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Methodology Of Dicta Travel Agency IT Essay

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  93. INTERVIEW COMPLETED WITH Mr. Ahmed Nwagboso of Dicta travel firm.
  94. ATN: How much time are you a travel agent and just why did you choose this job?
  95. ATN: How long have you worked well at your present company and what seduced you to the position?
  96. ATN: What areas of travel does your organization specialise in?
  97. ATN: What regions of the business enterprise are performing particularly well at this time and why?
  98. ATN: What travel styles are you realizing?
  99. ATN: What exactly are the biggest difficulties of working in a travel firm?
  100. ATN: What future do you consider African travel agents will have, considering the growing reputation of online travel?
  101. ATN: How do you want to continue to increase your business in the future?


Thousands of people travel by air; Dicta Travels provides low-fare air transport service among 38 locations in Nigeria. Even though the industry suffered a major blow since the terrorist strike of Sept 11th, the company is still holding strong; while other travel organization companies are with debt.

According to the purchased understanding of Dicta, the business maintains constant sales. The major success with their continued success is because of their low-cost model and opponents know that they cannot match Dicta Journeys low prices therefore, by falling the price even lower; Dicta Moves can force a business to move bankrupt.


In 2006, I (Kenneth Nwagboso), started a travel organization service with one simple idea: "If you can give your passengers airlines that can get them to their places when they want to get there and promptly, at the lowest possible fares, and incredibly sure they had a great time soaring, people will take a flight through your travel firm frequently. " he was right about this, now Dicta Travel firm is now a major travel firm, in fact, the third largest travel company in Nigeria and its own reputable for its low fare airlines and customer getaway ideas. Dicta journeys have then made a decision to enhance their services by bringing out e-business as their strategy to gain competitive benefits over other businesses therefore that the company can grow internationally.


Dicta Travels quest is to provide the best quality of customer service with a sense of ambiance, friendliness, individual delight, and company heart. It mostly provides brief haul, high-frequency, point-to-point, low-fare air vehicles service among 38 locations (38 international airports) in the Nigeria.

Here are some volumes that will give a brief idea the way the company is operating: Net income: =N=241 million Total people taken: 63 million Total RPMs: 45. 4 billion Traveler weight factor: 65. 9 percent Total operating revenue: =N=5. 5 billion. There is a 13% insurance raise for the travel agencies and the government is enforcing fees regarding security problems. The operation cost increases dramatically and there are less people traveling by air. Most of the travel businesses are losing profits except a few and Dicta journeys is one of those travel agencies that have remained profitable.

The business of Dicta Journeys is referred to as an upside-down pyramid. The upper management reaches the bottom and supports the front series employees, who are the experts. That is Supplement Kelleher's unorthodox control style, where management decisions are made by everyone in the organization, not just the head executives. The company is described never to have much emphasis on composition; instead employees should think freely without constraints such as game titles. Kelleher, for example, is said to know the brands of virtually all his employees.

Dicta Moves is characterized as a C-corporation with period distinguished as a standard perpetual presence. The shareholders are not normally responsible for debts of the organization and they protect an operation that is normally more structured, needing more meetings and (in a few state governments) more reporting requirements. Management is very centralized through the panel of directors (elected by the shareholders) and the officers (elected by the directors). The organization is taxable entity, but the income which would normally be taxed at the organization level can normally be paid out in earnings (and in other deductible ways) so that there is in reality no taxes at the corporate level. As far as transferability appealing, it is normally fully transferable and boosting capital is the choice of public companies.

Dicta Travels worth employees, initiating the first profit-sharing plan in the southafrica travel firm industry in 2008 and offered it ever since. "In 2008, Dicta offered its employees a record-setting =N=138M in income showing. This tax-deferred payment represented an additional 14. 1 percent of every employee's total annual salary.

PROBLEM Meaning.

