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Mental Exercise And Stimulation Of Muscle Progress Psychology Essay

When we discuss exercise, many of us just focused on the bodily body exercise and overlooked the mentally brain exercise. Our brain work like a director to regulate actions and thinking. A brain cell, called neurons, linked to each other in the amount of billions to create the nervous system. The stressed system directs the motion of individuals to react to different environment and excitement. Through life, we learned and gain different experience, the neural network reinforces themselves to react to all these stimulations. For example, when we are in the age of 5, neural network responds to learning of words, and coordinate activity, when we are in the age of ten we learn to solve tougher problems like math, sport and dance. Teacher of neuroscience, John Donoghue (2000) said: "This latest analysis provides strong facts that learning itself engages LTP in the cerebral cortex as a way to strengthen synaptic links. Long-term potentiation -LTP, is a long lasting enhancement on the list of neuron-to-neutron synapses derive from stimulation. Building up of LTP increase the interconnection among neuron to create stories. Therefore, a steady of arousal of brain exercise can improve the brain function as well as the memories. Motor neurons synthesized neurotransmitter acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction and stored in the synaptic vesicles at the distal end of axon. Calcium ion is then diffused to the axonal terminal when an impulse come to, which allowed the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the synapyic vesicles to diffuse across the myoneural junction. The neurotransmitter acetylcholine is then adsorbed by the receptors on the muscle fiber content surface then biodegraded by enzyme acetylcholinesterase. In the effect, the muscle fibre contracts and expand in respond. Our body involves thousand neuromuscular junction control the movements of the muscle through gaining message from the mind. Therefore, neurotransmitter acetylcholine play an important role among brain, body, muscle as well as storage area. It's just like when you leave a balloon there for sometimes, it'll contracts. However when you blow air inside, it'll grow. Same things happen between the muscle and the receptor. "So muscle activity is a cue to keep a synapse stable, and synaptic inactivity is a cue to disassemble a synapse, " says Jeff W. Lichtman, M. D. , Ph. D. (1999), at Washington School School of Drugs. Inactivity will lead to loss of acetylcholine receptors which are kept by scaffold-a special proteins, in the muscle fibre. To strengthen the connection among neuron, both mental and physical exercise is needed to stimulate the brain.

Besides of the expansion of brain, mental exercise also demonstrated that can stimulates the growth of muscle. Research from Cleveland Clinic Foundation discovered that muscle can be strengthened without doing exercise, but just thinking about it. An experiment leads by Dr. Vinoth Ranganathan(2001) has been done by imaging their finger or elbow for 12 weeks. Results show that, the group with imaginary exercise increased their muscle strength by 35% in the finger group and 13. 4% in the elbow group. Whereas the group without imaginary exercise does not have any strength gain. The research mentioned that the improvement of the brain's capability to regulate the muscle causes the strength gain of muscle. It has clearly show that a focus mind pondering make a major different to sign the muscle and also to strengthen the muscle. Think more with the brain can actually improve the interconnection of the mind cells. Our brain will be keep developing when there exists new excitement and even elderly brain have better learning result because the highly developed neurons act in response better to the new knowledge.

Many people complaining that they have less time to exercise. They are really busying with work, children, studies, and housework. However, we can create any of the brain exercise by our own without limited time and resources. For instance, write with another hand that you usually use, you will found out that it is hard to control and feel unpleasant. Now your brain is learning, and producing the new skill. Even though is a little movement, but it could stimulate the mind to learn and think. Try others like brush pearly whites using another hands, walk up the stairs with another knee first, comb flowing hair with another side. Lawrence C. Katz, Ph. D. (1999), a professor of neurobiology from Duke School INFIRMARY and Manning Rubin(1999) created Neurobic exercises. Neurobics is an unique new system of brain exercises program which is first designed to produce neurotrophins-a natural expansion factor and secreted protein, based on the power of the brain. Neurotrophins really helps to induce the expansion of neuron and also to prevent them from cell fatality. Thus, neurobics exercise can help to fight mental maturity. This system stresses using five physical senses and psychological sense in an unusual ways to produce a different in our daily life. Neurobisc is a fun and easy exercise that you can do anywhere and anytime. When you begin doing things that are normally different from usual for example writing with another hands, you are in fact activating the new circuit and network connection of the brain. Relating to Katz L. C. , Ph. D, (1999) we have to entail one of the next theory in the exercise, which is involve one or more of your senses in a novel context, engage our attention, and break a routine activity in unpredicted. First, involve a number of senses in a novel framework means doing something with adding another senses of mental or physical that you usually do. For example, searching the wallet in bag with your eyes close. Usually we find the purse using vision and hand, however when we close our sight, we live imagining the image of tote inside our brain and through the touch sense, we have been speculating things inside the carrier others then the handbag, like key, glasses, and structure. Next, participate your attention means take action unusual to stand out from daily activities which can be existing, fun and surprising. For example, go for travel in week days, and wear informal to work. Nevertheless, break a boring activity means change a new course for daily activity, for example, rearrange your table and report, use an alternative street to work. The cause exercising your mind is to soothing your brain and incomparable future troubles.

