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Mcdonalds And Computer Systems IT Essay

McDonalds is one of the fast growing and wide available fast food chain of the world. It has developed a global popularity a competitive benefit all over the world. Technology is the new paradigm of assessing a business performance and success. In our discussion, we will discuss that how McDonalds is able to manage its personal computers. In the start, we will discuss the major part, subcomponents and performance requirements of personal computers. Then we will discuss the operating systems and suggest a compatible operating system to be used with an organization. Thirdly, you will see a discussion about how can we design your computer system keeping in view the end user requirements and organizational goals. Finally, we will test our designed computer system for example, it is properly designed or please note keeping view the organizational goals, efficient fitness and well-being and safety of customers.


As everybody knows that McDonalds is one of the most growing fast food chains of the world. They have a very diverse system of procedures and management. Today due to the recent progress in technology, McDonalds has developed such your personal computer and it system to control its operations which has now become a main competence for McDonalds against its opponents. Technology can be considered a great competitive gain against opponents if it is used efficiently and accurately. In our discourse, we will attempt to view technology and pcs as part of operations strategically. First of all, we will research the personal computers of McDonalds.

Outcome 1: Exploration of Computer Systems

P1: Machine components or sub systems appropriate to given process:

If we start to see the procedures of McDonalds, then we can certainly analyze that scheduled to wide spread and variety of McDonalds operations, we desire a complicated, complicated and flexible inner computer repository system. This system is needed so that all the departments such as Marketing, Fund and RECRUITING should record their operations and data in a single data source system for integrity and convenience. Discussing the sub systems, we need to develop such a solid subsystem to build up a solid integration in businesses but with customer convenience and satisfaction. In conditions of machine components, we are in need of CPUs, Display Displays, Networking Designs and Operating System Software.

On the client side, we have to develop a convenient system to make customer experience better and increase our sales. Due to the dramatic upsurge in internet and web users, maybe it's a powerful technique to go surfing for selling items. Unfortunately, McDonalds has not developed such a system yet to provide goods to customers. They are suffering from something of placing requests on phone in which goods like burgers are sent right to consumers. Finally, we ought to develop such some type of computer system which could provide us convenience, integration and better experience for customers.

P2: Evaluation of the Performance of Selected System:

The system above we have recommended for McDonalds has a huge amount of advantages that are as follows:

Integrity and Reliability

Speed of Operations

Enhancement of Customer Experience

Control and Audit

And the primary disadvantages could be:

Complexity of Operations

Higher Costs

But if we evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of chosen system then we can easily see that advantages tend to be more than disadvantages. The advantages of an improved computer system may easily defeat the costs of adopting such something.

If we see McDonalds, they have already installed the entire system as we reviewed above, but there is certainly small discrepancy they are not yet online to sell their products. If they add this part of their strategy, it would be a way to obtain competitive advantage. The reason behind is that mainly the online customers are Young people and these young people are the most frequent buyers of fast food than the population of other age groups. (Associated Press, 2004) (Meena Kumari Rajani, M. S. Chandio, 2004)

Outcome 2: Analysis of Working System

P3: Functions and features of different types of os's:

The different sorts of os's are Glass windows, Acorn Computer systems, Amiga, Apollo Personal computers, and Apple etc. The selection of a operating-system purely will depend on its efficiency, known quality and its compatibility with the organization systems. The various categories of operating systems are: technology, ownership, utilization, working state and licensing etc.

Microsoft is one the most thoroughly and widely used operating system available world. We think McDonalds being truly a fast food chain must take up Microsoft as its operating-system because of its known quality, compatibility and integrity. The essential features and functions of Microsoft windows are:

Most Greatly Used

Integrity and Reliability

Speed of Operations

Another important function of house windows is that it is mostly appropriate for latest INTERNET. There may be some news about the compatibility issues of other os's.

Another important function of glass windows is that it offers more network storage area than every other operating-system.

Most of the computer systems are designed limited to Microsoft and it works easily with the aged computers.

P4: How to customize os's:

There is a sizable number of operating software which may be used to personalize our os's. For instance for customizing glass windows we can use Microsoft word, excel, works etc. For Mac, addititionally there is much software for customization. If we evaluate the functions of McDonalds, then by implementing glass windows, we can customise this operating-system and it could be made flexible to use. For writing reviews about daily sales or new recruits, we may use Microsoft word. Similarly, for financial reporting, we can use Microsoft Excel. For enterprise source planning there are a large number of possibilities. For instance, we may use SAP for as an ERP system for McDonalds. For Customer Invoicing, we can again use Microsoft word or Microsoft excel. This customization has also an advantage for us because the numbers of house windows users are a lot more in world than Macintosh or other operating system users.

The McDonalds is operating through franchising system in virtually all the countries of the world (McDonalds Formal Website, 2007). There are always a different os's being used in several franchises of McDonalds. It might turn into a problem and inconvenience to control functions. We think McDonalds, should develop a single operating-system and a global wide database to raised manage and control it s functions.

