relates to education, a theory of practice is, corresponding to Argyris, Putnam, and McLain Smith (1985), the zoom lens by which an educator views their practice. One's theory of practice is inspired by their personal beliefs, as well as their knowledge and beliefs about the education job and their ideas about what is considered "sufficient" predicated on their past experiences and present context and situation. Not only does a theory of practice provide a framework for decision-making, but it also provides a construction for knowledge acquisition and information processing.

McAlpine and Weston (2000) focus on the value of representation in the education profession, asserting that it is a catalyst for the improvement of teaching and learning. As I indicate - looking directly at and pondering carefully about, in particular, my beliefs about how children learn, develop, and develop best, and recognizing the diverse perspectives that are present in the current classrooms and schools - I am reminded of the famous quotation from Transcendentalist American writer Henry David Thoreau's (1854) critically acclaimed reserve, Walden, which functions as the lynchpin for my theory of practice:

"If a man does not keep pace along with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away. "

The class as a community of learners: I like to think of the classroom as a community of learners where students and the instructor are always learning from one another. To me, the students in my classroom are, in essence, a "band" of different drummers, each arriving with different abilities and capabilities. As the leader of the "section, " I believe I must be accountable and focused on quality all the time. Because of this, I use my knowledge and understanding of my students' skills and talents, as well as their specific needs and hobbies to make a productive coaching and learning environment for the group.

Committed to high achievements whatever the cost, I remain dedicated to setting up every learner for informed, accountable citizenship inside our global, technological, and multidimensional contemporary society. I jealously officer the right of my students to a world-class education and keep them as the concentration of every decision I make. I believe teaching is my "calling, " and in fulfilling this assignment destined if you ask me by essentially the most High Power, I believe I can help open doors to brighter futures for the students I serve. Relationships will be the basis of most learning; consequently, I pledge to utilize students, families, co-workers, and the community in the nurturing of such in order to yield better outcomes for students.

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