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Mtn Nigeria: Telecommunication

MTN Nigeria is a well know telecommunication industry intended for interacting with all facet of telecommunication infrastructural development as it concerns GSM rollout. MTN Nigeria has its central brain quarter in South African. MTN was incorporated in Nigeria February 2001 as the first none indigenous Telecommunication Company in the regions of GSM technologies. They have got passion for brilliance.

Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) is a digital mobile telephony system that is trusted all over the world. GSM is trusted instead of all other cellular telephony solutions among which can be TDMA (Time division multiple gain access to), CDMA (Code division multiple gain access to). This runs on the variation of time division multiple access (TDMA). MTN Nigeria GSM system works at either the 900 MHz or 1800 MHz frequency band.

In today's highly competitive business environment among telecommunications companies in Nigeria, MTN as firm know that Change Management is critical to their competitive edge and long term success and survival. This truth have made MTN to invest huge resources on formulating and applying organizational change for their success & survival and at the same time spending huge resources in training of their workers (both management and lower-level staffs) on the data of Change management.

As Tofler A. stated in the ilearn module (2010), module03, product1, webpage2, "There is merely one constant today that is certainly change" change is unavoidable for an effective business success.

Based on this eminent quote, MTN Nigeria followed an alteration program, MTN Nigeria Project office was enlarged to become Capital Programs Group (CPG) in the last five years.

Collection of materials on the enhancement of Job Office to Capital Programs group was done through personal contact with top management levels, Program Professionals, Managers, Engineers, course materials & relevant materials from the net.


As earlier mentioned MTN Nigeria has interest for quality in areas like, Acquiring and keeping customers, Growing & Implementing Market Strategies, Rousing increased consumption of products and services, Generating revenue, Retaining Customers, Stimulating use & Research.


Prior to the enlargement of their job office, MTN Nigeria has only one technical device that oversee almost all their network rollout & procedure maintenance activities. This consists of many divisions as revealed below.

Network Execution Division

Network Programs


Network Job Management

Network Operation


Network Intelligent

Engineering Support Services

NMC Operation

Network Access


Network Quality


RF Planning


Wireless Bearer Services



TX Planning


Network Group

Figure i: Framework of MTN Network group prior to the change program execution.

The various divisions implement any given process as stipulated by the organization. Many sites built had not been necessary because the need for growth was yet to happen.


MTN Nigeria having founded their eye-sight and mission affirmation, Eye-sight: ''To be the primary company of telecommunication services in Nigeria with a quest to provide first class network quality, customer support and value. Quest declaration is ''To be a catalyst for Nigeria economic progress and development, helping unleash Nigeria strong development potentials not only through the provision of top notch communication but also through progressive and sustainable corporate cultural responsibility initiatives''

To be able to leave up this expectation & meet up with the new challenges associated with GSM companies within Nigeria & beyond.

After the finish of the financial years 2003, the CEO & top management executives of MTN Nigeria came up with new framework that is regarded as to ease and speed up network enlargement & quality throughout the federation. New departments were surfaced, job responsibilities evolved, new parts were created, new managers were appointed regarding to company insurance policies.

The new composition that was created is Capital Programs Group,

CPG works together with various specialized suppliers and applies considerable job management skills to

rollout all elements of MTN GSM network to the highest standards.

The Division is made up of the following Items:


Core and Fibre Implementation

Site Build Rollout

BTS/Transmitting/3G Upgrade

Network Rollout

Programme Support

The creation of the new divisions offered the business better visibility in managing and rolling out of a better network infrastructure in the areas of 2G & 3G systems at an extremely high speed to meet up with today's demand for customers expectation, and also produced serious revenue & increase in subscribers base to relatively 30, 000 million.


MTN Nigeria arrived to the country not anticipating that the population in terms of the subscriber's base will seriously increase after 3-4 years of operation. The pace of which call drop happens became erratic. MTN Nigeria needed more sites to load the dead spots that cause the higher rate of call drop. The challenges on GSM technology expansion is critically increasing in Nigeria. You can find need for new technology progression and home based business models. That is a critical way where top level management, program managers & their subordinates must focus in attaining a better efficiency. MTN conduct a study through employees and expert following the 2003 financial season ending with the origination for the CEO and top management.

