Mining Industry Composite Performance Framework

The objective of the research dissertation is to provide useful and well-researched data and a substantial level of heuristic information to develop a framework that will assist change professionals to effectively apply and implement change in the mining and related sectors.

Chapter 2 presents the research framework, research assumptions and the utilization and justification of research study methodologies.

5. 2 Research platform.

This section will state the research assumptions and the methodologies found in this research. Circumstance studies as a methodology will be considered and justified.

This research has embraced a qualitative phenomenological paradigm or an approach that specializes in the analysis of awareness and the objects of immediate experience. This is performed by using case studies together with this researcher's heuristic experience.

Ontology is the philosophical field around (the analysis of) the type of actuality (all the is or is accessible, the reality), and the different entities and categories within certainty.

Epistemology is the philosophical field around (the analysis of) knowledge and how to attain it. One might say that it offers the ontology of knowledge.

The difference between oncology and epistemology is the fact that ontology is exactly what reality actually is, whilst epistemology is exactly what we perceive and describe truth to be.

By making use of case studies both ontological as well as the epistemological assumptions are satisfied.

It is the knowledge of the researcher that having an articulated vision for change, associates can prepare themselves for receiving the change as well as understanding and agreeing to their involvement and contribution to future change. Well-managed change is the continuum to success. The new direction and perspective must be identified in clear concise terms, to allow everyone concerned to be able to recognize and even look forward to the change. All levels within the organisation must have an input relevant to their experience; this creates a feeling of ownership. Actually, all employees should be motivated to provide their suggestions.

The two paradigms generally used for research are quantitative and qualitative research. The available literature on change management associated with the mining and associated establishments is bound. Qualitative research is generally exploratory research. It can be used to gain a knowledge of underlying reasons, views, and motivations. It offers insights into the condition or helps to develop ideas or hypotheses for potential quantitative research. The quantitative research was not deemed suitable for this research because statistical dimension of outcomes weren't deemed suitable, since the only measure would have been fiscal in mother nature and not suited to publication. Qualitative research is also used to show trends in thought and opinions, and delve deeper in to the problem. Qualitative data collection methods range using unstructured or semi-structured techniques. Some common methods include clubs (team information dissemination meetings), individual interviews, and observations.

This researcher has used qualitative data for the situation studies in order to show a useful clear and neutral approach to putting into action change management in to the mining industry.

Quantitative research is utilized to quantify the situation using generating data that can be altered into useable figures. It is utilized to quantify attitudes, views, behaviours, and other defined variables - and generalise results from a more substantial sample people. Quantitative Research uses measurable data to formulate facts and discover patterns in research.

The first part of this section has an overview of the research study methodology, and this is accompanied by a justification for the use of the case studies as the research way for this research.

Case analysis research brings us to an understanding of a intricate issue or selection of issues and can truly add substance to what has already been known through previous research. For some years, experts have used the case study research method, across a number of disciplines. Experts, have made vast use of this qualitative research method to take a look at current real-life circumstances and offer the foundation for the claim of ideas and expansion of methods. The well-known researcher Robert K. Yin identifies the case study research method as an empirical inquiry that investigates a contemporary sensation within its real-life framework; when the limitations between sensation and context aren't clearly noticeable; and in which multiple sources of evidence are used (Yin, 1984, p. 23).

Case analysis research, through records of previous studies, or even diary notes as is the case in this dissertation, shows the identification, image resolution and implementation of solutions to problems and issues. It's rather a reliable research technique if utilised effectively. Grounds for the approval of case study as a research method, is that researchers in general, were becoming more restless about the confines of quantitative methods in providing holistic and in-depth explanations of the interpersonal and behavioural problems in question. By using research study methods, a researcher is able to go beyond the quantitative statistical results and understand the behavioural conditions. By including both quantitative and qualitative data, the case study will help to explain both the process and end result of a happening through complete observation, reconstruction and evaluation of the situations under inspection (Tellis, 1997). Past literature reveals the use of the case study method in many areas and disciplines. Among them include natural cases in the fields of Sociology (Grassel & Schirmer, 2006), rules (Lovell, 2006) and medicine (Taylor & Berridge, 2006). There's also other areas which may have used case study methods widely, particularly in administration, management and in education. For example, there have been studies conducted to determine whether specific federal programmes were effective or whether the goals of a specific programme were reached.

In many situations, a case study method selects a tiny physical area or an extremely limited amount of people as the themes of study. Circumstance studies, in their true fact, explore and case study as a research method to research modern-day real-life situation through precise relative evaluation. Yin (1984:23) identifies the case study research method "as an empirical inquiry that investigates a modern trend within its real-life context; when the restrictions between happening and context aren't clearly obvious; and in which multiple resources of evidence are used. " Case studies take notice of the specific data at the minute stages.

In this research, the researcher has consulted to varied mining companies whilst employing change of their organisations. During these tasks this researcher maintained diary notes for future reference point. Strategies were used which were successful in earlier projects that were similar, and the culmination of the full total of these is what gave surge to the CPF. Where execution of an objective did not go matching to plan, the execution methodologies were reworked to match this needs of that company.

The research design is greater than a work standard plan. The primary purpose of the look is to help to avoid the problem where the evidence will not address the initial research questions. In this particular sense, a study design deals with a logical problem and not a logistical problem. As a straightforward example, suppose you want to study a single company. The study questions, however, want to do with the mining organisation's relationships with other organisations or divisions as well as their competitive or collaborative nature.

Only three situations studies were followed for this dissertation in order to show that the CPF could work in varied conditions, in several countries with success. In these case studies an example of mining functions were extracted from a broad spectrum of mines, countries and periods of development as complete in section 5. 6.

The objective of the research is to identify issues within the higher mining industry and then offer plausible and workable solutions to implementing change in the industry that will be sustainable, and aid productivity along the way. Much of the solutions derive from this researcher's own experience in utilizing change in mining companies.

There is a space in the literature with regard to what has been researched in this dissertation, which dissertation will partially fill that gap.

This researcher is of the considered view that the Composite Performance Framework which he developed over a long time is far more suited and adaptable to the mining industry. It is correct to suppose that the Kotter 8 step process will continue to work well in many situations, as can be seen above.


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