Moving Towards Convergence Convergence Tendencies Media Essay

"The period of Gutenberg is nearly over. A whole new digital communications technology has surfaced. An electric superhighway is starting to girdle the globe as voice, video recording and data converge, bringing in their wake a new container of digital, multimedia system and interactive communication systems.

But it is not merely the technology that concern us. It is the sociable change that accompanies the systems that must definitely be our prime concern. The new technology are doing a lot more. They are simply changing just how we live-the way we work, relax, manage our money, trade and talk to each other. The brand new solutions are changing just how we perceive people, cultures, countries and companies and our goals of them and also our prospects of ourselves.

With blurring of geographical boundaries, thanks to the length insensitive Internet, majority of business and specific are becoming part of any high-speed networking fabric which will enable secure digital communication of voice, data, and video tutorial to or from anyone, anytime and anytime. Right up until lately, it wold have sounded such as a chapter directly out of knowledge fiction thankfully, the technology now prevails to deliver it. Customers now want to choose and select from narrowcast and broadcast. They need a fusion of tone of voice, data, and video in all possible mixes. Quite simply, this implies the option of multiple technology alternatives to satisfy the customer's desire to have anytime access to people, information, and commerce.

But convergence does not necessarily sound the loss of life knell of age-old-technologies. In fact, it leaves enough space for many solutions to co-exist and one will not replace the other outright. It is because no person technology can meet all the requirements of the market-place. Hence, each technology will find its niche and redefine new and old classes of service and individual terminals. Within this context you can safely suppose that there will be a rash of new individual terminals that will why don't we communicate with techniques we dream.

Convergence is the main element today. We are able to think about convergence in a number of different ways. The first is in conditions of the actual market sectors converging, such as communication, entertainment, and processing. Another is converging words, training video, and data over the common infrastructure or in a common computing platform. One important factor during convergence is the change of the desktop computer through faster processors supporting advanced design and multimedia features. The PC today is a collaborative communication and media tool. Another factor driving a car convergence is the cost of maintaining three split networks for tone, video, and data. Firms can realize substantial saving in equipment, staff, and services by using converged networks. Enterprises are looking at cost benefits in the WAN as the first leverage point for convergence. Using Voice-over-Frame Relay, VOIP and Voice-over-ATM the same WAN lines can be used for words as well as data, leading to substantial cost benefits. Next, businesses want to install the LAN and WAN infrastructure to do real-time video tutorial and music information delivery. For education, a professor's lecture can be delivered to remote campuses live or as stored video-on-demand data on a web sites, Converged networks can be used to deliver corporate communications, presentations, and training to employees immediately at their desktop. "

2. Items to ponder

Changing Mindsets

There is rising evidence of the immediate benefits associated with convergence strategies, if ventures are created strategically, but these short term gains aren't really the only opportunity. Our target is to look at opportunity both short and long lasting, created by the emergence of hybrid media and exactly how companies can capitalize on these opportunities. Now to check out the opportunities it creates for future years.

Potential to increase revenue

> Reaches both cyber and traditional segments

> Achieved synergies between online and offline business to market sales

> Increase access to businesses anytime and anywhere

> Prime services such as customization, home delivery and choice tools improve the stickiness and invite companies to demand a premium price

Potential to lessen costs

> Build on a typical inventory, information and logistics base

> Reduce cost of calling customers and other connections costs

> Virtual areas can help reduce the company offered information and support

> Involves customers as co-producers, reduces R&D and marketing costs

Creating options

> Allows the company to reserve future options

> Creates opportunities to go into segments or strategies online and offline as the technology and consumers continue steadily to evolve

What is Converging?

Convergence, once we are referring here, means more than fusion of technologies (television, computers, cordless etc). The focus area is more of a basic convergence inside a consumer- the new possibilities created by solutions and the past consumption patterns of the consumer which was limited to traditional media utilization. The convergence will form the way the internet and other technology unfold, and the opportunities created for companies. These are a few of the questions which have to be dealt at length.

To understand and assess the impact of advertising convergence, I've done a detailed case study analysis of two classic modern day examples of advertising convergence strategies. The truth not only helps understand the request of advertising tools but also provides measurable index in conditions of its success.

1. XBOX Launch Strategy


To bring the XBOX console to India by adding the category in an organized manner. To attain out to a reasonably affluent, gizmo friendly and upwardly mobile audience.


The unveiling of X Container provides an illustrative research study for convergence and optimum use of varied advertising mediums.

The kick off was split into two phases - First period to give attention to generating a pre launch excitement and demand through interactive medium, while the Second phase saw the launch marketing campaign of the console focusing on brand building advertising and viral Marketing.

