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Microprocessor based drinking water level controller


The processor is the part of some type of computer system that holds out the instructions of your computer program which is the primary component undertaking the computer's function. The form, design and execution of CPU's have improved but their important operation remains the same. The microprocessor contains all the central control product (CPU) functions and is also the ˜engine' that switches into action when you convert your personal computer on. The microprocessor was created to perform arithmetic and logic procedures that make use of small number positioning areas called registers. The diagram of microprocessor is given as under:

Also microprocessor is a multipurpose, programmable, clock-driven, register based digital camera that reads binary instructions from a safe-keeping device called ram, accepts binary data as type and functions data according to the people instructions and as productivity. A microprocessor contains most or every one of the functions of any central processing unit (CPU) about the same designed circuit (IC). The first microprocessors emerged in the early 1970s and were used for electric calculators, using binary-coded decimal arithmetic on 4-little bit words. Other embedded uses of 4- and 8-bit microprocessors, such as terminals, printers, various varieties of automation etc, followed in short order. Affordable 8-tad microprocessors with 16-little bit addressing also led to the first general goal microcomputers in the mid-1970s. The most reliable circuit is drinking water level Controller circuit which will take the task of indicating and Managing the normal water level in the overhead water tanks. The LED Pub graph is used for displaying the water level. The level is sensed by using copper probes. The probes that have to be checked are inserted into the water fish tank. This water-level Controller circuit is configured round the well-known 8 little Microprocessor 8085. It continually monitors the over head drinking water level and screen it and also change ˜off the motor when the reservoir fills and it'll automatically activate the Engine when this level is low.

The Microprocessor will also point out the water level above the LED screen.

All the insight and productivity functions are done through the Programmable Peripheral Program IC 8255.

Product Categories for drinking water level controller:

  • Liquid Level Switches
  • Liquid Level Detectors
  • Level Sensors
  • Level controllers
  • Water Quality tests instruments
  • Level Guages
  • Ph controlllers

Introduction to Water Level Controller: In most houses, water is first stored in an underground fish tank (UGT) and after that it is pumped up to the over head tank (OHT) located on the roof structure. People generally activate the pump when their taps go dry out and switch off the pump when the overhead tank starts overflowing. This results the pointless wastage and sometimes non-availability of normal water in the case of emergency. The easy circuit shown here makes this system automated, i. e. it switches on the pump when the level in the overhead tank runs low and switches it off as soon as this inflatable water level gets to a pre-determined level. It also prevents ˜dried out run' of the pump in case the particular level in the underground reservoir runs below the suction level. Inside the figure, the normal probes hooking up the underground tank and the over head fish tank to +9V supply are marked ˜C'. The other probe in underground tank, which is just a little above the ˜dried out run' level, is designated ˜S'. The low-level and high-level probes in the over head tank are marked ˜L' and ˜H', respectively. When there will do drinking water in the underground container, probes C and S are linked through water. Because of this, transistor T1 gets forward biased and starts off conducting.

This, in turn, switches transistor T2 on. Originally, when the overhead tank is bare, transistors T3 and T5 are in cut-off point out and hence pnp transistors T4 and T6 get frontward biased via resistors R5 and R6, respectively. As all series-connected transistors T2, T4, and T6 are forwards biased, they carry out to energise relay RL1 (which is also connected in series with transistors T2, T4, and T6). Thus the source to the pump motor gets completed via the low set of relay associates (let's assume that change S2 is on) and the pump starts filling the over head tank. Once the relay has energised, transistor T6 is bypassed via the top set of associates of the relay. When the water level touches probe L in the overhead fish tank, transistor T5 gets onward biased and starts conducting. This, subsequently, change biases transistor T6, which then slices off. But since transistor T6 is bypassed through the relay connections, the pump remains to run. The level of water continues to rise. When the normal water level details probe H, transistor T3 gets ahead biased and starts conducting. This causes slow biasing of transistor T4 and it gets take off. Because of this, the relay de-energises and the pump ceases. Transistors T4 and T6 will be fired up again only when water level drops below the positioning of L probe. Presets VR1, VR2, and VR3 should be adjusted in such a way that transistors T1, T3, and T5 are fired up when the level details probe pairs C-S, C-H, and C-L, respectively. Resistor R4 ensures that transistor T2 is ˜off' in the absence of any basic voltage. In the same way, resistors R5 and R6 ensure that transistors T4 and T6 are ˜on' in the lack of any basic voltage. Switches S1 and S2 may be used to activate and pull the plug on, respectively, the pump by hand. You may make and set up probes on your own as per the requirement and facilities available. However, we are describing here how the probes were made for this prototype. The author used a bit of non-metallic conduit tube (generally used for home wiring) slightly longer than the depth of the overhead tank. The normal wire C rises to the end of the pipe through the conduit. The wire for probes L and H goes combined with the conduit from the outside and enters the conduit through two small slots bored involved with it as shown in Fig. 2. Care needs to be taken to ensure that probes H and L do not touch cable C immediately. Insulation of cables is to be removed from the details shown. A similar layout can be adopted for the underground tank also. In order to avoid any fake triggering credited to disturbance, a shielded cable may be used.

