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Movie Analysis Of The Film Legion

The movie opens with a landscape of a huge, barren land with a woman's speech on the backdrop - solemn and weary. The girl narrates about her remembrances of her mother constantly reminding her to will have a heart-to-heart talk to God. This was true until that point in time they were remaining by her daddy (the spouse). Instead, she only talks about the Apocalypse, stating that "God has become sick and tired of this crazy bullshit. "

The next arena is in Los Angeles, the 23rd of December - 1:02 am. There is darkness filled with chaotic does sound such as sirens, the loud thunder and shattering of glass with a representation of any bloody moon. Then arrived Michael, slipping from the sky. He went to a dark alley, pulled an ornate knife and began peeling of his coat, uncovering his wings (through shadow). He started tearing his wings from his back using the distinct knife. To have a tendency his wounds, Michael gone inside a weapon/gun/survival shop (GUN AND SPORT WORLD), eradicating the person guarding it from the within. He used a sportfishing line to stitch the horrendous holes on his backside remaining by the detachment. He raced along racks and racks of guns, searching for weapons - the right ones.

Meanwhile, two cops, Burton and Estevez, patrols downtown in their authorities car (LAPD). Burton blurted how using the streets would make him happy. "A fresh start, that's what this place needs. " he said. Estevez was not even finished expressing his thoughts when a loud explosion commenced almost right before them. Michael gradually looks from the smoke carrying two huge sports activities carrier. He was confronted by both cops, purchasing him to drop the bags also to position his hands behind his head. Estevez slowly approached him and attempted to cuff his hands but as soon as he was near, Michael could get him to be used as a individual shield. Burton, while pointing the gun towards Michael and commanding him to let go of his partner, suddenly had his mind shaking like mad. The now possessed Burton reminded and warned Michael that was not the orders directed at him by God and if he continues he will die alongside the baby (individuals race's only trust). Michael was able to eliminate the possessed cop, departing both cops lifeless. He drove away using the authorities car.

The movie persists with the scene showing what is going to be the key location of the movie's highlights. There is a couple of old magic trailers which looked like has not changed from the ground for an extended period of your time. Then, there was Jeep Hanson, bolted awake from an undesirable dream, protected with sweating and breathing deep. He acquired up from foundation, stepped out of 1 of the trailers, gazed up to the diner's roof covering where a big sign glows "PARADISE FALLS GAS 'N' GRUB" and contemplated. Then came Charlie, an extremely pregnant female who asked Jeep if he is alright and shared that she could not sleep due to continuous kicking of the baby. That they had a deep chat about how he fears about her too much even though the baby is not his. Jeep said that she can laugh like everybody else but he feels that she can be better with him and they can raise the baby along. Charlie just kissed him on the cheek and still left.

It is now morning, a regular day for the keepers of the diner. Bob, the owner and Jeep's daddy, is shown striving to fix the TV while a african american called Percy is preparing on the grill. That they had a short discussion about their relationship and "relationship". While on the other side of the diner, there is a beautiful young lady, Audrey, seductively leaning over a jukebox. She actually is the epitome of rebellion. Seeing their little princess move her hips to the beat, Howard and Sandra Anderson were both disgusted. The few and the girl acquired a few exchanges as to the reasons she dressed like this and how she didn't fail in responding to them back every time.

A dark-colored Cadillac driven by a dark, Kyle, blazed the desert way. He passed a weathered street signal "ENTERING PARADISE FALLS, NEXT SERVICES 50 MILES". He grabbed his cellular phone only to discover that there is no transmission in the area. He then noticed the diner just up the road ahead. He stopped and got out of the car. Leaning next to the broken phones is Charlie. Kyle grabbed a crumpled hands drawn map and revealed it to the pregnant woman who was then smoking. He let out a statement that smoking won't do worthwhile for the baby. Intrigued, Charlie said that she might consider stopping. Kyle asked Charlie if he is anywhere near where he's going by displaying the "map". Charlie said he's not even close. Jeep found the two chatting and asked if everything is alright. Charlie said that the person is just lost and needs a phone, which was when they both came into the diner.