A travel agency company only accepts bookings from authorized travel agencies, situated in cities throughout Nigeria. There is a computerized central reserving system at the business's hq in Abuja. However, all trades at the travel companies are currently hand-written on special forms.

Travel agents, employed in the travel organizations, use imprinted timetables to answer customer enquiries. These timetables are kept up to date by regular distributions from the business head office, dispatched by courier. Customers check into the availability of bookings, that happen to be checked by the travel agent telephoning Abuja. Customers could make a provisional reservation, which is valid for three times, and they will be given a written quotation because of this. A person making a firm booking must pay a first deposit at which time they receive a booking confirmation slide. Provisional and firm bookings are made by travel agents over calling to Nigeria. Full repayment must be produced by the client at least one week before the particular date of the quest. Tickets are just issued when full payment has been made; these are printed at the head office and sent by first-class post to the travel organization. The management of the business has decided that it might be more efficient to acquire on-line systems in the larger travel agencies, directly connected to the central reservation system.

These agency systems allows: provisional and solid bookings to be produced directly; tickets to be printed at the travel firms; and the central timetable to be seen directly by travel companies, avoiding the need for distribution of timetable updates. The managers of travel agency branches have portrayed concern that another booking system will cause them major problems unless it operates on hardware that they curently have for flight bookings and other head to operators.

The systems in the travel organizations will have to be easy to use and robust, providing advice at every level of use and on-line help. High consistency of the communications between a travel firm and the head office is of essential importance to the business enterprise. Since the information transmitted from the head office for ticketing contains special arranging codes, security of data copy can be an important consideration.

This led to the concept and summary of designing a website that will provide all these functions, reduce newspaper based reservation and enable bookings and confirmations to be done from anywhere and all over to meet their customers and ensure an increase in their customer platform.


In order to explore Dicta Travel agency's corporate structure, the technique in which we obtain our information is a crucial component inside our mission. Therefore, this analysis describes a strategy that utilizes Dicta Travel agency's official website to attain background history, company particulars and financial information. In addition, the library's digital publications, business research databases (Wall Avenue Journal, Business Week) and licensed search engines on the Internet such as Yahoo! are also major resources for our investigation in conducting a simple SWOT analysis and acquiring information regarding the company's main competitors and customers.

Our research will never be limited to just Dicta Travel company, our research consists of Boeing 737 and a several opposing companies. Research on these additional subject areas will be specific, material that pertains or aids in elaborating our tips for the business of Dicta.

Results According to the attached figure covering the past four years of Dicta Travels' financial progress, they have maintained regular net sales. In 1999, that they had total world wide web sales of =N=4, 735 million which acquired risen to =N=5, 585 million. Their moderate drop in 2002 to =N=5, 521 million was because of the September 11th event. However, this is nothing at all in comparison to other major travel firm industries where they may have lost a lot more. Many have even absent bankrupt and been compelled to close down. In fact, Dicta Vacations was the only major US air carrier to remain profitable since that time; albeit Dicta Moves were influenced by the indegent economic conditions. Handful of their main rivals are Continental Travel companies and American Travel organizations. Substitute products are the teach (Amtrak) and bus (Greyhound) which cover long distances. While these alternates cannot provide swiftness of travel, almost all of Dicta Travels' customers are drawn to the reduced price.

Suppliers include those who provide service/products necessary for Dicta Travels with their business function. For Dicta Journeys, suppliers include technicians (and other maintenance people), providers of fuel, food (the snacks that are offered). The suppliers don't have much bargaining vitality.

Customers include both home and commercial sectors. There is absolutely no bargaining ability for customers, as there is absolutely no threat of backward integration; it is unlikely that customers of Dicta Journeys are going to build their own airplanes and take flight themselves.

Rivalry among competitors places the price-Dicta Moves is a discount travel agency. Rivalry is increasing, as the marketplace decreases, and rivals downsize, the competitors become more or less identical in proportions and capacity. This means that as financial conditions worsen, competition downsize and then compete for the same left over market.