The Normal water Level Controller System can be an Electronic Equipment which when electrically connected to the starter of any given Pump-set engine will control the procedure of the pumpset depending after this particular level in the foundation and Destination Storage Tanks.

Advanced Auto Drinking water LEVEL CONTROLLER product Manufactured by M. V. Equipment is a Microprocessor based mostly Electronic Device. This technique when electrically linked to an Pumpset starter, executes the following functions automatically:

  • Switches Within the Pump established when Water level drops below pre-set level (i. e. T2 level) in Overhead Tank.
  • Switches Off of the Pump placed when Normal water level in Over head Fish tank becomes full (i. e. T1 level).
  • Switches OFF the Pump established when Drinking water level is lower in Sump/Well/Borewell (i. e. S2 level).
  • Switches For the Pump place when there is sufficient water in the Sump/ Well / Borewell (i. e. S1 level).
  • Switches Off of the Pump set in place when there's a Dried run (i. e. when Normal water is not being pumped into Overhead Tank anticipated to any reason).
  • Low Voltage and High Voltage Protection for the Pump place is designed.
  • The system has Surge Voltage/Current Coverage for the Pump place.
  • All these functions are automatically performed. Manual disturbance is not required.
  • Manual procedure is also possible if so when required by working the transition in Manual Position.

Paragon Water Filtration systems use a distinctive 5-Stage filtration system that combines the cleaning capacities of Activated Carbon with the new technology of KDF-55:

  • The first stage consists of a micron filter locked into place, stopping water from building pathways or "channels" over the sides of the machine. After the first micron filter has removed any large particles, the water goes through a series of chambers - FIVE Levels IN ALL.
  • The media filtration process begins with KDF-55, which uses an electrochemical process to reduce Chlorine and improve taste and odor.
  • Water moves through progressively finer micron filters as it trips through the machine, to make sure removal of allergens and to divide the media so that they operate at maximum efficiency.
  • The final chamber contains the highest quality Granular Activated Carbon. Normal water likes best when aerated with carbon, which means this final stage assures that you water is as stimulating as it is clear.

Principle: The Autonics Normal water Level Modulating controlsystem is a single aspect Electro-pneumaticcontrol with a pneumatic Positioner and PID/Fuzzysystem. The system includes a Transmitter, converter component, float chamber, a feedline-modulating control valve and an electric microprocessor structured PID/FUZZY controller.


The Autonic Drinking water Level Modulating control system is a single element Electro-pneumatic control with apositioner and PID automobile tuning system.

i) AN EVEN Transmitter with double-float chamber is mounted on the boiler shell, fitted with a coil that can be make according to the requirement.

ii) A flanged support fully stainless Control valve, fixed with a positioner and pneumatic actuator, which is mounted in the boiler feedline.

iii) A microprocessor-based PID/FUZZY Level controller is mounted on the control -panel.

iv) An electronic Converter component is also installed on the control panel.


A positive change of drinking water level in the boiler alters the level transmitter inductance value of coil triggering an imbalance in the machine. This sign is sent through the electronic control container and linked to PID controller. Then the microprocessor-based PID level controller transmitted anelectrical indication to the pneumatic positioner to put and adjusts the position of control valve. A additional low/high normal water level security alarm or burner slice out contact are also provided in the microprocessor-based level controller with the variable setting up position.

