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Mise En World Of Titanic Film Studies Essay

This is the final chapter; the Mise-en-scene and Ideological model will be reviewed and applied to the studies and analysis which may have been reviewed in section four. Besides that, this chapter will be answering the research question in section one, the accomplishment of the aim of this study will be talked about also. Finally, there will have some suggestion for the future research to be able to boost and develop an improved thesis on this particular theme.

5. 1 Concepts and Theories Applied

There have two concepts and theories that applied in this research, which is the mise-en-scene and ideological models. Both ideas will be talked about and put on the conclusions and analysis which have been reviewed in section four.

5. 1. 1 Ideas and Theories Applied - Mise-en-scene

The film 'Titanic' has captivated audience's mind effectively, this does apply to the idea mise-en-scene. According to Timothy Corrigan (1994), 'the mise-en-scene is a French term that approximately translated as "what's placed into the arena" (put before the camera). ' So, based on the mise-en-scene theory, in order to make a successful film, filmmaker must decide what placed into the scene prior to the filming work.

There have five elements of mise-en-scene which will be the setting, costume and make-up, lighting, space and also operating style. These five mise-en-scene elements will be the key to make the film 'Titanic' efficiently.

The environment in this film has generated the comparison between higher and lower classes. The stunning performing style by several main and encouraging characters has increased the storyline, and also made the storyplot run smoothly. Light in this film has created meaning in every scenes, the feeling has increased through different lighting in several displays. The outfit in this film is functional in telling audiences that the several characteristic of the heroes in the landscape, it's also improved the contrasted category level in this film. Space layout in this film has presenting the meaning to the particular arena through different camera location and camera shot.

According to Heather Logas and Daniel Muller (2005), mise-en-scene in found in all genres of load to shows the full range of real human emotion. From the emphasis group, respondent M1 and F1 are telling that the field of Jack lets Rose resting on the solid wood after the ship sank is memorable to them, because this arena is emotional, and displaying that the best human emotion for the reason that kind of situation. Respondent F2 has acknowledged to the world the flying world of Jack and Rose at the dispatch, this field is romantically, she said that the mise-en-scene elements in this arena have done well.

Based on the results on concentrate group, greater than a one half respondent are preferred the acting style when looking at a film. Debi Buckner (1983) mentioned that the actor's job is to mention a note to this audiences. They'll fail in their task if their work is so evident that audiences are usually more concerned with their effort than with the communication to be conveyed in the film. Within the focus group, all respondents are only called the name of the main individuals as 'Jack and Rose', there's nobody to call their name as 'Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, this is satisfied the assertion of Debi Buckner (1983), because audiences seeing the film are only bear in mind their character's name and their characteristic in the film, the actor and actress has present the message efficiently in this film, the name 'Jack and Rose' remain memorable while people speaking about about the film 'Titanic'.

Heather Logas and Daniel Muller (2005) stated that the exploration of the idea of mise-en-scene has allowed filmmakers to connect information to the particular viewers. Mise-en-scene is a alternative way in the structure constructing process. Through the emphasis group in section 4, all the respondents are arranged that the film 'Titanic' is a film efficiently attracted audience's brain and created a lot of memorable arena. Until today, they are still remembering some particular picture in this film.

5. 1. 2 Concepts and Theories Applied - Ideological Models

Ideological models make reference to the relationship between the films and contemporary society in terms of the representation of cultural and political realities. So, most of the motion pictures would add in the ideological elements in to the plot or report.

Teun A. Truck Dijk (1996) stated that a variety of discursive buildings and strategies might be used in order to express the ideological values as well as the cultural or personal views derived from them. Through the focus group, the majority of the respondents are explained that the school studies are strong portrayed in the film 'Titanic'. The contrasting between higher and lower classes is actually observed in this film.

Respondent M1 said that the scene that the memorable school studies applied in this film is the low class peoples are playing lousy instrumental and sing the local song at the low floor of the ship while higher course peoples are participating in violin, piano at the upper floor of the ship, the different treat to the different category in the ship is most obvious to portray the category studies in this film. Respondent F3 has noticed that the lifestyle of the passenger in the dispatch is also the course studies that the filmmaker intends to portrayed in the film 'Titanic', because the film was demonstrates the same communal position people should group jointly.

Most of the respondent in the concentrate group has stated that the ideological course studies were applied in the film 'Titanic'. According to Douglas Kellner (1991), ideology identifies largely, which those ideas that legitimate the particular class rule of the capitalist ruling category, ideology is those units of ideas to promote the capitalist school economic hobbies. Respondent F4 stated that the majority of the time the bigger class can look down at the lower course in the film 'Titanic'. With this film, audiences can see the higher school, which is the rich person is getting the special treatment in the dispatch. After the dispatch strikes the iceberg, the majority of the save sail boat in the dispatch are given chair primary to the higher category, this is showing the contrasting between your poor and abundant person treatment.

Furthermore, Mise-en-scene elements in this film are aided to portray the ideological elements, especially the halloween costume and setting between your lower and higher course people in the ship. Higher class is using the high quality and extravagantly shirt/dress, but the dressing of lower category is casually and poor. For the setting up, higher school are in the top level with extravagant beautification, but the lower category are in the low level with simple beautification. As the mise-en-scene makes the ideological elements clear in the world, so, audiences can easily to get the note that the filmmaker intended to send out.

Answering Research Questions

How were the five elements of mise-en-scene applied into the movie 'Titanic'?