With mention of ilearn component (2010), module03, device1, lesson 1, web page2 & internal & external drives for change in MTN, the next factors are the primary motorists of MTN organisational change.

Rapid technology developments.

Weak business performance

Poor customer satisfaction

High rate of job failure

Lack of innovation

Mergers & acquisitions

Collaborative collaboration models


Greater agility in customers responsiveness

New business models


This is a substantial drivers for organizational change. Quick development in technology determined for technology invention in MTN Nigeria. The increase in new technology progress in GSM industry in Nigeria gave rise to the need for equipment upgrade in order to assimilate the old machines which may be obsolete soon with the new gadgets. This is considered by the change agencies in order to meet up with the new technology required to make them not to face a diminishing market share to competition & lose capital invested, most of all bring about a decrease in their CAPEX capital expenses to a reasonable value.


Due to the high volume of traffic been carried my MTN, customers started out experiencing low quality of service which provided rise to large number of call drops, capacity congestion, low tone of voice quality, inadequate coverage area. Customers were unable to enjoy the true benefit of GSM using MTN Nigeria network. MTN noticed the need and acted for the reason that collection to avoid dropping their customer bottom part to other challengers.


There is a identified threat from customers about the performance of the MTN network. When MTN started in Nigeria many people were in eager to buy MTN sim card and other various products that satisfies customers expectation. There was high rate of product acquisition from customers within and close to the neighboring countries. The demand for sim credit cards became tripled it became clear that the present network capacity can't deal with the demand for lines. The pace of which network rollouts were done could not meet up with the new challenging factors. This contributed to a great lose in their income generation.


The rate at which project inability occurs within the job office gave a concern to the entire management, this contributed to low amount of sites rolled out per quarter & yearly. There was no close guidance of site build contractors (SBCs) in other to attain the desired quality on area of the infrastructures. The benefits of turnkey solution not properly monitored also contributed to the inability, site build contractors having inadequate funds to fund their various assignments.


Project office was made up of Technical engineers & Project managers who are pioneers of MTN from South Africa. This group of men and women are expatriate who works without operations and procedures, there was no lay out procedure. Virtually all projects where handled and micro maintained by them, this gave birth to presenting most of the site build service provider been nothing indigenous companies. Assignments became very poor because of inadequate man power to operate and take care of various given works.


There is need for MTN Nigeria to accept new business models. The insufficient Transmission capacity became a hindering element in terms of adopting home based business models that will be profiting to the company. Before the restructuring of the task office to capital programs group's home based business models like providing E1 answers to customers couldn't be performed. But after the restructuring MTN Nigeria began providing E1 solutions to various banks establishments in the country which also increased their income.

When MTN Nigeria merged and consolidated operations with VGC marketing communications limited sometime in Oct 2006, significant reengineering took place. To align the management aims restructuring was the primary drive in this factor. The integration of MTN and VGC created a major task in streamlining and integration of existing satellite procedures structure. Following the merger & acquisition, some of VGC staffs remaining the organisation scheduled to change in portfolios, change of job task. This demonstrates a careful, committed & dedicated planning must have been followed in bring this to realization.


There is need for MTN Nigeria to adopted outsourcing in a few of their business areas. This is likely to improve flexibility and services with their customers. First when MTN were only available in Nigeria, recharge cards where been created from South Africa, subscriber in the remote area where there is MTN coverage experience difficulty in purchasing the required air time for his or her business. After the restructuring some of mid-air time denomination was outsourced and transferred to other gatherings, along with personnel and other resources to boost the development rate.


MTN Nigeria has passion for superiority in following areas, acquiring and keeping customers, Developing & Implementing Market Strategies, Rousing increased consumption of products and services, Generating revenue, Retaining Customers, Rousing utilization & Research. MTN Nigeria also means that the individuals organisational framework is consistently aligned to business goals in order to accomplish organisational effectiveness.