First Phase:

The first period saw the use of generally two interactive mediums - Internet and Mobile (Text+WAP). It centered on generating demand for a category and brand which was getting unveiled in India for the very first time. Since the objective was to reach out to a reasonably affluent, gizmo friendly and upwardly mobile audience a blend of Internet and Mobile mass media was chosen to do the marketing campaign. Viral marketing was weaved at every step of the campaign to increase the advertising reach both on internet and mobile websites. Advertising campaign was seamlessly included on web, mobile and on surface to synchronize the lead generation activity from across all the press platforms.

Internet advertising campaign:

The internet advertising campaign launch synchronized the outbreak of homepage banners on all the major portals in India like Rediff. com, MSN. co. in, Yahoo. co. in, Sify. com, Indiatimes. com etc. All of the mass portals combined jointly provided reach to 80% of the Indian audience logging on to the internet on a specific day.

The impact of through size and awareness of the homepage properties across the primary portals made the X Box campaign an instant hit and a talking point in mass media circles. The response on the first day itself was very encouraging with almost 20, 000 users browsing the web site.

Mobile plan:

SMS: A brief code marketing campaign was turned on through all "consumer-facing" on floor collaterals. Users could learn about XBOX by SMSing XBOX to 8243. An identical viral advertising campaign was conducted on Mobile where users could earn wireless keyboard and mouse by forwarding the Text message with the XBOX offer with their friends. More than 2, 000 unique users referenced the promo Text message to around 4400 unique users. In all, the SMS engine motor observed 24, 000 Strikes with 16, 000 Unique Users requesting the promo details.

WAP: WAP Program was chosen to be used for the first time in virtually any of Microsoft promotions for X Package because the audience browsing WAP sites built in correctly with Xbox's target audience.

The WAP Site driven by Yahoo was marketed on Yahoo and Airtel WAP Sites. The WAP page got near to 120, 000 strikes with 20, 000 Unique Users visiting the page through the two month marketing campaign.

Second Period:

The second period plainly chalked out the aim of introducing the merchandise to the audience through brand building advertising properties and making the most of interactions. The release phase saw a multi advertising advertising campaign across radio, Tv set, OOH and Internet. The TVC really was clutter breaking and had a viral charm and the same was used as a video tutorial banner with incredible results.

TVC and Video tutorial Banners did exceedingly well for the plan. Almost every impression led to some discussion from an individual making the training video advertising i. e. the TVC reach to almost 700, 000 unique users seeing it double.


The combined effect of radio, Television set, OOH, mobile and Internet made X container launch, one of the very most successful introduction for Microsoft and provided the perfect exemplory case of the convergence of traditional and modern mediums of advertising and its implication, thereof. This helped in producing a lot of traffic to the microsite with 10 million impressions on the same. Also the amount of interactions and queries were near 150, 000. Also this overall advertising campaign helped in reducing the price per interaction to USD 0. 33 per interaction.

Since the TG was affluent, gizmo freak and upwardly mobile human population the use of digital advertising and mobile in combination with the more aged mediums like Tv set, Print out, Out of Home worked well miracles for the plan. The interactivity levels proceeded to go up a lot that nearly every impression resulted in the comment or a query. There were approximately 700, 000 impressions on the TVC for the advertising campaign.

This research study magnificently illustrates how both mobile and internet were interchangeably used and proved helpful magic for the brand.

2. Barrack Obama Presidential Election Campaign


Increase interactivity with all the sections of the population and of different age ranges. Also to increase word of mouth advocacy for Brand Obama


The Barack Obama Marketing campaign is the foremost exemplory case of how convergence of the advertising was used to promote him as the America's next president. Multichannel marketing is most beneficial recommended but one cannot power people to use new mediums, public have to be talked to with mediums you want them to use otherwise they won't notice you. They need to communicated in ways which is non intrusive but interesting and interesting at exactly the same time.

The Obama campaign had a wide-spread reach and was impossible to dismiss. They used traditional mass media such as radio, tv and direct email and they used them effectively as they realized their target audience and delivered sharp communications to them. Traditional advertising was the ultimate way to target baby boomers and older People in america.

It was a solid campaign which protected the maximum reach in that for an entire half an hour blocked half an hour across channels for his own commercial in waning hours of the campaign. The Obama advertising campaign could practically printing money, this is one of the main reasons the way the multichannel marketing campaign was possible. Obama for his plan even bought a dish channel for 24 hours Obama Tv set.

The online marketing campaign launched for campaign of Obama as a presidential applicant is an outstanding example how internet as a medium was used mobilize audience and connect to party and prospect. The campaign's website was not normal brochure ware but an interactive tool where supporters could sign in, find followers in each area; help the marketing campaign identify potential voters and support volunteers for the advertising campaign. These people could also help in canvassing and person to person publicity. The website also possessed functions and tools which could be utilized to enable supporters to successfully advocate for Obama online. The website had been made to encourage contribution and donations at every click.