Through the content analysis, findings confirmed that the film 'Titanic' has successful with well done of mise-en-scene elements. These five mise-en-scene elements are performing style, establishing, space arrangement, costume and lighting. All the above elements was applied in to the film 'Titanic' to improved the story and also make the story run properly.

Based on the conclusions of content analysis in chapter 4, the setting in this film has created the compare between higher and lower classes. The vivid performing style by several main and supporting characters has increased the storyline, and also made the storyplot run smoothly. Lamps in this film has generated meaning in every scenes, the ambiance has improved through different light in several displays. The halloween costume in this film is functional in telling viewers that the different attribute of the heroes in the picture, it's also increased the contrasted course level in this film. Space set up in this film has giving the meaning to the particular picture through different camera position and camera shot.

So, these five mise-en-scene elements in the film 'Titanic' is the top key to get this to film successfully and memorable.

What will be the ideological elements portray in the movie 'Titanic'?

Through the conversation of the emphasis group, findings confirmed that respondent M1, F1, F3 and F4 also agreed that the film 'Titanic' has portrayed the category studies, Because, most the field has showing the different classes life obviously.

There have several field in this movie has firmly portrayed the course studies in the conversation including the scene of the lower class peoples are playing lousy instrumental and sing the neighborhood song at the lower floor of the dispatch, while the top quality peoples are playing violin, piano and so forth at higher level has displaying the several lifestyle of different classes lifestyle. The film 'Titanic' always showing different classes of individuals can get different treat in the ship. This film has shows the sociable status certainly through their lifestyle, this film has demonstrates same social position should be grouping together. The status image in this film has been portrayed the majority of the time especially the higher class will look down at the lower class.

Besides that, respondent F2 said that the competition studies were portrayed in this film; because the film has shows there have different races passengers in the ship, this show definitely through their halloween costume and spoken dialect.

What is the most preferred mise-en-scene component by the viewers in the movie 'Titanic'?

From the discourse of the target group, findings showed that the most preferred mise-en-scene component by the audiences in the movie 'Titanic' is the setting, there have three respondents are preferred the setting up when taking a look at the film 'Titanic'. The setting up in this film mainly is in the dispatch, it would work and luxurious setting, show the communal status of some persona certainly in this film and also the Titanic cruise is grand and extravagant, it's look real and viewer can feel just like these are inside the dispatch while you're watching this film. Following is the outfit; since it can giving followers the knowledge about the Great britain last century high and low classes people halloween costumes.

Besides that, findings showed that the most accepted mise-en-scene element by when viewing a film is the acting style. Four of the respondents said that they are preferred operating style when browsing a film. They are preferred operating style, the reason is because the good acting style can lead the movie into more impressive range and credit for the whole artwork, audiences will have no interest to certain film that the poor performance of actor or celebrity. The acting style of character can boost the storyline of film.

Achievement of Objectives

This research has looked into the five mise-en-scene elements those have emerged in the movie 'Titanic'. We are able to know this through the findings of content evaluation. The results confirmed that these five mise-en-scene elements (behaving style, establishing, space arrangement, light and costume) are done well in this film in order to make it run effortlessly and memorable.

Besides that, the finding of the target group has proved that the ideological elements portrayed in the movie 'Titanic'. Among five of the respondent, four of these decided that the ideological aspect that portrayed the most in the film 'Titanic is the category studies. For the reason that the contrasting between high and low culture is strong portrayed in this film. Besides, the race studies also have portrayed in the film, because viewers can in a position to view that the travellers in the dispatch is consist by different races, this shows clearly through their outfit and spoken language.

The most preferred mise-en-scene of 'Titanic' by visitors also has within the focus group. The effect shows that the environment in this film is the most accepted mise-en-scene aspect when they are taking a look at this. Among the list of five respondents, there have three respondent that is preferred the setting up of the film 'Titanic'. Besides that, the concentrate group also found out that normally audiences are preferred the operating style while watching a film.

Suggestions for Future Research

Researcher should do a great deal of research from various resources and aspects to develop an improved understanding about the mise-en-scene and ideological models in doing this research. Readings of the publications regarding the investigated by recent researcher was needed in the improvement. So, the journal, earlier research and e book is helpful for this research because it can provide the researcher the ideas and suggestion which can be helpful in guiding the researcher from the beginning before end of the research.

Furthermore, the concentrate group is useful for this research topic, easier to find the respondent that who have the basis understanding about the mise-en-scene and ideological models, students of film studies was preferred, so the result can become more deeply and accurate.

Additionally, Researcher need to me consistent, consistent and stay awake at all times when performing research, although it is stress, however the researcher need to be patient and self-assurance to finish it.


The main reason for this research is to investigate the mise-en-scene and ideological elements portrayed in the film 'Titanic', and to discover which mise-en-scene aspect that visitors preferred by taking a look at the film 'Titanic'.

The five mise-en-scene elements have been analyzed through content examination by the end of this analysis. Besides that, preparing, the most accepted mise-en-scene factor by the visitors when enjoying the film 'Titanic' has found out through the focus group discussion. As well as the ideological elements portrayed in this film which is the course studies has discovered through the concentrate group debate.

In order to have the better understanding and principles for this analysis, readings for the move research is very important either through online or publication. These concepts can help to researcher conduct the study smoothly.

As a summary, through this research task, the three goal of research has been achieved, and also replied the three question of analysis, ideally the film 'Titanic' can be conducted by future researcher because this film is the good example of film effectively.

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