Bob, upon witnessing cigarette sticks organised by Charlie, stated that it is about time for her to give up smoking scheduled to her condition. Charlie replied that he's not in the positioning in order to her that since he also smokes that heavy. Charlie then provided a load up of smokes to Kyle. Kyle is about to ask Bob if he can use his mobile phone when Howard butted directly into confirm when will their car be set. Bob went of the diner and into the mechanic's bay only to determine that Jeep is not doing his job repairing the car, instead, the person is busy cleaning up a little crib for Charlie's. Bob became annoyed and started out confronting Jeep about what he is doing with his life, about his "obsession" towards Charlie and about his future. Bob feels that it's time for him to leave the place. Jeep said often, saying that he's constantly having dreams about Charlie and about something that he needs to do but having a hard time figuring it out. Bob advised him that he previously same visions when he was young, which only led him to his mediocre life right now. Bob walks back to the diner.

Dark clouds form and lines the horizon south. Jeep shifts his gaze up to the north highway. Same thing. A surprise is coming. On the other hand, back to the diner, Kyle is again going to address Bob on using the phone when something trapped Bob's attention. The TV is on snow-screen. Bob offered it a final wallop and the picture snaps in to the STARK GRAPHIC FROM THE EMERGENCY BROADCASTING SYSTEM accompanied by its hollow firmness which packed the diner. Percy's old battery-powered radio performed the same thing, hollow tone stop after stop. Kyle's conversation along with his son was cut off and dial tone was lost. Audrey speculated that it's rather a terrorist strike. Bob calmed everyone down (especially Mrs Anderson) and speculated that was just a series problem.

A take down Eighties Cutlass Supreme pulled from the highway and stopped abreast the pump stop. An old lady stepped out of the car with her material shape and wheels of an walker. Grandma got into the diner and ordered, commented how strange the name Charlie is made for a woman. The old female smiled to the Andersons and said that things will be over soon. Jeep joined the diner and silently huddled with Bob about the car's condition. He said that he could make an effort to fix the car but it might take time. Bob was upset about the news headlines. Occasions later, Charlie paid the order and began having a dialog with the guest. As what appeared to be a sudden change of event, Gladys started cursing and exclaiming that babies should burn including Charlie's. Mortified with what she been told, Sandra tried silencing Gladys but she failed, and then be called a cunt who always complain. Shocked and stirred with what Gladys has said to Sandra, Howard stood and tried making Gladys apologize for what she said. Gladys lunges towards Howard and had taken a bite out of his throat which made him crumbled to the ground. Percy threw a pan to the old woman which broke her neck. Surprisingly, she is still standing, ready to assault anyone in the diner. She jumped and began walking on the wall and up to the ceiling just like a lizard/crab, landed right in front of Bob, who was simply shooting his shotgun, slapped him, and knocked him unconscious. The shotgun clatters at Jeep's feet. Jeep snatches it and aims at grandma but cannot yank the lead to. He does not have enough courage to do so. Gladys screamed "he cannot save HER" and rocketed straight at him when all of the sudden three gunshots originated from behind which knocked Gladys "dead". It had been Kyle along with his gun.

Percy, Kyle, Sandra and Audrey frantically carry Howard, his neck of the guitar bandaged, to the Escalade. Kyle drove as fast as he could, striking the gas hard. Audrey noticed the dark "clouds" ahead but had not been sure what it was. Kyle grips the wheel, picking up speed. Suddenly, hundreds of tiny bugs start going to the windscreen. "They aren't clouds, they are simply flies!" The car then entered the "swarm". Everyone is screaming.

Back to the diner, Jeep is puking into a toilet pan. Bob is tending his sored cheek. The daddy and son experienced a conversation about what happened moments previously. Jeep is harming inside, showing his father how coward he was not being able to pull the cause. Bob comforted his child by telling him that it was alright and that not everybody can play hero. They been told the sound of the front door chimes. Kyle, Percy, Sandra and Audrey carry Howard in to the diner, most of them gasping for air. They narrated what occurred on their way and Percy raced for the back to get his Bible also to "start praying".