The threat of new entrants is low, the demand is not high. In addition, there are hurdles, not necessarily the greatest; the Federal airport terminal authority. Government restrictions and restrictions imposed on those involved with this industry. Such would be administration sanctions consequent of international issues.

At a glance, the company's way to obtain competitive edge is its good deal tickets. Most of its customers are folks who are willing to forego in-flight meals, direct routes and fancy seats if that would indicate for a cheaper solution. Not to imply Dicta doesn't provide immediate plane tickets, but that is offered at an increased price. Dicta Moves was at better condition than its rivals after recent disorders on Sept 11 for a straightforward reason: their low-cost model.

Terrorist disorders on the globe Trade Center got a devastating effect on the travel agency industry, specifically because the tool of destruction of these attacks was hijacked airplanes. The general public lost beliefs in the travel firm industry rigtht after Sept 11th, and for most travel company companies this designed entering severe credit debt or even declaring personal bankruptcy. Even after some time, a lot of the travel organization industry experienced lower gains and large downsizing. However, for smaller companies like Dicta, they were able to make money and were in a more enviable position than the larger counterparts.


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Our recruitment Plan:

Unfortunately we don't allow any CVs through recruitment firms, no matter how much you ask. we've nothing at all against recruitment businesses, in fact a few of our close friends are recruitment consultants but you shouldn't be sneaky and begin mailshotting us or begging over the telephone. It's soooo undignified.

Dicta travels is committed to being an equivalent opportunities workplace and we do not discriminate based on race, religion or belief, color, sex or erotic orientation, time, physical or mental disability, nationality, cultural or national origins. All matters related to work are chosen the foundation of skills, merit and business need.






Dicta Trips is the largest, most innovative and most successful distributor of air travel services in the Middle East. Whether were coping with a travel or cargo firm, an airline primary or the leisure tourist, emphasis is continually placed on development, quality products and service superiority. Dicta Vacations is thought as expansion, innovation, dedication to the client and the quest for excellence





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When building the Dicta Journeys internet site, here were the goals I had at heart:


Only include content that makes sense to exterior visitors.

Make the looks clean and uncluttered.

Include attractive graphics, but make sure they are small so that the page will insert quickly even over gradual connections.

Include items in the heart of the page for prospective students and faculty.

Include a web link to the CMPS website.

Use real wording in the sidebar, rather than gif or jpg data which contain images of the written text.

Organize the sidebar items in some rational fashion, and keep them in alphabetical order where possible.

Try to inform you what each item on the webpage means.


Include all the links that seem on the exterior page. In addition, provide things local users need.

Provide immediate links to everything (rather than demanding users to go through other intermediate webpages).

C. Aesthetic design:

I provides a standard look-and-feel for all those pages on the webpage.

Use colors appropriate for the UMD emblem (red, yellow, dark, white), but try to create a far more attractive site design than what I've seen on most of the university's webpages. (If you believe I've succeeded, i want to know!)

Make the internet pages useful even on small (800-pixel-width) displays.

Try to help make the page layout be employed by multiple browsers and multiple websites. One useful strategy is to identify fonts and font sizes however you like sheets rather than inline, also to use point sizes somewhat than pixel sizes.

D. Maintenance:

Try to completely clean up the website directory structure for the website.

Use modular framework for webpage elements, to help in upgrading of the web pages.

Design the web pages for sent out updating by the various departments.

Try to make it easy to change the webpages with both Dreamweaver and text message editors.

2. Retaining the Site

My main tool for building the new site has been Dreamweaver, a tool that is widely used to build and maintain commercial internet sites. Randy has agreed to buy our staff copies of Dreamweaver for use in keeping the website.

