Medical Pot Should Be Legal Essay

Should the use of pot for therapeutic purposes end up being legalized?

Wouldn't it be easy to provide a simple black or white answer to this problem? Across the land there is much debate with this very matter, one that My spouse and i don't believe that can be resolved so quickly with a certainly or no. There are many activists that contain strong thoughts on this subject and go to the fullest magnitude to ensure they can be heard. As simple straight forward while this problem is it was hard for me to determine which side with the line I actually stood upon. After examining all of the content articles and much analysis on the concern I find myself bending toward allowing medicinal weed use. By simply allowing healing marijuana use there are gonna have to be a large number of precautions taken to ensure that these kinds of a non-traditional controversial medication is not really abuse as much people will attempt to take advantage of the specific situation.

There are many organizations in our society which might be advocates pertaining to legalizing pot for healing purposes. Many well known companies such as the American Cancer Society, American Healthcare professionals Association plus the AIDS Action Council are both pro-legalization organizations. There are many more additional companies such as the Federation of American Experts, the Lymphoma Foundation of America and the Whitman-Walker Clinic. These kinds of organizations listed are only a few of the many which can be out there along with many exercising doctors and state nurses associations. Despite the government trials and publications regarding the uselessness of cannabis these companies are more in tuned towards the patients who have really need the drug to aid cope with their particular lives. These kinds of organizations start to see the changes in people who are use the medicine even though against the law to go everyday.

Individuals such as Dixie Ramango whom made a press release of "Marijuana is the just thing that will bring me coming from giving up entirely; All I am aware is that functions from me. It retains me alive so I can get pleasure from my grandchildren. Sometimes the pain is really unbearable. This keeps me personally from attempting to kill myself and call Dr . Kevorkian. inch Dixie Ramagno is one of the various people in the usa who have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. 1 Ramagno has done research on her own research which has shown how marijuana allows patients with multiple sclerosis, AIDS, glaucoma, cancer, nausea and discomfort. She promises that it has especially proven effective in helping SUPPORTS pa...

... ese applications for treatment have been proven to be legitimate by by least 1 court, legislature or authorities agency in the us. 3

Activists who lobby to improve the laws regarding the legalization of marijuana have many main reasons why the drug should be improved from a schedule I drug to a schedule II medication. Many of the reasons and organizations are in the medical job. Legalizing the application of medicinal cannabis will help those who really need the drug. I really do believe at some point the medicine will be legal regardless if it is classified intended for medical reasons or not, when it really does become legal the federal government along with every individual state will likely need to take the necessary precautions to guarantee the drugs are not misused inside the United States. Having and keeping tight laws and programs for the newest law is going to reduce the problems some are anticipating.

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