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This sacred meaning of life essay

That has happened and you’ve been assigned the toughest writing work in your life – a meaning of life essay. Indeed, what could be more difficult than trying to answer this question? Evidently, meaning of life essays have never been popular with students, because no one knows for sure the very essence of this question. Nevertheless, you’ll have to write this essay meaning of life, so let’s get to the meaning of your writing task.

Well, the meaning of life is one of the greatest mysteries of humanity. A great number of people are assured that only religion can answer this question. However, you don’t need to be a true believer to handle this question. In the meaning of life essay, we’ll try to view the issue from different angles. To be exact, let’s see life as a game, tragedy and enjoyment.

Life as a game

When working out a game, a reputable game designer provides players with a solid collection of various compelling choices. While the choices remain compelling, the game will most likely remain exciting enough. On the other hand, if the choices are confusing, boring and pointless, the players won’t get the expected pleasure.

Consider such classic games as chess, poker, etc. All of them offer their players compelling choices. What about a tic tac toe? When you were a kid, the choices seemed compelling, though the game was still fun. Now you’re an adult and you perceive these choices as obvious and boring. As a result, the game has lost its legendary appeal. Moreover, even such skill-based games like Quake or golf suggest taking compelling choices.

In a game, you’re expected to spend resources. For example, these may be energy, mana, etc. In turn resources generate a slew of new choices.

I’m a game designer and recently it has occurred to me that perceiving life as a game stuffed with compelling choices really makes sense. By the way, for starters reality offers all the properties mentioned above. Yes, as a real life starter you can take advantage of a vast array of choices for resource acquisition, skill building, relationships and so on. When we get older, our decisions become more complex and our childhood priorities are no longer actual.

Do you know the real purpose of a game? To be short our goal here is to have a lot of fun. However, there’s another no less significant reason to play games is to grow as a personality – no one denies that games often appear to be perfect teachers. If your life is just a game, then nothing prevents you from having a lot of fun and growing, doesn’t it?

Life as a tragedy

That’s an evident fact that all of us live in an extremely difficult world. There’s no wonder many people agree that life is very hard for the vast majority of human beings. Any of us can get stuck, but a good thing is that we are not along in the places we feel stuck.

Around the world lots of folks have to live with severe problems of pain. Many homes are flooded with insoluble questions, which keep coming with the only purpose stay there forever. Any of us knows for sure that pain is real. At the same time, we can enjoy a pretty good privilege – an opportunity to realize that a hope is real too. If there’s a hope, we can count on some help.

There’s nothing strange in the fact that the rescue is real and freedom is possible. Meanwhile, we also hope that God is still interested in our redemption. We see how persons’ life change as they receive the long-awaited help. In the most desperate moments we may even think of suicide. Nevertheless, we admit that even the most miserable life is worth fighting for and this gives reason to live.

Life as enjoyment

A hedonistic approach to life is one of the most popular ones. At least, it’s opposite to the gloomy suggestion mentioned above that life is an everlasting tragedy. Optimists will never agree that we are all born to suffer or something like this. Many people associate life with enjoyment, just like their ancestors long ago. There’s an irresistible temptation to live with comfort and happiness. However, despite the positive side of this approach to life, we often narrow it down to quite primitive things, such as food and drink. To say the truth, in older times an ability to purchase enough food for oneself and one’s family was an evident sign of prosperity and even happiness and many people had to work from morning till night not to die of starvation. However, even today there are certain parts of the world where sufficient amounts of food is a direct equivalent of happiness, but fortunately, the rest of the world has gone beyond this primitive conception of happiness. We all have to take pride in our work and then enjoy the fact it will bring us prosperity.

What approaches to life are you going to choose? We actually don’t doubt that you’ll pick up the last one.

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