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Maxis Communications Berhad

1. 0 Introduction

Maxis Marketing communications Berhad is a cellular phone service provider in Malaysia. It was started in the entire year 1993. It uses the dialling prefix identifier of "012", "017" and "0142". Their mobile services are given on the 900 & 1800 MHz GSM group as July 2005, the 2100 MHz UMTS band. Maxis Berhad, using its consolidated subsidiaries (mutually, 'Maxis'), is the leading mobile marketing communications company in Malaysia with over 11. 4 million mobile subscribers as of 30 June 2009. Maxis was granted licences to use a countrywide GSM900 mobile network, a home predetermined network and an international gateway in 1993. It commenced its mobile procedures in August 1995 and launched its fixed line and international gateway businesses in early on 1996. Since its establishment, Maxis has been providing a complete suite of services on multiple platforms to fulfil the telecommunications needs of individual consumers, SMEs and large corporations in Malaysia.

Maxis' mobile service emerges over a postpaid basis under the Maxis brand and via a prepaid format under the Hotlink brand. The usage of these two particular brands, underpinned by synergistic values, has enabled Maxis to develop its pre-paid business efficiently while maintaining expansion in its postpaid segment. Maxis in addition has pioneered and led the Malaysian market in providing impressive mobile products and services. It was the first ever to unveiling 3G services in Malaysia - known as Maxis3G - in July 2005, and in Sept 2006, it became one of the world's first to utilize HSDPA, a high-speed update of its 3G network, to provide cordless broadband services. It was the first operator to bring the BlackBerry and Apple iPhone smart phones to Malaysia. The company in April 2009 unveiled the first commercial NFC-powered service in Malaysia. Maxis provides improved postpaid plans to corporate and SME customers, based on its highly successful consumer postpaid programs. These strategies are custom-made to meet the needs of enterprises, especially improved communications within and beyond their chemical substance.

Maxis' international gateway services include termination of traffic into Malaysia from international telecommunications companies, assisting Maxis' own outbound international direct dial (IDD) traffic, collecting international transit traffic and bandwidth leasing services. Maxis currently maintains bilateral cable connections with an increase of than 95 providers in 38 countries and has capital investment funds in a number of submarine cable systems to carry its international voice and data traffic.

Maxis offers a variety of mobile communication products and services. They provide prepaid call programs, monthly subscription programs, International Roaming, MMS, WAP (over both GSM and GPRS), Residential Fixed Brand services, Broadband Internet strategies, and by early on 2005, 3G services to both prepaid and postpaid registration customers. For business customers, Maxis offer VSAT services (satellite tv based marketing communications) and BlackBerry founded mobile services besides regular services.

Maxis also has an online Music store because of its customers to download media content. Maxis most popular service is its pre-paid brand Hotlink, which currently serves over 8 million customers in Malaysia. They are currently heavily promoting a new IDD 132 service, which offers cheaper calling rates mobile & landlines in chosen countries, at a rate of 20 sen (about 6 US cents) per minute which is, at certain times for many members, even cheaper when compared to a local call.

Maxis' significant progress and strong history of bringing creativity, excellent customer experience and value to stakeholders has received the company numerous awards over the years. The latest accolades include:

Malaysia's TOP Companies: Ranked 1 - Asia's 200 Most Admired Companies, The Wall membrane Neighborhood Journal Asia, 2006

Asian Mobile Operator of the Year - Asian Mobile Reports Award, 2007

Fourth Most Valuable Brand in Malaysia - Brand Money, 2008 and 2009

Service Provider of the entire year (Malaysia) - Frost & Sullivan, 2008

Mobile Data Service Provider of the Year (Malaysia) - Frost & Sullivan, 2009

Recipient of the Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand Honor - Asia Pacific International Brands Summit Malaysia, 2009

Maxis' eye-sight is to bring advanced communications services to enrich its customers' lives and businesses, in a manner that is easy and personalised, by successfully and creatively harnessing leading edge technology, and providing a brand of service experience that is reliable and enchanting. Maxis are intensifying its business into Indonesia and India. End up being the local communications professional at there is certainly one of the goals to be performed. Presently, Maxis has received 51% stake in Indonesia and 74% equity curiosity about India. These acquisitions can help maxis to achieve a huge development in its business.

2. 0 Content

In the disposition of the military, Sun Zi stresses that those who excelled in warfare first made themselves unconquerable in order to wait as soon as when the enemy could be conquered. To secure ourselves against beat lies in our very own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself. Thus person who excels in warfare can make himself unconquerable, but cannot actually cause the enemy to be conquerable. The opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself, if and only if we've the trained manpower to secure ourselves against defeated by enemy. Therefore, win can be foresees without able being to do it. When we unable to beat the enemy, then we have to mend our type of battle, plus protect the mom land from the episode of enemy. In in contrast, we should be attacking rather than defending when we contain the superabundance of durability. Those who excel at defense bury themselves away below the lowest depths of Earth. Those who excel at offence move from above the greatest levels of Heaven. Thus they are able to preserve themselves and attain complete triumph.

