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Mechanistic composition and organic framework in Malaysia

In this study, there will be consisting of eight areas. The first section would be the background of research study. In such a section, it'll provide a basic understanding about the differences of mechanistic structure and organic framework and the functions of both constructions. In addition, the following part would be the research problem, research questions, research target, justification of study, significant of review and opportunity of study. Lastly, it will be the conclusion which summarizes the whole section one.

1. 1 Backdrop of Research

In Malaysia, processing industries remain growth quickly and competitively such as food and drink industries. Creation industry has enjoyed a major role in driving and growth the Malaysia Economic sector. From 1970s, increasingly more foreigners manufacturing establishments have move in and positioned their manufacturing plant in Malaysia. It has caused the amount of rivalry become higher and competitive. The creation industry must be able to respond and behave faster in the rapidly growth and change environment and technology in order to support as well as compete effectively. The engagement and dedication of employees' are very important in making industries since it will enable the company to own good performance and achieve their own goal, mission and eye-sight as well.

The organizational constructions will effect the employee's job satisfaction (Sollund, 2006). Therefore, organizational composition takes on an important role in creating employees' satisfaction and further boosting the sustainability of your company, especially in the manufacturing industry. Every company will need to have its own group structure and this organization composition will determine the business future success. You will discover two types of structures commonly used, they may be, mechanistic and organic and natural structure.

Both structure that happen to be mechanistic and organic and natural framework may have a variety of characteristics. Mechanistic structure is a framework with narrow span of control, extra tall hierarchy of authority, and many rigid rules, this structure is best used when the environment is secure and the employees are unwilling to improve. In contrast, organic structure has extensive span of control, low hierarchy of expert, and fewer regulations, which is best used when the surroundings is turbulent, and the employees will be more adaptive.

Depending on the kind of company, professionals are responsible to create the organizational structure to increase the productivity, nevertheless, boosting employees' job satisfaction. Out of this aspect, researchers would like to understand how employees are satisfied with their job in their respective making industry through the characteristics organizational structure. In this research project, the partnership between feature of the organizational structure and employees' job satisfaction in developing industry has been examined. Last but not least, the characteristics of mechanistic and organic and natural framework that are creating the employees job satisfaction will be motivated.

1. 2 Problem Definition

In the 21st century, employees' job satisfaction in company is very important for every corporation. There are a variety of researchers which have done research regarding to job satisfaction such as Carlson (1969), Glisson and Durick (1988) and Rayton (2006). However, there exists so far not many researchers carry out and carry out a study that related to the attribute of organizational composition which is mechanistic and organic and natural structure where it'll increase the employees' job satisfaction in developing industry. Regarding to Sollund (2006), employees' who is immigrant women's who works in different set ups which is organic and natural framework and mechanistic composition will have different degree of job satisfaction and company commitment. This mainly damaged by the feature of the organization constructions such as empowerment, company hierarchy, communication habits and amount of job specialization. There is certainly another researcher, Knowles and Knowles (2001) showed that employees' job satisfaction was damaged by characteristics of organizational constructions itself. Without considering employees job satisfaction, this might lead to lowering down employees' morale, output, performance, commitment and increase employees turnover rate.

The problem experienced by this research study is related to the employees' job satisfaction in processing industry between mechanistic structure and organic structure. According to Laschinger, Finegan & Shamian (2002), employees have high job satisfaction when empowerment is given to them by top management or by using decentralization whereas without empowerment or centralization will have low satisfaction. The lifestyle of empowerment in organization will increase employees' dedication and increase employees' job satisfaction. Corresponding to Spreitzer, Kizilos, and Nason (1997), employees in decentralization structure will have higher job satisfaction when they are given the authority to make decision or contribution in your choice making process.

In addition, Valuable (1950) proved that flat organization is generally better than a tall organization in term of work satisfaction. Even firm hierarchy was normally used under organic and natural organization composition. However, tall business hierarchy was preferred to use under mechanistic group structure. Relating to Leana and Fieldman (1990) and Martin (1996), there's a relationship between organizational composition and work-related stressors. On the same time, work-related stress will affect employees' job satisfaction. Employees' in high corporation hierarchy will have higher stress than even company hierarchy.