In expectation that some people may still want to work with text editors to keep up the web pages, I've tried to make the site as indie as you possibly can of Dreamweaver's special features. However, one thing that should be done diversely than before is version control. In the old web pages, version control was done using rcs. For the new pages, it requires to be done the following, depending on whether you're using Dreamweaver or not:

If you're using Dreamweaver, it will happen just about automatically -- Dreamweaver will mirror a few of the site on your neighborhood machine, and can automatically create lock data files on the server so that two people won't modify the same record at the same time.

If you're utilizing a text editor, you will have to do the next:

Create a lock record on the server physically (e. g. , "foo. html. LCK" if you want to alter the record "foo. html"). The lock document needs to contain your real name, consideration name, and email, in the following format:

This isn't as convenient as doing it in Dreamweaver, but it should be easy to make shell scripts that will generate and delete the. LCK apply for you. Once someone has created these scripts, the new process should be forget about trouble than using rcs's "co" and "ci" orders.

Here will be the benefits and drawbacks of these approach:

With rcs, from the pain to revise data if your home machine isn't one of the department's Suns -- and it also is straightforward to forget to check out a file before focusing on it. Looking through the old site, I observed several circumstances where people had modified data without checking out them out first -- and I understand of at least one circumstance where this triggered a data file to get up to date incorrectly. For those of you who use Dreamweaver to keep up the new site, I'm wanting this problem will go away.

The biggest drawback of Dreamweaver's procedure is that it generally does not archive old copies of the document, just how rcs will. If we're lucky, this won't be too much of a problem used. If you use Dreamweaver, you will be debugging files by yourself machine before uploading those to the server -- if you need to revive an old duplicate of a data file and also you haven't uploaded your new backup yet, you can get the old backup from the server. If you upload your data file to the server and then find that you need to restore the old one, you could be able to get a duplicate of the old document from another user's machine. If this becomes a lot of a problem, we should be able to make a croon program that works once a day and automatically creates rcs copies of any data file that is modified because the earlier day.


The new site uses server-side includes for the banner, sidebar, and different other elements. Which means that each site name must end with ". shtml". The one exemption is the external website, which is "index. html" -- I didn't want to change its name, because I didn't want search engines or people who experienced bookmarked our web page to reduce it. In order to avoid changing the name to "index. shtml", I put (at Evan Golub's recommendation) a. htaccess document in /fs/www which has "Redirect /index. html http://www. cs. umd. edu/index. shtml". From interactions with the systems staff, I am aware that this content of the. htaccess data file this may have to be modified to repair a difficulty with exclusive hosting; if so, I'll try to remember to update this file to indicate that.

All of the covered files (except for those that existed before the new site) end with the suffix ". lbi". The reason behind this is the fact I had originally created them as Dreamweaver "library items, " and I didn't change their brands after i made them into server-side includes. In theory, these data files could still be used as Dreamweaver collection items, but Dreamweaver doesn't seem to be to identify them as library items unless they're in /Collection -- a website directory that people use for the departmental catalogue instead. I regard this as a bug in Dreamweaver, and plan to report it to Macromedia.


I've seen lots of webpages in which the text message in the sidebar is performed using images somewhat than real text message. That's good for getting a layout that looks the same across various browsers and websites. However, I believe it is critical to use real wording, so that users can search the sidebar utilizing their browser's "find" order.

For the text in the sidebars, I attempted to choose fonts and font sizes that would look acceptable on a variety of browsers. It needed plenty of effort to understand this to work properly, and I'm still not totally content with how it proved -- but I believe it's now close enough that we can live with it. The reason why this was a problem is that the same font-size specification will produce different-sized character types, depending on each one of the following:

whether the first is using Netscape or Explorer;

whether some may be using a Mac, Sun, or Personal computer;

Which PC an example may be using.

To try to solve this problem, one approach would be to use JavaScript to figure out exactly which browser the first is using (there's code available for this on the web), and to choose the font size based on that knowledge. However, I needed to solve this without JavaScript, for just two reasons:

the JavaScript code is slightly complex, and there can be problems getting even simple JavaScript code to work correctly across different web browsers;

some people (including me personally on occasion) do their web browsing on with JavaScript turned off.