A law enforcement cruiser skidded to a outdoors stop in front side of the diner. It was Michael. Charlie's face lit up when she saw the authorities car but froze a few feet from the car when she observed those piercing sight of Michael. In occasions, Bob, Kyle and Jeep developed a protective shield in front of Charlie. Bob raised his shotgun and demanded Michael showing his pearly whites. Michael let out a dangerous look and snatched the gun from Bob, revealing to them that they do not have much time and possessed people like Gladys will get to virtually no time. Michael distributed the weapons from the car's trunk and ordered everyone to go back inside the diner and seal the area. Everybody is clueless of what is happening.

That night time, two headlights come in the darkness. An ice cream pickup truck rolls slowly and gradually toward the diner. The eerie music hails from the loudspeaker on its roof. A tall figure stepped from the van. The glaciers cream man is unnaturally skinny. His gaze snaps up to the roof, jaw unhinges, bolts to the diner with startling speed. Michael and the men began firing. Bullets rip in to the creature's body, knocking him on his backside, arms and legs still twitched. Shortly after, numerous headlights appear from the darkness as what seemed to be a parade of commuters. The men let loose with ferocious firepower. Explosions here and there, tires blow out, engines crash; vehicles swerve and collide with one another. Dark forms bolt from the burning up vehicles, scattering and surveying the condition of the area. They converge the diner form all guidelines, they move so fast it is really as if their feet do not touch the ground. The men adopted Michael's instructions and cut down everything around the corner. Casings drop off their weapons like mad. Bodies burst and crumble to the bottom.

Suddenly, something acquired a hold of Howard's body. It had been torn away from Sandra. Howard screamed for help. Sandra dived for Howard's extended hands. It had been an adolescent about Audrey's years. "See what you made me do, mom!?" Charlie and Audrey rushed to Sandra's side. Howard screamed as his is torturously extended. Then, another disfigured man punched through the screen, grabbed Charlie's hands. Jeep arrived to rescue and grabbed her free arm just before she's pulled through. With no help, Howard is ripped from his family's hands and from the window. The dark numbers started to move back as if they had what they need. Charlie was still attempting from the rip of the creepy man whenever a sound of metal slashing flesh was been told. It was Michael who managed to "disarm" the possessed. Jeep and Charlie scooted from the window as Michael lit up the night time with successive firepower.

After the occurrence, Bob demanded some description of that which was happening. Michael told them that this is extermination; that the weakest willed will be the easiest to turn. "Those people were possessed by angels. " Percy pointed out what he has learned is that angels will be the good guys, accompanied by a statement from Bob that he does not even believe in God. Michael said that their beliefs do not subject right now as the only thing that counts is the safeness of Charlie's baby. This intrigued Charlie, expressing that she is just a regular waitress not worth any saving. The fallen angel pressured the fact that she bears the child who is the sole hope for mankind, the Messiah. "Either your son or daughter lives or Mankind dies", he said.

They guarded from the roof in shifts of two. Percy and Kyle were first. They had a dialog about Percy being in army for two tours and about the gun Kyle used to kill grandma. They were surrounded with coldness. Percy discrete a storage area when he was a kid, when his father used to remind him to be happy and be content with life before very previous day. On the other hand, in your kitchen, Bob was preparing food while Sandra stared blankly at her prescriptions. Bob, realizing how distressed Sandra is, offered a can of beer. Sandra politely accepted it and sipped a little, reminded her of Howard and exactly how he was the beer drinker in the family. Sandra burst to tears.

Jeep and Michael acquired a discussion about everything occurring and about Michael's former. Michael narrated that he was after the general of His army which his love and hope for mankind has not yet lessened. Jeep questioned Michael as to the reasons he continued believing in mankind. He shared that he had witnessed mankind misuse the gift directed at them through wars and killings. He also distributed how he noticed some individuals not give up hope - which "Some individuals, recognize that being lost is so near being found. " He said that Jeep is one of those people, that Jeep is one of the reason why he is achieving this right now. Michael headed for the roof, remaining Jeep looking after him, deep in thought.

