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Mona INSIDE THE Promised Land British Literature Essay

"Mona in the Promised Land" is one of the most successful and renowned works written by Gish Jen. The primary personality of the e book undergoes consistent changes under the impact tof her ethnic environment throughout the book. At exactly the same time, she issues numerous social and cultural norms because she does not want to be a typical person. Instead she tries to find her ethnical identity. In fact, the condition of identification is one of the key problems and one of the major themes or templates of the complete book. In fact, the individuality is an essential issue which, however, evokes temperature debates due to constant changes in the life span of the modern society. Traditionally, id is closely from the identification of a person with certain group, ethnic or cultural, which includes certain group of worth, norms and specifications. At exactly the same time, it is important to lay emphasis on the fact that id is quite a complex concept which should be viewed at different levels. In this value, it is possible to identify personal and cultural level of a person's identity. What is meant here is the fact that each individual shapes his / her own identification but, at the same time, the individual's identity is affected by the impact of the public environment of an individual that brings about the forming of his / her cultural identification, i. e. identity at the sociable level (Ede, 2007). On the other hand, the individual id is still homogeneous because, normally, individual doesn't have a double identification. Therefore, the idea of identity can be defined as a set of norms, standards, principles and types of behavior shaped by a person in the course of his or her personal development under the impact of his or her personal experience and sociable environment, including the impact of sociable relations, cultural practices, existing public norms and benchmarks (Stewart, 2008). In such a context, the main persona of "Mona in the Promised Land" attempts to find her personality and searching for her personal information she attempts different cultural identities which do not meet her needs and objectives but the procedure for searching for the identification and self-identification of the main character reveals the process of ethnic assimilation of folks in the US because, on the main one hand, the primary character will not accept her cultural personal information, whereas, on the other hands, she cannot find yet her new American individuality because she doesn't have a ethnic or ethnic group to associate herself with that helps prevent her from close assimilation and integration into the American world.

On analyzing the storyplot of the main character of Gish Jen's publication, "Mona in the Promised Land", it's important to lay focus on the actual fact that the main persona lives in the Asian American family. at the same time, the author describes a sophisticated period in her life, when her ethnic identity is just shaping. In fact, the main personality undergoes steady changes because she is in the context search of her id. Remarkably, she will not want associate herself with China Americans as her parents are. Instead, she searches for a new personality that could have allowed her to be always a truly American, a person, who belongs to 1 of the original groups in america contemporary society (Ede, 2007). The major difficulty that arises throughout the creation and classification of identity of the primary character in the modern society is the problem of the growing social diversity of the present day society. What is meant here is the fact that typically an individual identification developed under the impact of a reliable ethnical norms and traditions existing in the culture however the modern world develops more and more diverse because people connect to each other more dynamically than they used to before (Stewart, 2008). The present day culture is a globalized population where representatives of different civilizations interact with each other and cultural variations tend to disappear. In this esteem, you'll be able to refer to the example of immigrants who arrive to a new country, such as Mexican immigrants that proceed to the united states, where they be prepared to find a better life and new job opportunities. Actually, immigrants have their own cultural identity, which is totally different from the traditional American culture. Therefore, immigrants face a issue of clashes between their own cultural id and the ethnic id of the dominant ethnic group. Often, immigrants feel being outsiders in a fresh country, where they feel as if they are really strangers who've nothing in keeping with the neighborhood community. As a result, cultural barriers happen and immigrants face the situation of self-identification because they need to find the group with that they can identify themselves. In regards to Mexican immigrants they have a tendency to create their own community where they maintain their traditional lifestyle and culture and where they can maintain their personal information. However, they need to connect to the American community and when they are beyond their community they have to develop a new model of tendencies to meet expectations existing in the American culture. Mona lives in a culturally diverse modern culture, where she has to find her individuality to get assimilated and included in the American culture that is not an easy task. On the one hand, she's ample selections of self-identification with either social group, whereas, on the other hand, she does not really belong to either social group in physical form and mentally. Being a teenager, she continues looking for the group she can identify herself with.

As the problem of fact, the problem the main personality faces in "Mona in the Promised Land" is a widely-spread problem in america, where folks from around the globe try to find their personal information as they move to the united states insearch of an improved life. For such people as Mona and her parents, the united states is a sort of promised land but this promised land is a weird land, with a peculiar culture, where people cannot always find their social personality, find their place in the society, as the process of assimilation can be long-lasting and quite agonizing. In that situation, many people face the problem of self-identification, especially when they move from one country to some other (Ede, 2007). People face the challenge of recognition because their cultural identity, that they have shaped in the course of their life, may come into conflict with the new ethnic environment, which is different from their traditional cultural environment (Stewart, 2008). As a result, people cannot always identify themselves with certain public group, either cultural or cultural, and they need to modify their individuality and adjust to the new ethnic environment.

