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Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Company is a United States-based multinational computer technology firm that develops, manufactures, licenses, and helps an array of software products for processing devices. Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA, its most profitable products will be the Microsoft Windows operating-system and the Microsoft Office suite of efficiency software.

Business organisation and environment

Internal environment


* Our mission is to enable people and businesses across the world to realize their full potential.

Finacial resources (March 31, 2009, In thousands)

* Property $ 68853

* Liabilities $ 23823

* StockholdersЇ collateral $ 36943

* We make revenue by producing, processing, licensing, and aiding a variety of software products and services for most different types of processing devices.

Skills and capabilities

* As of June 30, 2008, we employed about 91, 000 people on the full-time basis, 55, 000 in the United States and 36, 000 internationally. Of the total, 35, 000 were in product research and development, 26, 000 in sales and marketing, 17, 000 in product support and talking to services, 4, 000 in developing and syndication, and 9, 000 in general and administration.

External environment

Market environment

* Our customers include individual consumers, small and medium-sized organizations, companies, governmental companies, educational institutions, Internet service providers, application developers, and OEMs.


* We've five operating sections: Consumer, Server and Tools, Online Services Business, Microsoft Business Division, and Entertainment and Devices Division.

* Consumer: Fighting commercial software products, including variations of Unix, are supplied by rivals such as Apple, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Sunlight Microsystems.

* Server and Tools: Our server operating system products face intense competition from a wide variety of server operating systems and server applications, made available from companies with a variety of market approaches.

* Online Services Business: OSB competes with AOL, Yahoo, Yahoo!, and a wide array of Sites and portals that provide content and online offerings of most types to get rid of users.

* Microsoft Business Department: Competitors to the Microsoft Office system include many software application suppliers such as Apple, Corel, Google, IBM, Novell, Oracle, Red Head wear, Sunlight Microsystems, and local request developers in European countries and Asia. IBM (Smartsuite) and Corel (WordPerfect Collection) have measurable installed bases using their office efficiency products.

* Entertainment and Devices Section: Our Xbox hardware business competes with gaming system platforms from Nintendo and Sony, both which have a large, established bottom of customers.


* We spread our products mainly through the following programs: OEM; marketers and resellers; and online.

* OEM: Our operating systems are licensed mostly to OEMs(original equipment manufacturers) under contracts that give OEMs the right to build computing devices based on our operating systems, principally Computers. Under similar plans, we also market and certificate certain server operating systems, desktop applications, hardware devices, and consumer software products to OEMs. We've OEM agreements covering a number of of our products with almost every one of the major PC OEMs, including Acer, Dell, Fujitsu, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Gateway, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, NEC, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba.

* Distributors and resellers: We license software to organizations under plans that allow the end-user customer to obtain multiple licenses of products.

* Online: We spread online content and services through Live Search, House windows Live, Office Live, our MSN portals and stations, the Microssoft Online Services platform, which includes offerings for business, and other online stations.

* Consumers and small- and medium-sized organizations obtain our products generally through resellers and OEMs.

Political implication

1. Collaborating with Industry and Legislation Enforcement

Microsoft Corporation positively pursues cybercriminals through vigorous civil enforcement in america and it works in partnership with law enforcement agencies worldwide to deter cybercrime and bring criminals to justice. Since 2003, Microsoft has reinforced more than 550 enforcement actions worldwide against spammers, phishers, and distributors of spyware and other malicious code. Microsoft in addition has engaged with the Federal government Trade Commission and attorneys general in California, Florida, Massachusetts, Tx, and Washington Talk about, to research and follow cybercriminals.

Microsoft works to ensure that government authorities and police agencies receive the appropriate tools, necessary training, and intensive technological and investigative support to aid in their efforts to battle global cybercrime and work to make the Internet a safer place for everyone.

Training. Microsoft is deeply focused on assisting police with the recognition, location, and prosecution of online fraudsters.

* Microsoft has worked with the attorneys standard in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, SC, and Utah Express to provide comprehensive training about Internet investigations to police.

* Microsoft hosted LE Tech 2006 (Oct 2006 in Redmond, Washington), a convention to introduce law enforcement officials to new Microsoft software and services that will have an impact on cybercrime investigations over the next few years.

Tools and tech support team for investigations. Microsoft supports law enforcement firms round the world with advanced investigative technology to address cyber dangers.