Instead, I used the next code (yes, I understand from the kluge!) in the header of each site, to get Netscape to use one style record and Explorer to utilize another:



In both style data, I tweaked the font requirements before fonts viewed more-or-less satisfactory on many different machines. If you go through the articles of the data files, you might notice that the font sizes are specified in points in netscape. css, and in pixels in explorer. css -- this is deliberate.

NO Casings.

I avoided using casings in the new site (except that I maintained the ones that perlcal generates for the departmental calendar). Our old website used structures, but after obtaining several complaints concerning this, I deducted that casings are a Bad Idea.


The old site got a number of capitalized data file names and website directory names. My desire is to avoid such brands. In the new site, I've used lower-case names for all of the new files and directories that I created -- however, I've left some of our pre-existing internet directories capitalized in order to keep from breaking URLs that individuals may have bookmarked externally (e. g. , /fs/www/Collection/TRs and /fs/www/Grad).

NO DREAMWEAVER Themes, NO DREAMWEAVER "Catalogue ITEMS". Dreamweaver allows one to create "template" data files and "library items" that can be used as the foundation for other files. That is convenient if you're using Dreamweaver, however, not so convenient for anybody to revise using an ordinary words editor. Thus, to keep things easier for people who don't want to work with Dreamweaver, I'm not with them (however, see my word about. lbi data earlier).


It's very wearisome to do web page design in html. The words was not originally intended for graphic design, and it's hard to get any sort of complicated page layout to look good in several web browser at the same time. One of these is the condition with font sizes i mentioned earlier; there are also other similar problems. If you create a full page in which and want to include it within the departmental internet site -- and if you've used anything other than the defaults for your fonts and page designs -- then you probably should test drive it under multiple browsers and multiple browsers, preferably including both Netscape and Explorer on Suns, Macs, and Personal computers.

INTERVIEW COMPLETED WITH Mr. Ahmed Nwagboso of Dicta travel firm.

ATN: How much time are you a travel agent and just why did you choose this job?

I've experienced the business enterprise for 4 years because I'm a people person and revel in working with clients and assisting them out with their travel plans. I really like my job! As a child I moved surrounding the world with my parents. I think that had too much to do with my affinity for the travel industry.

ATN: How long have you worked well at your present company and what seduced you to the position?

I've been doing work for Dicta Trips for 4 years now and Personally i think my background working for Jet Set travels in Los Angeles, California, made the job very easy for me personally. Obviously, this is a completely an alternative market, but in those days, the company needed someone with understanding of western and THE UNITED STATES travel industry.

ATN: What areas of travel does your organization specialise in?

Corporate and leisure travel. I control the leisure part. This is exactly what I enjoy and I can use my experience.

ATN: What regions of the business enterprise are performing particularly well at this time and why?

I would say business travel because Nigeria is the centre of banking and investment Africa and they (the people who work in these industries) need to travel all the time, particularly on prime classes. Leisure travel is also doing well as Nigeria is an island and for every public holiday break, people like to travel for brief breaks, particularly during the summer season and New Yr holidays.

ATN: What travel styles are you realizing?

Travellers want the best value for his or her money and they usually know what destination they want to go to. The internet has been very helpful in this admiration. They don't really really worry what air travel they travel with as long as it is low priced and there are no stops on the way.

ATN: What exactly are the biggest difficulties of working in a travel firm?

I would say fighting with online rates as people go online and find direct offers. They often wan the same package from us.

They don't appreciate that we now have so many constraints on internet offers and sometimes it is a scam and they lose their money utilizing their credit-based card online.

They ought to know they get an individual service using their company travel agent at all times and when things go wrong, their travel agent will be there for the kids and help them out.

ATN: What future do you consider African travel agents will have, considering the growing reputation of online travel?