EDMs and mailers were thoroughly used for campaign of plan. Though we were holding agenda founded the mailers were very informal and interactive. Each protected a single topic every time. These were short also to the point and were regular enough for top of mind recall, and usually included a link to a video tutorial with candidate communicating right to the subscriber.

They also used Youtube, world major video tutorial content website because of its video infrastructure. They setup a YouTube channel through which they communicated with YouTube users. But because YouTube videos can be pasted anywhere, they used their YouTube videos on the Web site, in their blog, on Facebook, and somewhere else they needed training video. For this they had a specialised team who had taken health care of videos suitable for the requirements of the Youtube marketing campaign. The uploaded videos were generally made for being published on Youtube and were not simply TV commercials.

Not only performed they have their Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, the Obama marketing campaign established a sociable networking occurrence at ethnic social networks like Black World, MiGente and AsianAve as well as Eons, Faithbase and Glee.

The Obama advertising campaign used the text messaging brilliantly. They also acquired a mobile website which was used to generate database and interact with people through mobile and utilize it as a viral device. The i phone users among their followers could download an Obama program that urged people coordinate and spread the word.

The plan not only was present on Search Engine Advertisements but also acquired a existence on online display banners. There is hardly any marketing campaign related to politics online without Obama banners working on it. Throughout the database generated online and on the mobile content webpage, the campaign administrators used them to create Obama loyalists and supporters.

For the children community the marketing campaign was also present on a highly targeted channel like gaming with display advertisements on games sites.

Video game ads are a perfect example of getting the message before an audience's preferred medium. Adult Millennial men and young Gen X men are heavy gamers and, because of this, are hard to reach. Video game ads were the perfect medium to attain these voters.

Social Media Marketing

Barack Obama and his team actively used social media to connect with supporters and potential voters out of every part of the country. On MySpace only, Obama acquired over 350, 000 friends, Facebook shows over 270, 000, and YouTube shows over 24, 000 in readers.

The Obama site stimulates its group and event system with the my. barackobama. com section (you can create your own group, blog, etc. ) Barack's also integrated Flickr & Videos into his website as well. They positively used Flickr to publish pictures of the campaign rallies, speeches and appearances. Not only acquired it helped in interesting people who have there been in the case but also the pictures also provided the users to blog about the campaign and get a dialogue occurring. Finally, rather than insignificantly, the photos involved the Flickr community itself, which is filled up with very passionate photographers, amatuer and professional alike.


About a million people signed up for Obama's text messaging program showing the quantity of involvement of the folks in the marketing campaign. More than a 0. 25 million text messages were exchanged by visitors to join the program showing person to person advocacy. A similar was recognized for online and other mediums collectively.

Obama was able to indulge all the classes of audience through all the mediums jointly. People started blogging and speaking about the politics agendas and promoting the same. Brand devotion built by engaging the users. The quantity of men and women who joined neighborhoods on facebook (5, 969, 069), myspace(13, 50, 000) and youtube(1, 67, 000 customers) shows the amount of support the marketing campaign could generate amongst the users.

Positive person to person publicity produced as the marketing campaign was able to employ audience to do it for the coffee lover as opposed to the brand publicizing themselves. Hence exhibiting that the audience is more damaged by peer pressure than other things. New Mass media convergence and tools made available from the same provides freedom to an individual which assists with generating honest feedback mechanism and employ audience with the brand more.

The seed of effective convergence needs to be nourished well today, so the world and India as a nation enjoy its benefits in the foreseeable future. Convergence as a tool should be controlled, governed and used in the right soul to make it an integral part of the textile of the country.

This convergence of technology brings numerous advantages to consumers: Convenience, Random access, On-demand availability. In addition, it facilitates the option of aggregation and cooperation of Information and presenting an option of distributing and posting of the same. Marketers today should look at chalking out strategies that are independent of any medium, instead look at the several mediums that are at a user's removal each carefully attached in with a typical message to provide it a 360 degree exposure.

The more and more competitive environment in the media industry promises marvelous customer benefits through increased savings in time, increased choice, and an explosion of impressive services and products. This is actually the promise, at this point, truly interactive services allowing the viewer to descend through a series of levels of information remain at the experimental stage. The development of multimedia services will not replace judgment value that is provided by the traditional media. Hence, the traditional marketing will still have a sizable role that can be played in the new multi-media world.

Multimedia gets the potential to vastly increase the range of services available, and offer its users a more substantial choice of applications but new technology by themselves won't ensure success; it is the people who utilize it who will determine the continuing future of media. The users' wishes and needs; how they will manage the flood of options; and, most importantly, whether they can pay for the independence of choice are what matters.

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