* In France, Microsoft participates in Transmission Spam a platform (made up of open public and private sector entities) through which Internet users can record suspected spam. Data that is accumulated through Indication Spam is distributed to Internet companies (ISPs) and French police authorities to aid in antispam investigations and prosecutions. Inside the first ten days and nights following the program's release, users reported almost 300, 000 cases of spam.

* In August 2006, Microsoft launched regulations Enforcement Site, a secure, centralized source that provides law enforcement with usage of Internet crime-related information as well as tools, training, and tech support team to assist in investigations.

Anti-phishing initiatives. Microsoft is focused on preventing phishers and works in alliance with categories to apply anti-phishing actions worldwide.

* Microsoft is the founding member of Digital PhishNet (DPN), which fosters co-operation among industry and law enforcement agencies to talk about information, provide training, and inform consumers about phishing sites. Microsoft promotes worldwide contribution in DPN by Internet service providers, sale, financial institutions, and law enforcement agencies.

* Microsoft serves with the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) and the Authentication and Online Trust Alliance (AOTA) to market good consumer anti-phishing plans and guidelines for enforcement of these policies.

* In March 2006, Microsoft launched the Global Phishing Enforcement Effort (GPEI), an internationally consumer protection plan in which industry and police joined causes to overcome phishers. The GPEI works to protect the general public from deceptive sites and provides worldwide investigative support to help prosecute phishers.

Antispam initiatives. Microsoft supports police with cutting-edge complex and investigative techniques developed specifically to handle cyberthreats. To that end, the company has provided technical support to governments around the globe, including in america, European countries, Asia, and South America.

* Microsoft is a leader in promoting SpotSpam, a project co-funded by the Western european Commission, which seeks to limit the spread of spam. The project seeks to determine antispam hotlines in France, Germany, and Poland.

* Microsoft also participates in Sign Spam. Made up of public and private sector entities, Signal Spam offers a platform through which Internet users can survey suspected spam.

2. Promoting a Safer Internet Experience for Children

Child Exploitation Traffic monitoring System. Microsoft performed strongly with Canadian law enforcement and international police agencies to build up Child Exploitation Tracking System (CETS), a unique program that enables investigators to store, search, share, and analyze large quantities of evidence and share that research with other police agencies. After its development in Canada, CETS has been implemented in Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Italy, and the United Kingdom; Colombia and Spain have declared their intent to adopt it. Microsoft carries on to market CETS to government authorities and law enforcement agencies across the world.

Global Plan Against Child Pornography. Microsoft became a member of with Interpol and the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC) in 2004 to start this campaign. Since that time, Microsoft has worked with ICMEC and Interpol to help provide training for law enforcement staff about computer-facilitated crimes against children. By October 2007, more than 2, 400 police officials from 106 countries have received training to help them identify suspects, investigate offenses, and deal with victims of online child misuse.

3. Promoting Important Legislation

Council of European countries Convention on Cybercrime. Microsoft has joined up with industry associates to encourage countries to look at and ratify the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime. This global legal tool requires signatory countries to look at and update laws and regulations and procedures to handle online criminal offenses. Microsoft also provides specialized assistance and discussion to help countries comply with their responsibilities under the convention.

Model legislation. In Apr 2006, Microsoft signed up with ICMEC in announcing its model legislation, which looks for to modernize child pornography laws and regulations for the 184 member countries of Interpol. Microsoft has pledged to aid worldwide efforts to build up and enforce these laws and regulations.

4. Successes in the FIGHT Cybercrime

Operation Bot Roast. Microsoft provided technological information and analytical support to assist the FBI functioning Bot Roast. Declared in June 2007, Procedure Bot Roast is an ongoing research and operation that aims to disrupt and dismantle botnets.

Lawsuit against Bizads UK. In December 2006, the British High Court ruled in favor of Microsoft in a lawsuit against Bizads UK, which acquired fraudulently sold lists of up to 10, 000 e-mail addresses at a time to spammers. The court docket limited Bizads UK from further spam-related activities and granted injuries to be evaluated later.

129 legal actions against phishers. In November 2006, Microsoft got action against phishers who were concentrating on users of MSN Hotmail. These legal activities included 97 unlawful problems and three civil settlements in Europe, the center East, and Africa.

Anti-spam prosecution in Australia. In October 2006, Quality1 Pty Ltd. became the first company convicted under Australia's tough new anti-spam laws and regulations and was fined more than US$4 million for sending hundreds of millions of rubbish e-mail communications. Microsoft reinforced this ancient prosecution by providing evidence of e-mail announcements received by spam-trap accounts to the antispam investigators at the Australian Communications and Media Power in 2005.