Furthermore, dealing with mathematical question is also a different type of mental exercise. We started out handling math problem since we could in the primary school, even as get older, we make an effort to solve more complicated math questions require with more than one unknown. I am certain that everyone has been caught up in those questions and begin asking why are we learning this and where do we apply each one of these complicated factor in our day to day life? Yes, we are not going to measure the distance, compute the temperature, estimate enough time and even counting the money with all the current 'formulation', why are we learning this? Dealing with mathematical question actually require considering, reasoning, figuring and logicality. We began to figure out the situation and make an effort to use reasonable reasoning to apply the formula that we learn. Sometime, it could also increase the creativity of pondering when we want to combine more than one solution in it. When we are doing these, we have been actually increasing our brain capability to learn and growth. It can help to sharpen our mind. Same theory connect with other mental training games and activities like Soduku, bingo, crossword, Srabble, magic cube, puzzle, chess and IQ question.

Everybody know that physical activity is wonderful for health, however, not much of them understand how physical exercise plays a part in form a much better brain. In comparison to 20 years back, nowadays people spend additional time sitting in front of the computer with documents, games, and movies instead of hanging out doing exercise. The design of exercising has evolved, people use to visit gym and count to home fitness equipment, we do not breath in the new oxygen and sunshine. However, this is the one of the tendency and changes because of the development of technology. Historically, walking is merely a kind of transportation that was originally built-in just how of lifestyle, but now walking is consider a kind of exercise. When we are walking, blood circulation with air and glucose increase when deep breathing and heartrate increase to eliminate waste materials product and boost energy production. As the effect, an effectively oxygenate brain can help us think better and make an improved decision. Studies of senior citizens confirmed people who strolled at least 20 minute a day can reduce stroke risk by 57% and improve learning, amount, abstract reasoning and memory. Research from University of California at San Francisco discovered that elder women who walk regularly has less brain function decline compared to those do not walk regularly. This experiment was perform on 6000 women in eight years. Less cognitive decrease they noticed in high energy group said neurologist Kristine Yaffe, MD (2001), Chief of Geriatric Psychiatry. Most active women which walk 17 a long way per week acquired significant declines 7% less than those strolled less. Furthermore, those who walk extra kilometers can reduce the significant drop to 13%. "That is an important intervention that all of us can do and it might have huge implications in preventing cognitive drop" said Yaffe K, at the San Francisco Veterans Administration Medical Center. All these research has revealed that beside maintain health of body, a simple exercise of walking also can help ensure a specific head, increase learning and concentrating ability, improve storage, and prevent mental decrease.

Stimulation of brain in the first level of life can reserve more cognitive to avoid the brain-damaging disease. Reading and learning new vocabulary skill before the time of 18 to have an improved learning for future years use. Various other game titles like Soduku, Scrabble and crossword puzzle can also help develop new learning skill. Insufficient physical and mental exercise can lead to disease like Alzheimer's due loss interconnection among brain skin cells. Usually a mature people will have poor memory space to current issue and their respond towards stimulation will be slower. Certain area of the brain will undergoes destruction and deterioration when we get older. For instance like hippocampus encountered trouble to delivery new storage for storage goal, as well as the inactive of the basal ganglia cause the muscle to reply slower. In any case, there are numerous researches proved that regular mental exercise can favorably affect the decrease and aging damage. Both Dr. Robert P. Friedland(2001) at University or college Nursing homes of Cleveland and another 5 12 months study at the Laval School suggest that specific which is less exercise may twice more likely than those energetic individuals to develop Alzheimer's.

However, there are always benefits and drawbacks. Latest studies from Robert Wilson(2010) of Hurry University INFIRMARY in Chicago on 1157 more aged adult's cognitive decrease in a six years period claim that mind exercise might increase the rate of mental decline once Alzheimer's is diagnosed. From your starting of the test, they are all dementia-free and exactly how often they indulge to mental stimulating exercise were saved. By the end, 614 of the them stay cognitively healthy, 395 were minor cognitive decrease and 148 were reported Alzheimer's disease. According to the studies, participant that remains healthy are those who find themselves cognitively active and they are 52% slower than those inactive to build up mental decline. They often involved in pursuits like reading, watching TV, listening radio, playing games and others. In contrast, those who develop Alzheimer's disease usually involve in mental challenging activity which is 42% faster than the normal people develop mental drop. "The results do claim that mental exercises help push away dementia but then increase mental decrease after dementia onset" said Charles Hall (2010), teacher of neurology at Albert Einstein School of Medicine, New York City. Thus, Wilson's team advised that mental exercise may raise the rate of the elderly to build up mental decline after they are diagnosed Alzheimer's.

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