Installation be aware:

The water interconnection from the boiler to the float chamber should be, as brief as you possibly can and the particular level transmitter float chamber should be mounted close to measure eyeglasses. If required our specialized personnel will advice on individual installations.

Important notice:

Electronic level module and level controller must not be put through either vibration or unnecessary temperature. Hence, it is recommended that they be not mounted on to the boiler shell.

Specifications :

Control valve :

The V control valve has many different inserts for detail throttling control. The inserts are pinnedto the END CAPS, and are being used together with some of our standard seating. They are designed tochange the move characteristics of the valve and are offered in different forms to meet an assortment ofmodulating program. For suprisingly low Cv applications, a specially designed Soft V put incorporateboth the move component and the ball seal into one part, and maintains constant connection with theball. This set up provides excellent low end precision (EQ%) and repeatability.

Automatic Drinking water Level Modulating Control System:

Operating Basic principle:

Transmitter: Detect water levels in the drum and send sign to the digital controller.

Digital controller - While using signal distributed by the Transmitter and the controller will show the level on the meter (Process value) and it requite a Set in place Value to regulate the particular level. The signal converted and it transmits to regulate valve to provide a sign.

Control Valve - The control valve work be based upon the signal given by controller and after done the job it send a feed back indicate to controller for confirmation. The valve open is depending on supply air with the indication given by controller and the Positioner then adjustment beginning of valve will be make.


The MC9200 Series Cooling down Tower Controller is a microprocessor based

controller of recirculating cooling normal water systems. The MC9200 accurately controls the amount of dissolved solids based on S/cm, and depending on model selection, control conductivity and pH.

The chilling tower controllers feature:

  • One customer selectable chemical supply timer and up to two 28-day event timers
  • Lockable viewing windowpane
  • Two point calibration
  • Dry contact normal water meter input functionality
  • Alarm driven & dry contact relays
  • Optional 4-20mA end result capability
  • Alarm LED, relay or optional callback status
  • 2x16 alphanumeric display
  • Convenient keypad menu gain access to, display contrast adjustment and HOA gain access to control
  • Self charging capacitor to maintain time and background for two weeks in the event of a power reduction to controller
  • Relay, general alarm, flow alarm and power position LED's
  • DIN cable connections for conductivity sensor and I/O
  • Prewired incoming ability and relay result connections on given models (receptacle cords)
  • Modular flow assemblage with flow turn, quick release detectors and sample dock mounted on the polyethylene panel
  • Optional remote communications capability via immediate serial range or modem connection


1 Chemical Supply Timer

Two Point Calibration

DIN relationships for I/O

Full two years warranty

Ph Control Made Easy:

The CHEMTROL 240 is a microprocessor-based digital controller made to keep up with the pH level in normal water treatment applications.

Standard Features:-

  • All Functions on Front side Panel
  • Adjustable Setpoint
  • Adjustable Alarms
  • Proportional Give food to
  • Overfeed Security Timer
  • Waterproof Cabinet
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to utilize
  • 5-year Electronics Warrantee

Toll-Free Technical Support

The glowing LCD screen shows pH readings, calibration modifications and alarm restrictions. The five LED equipment and lighting suggest the operating function (OFF, Manual or Automobile), feed status, out-of-range alarms and overfeed alarms. Leading panel settings include setpoint, calibration, low and high alarm limits, basic safety timer limit and proportional give food to adjustment. Feed control is either ON/OFF or Proportional. The Proportional Supply feature is specially beneficial to avoid overfeeding in small body of normal water. It reduces the feed cycle time progressively as the sensor reading gets closer to the setpoint.


The controller shall provide microprocessor centered control of recirculating chilling water systems. Effectively control the amount of dissolved solids predicated on S/cm, and depending on model selection, control conductivity and pH.