Beside that, communication patterns will also affect the employees' job satisfaction in an organizational. There have been two basic types of communication habits which is lateral and top-down communication habits. According to Burns up and Stalker (1961), mechanistic framework have a tendency to used top-down or vertical lines of communications style while lateral or horizontal lines of communication patterns was used under organic and natural framework. Pettit, Goris and Vaught (1997) explained that those employees in making industry will have significantly more job satisfaction when their corporation using vertical lines of communication habits. This is anticipated to clearer and accurate information has been transmitted to the low professionals' level and employees.

Furthermore, Shepard (1969) stated that expertise is directly affecting the employees' job satisfaction. Some analysts such as Hsieh and Chao (2004) have proved that high job expertise will normally incurred job boredom, exhaustion and monotony. Most of the time low job satisfaction due to high job field of expertise will happen in company those using mechanistic composition. Low job specialty area will increase job satisfaction which appears in company exercising using organic structure.

Therefore, researchers wish to make clearer clarification in what will be the characteristics of organizational constructions that will raise the employees' job satisfaction in Malaysia manufacturing industry. Experts will carry out a review by collecting 300 respondents and evaluate what's their most more suitable in which organization framework which is mechanistic and organic structure. You can find few characteristic of the both set ups that are empowerment which contains decentralization and centralization, organizational hierarchy which are flat and large business, the communication patterns that are downward and lateral communication styles and the degree of job field of expertise that are low and high job specialization. These four parameters researchers have recognized from this research study will help to further understanding whether organic set ups will achieve higher employees' job satisfaction than mechanistic structures in manufacturing industry surrounding the Malaysia. This may also investigate if the job satisfaction of employees in processing industry will have significant affect by the characteristics of the organizational set ups.

1. 3 Research Questions

In this research, experts have created some research questions to be looked into. This research questions are generally asking about the relationship between dependent changing and the 3rd party variables. In addition, this will permit them to get for the degree of job satisfaction that will damaged by others 3rd party parameters in mechanistic composition and organic structure in developing industry. The study questions that analysts stated below are the main concentration for their research study.

Is there any factor between centralization in mechanistic framework and decentralization in organic structure toward employees' job satisfaction in making industry?

Is there any factor between extra tall hierarchy in mechanistic structure and toned hierarchy in organic framework toward employees' job satisfaction in developing industry?

Is there any factor between vertical communication structure in mechanistic framework and lateral communication pattern in organic and natural framework toward employees' job satisfaction in making industry?

Is there any significant difference between high degree of job field of expertise in mechanistic framework and low amount of job field of expertise in organic framework toward employees' job satisfaction in developing industry?

What will be the characteristics in Mechanistic Composition and Organic Structure affecting employees' job satisfaction in developing industry?

1. 4 Research Objectives

There is few research aims needed to be achieve by experts. After completing this research study, researchers are able to achieve the research objectives that they have establish. This research questions will enable those to answer the research questions that stated above.

To discover if there is a big change between centralization in mechanistic structure and decentralization in organic and natural composition toward employees' job satisfaction in developing industry.

To discover when there is a significant difference between large hierarchy in mechanistic composition and toned hierarchy in organic framework toward employees' job satisfaction in manufacturing industry.

To discover if there is a significant difference between vertical communication style in mechanistic framework and lateral communication style in organic framework toward employees' job satisfaction in manufacturing industry.

To discover when there is a big change between high amount of job specialty area in mechanistic structure and low amount of job expertise in organic structure toward employees' job satisfaction in manufacturing industry.

To investigate the characteristics in Mechanistic Framework and Organic Composition those are impacting employees' job satisfaction in manufacturing industry.

1. 5 Justification of Study

The aim of this study is to determined the relationship between your four independent parameters which is empowerment, organizational hierarchy, communication habits, and job field of expertise and job satisfaction as the reliant variable in mechanistic versus organic organization in making industry. There are many solutions to improve employee's job satisfaction and it is the role of the Human Resource Department to manage and improve job satisfaction in their firm. Activities such as selecting the best worker, training and development, retention of employees and settlement and benefits are usually done to make the organization expand wider and positively. Effectiveness and efficiency of the programs placed should be timely and it is seen as area of the growing and learning process to the employees.