There is a faint glint of sunlight, the 24th of December. Michael is looking the horizon for motion. Sandra awakened, read the speech of Howard calling her. Sandra rushed to the trunk door, pressed the furniture blocking her way out. Kyle tried to avoid Sandra but her dedication and longing to see her husband helped her knock the dark man, hit his head on the stand. Audrey attempted to do the same thing but was forced back. Percy came up to obtain a hold of the hysterical woman who managed to get away and was simply a few feet from the nailed spouse. Suddenly, Howard's body, protected with boils and pustules, exploded, capturing acidic juice around him. Percy was able to shield Sandra by making an about-face while possessing her tightly. They were able to go back inside the diner. He came up to a stop and fell, disclosing the whole back part of his body, melted by the acid. Percy just died before Bob.

Bob was so devastated by the death of his friend. Tears dropped from his eyes. Meanwhile, a scene exhibited Sandra being tied by Bob and Michael. Inside a booth, Audrey watched as her mother has been restrained. She delivered her attention to Percy's radio, tuning, trying to find something in the static. After a while, she called everyone's attention as she finely tuned the radio for the hint of the voice. It had been a broadcast about a resistance formed contrary to the possessed people on the outskirts of Las Vegas, also in Red Rock National in the northern Mojave Desert area. Michael countered everyone's belief they can head to Red Rock Country wide for refuge, declaring it is too dangerous to leave.

Charlie stood at the kitchen sink, filled up her lungs with smoke from the cigarette. She captured a glance at herself in the reflection, run her side over the curvature of her stomach. Tears welled up in her sight. Jeep and Charlie experienced a discussion about her not ready to give labor and birth to the Messiah, about Jeep's unconditional love towards her and how she did not like the whole thing. Jeep kept her in damage and frustration, telling her to let him know if she actually is done sense sorry for herself.

Audrey and Kyle are bundled on the top jointly, keeping watch. Kyle was instructing Audrey about how to hold a gun. Kyle was stunned, it is as if Audrey has been keeping one all her life. Audrey stared to the red nothingness surrounding them. Then she shared why their family was on their way to Scottsdale. She informed him that her parents thought that a more wholesome place would help her change her ways. The chat turned into ardent kissing and coming in contact with. Then suddenly, the diner came back alive. The jukebox began filling the room with music, Television set glowed with bright moving static and the electric enthusiasts started content spinning. After an instant, headlights appear on the highway. A FAMILY GROUP Minivan halted at the pump. A guy jumped out of the car and, since the coast is clear, raced around to the gas pump. Then an army of dark tones swarmed in fast. Kyle and Audrey attempted almost all their might to warn the family about the snare but were too past due. The person was bitten; splats of blood vessels loaded the van's home windows. The mom and kid frantically averted the grips of the creatures.

Kyle makes a desperately courageous play. He leaps onto the roof's sloped overhang - sliding fast - he drops to the bottom in front of the diner. Kyle charges the dark mob. Creatures peel away from the woman and boy to confront Kyle head-on. He allows loose with a rainfall of bullets. He closes in on the family, blasting back the creatures huddled around them. He sees the young young man curled up along with his hands protectively covering his face. Kyle swoops down and gathers the son into his biceps and triceps. Kyle progresses to the mom. But something strange is going on. Kyle's throat is torn out. Kyle drops to his knees. Up on the roof, Audrey watches helplessly as Kyle falls. Out the screen they see Audrey drop down from the roof and run towards Kyle. The boy goes toward Audrey, stepping over Kyle's body. Audrey backs away. She looks toward the access to the diner. They're all over. She's trapped. She notices the open door to the Minivan. Therefore she bolts. Audrey dives in to the car as the throng of creatures rapidly closes in. She hammers the car door lock. She moves to the center of the car as gruesome faces press from the glass windows. With stunning sooth, Michael marches straight for the pumps. Inside the minivan, Audrey screams as the glass windows begin to crack.