Many individuals who have such problems tend to develop multiple identities, which imply the utilization of the latest models of of patterns in a new communal environment (Ede, 2007). What is meant here is the fact that an immigrant, for illustration, can have one different style of behavior when they're in his or her community and another style of behavior when she or he connect to the dominant ethnic or ethnic group. Actually, this is the case of Mona because she rejects the social identity imposed on her behalf by her parents. Instead, she looks for a fresh, truly American individuality which could help her to get integrated into the American world, gain the identification and authorization of her peers and become one of these. Because of this, this individual may have different identities because in his / her community she or he has one style of action, obeys to certain ethnical and interpersonal norms and practices, whereas being outside of his or her community he or she needs to develop a different model of behavior and admit social and social norms of the dominating group (Ede, 2007). Because of this, it is possible to discuss the multiple identities as well as about the condition of the self-identification of a person.

Mona lives in the minority community, where people always feel their difference, their belongingness to another ethnic group which is different from the mainstream culture. In that situation, the new technology of immigrants encounters the situation of the multiple identities. The problem of multiple identities is particularly obvious in minority areas. In this esteem, communities which have extremely different cultural background compared to the prominent group are specifically vulnerable to the condition of development of multiple identities. In this admiration, you'll be able to refer to the challenge of the key character of the book "Mona in the Promised Land" Mona, who encounters the situation of the multiple identities. To place it more precisely, she cannot identify herself with a certain social group. She does not identify herself with the cultural group her parents participate in. Instead, she changes her identity respectively to her needs and current position. Hence, she pretends to be a Jew, or even an DARK-COLORED. Mona lives with her parents and she must develop types of behavior and admit ethnical norms and traditions of her parents' culture. However, she does not actually want to accept these ethnic norms and practices because she does not feel being as an Asia, she actually is rather American than Asia. This is often where the major problem arises because other folks tend to perceive her as Asian American but she wants to be an American. She must be assimilated and included closely in to the American modern culture. In this value, the author lays focus on the fact that readers should not underestimate the impact of the cultural environment of the primary character. Mona is under the permanent pressure from the part of her parents, peers, and media. She discovers biased views and stereotypes which simply forces her to find her identification. She wants to belong to one of the mainstream ethnical communities but her cultural background, her origin and her family helps prevent her from getting included fast. As a result, she moves from one cultural group to some other searching for the one, where she can feel comfortable and at ease.

In such a way, Gish Jen implies that the main persona does not need to move from one country to some other to have problems with description of her personality. So, the author of "Mona in the Promised Land" attempts showing the audience that the concept of cultural identity is an extremely complex concept which is susceptible to changes throughout the personal development and under the impact of sociable environment of an individual. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the primary character is vulnerable to the impact of stereotypes. Being a teenager, Mona needs to like other teenagers. She would like to feel being a part of the large community. She will not want to be an outcast but she is doomed to be the one so long as she identifies herself with her Asian American community and culture. This is really why she goes from one social identity to another in search of the best one. She beliefs that she can make any personal information. She can make to become Jew or an BLACK but what she would like to be and also to affiliate herself with is North american. In such a way, the author shows the frustrating impact of the American culture on a person, especially a rep of the minority group like Mona. In fact, the US is sort of melting pot, where being an American is important for all people but also for many staff of minority groups this goal is unattainable because they cannot quit their cultural identity as well as the culture cannot change their biased and stereotypes frame of mind to them. As a result, people are doomed to consider their cultural personal information as Mona does indeed.

On the other hands, the book shows that Mona is still competent to maintain positive romantic relationships with staff of different organizations and she is not alone in the search of her identification. As the matter of fact, the situation Mona faces in her life is the situation common to numerous people in the US. The desire to be an active member of the American community makes people to change their identification or even to find the ethnical group where they feel safe to belong to.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is important to lay emphasis on the fact that the primary personality of "Mona in the Promised Land", Mona, encounters the situation of multiple identities and she tries to find her ethnic personality that is of the utmost importance for the teen. However, her desire does not meet her real opportunities. The process of assimilation is long-lasting and needs time to get an individual integrated closely in to the American society. At the same time, the assimilation occurs under the long lasting pressure from the area of the cultural environment of an individual and frequently people are basically torn aside, as Mona is, their families and their ethnic track record and their prefer to belong to the mainstream social group.

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