Anti-spyware lawsuits. In January 2006, Microsoft and the attorney basic of Washington Condition registered parallel anti-spyware lawsuits. This step was the state's first legal action under the Washington Computer Spy ware Act, which was enacted in 2005. Microsoft filed its lawsuit that alleged violation of the same rules.

Arrests for financial fraud and identity theft. In January 2006, Bulgarian law enforcement officials caught eight people who were in an international legal network that was responsible for online financial scam and personal data theft. Microsoft provided Bulgarian officers with information that helped in the investigation and following identification of the alleged perpetrators.

Settlement with "Spam King. " In August 2005, Microsoft come to a US$7 million settlement against self-proclaimed "Spam Ruler" Scott Richter and his Colorado-based company, OptInRealBig. com LLC. Microsoft began the suit in Dec 2003, together with a parallel action by the New York State attorney general.

Arrests of Mytob and Zotob worm authors. In August 2005, Microsoft provided USA and worldwide police businesses with investigative and technical support that led to the arrest of the individuals suspected of authoring and distributing the Mytob and Zotob worms. Turkish and Moroccan police firms made the arrests fewer than two weeks following the Mytob and Zotob worms were unleashed.

Individual at work

Microsoft comes with an innovative corporate and business culture and a strong product development concentration that was created to keep us on the leading edge of the industry. We think that our employees will be the company's most significant asset. They are the source of our creative ingenuity and success so we empower each staff member to take initiative in solving problems, discovering new ideas and improving the company.

Microsoft values diversity and respects each person's individuality

When you sell software to 180 million people, in 70 countries, speaking 150 languages, you can't find the money for to have a singular viewpoint. Microsoft employs folks from many nationalities and backgrounds.

* Who we looking for

Great people who have great values

Microsoft concentrates on recruiting people we believe fit into the company culture: folks who are driven to achieve success, enthusiastic about how exactly they can donate to the company and unafraid of suggesting and putting into action new ideas. Our recruits aren't always IT pros; many come from backgrounds such as the banking, laws or pharmaceutical industries. What they bring to Microsoft is a diversity of knowledge and understanding of the needs of particular sectors that helps them relate to, and provide ideal service to, our customers.

Microsoft needs people who are creative, lively and excellent, absolutely ardent and focused on our objective of aiding others understand their potential. These folks share the next values:

* Passion for customers, partners and technology;

* Integrity and integrity;

* Open and respectful with others and focused on making them better;

* Willingness to defend myself against big challenges and find out them through;

* Committed to personal brilliance and self-improvement; and

* Accountable for commitments, results and quality to customers, shareholders, associates and employees.

This creates a workforce with a wide range of skills and experience. We also encourage and nurture lateral thinking. Our employees are given a higher level of autonomy to create and offer progressive alternatives. If this is important for you, it is highly likely you will enjoy the environment Microsoft offers itЇs employees. A location where you can get things done and also have fun at work!

* Diversity

Microsoft values diversity and respects each person's individuality

At Microsoft we have made a corporate and business dedication to the theory of diversity. We believe that diversity enriches our performance and our products, the communities where we live and work, and the lives of your employees. As our workforce evolves to represent the growing variety of our communities and global current market, our efforts to understand, value and incorporate distinctions become more and more important.

We have established a number of initiatives to market diversity in your own company, including education and training programs offering employees with the awareness, skills, knowledge and capacity to embrace dissimilarities. The programs also communicate the importance of the respectful work place in maximising the performance of every employee. Microsoft uses a diverse workforce representing a wide range of ethnical, linguistic, socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds including disabled employees and people from all sides of the globe.

We are proudly the same opportunity workplace.

* Community Spirit

Make a notable difference from day one

At Microsoft, we talk about a enthusiasm for technology and what it can do for people. No matter who you are or your geographical area, technology can make a positive difference in your life. It can help you learn faster, achieve more, simplify your daily life and have more pleasurable. Technology has helped children and adults acquire a interest for learning, given businesses of most sizes the various tools they need to compete in an ever-changing marketplace, and provided people who have disabilities the access to a new world of job and life opportunities. And we believe that the best is yet to come.