Michael grabs a gas pump, flips the lever and details it at the minivan. The creatures within the car turn to look at Michael. And that is when he begins spraying gas at them. Up comes Michael's gun in his other palm and shoots the spray of gas turning it into a spray of fire. The minivan is engulfed in flames. Bursting out of flames, Michael marches confidently into the diner. Jeep slams the entranceway closed equally as the wall membrane of fire reaches them. Michael's clothes are a smoky, smouldering chaos. Jeep and Bob rush to pat him down.

Charlie dashes behind the counter-top to the sink. She fills up a pitcher of drinking water. The young youngster with the lifeless white sight stands before her wielding an enormous butcher's knife. The son swings the knife at her, slicing wide open the waitress clothing covering her pregnant tummy. Charlie tumbles back again to the ground behind the counter-top. She frantically pushes herself from the approaching boy. The son instinctively increases his hands to strike again, but there's no knife. Charlie watches in horror as the young man calmly realizes that his thumbs are lacking. Charlie pulls her hip and legs in close then rockets them out at the boy's breasts. He's catapulted away from her. Michael leaps over-the-counter, landing before Charlie, guns ready to use it. But the guy is gone. Jeep and Bob whip up their guns as Michael throws the wicked creature in to the air. Audrey helps Charlie to her ft. She winces. Charlie, drenched in sweating is writhing on the ground with Michael keeping down her hands and Audrey kneeling between her hip and legs. Pots of steaming drinking water encircle them. Charlie's screaming increases up from below.

A profound, long, rumbling tone rising up from the plain, as if emanating from the greatest horn ever created. Michael reacts to the sound. Urgency comes over him. Audrey gets there with an increase of steaming drinking water. Charlie pushes, tears loading down her face, delirious with pain. Jeep and Bob watch helplessly as the army of creatures has shut down within a hundred yards of the diner. Their ranks stretch back again seemingly without end in to the darkness. Jeep rests a comforting palm on his father's shoulder. Bob pulls his kid close and hugs him with all his might, tears filling up his sight. Audrey places the kid in Charlie's biceps and triceps. She stares at the baby, holding it at a distance, unsure of whether to adopt it or be terrified by it. A committed action she's not yet ready to make, even as of this later hour.

Off Charlie's look, we move across the diner where Audrey approaches her mother, kneels down in front of her. Despite how much her mother pisses her off, it breaks her heart to see her in that demoralized status. Audrey moves at hand over the infant to Charlie. Sandra springs from the couch an snatches the baby from Audrey's forearms. Sandra backs from them, moving toward the front door. Hers is the facial skin of madness. An excellent spectral light pours in to the diner. Sandra is blinded. She increases a side to obstruct the light. And that's when Michael fires. Sandra staggers back again, blood dripping from the gap in her forehead, and the infant goes traveling from her hand. Charlie screams and everything suddenly goes very noiseless. Jeep dives for the baby, finding the bundle of rags mere inches wide from the ground. And he looks up to start to see the dark silhouette of a man approaching from out of the spectral light - a man with wings.

Jeep's eyes develop wide as the fierce angel steps into the diner. That is a creature built for conflict. His body armour making him looks disturbingly insect-like. His wings are not feathery or light. Rather they are really hard, mechanical, an organic machine. The angel's wings retract with clockwork-like precision. Gabriel flies into a wall so that they can crush Michael. He fails that but succeeds in departing a massive dent. Gabriel works/flies for the contrary wall. This one doesn't hold and both enemies crash through it into the bathroom. Unbelievably Michael is still holding on. Gabriel is up. He thrusts himself back to the bathroom mirror. It shatters painfully behind Michael. Gabriel rages out of the bathroom and into the diner. Michael continues to ride him just like a untamed bull. Gabriel slams Michael into a wall once more. It's a brutal struggle. Gabriel patches his mace protruding of the wall within arm's reach. He grabs it, keeping it futilely before him. Gabriel's durability is supplying way. Michael is receiving.

