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Misc Sponsoring Excessive QUANTITY OF Cadets Business Essay

The lifestyle of transport and product owner trading since 15th century has made transport the means of transportation which continues on to develop the delivery industry as what it prevails today. Nowadays, many shipping and delivery company were founded. Malaysia, one of the major countries contributes for the maritime industry development. MISC one of the popular delivery company in Malaysia that produce many capable officer by sponsoring cadet as their apprentice. The major institute that provides seafaring training for the cadets is Malaysia Maritime Academy (MMA) or known by the local people as Akademi Laut Malaysia (ALAM). Most of the cadets sponsored by MISC were trained in ALAM.

In ALAM received two programs, Diploma in Nautical studies (DNS) and Diploma in Sea Anatomist (DME). To complete working out in ALAM, the cadets have to complete two years research in ALAM and one year useful onboard the ship. To be Watch Keeping Officer (WKO), the cadets have to sit for oral examination to find the Qualification of Competency (COC) from Marine Department of Malaysia (MARDEP). After the COC has been endorsed, a firm will provide ship to the cadets as the junior official. Now the junior officials already commence their carrier as accredited officer and can develop until they become the member of the shipboard management.


MISC sponsoring unnecessary number of cadets whiles the economy in good development. The company sponsored large numbers of cadet because they anticipating the economy expansion better and have to hire more officials onboard. They believed that many dispatch will be in operation hence, have to get many seafarers to run the ship. Alas, the world facing economy problems in 1998 and 2009 and MISC now is shrinking their fleet from the nonprofit operation, the liners business.

These dilemmas make the sponsored cadet to face the truth where many of MISC cadets lost their chance of first dispatch berth as Junior Officer. Hence, the surplus junior officer will remain ashore with no sign of dispatch berth opportunity. This research will focused on the effect of having excess officer sponsored by MISC at ALAM, action for MISC can take to overcome the challenge with excess official and officials plan after being released or dismissed from the business.

One of the effects which may be raise is the fact that there will be a huge amount of the officials stayed on shoreline and cannot sign up for on board to work. Due to MISC shutting down the liner fleet, the ship would have to be in operation may be reduced and the surplus officers on shoreline won't get ship to serve other than need to hold back for a long period before they are doing so. A few of them might go to another shipping company to work with. Last but not least, ALAM also may perhaps be influenced. MISC is a major company that sponsored cadet at ALAM, soon they may stop sponsoring cadet because of the excess officials produced and ALAM will face scarcity of cadet.

To handle the problem, MISC need to find alternatives that will satisfy all parties. There are several actions the business can take to overcome the result of the increased official. Since there a wide range of officers kept ashore, the competition between them to obtain a ship is excellent. With this MISC can increase the requirement of an officer to join a ship. MISC can also shrink the promotion requirements for officials in each get ranking. MISC might reduce the help period for an official. This will allow the officer on shore to become listed on on board just in time. MISC can stop sponsoring cadet. That is to the company stop from producing ever again officials and after a while, they may job application back the sponsors. If indeed they do not want to avoid sponsoring cadet, they can do it but sponsors in small physique. Another option is dismissing the surplus officials or cadets by terminating their contract.

For officials that already dismissed or their agreement terminated they can find other shipping company to work with. They can quit from sailing and find work on shoreline based. For example, become a member of ALAM as a lecturer. For the proactive officers, while with MISC, they can begin a small business or do part time job so that if they were dismissed from MISC, you won't burden them much.


To reveal the result of the surplus officials sponsored by MISC in ALAM

There are several results that will be digging up. The effects may be related to the MISC itself, the officers and cadet they sponsored and ALAM.

To determine the expectation from MISC in sponsoring officer in ALAM.

To find solution for the condition regarding the aftereffect of the surplus of officer sponsored by MISC in ALAM.

After all the result of the excess officers discovered, it'll be no problem finding the answer and overcome the problem.


This research will advantage the officers and cadet sponsored by MISC. By this research, they can start their head and thinking toward their work. They'll know the problems MISC facing and arrange for the future. When the look at the result of the excess officials, they know they need to do something positive about it. For instance, improve performance in work in order to get dispatch because the company surely looking for the best officers when the have a great deal left. The study also provides some assistance for the officials and cadet whose may be dismissed by the business. It will help them to endure in the maritime industry. Since maritime industry is big, many works can be find rather than sailing. Also the activities MISC will need to beat this excess officer situation can be verified.


What is the result having excess officer sponsored by MISC at ALAM?

What action can MISC try overcome the effect of excessive official?

What can the officers do after being release or dismissed from MISC?


The thesis is a study of seafarer condition and problem they could face due to the excess officers situation especially MISC sponsored. This research is principally focusing about the effect of the excess official to MISC and their people such as officers and cadet. Furthermore, the study will create recognition among the officials and let them to believe and take own action regarding this subject, the excess officers.


"Effect" is an alteration or consequence that is brought on by something (Cambridge Essential English Dictionary, 2004)

"Excess" is a far more of something to someone than is standard or needed (Cambridge Essential English Dictionary, 2004)

"Officer" is anyone who has an important position in an organization like the administration (Cambridge Essential English Dictionary, 2004)

"Sponsor" is someone who officially agrees to help someone else or to be responsible for what they do (Longman Dictionary Of Modern English, 1995)

"MISC Berhad" is known as Malaysia International Delivery Company. Malaysia's leading international maritime firm.

