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Media Portrayal Of Spiritual Minorities Cultural Studies Essay

In this modern society, media is seen in every area of the world. At the same time, its effect is also touching on everything and every folks of the entire world; no matter it is the majority or minorities. Looking at with the majority, minorities are disadvantage group. What's the media's portrayal on spiritual minorities? Some individuals often stated that press just provide an overall negative portrayal of religious minorities. Is it true? That is also the key topic of the essay.

For illustrating this topic obviously, first part of the paper will condition about the idea of spiritual minorities through describing what of religious and minorities. Pursuing it, it is a part about the media's main features in the minorities' area. With a wide variety of conditions and comparative examination ways, this part will found that in the minorities' area, the media's dialect, content, mainstream value and route all are different from the media's transmitting in the majority area. Next part of this essay is the primary topic of the paper, which will give the general portrayal of media on the religious minorities through quantitative approach and cases examination. With all the above analysis in detail, the previous part of the paper will notify about the conclusion of this theme. Through the several cases and quantitative approach, the author of this newspaper thought that although in the history of individual, media didn't give enough attention on the religious minorities; while combined with the time going, increasing numbers of people began concerning relating to this topic. Furthermore, press is also not merely providing the negative portrayal to the spiritual minorities; it also brings the positive information to the spiritual minorities.

As a little essay, this paper mainly uses the truth approach and quantitative way, these two main methods to analyze the comparative topics. Besides with these two methods, comparative research is another method which has been used in the complete paper's editing and enhancing and writing process.

Although this newspaper has been completed smoothly, there are still some limitations of the paper. Such as the learning areas are limited, just about the minorities in China and USA; the learning scope is not so comprehensive, just give attention to religious theories transmitting and religious ceremonies' hosting; while the minorities' religious sense as a hard topic to investigate with little data to reason or with little case to claim, this paper neglects it.

Even with these constraints, this paper still has some advantages to be read. For the following researchers, it will be a good guide in the cases and quantitative area to reason about the media's affect on the spiritual minorities.

2. 0 Discussion

2. 1 Idea of religious minorities

For speaking about about the media's portrayal on religious minorities, the spiritual minorities should be described first. It can be viewed as the basement to comprehend the topic of the paper.

Religious is a part of culture phenomenon. It can be regarded as a kind of modern culture ideology. In almost all of the time, religion sometimes appears as some sort of faith that individuals worship the God who is out there supernaturally and has the supernatural power to control this world. Besides with this kind of meaning toward the religious beliefs, some other people is convinced that religion also can be observed as a type of service to worship some individual, who might exist in the history of human being. Evaluating with the first God Religion, this is called as Man Religious beliefs and the human being religious beliefs is more logical. In this paper, the religion is defined as the God religion (Michael J. Breen, 2001).

Toward the God faith, there tend to be than ten types of religions in the whole world. The religious beliefs minorities refer to the religious beliefs those minorities' trusting or thinking.

No uncertainty it, minorities is a expression comparing to the majorities. It is smaller than the majorities in the number. For example, in China, Han nationality is almost all, while Hui, Miao, Zang, Zhuang therefore a great many other nationalities are the minorities toward Han (Yang Fuquan, 2003). In USA, White North american is the majorities; Dark colored, Asian and Hispanics are the minorities.

2. 2 Meaning of Media

After saying about the faith and minorities, this part will tell some basic details of the marketing. Media is a carrier or a tooling of the information's transmitting and spreading. It includes a wide variety of types, such as paper, television, cinema, broadcasting, publication, internet, books, advert etc. (Manoucheka Celeste, 2005).

No subject for real human being's living or for the society's development, marketing will play great role and influence the outside heavily. Through different program or different articles, it changes real human beings' living slowly and gradually. No doubt it, the mighty nationalities will play higher assignments in the press area. This is made a decision by their positions in the marketing industry and their more robust cultures. Checking with the mighty nationalities, minorities will take a seat in the poor situation. Their cultures cannot be described and mirrored like the majorities in the multimedia. Some people even said that mass media supplies the negative portrayal on the minorities' culture. Whether is it true? Following part will reason it through different cases and data

2. 3 Media's main features in the minorities' area

Media broadly exits in this world, not only in the majorities' area but also in the minorities' area. For illustrating this issue of this newspaper, over here, this paper will give some information about the media's features in the minorities' area.

Considering about profit and audience's approval, media always position the majorities sense in the first position. Most of time, media use the majorities' terms as the transmitting tooling. So often, they didn't consider about the minorities' language. For instance, in China, there are 16 channels. 14 stations of 16 are broadcasted with Chinese; 1 channel is broadcasted with English; another 1 is broadcasted with Spanish and French. There is certainly even no channel broadcasted with the minorities' terminology, even there are 55 other minorities in China. There even isn't any channel broadcasted with their words of CCTV (Li Qin, 2005). Even such as this, in the minorities' living area, such as Tibet Autonomous State, the advertising are sent with both dialects, an example may be the Tibetan language and the other an example may be Chinese.

Besides with the dialect, most of media put their main attention on the relative living, information or other cultures related to the majorities', almost never talking about the minorities, just like the past research workers said that even minorities are mentioned, they are represented as "others". In the minorities' area, even though some of minorities' living will be reported, the majority of times, the majorities living and culture is the main content. Matching to Bradley S. Greenberg & Jeffrey E. Brand's review in 1998, even in 6 places of Southwest USA, Hispanic Americas takes up 20-65% people; there are just 10% local media related to the Hispanic Americas.

If the details are rarely related with the minorities, let alone the minorities' living beliefs or religions. Sometimes even the religions are detailed; they are simply portrayed in a poor way, such as the outdated, benighted, savage or uncivilized etc. Furthermore, because of media's widely reported about the majorities' living, ideals and other cultures' aspect, as one special civilization and culture on the globe, the cultures of minorities are endured widely and very seriously assaulting. With this example, so many minorities civilization died away. Some minorities' terminology even disappears in this diversity world.

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