I think there is absolutely no worry for travel agents in Africa as people in this area do not feel safe booking online. They want the personal touch of the travel agent, particularly for last second bookings.

ATN: How do you want to continue to increase your business in the future?

With good customer support and value-for-money vacations packages. That is why i'd like to own my business online and attach with customers all over the world as i plan to extend my organization to different countries in the world.



What three words would you utilize to spell it out this group to a pal?

1. __________________________________

2. __________________________________

3. __________________________________

Is this your first visit to your business? ____Yes ____No

If no, how many times do you usually visit each year?

____Less than one per year ____2 or three times ____4 or 5 times ____More than 5 times

Would you recommend it to a relative or friend? ____Yes ____No

Are you a member? ____Yes ____No ____In the past, although not now

Have you ever before visited this group for any of the following activities?

(Check all that apply)

____A other dressing up event ____A guided head to____Our gift idea shop ____A film ____Restaurant or cafe

Other (designate) __________________________________________________________

What motivated you to go to our OFFICE today? (Please select three choices in list order. A

Ranking of "1" shows your first choice, "2" your next choice, and "3" your third choice. )

____a. See a particular exhibition. Which (specify)______________________________

____b. Attend a specific program. Which one (identify)_____________________________

____c. Visit the entire OFFICE

____d. Take benefit of a free entrance day ____k. Entertain out-of-town visitors

____e. loved a former visit

____f: Carry out research/do a university task ____m. Other (specify)____________

What would encourage you another to this corporation? (For instance, a family group day,

Extended hours, discount, etc. )

Did anything hinder your ability to take pleasure from your visit today? ____Yes ____No

If YES, please identify:

Programs & Exhibitions

Did you have connection with any of the following staff throughout your visit? If yes, how pleasant did

they make you feel? (Circle lots)

Not Very

Yes "No welcome welcome

Ticket seller ____ ____ 1 2 3 4 5

Usher ____ ____ 1 2 3 4 5

Security officer ____ ____ 1 2 3 4 5

Tour guide ____ ____ 1 2 3 4 5

Bar/restaurant staff ____ ____ 1 2 3 4 5

Gift shop personnel ____ ____ 1 2 3 4 5

Other (designate) ___________________________

Where have you stay yesterday evening? Hotel/Motel Friends/family RV Other

Where will you stay tonight? Hotel/Motel Friends/family RV Other

Are you visiting with children? ____Yes ____No

If yes, just how many?__________ Age groups of children?__________________________

Is our organization your only holiday vacation spot today? ____Yes____No

If no, name


Do you regularly visit arts organizations when traveling? ____Yes ____No

When you arrived here today, were you vacationing?

____North (toward Kano) or ____South (Lagos)

When you leave, will you travel ____North or ____South?

How performed you notice about us?


____Drove by



____Travel guide booklet/agent



____Other (discuss)

As a kid, did you ever visit our travel organization with?

Your family ____ Yes ____No If yes, how often? ____Frequently ____Seldom


Your university? ____ Yes ____No If yes, how often? ____Frequently ____Seldom


Program or Event Questions

How way back when do you make strategies to visit our organization?

____A few months ago

____Weeks ago

____In the previous few days

____too low


____too high

Did you utilize an interpretive aid today? ____Yes ____No

If you didn't use any interpretive supports today, you will want to?

____Didn't know they existed

____Not comfortable using technology

____Rentals cost was too high

____Audiotapes required a particular route



Not by any means Very much

To what magnitude did today's event?

Meet your anticipations? 1 2 3 4 5

How much does you enjoy this program? 1 2 3 4 5

Not at Highly

How likely are you another for other all likely likely program next twelve months? 1 2 3 4 5

refered by. . . . . . -> http://www. google. com/search?hl=en&q=sample+interview+of+a+travel+agency&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=

url is -> www. arabianbusiness. com%2F11424-travel-agent-interview-zall-koohpaima

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