"ALAM" is recognized as Akademi Laut Malaysia or Malaysian Maritime Academy Sdn. bhd. Wholly-owned subsidiary of MISC Berhad.



This second chapter talked about on the rules that encourage workforce planning, the theory of workforce planning, perspective and quest of MISC berhad, the importance of workforce planning to MISC berhad and lastly the conclusions.


International Labour Organizations (ILO) getting the general meeting at Geneva on 7th Feb 2006 under Maritime Labour convention, 2006 comes out the regulation and code name 1- least requirements for seafarers to focus on a ship under legislation 1. 4-Requirement and placement mentioned that on Guideline B1. 4. 1 - Organizational and functional suggestions on the paragraph #3 3(e) "workforce planning, taking account of the way to obtain and demand for seafarers and certain requirements of the maritime industry" (ILO, 2006). Out of this regulation, show that ILO is encouraging the members of ILO to implements this labor force planning. Besides that, it shows that the top of workforce planning to be able to build the product quality organization with even operations of business. Moreover from the explained guidelines shows that, ILO require each group or company to always monitoring their way to obtain and demand for seafarers working under their firm and also any requirements of the maritime industry. This matter rises anticipated to avoid any excess of official inside any organizations or company that will influence the maritime industry generally.

2. 3 THEORY OF Labor force PLANNING

Workforce planning is not only a theory about source and requirements. "Workforce planning is a organized systems and covering all areas for planning including figuring out, acquiring, producing, and retaining the employees to meet up with the needs require by the company" (unknown, Strategic labor force planning, 2003). Besides that, workforce planning can be an effort to focus on growing information and data that can help the organizations or company in deciding decisions for brief or permanent visions, yet enable flexibility in changing of environment or situations. This workforce planning create a long term directions in short term decisions making, creating ideas in response to changing strategies, whenever change is discussed which means critical activities in immediate reactions.

Workforce planning involves four main steps which is demands, supply, evaluation and strategy plan. First of all identifying the demands, the sort of workforce needed to accomplish the future visions and missions of the business. To look for the requirements, it is considering the future company plan and the way the work will be achieved credited to technology development, environmental changing, economical growth motions, and political circumstances. In deciding the acquire resource, the business have to determine the current competencies in the organizations to recognize that can the current competencies fulfill the needs or require the company to appoint new staff to carry out new demands requirements.

The examination should be carrying out after identifying the demands and supply. This task is to find out the distance between demands and offer. The various between demands and offer can be either needs is higher than supply or source is greater than demands. Once the supply is greater than the demands the surplus employee can be surplus and will affect the goals of the business. That is a hope of each company to truly have a right person with the right competencies on the right time.

Strategy plan for future to avoid any excess employee giving the existing competencies additional other competencies to fulfill future demands. So the employee can improve their competencies in other field and the company should enjoy it by campaign or increase in salary. The strategy plan will include with the backup plan for any undesired incidents such as death, retirements, and provide from other company. It's important for any company to have the apprentice for future visions. The apprentice should be with the competencies demanding by future company visions.

2. 4 Eyesight AND Quest OF MISC BERHAD

2. 4. 1 Eyesight OF MISC BERHAD

"To be the preferred service provider of world class maritime travel and logistics services" (misc berhad, unidentified).


"We have been a logistics service provider, maritime travelling is our central business and we support the nation's aspiration to become a leading maritime region" (misc berhad, anonymous).


"With over 40 years of experience on the market, MISC is also one of the leading providers in the Liner Intra-Asia trade" (misc berhad, mysterious). Quite simply, MISC is one of the well known companies in liner business. But on 24 November 2011, "MISC given a affirmation through the local stock market, Bursa Malaysia, announcing its decision to leave the liner business (pot delivery) via cessation of the liner business and anything related to said business" (BERNAMA, 2011). The sources of these unexpected activities as a consequence to major changes in operating patterns which is high operating cost and fast changes in global trade design. These decisions also support by the liner business hurting a total financial loss of USD 789 million over previous three years impacting efficiency of company. The cessations of liner business will be by the end of June 2012. Hence it will affect the existing employees who serve onboard or onshore that related with liner business. It also will cause large amount of employees in MISC who in liner fleet lose their job including officer serve onboard liner fleet. Besides that, while MISC shrinking their business, MISC still sponsoring cadet in ALAM as apprentice to provide on onboard the dispatch. Out of this situation, the probabilities for them to join up to speed the dispatch as an officer become lesser because the surplus official for liner business with an increase of experience will need over their opportunity. So, the junior officer with less experience will remain ashore for longer time looking forward to first ship berth.

In order to defeat the problem from being excess officer ready ashore for ship berth, MISC should adhere to resource and demand workforce planning theory. The easiest term for labor force planning is getting "the right quantity of people with the right skills, experience, and competencies in the right jobs at the right time. " (unknown, United STATE DEPT. of Health insurance and Human Services, 2009). This explanations masks in decision making in recruiting people predicated on an organization's mission, strategic plan, budgetary resources, set of desired labor force competencies and future succession investment.


As bottom line, the MISC will not having the extra official if MISC have the ability to sponsor limited to their demand on current vacancies and also considering the future eyesight and mission of the business to be able to sponsor new apprentices.

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