From the research, researchers figured out the key factors that triggers the dissatisfaction of employees. From here, developing industry in Malaysia can improve their Human Resource Department and also enhance their employees' job satisfaction through the experts' research study. This research will offered as a guideline for them as this research provides them with useful information to the developing industry. This research will allow the making industry to find the core of the issues in their management. Thus, they will be in a position to find the solution to help them improve job satisfaction in their management. Thus, this will create a better work environment and most significantly is employees' job satisfaction.

1. 6 Significant of Study

1. 6. 1 Business Perspective

This research allows the business to identify what can cause job dissatisfaction in processing industry in mechanistic and organic and natural business. With this, the business knows that there are areas that needed much attention to improve their corporation job satisfaction. They can improve job satisfaction by implementing effective performance appraisal programs, rewards system, reimbursement and benefits offer, training and development and practice a better recruitment and selection process.

This research could also help the business to improve or reformed their company performance. Human Learning resource Development also contains individual job planning and development activities, firm development and performance management and appraisal. When all this are better significantly, it'll enhance the organization's performance, employee's job satisfaction as well as firm growth.

Since this review is performed in a form of questionnaire, this will anonymously let the organization know the amount of dissatisfaction of their workers in the business. Therefore, the personality of the employees is as yet not known by the organization which allows the employees to answer the questionnaire more effectively. Hence, the organization could realize the level of job dissatisfaction among the list of employees where they can improve the needs of their workers and then increases the job satisfaction in the business.

Besides Empowerment, organizational hierarchy, communication habits, and amount of job specialization, the organization can also identify more factors that are impacting on the employees' job satisfaction. If the organizations have found out the factors impacting employees' job satisfaction, they can enhance the work quality and employees will produce better with minimal flaws. In another expression, the performance of the whole business will improve.

Employees work marriage and the determination of the employees will also increase when the employees are definitely more satisfied towards their job. When one's needs are satisfy, they have got increased sense of belonging in their firm interpretation they feel more secure in their group. Hence, the employees are more devoted and the have better romantic relationship amongst their co-workers.

1. 6. 2 Individual Perspective

Employees' job satisfactions are the key reason they stay and be committed to the business. If job dissatisfaction occurs, they have the thoughts of giving the organization to work with a better firm which can offer better job satisfaction. Therefore, before the organization losses their employees who are actually working with them, actions have to be taken, for example a questionnaire. That's where the employees help to make the organization a much better work place.

When proper communications are set up, work relations among top management and lower management possess the chance to work more harmoniously plus more cooperatively. This can enhance the responses and feed forward communication of these work to better improve work quality and relationship among the employee. Whenever a proper communication is being used, the task instructions can be easily followed and obeyed thus making their work more complete and job satisfaction will increase.

After Human Source Management methods such good planning, arranging, leading and managing in their management, employees' job satisfaction increase. The employees will believe that they have identical responsibility and chances as everyone else in the business. Therefore, making them feel more important as part of the growing corporation. When this sense is planted in every the employees, they feel more treasured by the organization which is why they'll stay around in the business longer. Thus, creating work determination among the list of employees. From this, the employees will continue to work harder to the organization's goals, perform better and work output increase.

1. 7 Opportunity of Study

This study offers a overview of employee's job satisfaction in mechanistic and organic structure in processing industry. The targets of researchers study are to study how the impartial factors in their review are impacting on the dependent varying in mechanistic and organic and natural structure in manufacturing industry.

This report endeavors to provide a snapshot of employee's job satisfaction and what are the impacting on reasons to employee's job satisfaction in mechanistic and organic and natural structure in manufacturing industry. The opportunity of this section is wide and attempts to handle all issues involved in the employee's job satisfaction. Therefore, it'll treat issues such as empowerment, hierarchy, communication and job specialization.

1. 8 Conclusion

In this section one, the experts have clearly described the background of the research study. From then on, they also have written out the challenge explanation of their study. In this problem definition, research workers have explained out why they would like to carry out the research study.

After the condition definition, they have got made some research questions and from the study questions they could indicate their research objectives of the research research. This research questions and research targets will drive them a correct direction for his or her entire study.

Finally, researchers have further explained the justification of the research review and then follow by the significant of the study analysis and the range of their study. The purpose of this chapter is to set a guideline to them to be able to complete their entire research study effectively.

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