We help build our communities to unlock their potential

Amazing things can happen when the right people, tools and resources come together. At Microsoft, our employees and our technology help uncover this type of potential every day, through our commercial providing program and through donations of personal time and resources by our employees. Since 1983, Microsoft and our employees about the world have donated more than $100 million in cash, $100 million in software and a large number of volunteer hours in our communities throughout the world. Across our Asia, each Microsoft subsidiary has its local initiatives for cultural supplying and community outreach. Our employees are passionately involved with many charitable initiatives across Asia that help people realize their potential. To find out more about MicrosoftЇs giving promotions you can follow this link: International - www. microsoft. com/giving (US web page link)

* Work/Life Balance

Make a difference from day one

Our employees are our most respected property, and in acknowledgement of the, Microsoft provides versatile programs, resources and tools to help them create their own kind of balance in life. In this particular hectic industry, occupations are demanding, but if your work is to be fun and rewarding it must take its place and top priority alongside your other life pursuits. At Microsoft, we try to make the office as flexible as you possibly can to allow our employees to possess independence, balance and autonomy.

The work/life balance initiatives and programs wanted to our personnel throughout Asia fluctuate depending after location, local regulations and resource availableness. A number of the benefits provided to personnel in different locations include:

* Onsite and online parenting resources

* Selection of sports and health benefits

* Broadband connection to your home (enabling staff to home based when required)

* Job-share (where role permits)

* Microsoft counselling service for employees and their families

* Public club

* Career information and planning

* Mentoring program

* Employer-sponsored discount program

* Laptops and mobile technology

* Community support initiatives for various charities

The programs cover the average person employee, work, family and community. As well as the specific work/life balance programs available, Microsoft is tightly committed to the purpose of creating a healthy, flexible, and fruitful work environment that allows employees to activate in a challenging career while controlling their work/life needs. For more information about what programs of the nature can be found in specific countries across Asia, please contact an associate of your Recruitment team today.

* Ladies in IT

Make a difference from day one

Microsoft is happily the same opportunity workplace of women and proactively looks for to ensure our labor force embraces excellence in gender variety. Microsoft works tightly with municipality agencies across Asia and other accepted employers of choice in order to ensure we live constantly contributing to the improved position and treatment of women in the IT industry. This ensures our company is compliant with the latest legislative requirements and aware of best practices on the market for females.

Microsoft annually reviews its feminine diversity practices relating to:

* Recruitment and selection

* Promotions, transfers and terminations

* Training and development

* Work organisation

* Conditions of service

* Coping with sex-based harassment

* Coping with pregnant and possibly pregnant employees and employees who are breastfeeding

At Microsoft man and feminine employees are paid and rewarded on a single measurements predicated on the role and the merit of performance. There is absolutely no distinction predicated on gender. Furthermore, there is no distinction predicated on gender in relation to Microsoft's recruitment functions, promotions and transfers, eligibility for benefits, training or conditions of service.

Growing the feminine ranks in the IT industry

As a thought-leader in the IT industry Microsoft is focused on the ongoing development of female professionals and stimulating new specialists to the industry. We have been actively involved in lots of industry networking groups that concentrate on Women in the IT industry so we can ensure that our female employees have a tone on important issues and that we continue steadily to develop and appeal to great female skill to the business. Annually, Microsoft aids and actively participates in the Global Womens Message board and across Asia our subsidiaries have interior networking and support groups for our feminine employees. Microsoft is also proud to support the introduction of females in the graduate community by offering Internship placements and different programs to improve the skills of growing female technologists.

Mothers at Microsoft

Microsoft welcomes the applications from female applicants who are pregnant, planning pregnancy or returning to the workforce carrying out a maternity leave lack. This is a family group friendly environment, so donЇt be surprised if you visit our offices and meet a few little people! Our employees often bring their children in for a visit to work or to take part in family day occasions.


Microsoft has a zero-tolerance plan for Sex-Based Harassment and strong regulations in spot to encourage the similar and appropriate conduct of all employees.

* Parents in the Workforce

Microsoft enjoys a family group friendly environment so that it is not uncommon to see spouses and children dropping by for meal onsite.

Microsoft aids parents in the labor force and those returning to the labor force. We do have a Parental Leave insurance plan set up for the principal carer of children and your Recruiter provides you with further details. If you want time from work to enjoy the delivery of your child and provide good care, Microsoft helps you and your right to go back to fulltime employment when you are ready. Local Labour Laws apply.

Our family members are the most important top priority in life. Microsoft supports Parents in the Workforce by having versatile and convenient programs in spot to ensure you can have balance in the middle of your family and your career. Just a few of these benefits include:

* Parental leave

* Parents at Microsoft online resource

* Microsoft counselling service for you and your family

* Broadband program to permit you to work from home when necessary

* Laptop computers and mobile technology

* Discounted software program for private purchase

* Overall flexibility to consider job-share where position enables


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