Controller shall also provide:

One customer selectable chemical feed timer and up to two 28-day event timers.

a. Lockable looking at window.

b. Two point calibration.

c. Free of moisture contact water meter input functionality.

d. Alarm driven and dried up contact relays.

e. Optional 4-20mA result capability.

f. Alarm LED, relay and optional remote callback position.

g. 2 x 16 alphanumeric screen.

h. Convenient keypad menu gain access to, display contrast

2. Modification and HOA relay control.

a. Home charging capacitor to keep time and record for

3. Around two weeks in case of a power loss to controller.

a. Relay, standard alarm, flow security alarm and power status LED's.

b. DIN associations for conductivity sensor and I/O.

c. Prewired inbound electric power and relay productivity connections

4. On specified models (receptacle cords).

a. Modular circulation assembly with move change, quick release

5. Receptors and sample dock mounted on a polyethylene -panel.

a. Optional remote control communications capability via direct

6. Serial series or modem connection.

a. A full 24 months warranty.

Control Functions

All continuously watched sensor suggestions functions (conductivity, pH) will provide user definable set points for preserving a particular value within the system. Each collection point will have a customer definable differential as the control music group, programmable high and low security alarm points and customer described limit timer for pH.

Chemical Feed Timer

The chemical supply timer shall be user selectable as anybody of the next:

  • Percent - Individual can select a percent "ON" time of a individual identified "cycle" time.
  • Limit - Timer will run as controller bleeds until a user programmed "limit" time is satisfied or the bleed is satisfied.
  • Percent of Post-Bleed - Timer will run for a customer defined ratio of the bleed time after bleed is satisfied.
  • Pulse Timer - Timer initiated from dried up contacting head normal water meter. Customer can specify timer run time, normal water meter insight and contact accumulation before timer initiation.

Remote Communications:

The controller shall hold the optional capacity for serial communications using PULSAworks software. The serial marketing communications may appear either by direct RS232 port, or remotely via an optional interior modem. PULSAworks allows an individual to access real-time system prices and remotely change operating parameters. The user may download data history documents and save data files to disk. History files may be looked at and printed out in stand or graph form, the graph form can be individual personalized. The optional inner modem allows the controller to perform alarm call again for security alarm condition notification to a pager or computer jogging. A couple of other various types of drinking water level controllers where a few of them are as under:

IC 8255.

Digital Normal water Level Recorder

The standard exclusive make normal water level recorder involves a weatherproof enclosure which provides the data logger, level sensor and power, and comes filled with a solar panel and data shuttle. The system is driven by rechargeable closed free of maintenance batteries with vital 12V/10W solar power, which will easily keep carefully the batteries charged over summer and winter. Unattended recording of Water level with maximum and lowest level, Standard program and user-friendly software. Data retrieval by Data shuttle to your personal computer, Suitable for mounting in a number of locations, Memory range more than 8250 data collections extendable up to more than 16500.

Digital Water Level Recorder (Pressure Type)

This is a Micro controller established Automatic Water Level Recorder represent high tech in micro controller centered instrumentation design. THIS PARTICULAR Level sensor can be attached with this data logger for the collection of real time data automatically. The micro controller has its interior storage along with an additional 128K EEprom, a real wall clock with an LCD (16 X 2) to display the instrument status. Piezo-resistive silicon tension gauge, bounded to 316 SS diaphragm, and crucial cable include a vent pipe for Barometric pressure settlement. Comes with three amounts 10 meter, 35 meter & 100 meter

Ground Water Monitoring System:

The new SEBA Data Logger type MDS Dipper-3(T3) is the consequential further development of the well proven MDS Dipper for constant registration in floor and surface drinking water, with special concentrate to the operation data security. A watch-dog-function, integrated in the MDS-DipperT3 supervises constantly the microprocessor activities therefore it provides a higher operation security. Undefined system conditions are identified immediately and eradicated by the Watch-dog function. High appropriate, strong ceramic pressure calculating cell for different measuring ranges (i. e. 1 club, 2 club, etc. ) and Temperatures sensor for 0. . . 25C or 0. . . 50C. The MDS Dipper-3(T3) has a Flash-memory (Flash-RAM). The bought measuring data are stored in a band memory organization. Because of the described dual data storage space, you have access to the complete assessed data in the archive data back up, even in case of breakdown of the power supply

  • Measuring system for the observation of groundwater
  • measuring sites, pumping testing, construction areas,
  • Surface normal water levels
  • Made of stainless steel
  • High data security credited to additional flash-memory
  • Watch-dog-function for high operation security
  • Maintenance-free, battery life time >10 years, exchangeable battery
  • Installation in pipes from 1 diameter
  • Optional connection via Bluetooth at Extra Cost
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