Gabriel enables out a tremendous roar and plunges one of the mace's long spikes into his own abdomen. Michael's eyes go vast with wonder, his grasp loosens. Gabriel has run them both through. Gabriel rips the mace from his body and stumbles ahead. Blood vessels pours from an enormous hole in Michael's breasts - right through his center. Gabriel appears down at the gap in his own stomach - not nearly as bad as Michael's. Michael falls to his knees - weakening. Gabriel looms over Michael. Michael appears up at him, blood vessels leaking from his mouth. Gabriel watches as the last of the writing fades from Michael's body when he hears a faint clicking sound from anywhere in the diner. Gabriel steps gracefully through the destroyed diner, toward the foundation of the clicking. He steps behind the counter and sees Bob lying in an enormous pool of blood vessels. It requires the creature a moment to understand that the clicking audio is via Bob's lighter. Bob is centering every previous ounce of life in his body to lamps that lighter. Bob talks about Gabriel. And with one last brush of his thumb, Bob's trusty lighter ignites. Gabriel's eye go extensive as the tiny flames dance before the stove's shattered gas collection. Gabriel spins and works like hell as the gas explodes.

Jeep tries to cover his pleasure that the tables have switched at least just a little. Charlie is going to respond when Audrey leans in from the trunk seat. Gabriel smashes down on the cruiser's roof with massive power. Jeep grabs the gun and fires wildly up at the roof. Gabriel requires a direct strike in the thigh, causing him to slide off of the roof and onto the trunk where he grabs a your hands on the rear windows shape for support. Audrey desperately tries to fill a flare while avoiding Gabriel's understanding. Jeep can't log off another shot without the risk of hitting Audrey. Gabriel is almost entirely in the automobile now. Audrey swings the flare gun toward Gabriel, but he knocks her hands aside as she pulls the lead to and the flare will go off inside the automobile. Gabriel lunges on the passenger seat, grasping for Charlie, his ferocious hand only inches tall from her and the baby. Audrey leaps onto Gabriel, tugging him from Charlie just in time. He flails wildly about but this young gal rides him like one hell of the cowboy. Jeep slams on the breaks, sending Gabriel and Audrey shooting frontward through the windshield like bullet. The intertwined bodies of Gabriel and Audrey struck the street with a sickening crunch and spin into a ball of fire.

Charlie, the baby bundled in her hands, leads Jeep from the demolished cruiser. They are only a few steps from the border of the ridge when Gabriel rockets up before them. Jeep pushes her and the baby taken care of just like Gabriel boils down hard in front of them, kicking up a cloud of dust. Gabriel's mechanical wings haltingly retract. The crash did some serious harm. Much of his skin has burned up away. Gabriel is going to launch the concluding move when a ray of light blinded him as a creature descended from the heavens. It was Michael. Gabriel, pissed and agitated, launched an all-out attack to Michael with his rotating mace. In the end, Michael was the overall, countering the strike was a piece of cake. He managed to slice Gabriel's belly, rendering him immobile. Michael said that it is enough and God has already seen what he needed. Gabriel needed flight, giving Michael and the newly-formed family behind. Michael required flight shortly after, still left them a message that the kid is now their responsibility and that they would need to train him all the goodness on the planet. The last picture depicts a happy family, with a woman's tone on the backdrop exactly like in the beginning, narrating that the birth of HER boy marks the start of a new starting for humanity.



I. ARCHANGEL MICHEAL (Paul Bettany) - The commander of this Army of God; defender of faith and of the church. Within the movie, he empty his seat in heavens (thus a fallen angel) to check out what he thought. He assumed that mankind can still change for the better and that folks will someday understand each other. God lost his faith in mankind, he didn't.

"I'm stating this is extermination. Those things out there are vessels. The Possessed. The weakest willed are the easiest to turn. " - This, described in quick by Michael, shows how he's very familiar with the situation on contrary with the other character types. Knowing the problem, he is the sole character fully prepared for what is coming.

"Well that's just fine, Bob, he doesn't have confidence in you either. " - This shows how well he has learned Him, how they can speak for Him. After all, he is the overall of His army and he can easily listen to what God's "heart" has to say (though in the movie, they aren't allowed to).