Outcome 3: Making a Computer System

P5: research and identification of the key components for your personal computer system for a specific user:

The key components necessary for a person totally will depend on the utilization and responsibility of a particular user. We are able to take a good example, for example at the front desk requires a complete Central handling unit and several accessories such as printers for stamping invoices. Similarly the accounts office will need almost all computer accessories and components because they have to do financial tracking and reporting. Likewise the marketing professionals need laptops because they to analyze the consumers flavour and habits. The bigger management needs a little extra system software to monitor the activities of the organization.

Now will try to build up and investigate the key components for a marketing supervisor at McDonalds. A marketing director needs to travel to different areas for making strategies about market segmentation and product placement. Moreover, McDonalds is also operating in a complete world with diverse cultures and likes. It must face up to the challenges of different cultures and marketing professionals need some research work to be achieved. Thirdly, they have to manage and guide their subordinates. Also, marketing managers need to communicate with the bigger level management. Keeping all the function in mind, a marketing supervisor needs a LAPTOP with wireless internet connectivity for convenience and versatility. Laptop is effective because it won't affect the works of the manager while he is moving places or going. Subsequently, through internet connectivity, it can guide and manage subordinates through e-mail.

P6: Complete computer system to suit a given activity:

Let us elaborate more on planning a special computer system for a special task. We will take human resources for McDonalds for our point of attention. McDonalds is a global organization and it functions is different parts of the world. Because of its functions in diverse parts of the world, it needs to hires from local countries to lessen its cost and better functions.

Human Resources Section of McDonalds must face different kind of problems to meet this target. For instance, interviewing applicants from various areas of the world is nothing more but challenging. They need a computer system with complete components plus accessories such as printers and faxes etc. They also need internet connectivity. This can help them to interview prospects from various areas of the earth and their productive screening. In addition, they can email applicants or can communicate with them online through internet connectivity. Moreover, they can submit their accounts using Microsoft term or excel. In addition they need projectors and video recording conferencing to train their employees and subordinates. An effective internal repository system must be made to develop integration and capability of operations. For instance, Human resources section can access staff information through all over the world. This assists them in successful employees planning and staff databases. Today, McDonalds is using the RECRUITING Information system for this function. It is not hard for the procedure managers again to send studies to the human resources team for internet connectivity. Furthermore, employees can easily report back again to human resources department in every their organizational problems.

Outcome 4: Screening the Computer System

P7: Planning that check system hardware and software components using standard techniques:

We can adopt systems development lifecycle for managing and checking the computer components exactly like McDonalds does. We are able to divide this checking and audit in three sections: Initiation period, Planning Phase, Developing Phase.

In the initiation phase, we can first of all assess the strategic business targets and can have useful insights about our business. This task involves tactical business goals and technology goals, expected benefits from adopting your computer system, expected and potential organizational changes, and business regulations and regulations. Then we can proceed to the efficient requirements and inspections such as person requirements, information and inside security requisitions, os's compatibility and adoption, and internal or external interface requirements. Thirdly, Job management and risk management must be considered. Finally, while choosing the computer system, different solutions must be looked at.

In the look phase, we have to plan about the guidelines and laws and compatibility of technology with the organizational culture. With this stage, we can check and plan that if a computer system is compatible with the organizational culture or not? Second of all, predicated on the roles and controls of person, we can review the useful fit of particular computer hardware or software necessity and availableness.

In the look period, we can design or REDESIGN your personal computer system after considering the organizational requirements and customers convenience and efficiency. In our exemplory case of McDonalds, we can certainly examine that although McDonalds has a good computer system and management but much more needs to be achieved to avoid any future menace from competition. (www. ffiec. gov, 2009)

P8: User Documentation for Computer System:

User documentation is the process of discussing and experimenting during a project or in an organization. This system is very important to put into practice. It offers goals, theories, tasks, method, technicians, and benefits.

Goals involve the prospective given to each customer in records. Well in case there is computer sytem, it is the target of the consumer which he must achieve using a system. For example, in the example of McDonalds, a sales official need to properly use personal computers to attain potential sales. Ideas involve the reason or organizational aims and visions. Users should work under the ideas of company. While jobs, method, mechanics and benefits are all associated with end user and all these things are essential. (Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference, 1991)

P9: Security Insurance plan for the System:

The Computer system can be anchored by putting in proper antivirus software like Norton Antivirus. Proper internet security applications software must be used to prevent the systems from any threats. Furthermore, the e-mail monitoring or display capturing of e-mail is also applied by some organizations but it can provide rise to a sizable number of honest issues like the level of privacy of employees. Furthermore proper firewalls may also be installing to triumph over this issue. Each one of these practices are followed by McDonalds.

P10: Health and Basic safety Requirements of Systems:

Proper measures should also be taken while implementing something. For example, sitting long time against computers can damage the eyesight customers. So proper rays blocking screen must been used with display monitors to prevent employees from the threats of eyesight. McDonalds is doing well in this area by offering its employees an effective balance between work and home. (McDonalds Official Website, 2009)


From the dialogue above, we can see that McDonalds is a worldwide organization and it is rolling out a strong computer and information technology system in its procedures but there's also some defects in it. All the things we reviewed above are essential for having a powerful and successful computer system. For a Global Organization like McDonalds, A proper thought and attention must be paid to I. T Section to meet global difficulties.

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