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Mozarts Cultural Impact In American Culture Cultural Studies Essay

Mozart was an musician who explored social influences like jazz and was a genius whose traditional music purists can not duplicate. Mozart's music was well elaborated unlike other performers. It is most notable that his effect on North american music was through brief stories, piano, group work, books works and talks (Lawrence and John, 2005). His music in American culture inspired a lot of aspects varying from patterns, moral affect to societal norms. He was not only one of the greatest composers of classical period but also a biggest person ever. His music has natural circulation, irresistible attraction that expressed laughter and sorrows with both conviction and mastery. His piano using was brilliant exemplory case of high skill because a lot of his piano concertos and later symphonies were ever before perfect.

American culture is known as an oxymoron but people claim that in the maximum amount of America has wealth, power and steadiness it lacks moral values. Therefore no one can urge much and criticize American about their way of living, style and culture that has become used by many societies in today's world. America has its traditional culture including ethnical beliefs, customs, eating habits and taboos which exist domestically yet others imported through music artists' work and mass media. Actually Mozart's music added to a ethnical change in the American modern culture. There are several aspects of American culture some of which are damaging while some got impact in the world. Mozart's music had some type of connection with American culture which to a more substantial extent inspired the society favorably. Morally, American culture has little or nothing to offer but a poor influence on contemporary society that most teenagers have implemented in the growing countries.

Influence on culture

Mozart's Anglophone civilizations encouraged English books and ethnic concerns. He concentrated on English translations and film creation. Most of his performance on level was operas in British speaking world. His work revolved around romantic relationships which targeted American culture and English composers. Catalogs were written demonstrating importance of living myths in several cultural traditions including the Victorian, Modernist and later Post modernist (Sabine and Wolfgang, 2009). Mozart's effect on traditional culture created a means of filling the moral vacuum of times. His appointment of court music influenced dialect culture in American culture. Many artists tried to imitate him but cannot produce perfect and valued work. This is because Mozart got a talent blend of knowledge and skills which came into being when he started out his piano and band work.

Influence on behavior

These are actions and reactions that took place influenced Mozart's pursuits like literature works and short discussions. His work was suitable and evaluated relating to cultural norms and later governed by various social control in America. People gained knowledge through his musical work because his music acquired full of talks, books work and world influence on North american wish. His musical work was meant to impress others on how to improve their lives to better cultural lives and living expectations. He confirmed how American people can find success and communal mobility if they can action and do what others want those to do. His musical work was to encourage others to feel accepted and achieve level of their satisfaction. In a nutshell talks, he talked about how a guy can strive to find social flexibility and beatitude. Nevertheless the behavioral influence had not been easy for the American culture to look at because many got their own life-style.

Influence on teens and population with celebrities

Most music related activities nowadays is full of superstars that are a great deal in real life. Mozart's music influenced superstars with love scandals, dressing, eating disorders and crazes. Stars' fads and crazes disperse like wild open fire and many teenagers in America want to be superstars. Music has been blamed as corruptive to teenagers' imagination in the America. It really is blamed for providing teens only dark images and personal defeatist thoughts. Mozart acquired a means of passing concept to teenagers (Gains, Gaudet and Young, 2005).

Influence on conflict and music

During the two world wars, there was lack of rely upon the federal government. Jazz Age restored a search center for kind of social ways in the works of modernity writers. A number of the music he sang acquired permanent niche categories in American culture. Other composers in America came under impact of jazz which transferred to be always a kind of the cultural consciousness of the united states at large. Mozart was extremely accomplished and able to cross musical limitations. His Jazz music acquired an BLACK contribution towards world culture not only in the cultural motion but also American period of wars (Sabine and Wolfgang, 2009).

Mozart's popular music affected American culture through natural development process. His music was geared towards a pre-teen market while his group was safe, unchallenging and totally unthreatening. In music he discussed world battle not only having packed with sorrows but also a message of encouragement to the ethnical world. In his piano and key pad work it was hard to know what highways popular culture will travel down in the best of times under most pleasurable of circumstances. Forecasting such metamorphosis was hard under a world of stress and flux which managed to get more difficult.


The variety and diversity of artistic works during his time did not easily match with categories to require a perfect interpretation. Unlike Mozart, other music artists' lose generalizations because his music was totally loved and easily affected many cultures. His music demonstrated typical characteristics and evident was at music devices especially on piano and the band. A lot more than in artwork his literature works came nearer to voicing in his century with reason than scientific laws which totally inspired American culture.

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