The below targets where considered by MTN Nigeria implementing the change process.

To set up a body(Capital Programs Group) that will effectively job control the accelerated rollout of MTN Nigeria site build rollout

In order to meet with high competition of mobile systems in Nigeria, MTN Nigeria made a decision to create composition and culture that'll be imbedded in operation for operational efficiency

Network Rollout at a cheaper cost while reaching same goal in terms of quality and service

Clarity of responsibility and Value Addition

To drop complete operational cost(OPEX)

Improve top down and down top communication between professionals, professionals & their subordinate

Greater Consumer and Stakeholder Orientation

There is need for MTN to reduce call rate to an affordable value.

Network growth to provide sufficient capacity to customers.

Increase swiftness of rollout statistics by adding up more locations in order to overcome ground and distance complexness.

Removal of bureaucracy to be able to improve up implementation time

Empowerment of region for faster decision making

Market differentiation insurance firms wider network coverage in the country

Maintain Checks and Balances Consistent with Effectiveness

Offering different customer alternatives in conditions of broadband, 2G & 3G, organization solution, Wimax, rural telephony etc.

Expanding subscribers platform in order to generate more income.

Environmentally friendly mode of operation example, Basic safety and health activities (SHE), Nigeria civil aviation expert (NCCA), Environment impact examination (EIA), building permits approvals before execution.


Managers must embarrass the actual fact that people attitude constitute of environment and culture (means of doing things). Major factor that must definitely be considered for a successful organisational change still lies with environmental, people & technology issues. Mangers should also consider people's issue which includes some constraints specifically social politics & social factors, both of these constraints goes a long way in helping managers identify central issues & arrange for action in achieving their various targets.

There are always bottle necks in handling the affairs of organisational change by professionals, through the use of the Seven Ss model such issues will be address and optimum result attained by managers.


The 7Ss model is the management model that has seven interconnected factors that is employed in organizing a firm in a alternative and effective way. McKinsey 7Ss model means that company works effectively and well once they reach the required endpoint.

Managers should ensure that 7Ss model has been used in a wide variety of situations where an alignment perspective pays to, this will also boost the performance of MTN Nigeria managers helping in figuring out the central issues and job proper action plan,

The seven Ss factors are mentioned below:

- Super ordinate goals

- Strategy

- Structure

- Systems

- Style

- Staff

- Skills

Figure 2 below depicts the interdependency of the elements and implies what sort of change in one affects all the others.

Super ordinate goals

This is one of the factor that originates from the most notable level management, e. g. CEO, this establishes the organizational stand for what MTN thinks in the "Can Do Spirit", talk about ideals characterizing the principles & aims which should yank it towards successes of MTN Nigeria, center values, the commercial/team culture,


What is our strategy?

How do we plan to achieve our goals?

How do we deal with competitive pressure?

How are changes in customer demands dealt with?

How is strategy fine-tuned for environmental issues?


How is the company/team divided?

What is the hierarchy?

How do the many departments coordinate activities?

How do the team members plan and align themselves?

Is decision making and managing centralized or decentralized? Is this as it ought to be, given what we're doing?

Where will be the lines of communication? Explicit and implicit?


What are the key systems that run the business? Consider financial and HR systems as well as communications and document storage space.

Where are the controls and exactly how are they watched and examined?

What internal guidelines and processes will the team use to continue track?

What are the fundamental ideals that the company/team was built on?


How participative is the management/authority style?

How effective is the fact leadership?

Do employees/team users tend to be competitive or cooperative?

Are there real groups functioning within the business or are they just nominal groupings?


What positions or specializations are symbolized within the team?

What positions need to be filled?

Are there gaps in required competencies?


What will be the strongest skills symbolized within the company/team?

Are there any skills spaces?

What is the company/team known for doing well?

Do the current employees/team members be capable of do the job?

How are skills monitored and evaluated?

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