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A My Birthday essay : the most recommendable topics for the first written assignments

The primal aim of every pedagogue is to ensure the considered and harmonious development of his or her students. For a long time it was thought that the only teacher’s task is to transfer knowledge and explain some over sophisticated principles to students, avoiding any possible supplementary pedagogical problems. Naturally, this outdated pedagogical paradigm has gone through many various changes during the last century. Therefore nowadays a reputable modern teacher has to supply students not only with an essential advice about all indispensable writing or analytic attainments, such as how to compose noticeable thesis examples or how to write self-introductory documents, but also with significant information about all aspects and important nuances of social and public life. Moreover, due to the incredibly fast development of communication technology practically every single individual who has the permanent access to the Internet can be called a “public person” with reasonable certainty. Thus, a teacher has to explain to the students the basics of cultural behavior both in the so-called real life and in the virtual communication space. Therefore, a pedagogue should explain to the pupils that they have to build their lives in accurate accordance with the contemporaneous public policy. Of course, this assignment is much more difficult than writing a rhetorical analysis essay or teaching the foundations of stereometry, so in addition to his or her direct professional skills, a teacher should be familiar with the fundamental principles of child psychology and sociology.

In order to accomplish all these objectives successfully a pedagogue should alternate different teaching methods and special techniques. Without a doubt, one of the most promising methods to establish reliable contacts with pupils that are based on the mutual interest and respect is to ask them to write an essay about their leisure in a free writing style. You can ask them to compose various types of essays, such as an essay about their parents, self-introductory essay, birthday party essay or even a literary essay about their favorite literary heroes. Remember that the primal aim of this assignment is not to test their writing, descriptive or analytical skills, but to demonstrate your students that you are genuinely interested in them. Thus, with an eye to achieve this significant goal, eschewing the most obstructive troubles, you have to choose a topic for your first assignment very cautiously. Of course, you can always ask for necessary advice from various writing services, such as highly specialized dissertation writing services, multi-disciplinary educational centers or the best resume writing service. Nevertheless, the easiest way to select the most appropriate topic is to interview your pupils. Undoubtedly, every kid will be glad to write a My Birthday Party essay. It is as significant as it is banal. Therefore, this type of assignment will allow you to make acquaintance with all students and establish the indispensable atmosphere of the mutual respect in your class.

A My Best Birthday essay : the main principles of literary analysis

Naturally, all your pupils will be happy to share stories with their new classmates. Furthermore, this type of assignment supplies you with an excellent chance to identify the hidden talents of your students and train their writing skills. When your student will be able to write an interesting and catching story about such complicated topic as essay on my birthday, then you will be sure that he or she is ready for further education. Additionally, you can use this assignment as an opportunity to demonstrate your pupils how to work with different literary sources and/or how to start a thesis about some essential personal problems. In order to achieve all these significant goals, eschewing all possible misunderstandings between you and your students, you should analyze their works very deliberately and scrupulously. Every single child needs special attention, therefore your primary task is to present it to all of your pupils.

Usually, writing an ordinary My Birthday essay sample is a pupil’s best chance to share his or her best memories with new classmates. Thus, let us distinguish the most common types of My birthday essay samples. Here is a brief register of these types, which will be undoubtedly helpful for all teachers:

  • - a My Birthday essay about child’s friends. This is one of the most frequent types of essay. Usually, the pupils desire to make friends with all their classmates, therefore this essay demonstrates that the pupil wants to achieve a desirable comfort level in communication with his or her new friends.
  • - a My Birthday essay about kid’s parents. Usually, this type of essay is an obvious symbol of healthy family relationships. Therefore, this is a demonstrable sign that you should not worry about this student. Of course, you can always request for kid’s parents consultation in order to create the most suitable atmosphere and guarantee the mutual understanding between you and your pupils.
  • - a My Birthday essay about child’s new toys and presents. It is a quite alarming sign when a child writes about his or her toys, neglecting an opportunity to establish reliable connections with the new companions. Therefore, you should pay more attention to this child with an eye to understand his or her inner motives. Of course, even the most detailed My Birthday essay sample cannot provide you with all necessary information about pupil’s psychological condition. Therefore, in this case it is quite wise to ask for the help of a school psychologist with an eye to indicate and correct all problems from the very beginning.
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