"Listen. I just don't care what you people believe. And those things outside, they don't caution either. They just want the child dead. Now, this first episode was a test of your strength. Another will be a test of our own weakness. Now we can remain here and discuss it. . . Or you can test to help me. " - This shows his sense of urgency and leadership and exactly how ready he's to safeguard what/who must be safeguarded.

"When God decided your kind as the thing of his love. I was the first in every of heaven to bow down before you. " - This says us how Michael truly enjoys humankind and how honoured he was to provide relating to God's will.

"No, I'm following my own orders now. " - Depicts the rebellious take action / change of center of Michael to safeguard humanity contrary to the Apocalypse.

II. JEEP HANSON (Lucas Black color) - A selfless man, who is constantly having some nightmares about Charlie. After being kept by his mother, Jeep made a decision to stay with his daddy in a deserted place. He was, somehow, the travelling drive of his dad (Bob Hanson) to remain strong and sane after all of the "wrong" decisions he had made in life. He's a perfect example of a hopeful human being.

"Must know something I don't? Another bad fantasy. . ? You're the thing I love to stress about. " - Shows how caring and anxious he's towards Charlie's condition.

"I could help you. We're able to do it together. I want to" - This line explains to us how willing Jeep is to consider responsibility of Charlie's even if the child is not his own flesh and blood vessels - a assertion that points out how selfless Jeep is and how he loves Charlie unconditionally.

"Look. I know it generally does not make much sense for you. Sometimes it generally does not make much sense to me either. I've been having these longs for her. A few of them so bad I wish I'd do not have to rest again. I simply feel like it's something I got eventually to do. " - In this particular series, Jeep expresses his strong belief that he's doing the right thing, and he is doing what must be done though he cannot truly make clear what that thing is. As uncertain as he is, he insists on doing what he feels and no person can stop him from doing so (even Charlie).

III. CHARLIE (Adrianne Palicki) - The stressed pregnant female, who self-pities and blames herself for constantly she has lost for herself. She considers herself with the capacity of nothing and is also of no importance.

"You're worried about a girl that's eight calendar months pregnant and it isn't your child. It's enough to give anybody nightmares. " - This series shows how unappreciative she actually is towards those individuals who love and care for her. Why can't she you need to be thankful?

"Bob, see where I'm at right now? Can my condition really get any worse?" - Among the lines that show how very good Charlie is within putting down herself. She considers her pregnancy as a disorder she actually is neither pleased nor happy about. On her behalf, it was all a mistake

"Wait just a minute. This can not be happening. I'm nobody, I'm simply a waitress. I don't even own a car. " - The written text explains everything.

"Why is you think I could do that? What makes you think I want to do that? If he's so important, the trend is to take him?" - After the baby was created, she didn't care. It had been the fruit of her mistakes. It was even hard for her to check out the infant.

Well, her view towards life changes at the end of the movie, so pretty much certainty has sank in and lived happily with Jeep.


It is quite fascinating to think how God has just given up and lost faith to mankind. He, of all "beings", should know that as humans, we are prone to committing the extremes - becoming very disobedient or very beneficial to each other. HE has given us free will, and we have used it. I think when you give someone freedom to do whatever he/she would like to do, then you would have to accept his plan of action. But again, faith would counteract this with the idea of grace - which we would have to are in His grace.

The movie depicted how people turned against each other - the weakest willed being possessed, becoming better and less prone to loss of life than the willed ones. So, why do He not do the other way around - having the willed ones to kill the weakest willed - to wipe all of them out? Why have He not nuke all the sinful places and bless the faithful ones? I believe God wanted to give us the opportunity - thanks to Michael; the Messiah was launched to the entire world unharmed. It needed a one hell of any catastrophe and a fallen angel to make people realize what has been in front folks since but have no idea how to utilize - tranquility.

To conclude, man exists naturally good. It is up to him to remain good or defy what has been written. We have to be accountable for our span of actions, for it is not impossible for an Apocalypse such as this to occur. Who understands what God feels about us right now? He is able to always end this SHOW anytime he needs to. (Then people will say he wouldn't, not before second coming)

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