Furthermore, it isn't an acme of superiority if you can foresee the victory, even though everyone was cheered for the success. Lifting a scalp in fall is no indication of great durability. To have the ability to see the sun and the moon is not sign of clear perspective. To have the ability to hear the roar of the thunder is not a indication of well-defined reading. The victories triumphed in by a get good at of war gain him neither reputation for knowledge nor merit for courage. For he wins his victories without erring. Without erring he establishes the certainty of his victory; he conquers an enemy already defeated. Therefore, the competent commander occupies a position where he cannot be defeated and misses no opportunity to conquer his enemy. Thus, a victorious army always seeks challenge after his ideas indicate that victory is possible under them, whereas an military destined to defeat battles in the hope of winning but without any planning.

Those that the ancients referred to as excelling at warfare conquered those who had been easy to conquer. Their victories weren't marked by fame for knowledge or courageous accomplishment but were clear of errors. One who is free from errors directs his options toward certain victory, conquering those who find themselves already defeated. Now, the components of the skill of battle are first, the dimension of space; second, the estimation of volumes; third, calculations; fourth, comparisons; and fifth, likelihood of win. Measurements of space are derived from the ground. Amounts derive from dimension, figures from quantities, comparisons from characters, and success from comparisons. Thus the victorious army is like a lot weighed against an ounce, while the defeated army is similar to an ounce weighed against a ton! The battle of the victorious is similar to the rapid release of an pent-up torrent down a thousand-fathom gorge. This is the proper disposition of drive.

The Relevant Theories:

Ensure Undefeated

Planning: The building blocks of successful management

Planning is thought as placing goals and deciding how to accomplish them. By others words, planning is dealing with doubt by formulating future programs of action to attain specified results. In Sun Tzu's artwork of warfare, the tactical dispositions theory says that we must first gets the invulnerable conditions before compete with others. Therefore, the great things about planning help you check on your improvement, coordinate activities, think ahead and cope with uncertainty. The doubt includes state doubt, response uncertainty and effect uncertainty.


Organizing is organizing activity, people, and other resources to perform the work. That is important because to ensure the success of the organization's goals. In Sun Tzu's art of warfare, the tactical dispositions says that a innovator should well coordinate their army, resources and battle before sending those to a challenge field.

Time to offend and defend

SWOT Research:

Inside things:

Strength: Traits of the organization which are beneficial to achieving the objective. Weaknesses: Attributes of the business which are bad for achieving the objective.

Outside issues:

Opportunities: External conditions that happen to be helpful to achieving the objective.

Threats: External conditions that could do harm to the business's performance.

In Sun Tzu's art of war, the tactical dispositions theory says that people should analyze every one of the matters above to ensure whether to harm or defend such as five important elements, like measurement, estimation of number, calculation, controlling of chances, win. Firstly, the dimension of place means we should consider the surroundings of the organization. Subsequently, the estimation of number such as capacity of natural and human resources. Thirdly, the calculation by the leader to set up the man and natural resources. Fourthly, the balancing of chances such as evaluating the chances of success. Fifthly, by consider every one of the above, and then you will foresee the triumph.


Tactical Dispositions points out the value of defending existing positions until you can progress them and exactly how you must identify opportunities, however, not try to create them.

We Cannot Control, So WE SHOULD See.

Conditions in the surroundings are going to reinforce some technology and make them powerful. These conditions are beyond our control. They aren't observation. We should 'see' them to find momentum. Sun Tzu reveal where you can look for signs of these styles.

In sales and marketing, the energy of an idea is demonstrated by buying things. The secret to locating momentum is covered in our sales report. In general management, it is exhibited by reducing circuit time or bettering productivity. It is hidden in our management report. We must identify what's employed in a meaningful way.

The Role of Competition

In any competition, our competitors play a key role in our strategy. We must watch and keep up with our opposition. In other words, we must really know what they certainly and copy their best practices. While doing so, we look for ways that we can exceed our challengers.

Sun Tzu instructs that we cannot create the chance for success.

Our competitors create the opportunity. We are able to only recognize the ability when it occurs. This demands special skill and training. Whenever we see a chance, we must take good thing about it. Competition is not a fistfight. It really is a game of chess. We match your competition until they leave us with an advantage.

3. 0 Discussions

Maxis Communication Berhad is one of the most famous communication services in Malaysia. It was started since 1995. It uses the dialing prefix identifier of "012", "017" and "0142". Besides, Maxis provides a variety of mobile communication products and service. They offer prepaid call programs, monthly subscription ideas, global roaming, MMS, WAP, Residential Fixed Brand services, Broadband Internet plans, and by early on 2005, 3G services to both prepaid and postpaid registration customers.

Nowadays, Maxis has confronted many opponents in the same market area. For example, Digi and Celcom. However, Digi is the most challenging competitor for Maxis. In tactical dispositions, Sunzi emphasizes that before waiting for the chance of defeating the foe, the nice fighters like the general and their military need to ensure themselves possess the indefectible conditions. The opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself, if and only if we've the trained manpower to secure ourselves against defeated by opponent. Therefore, triumph can be foresees without able being to do it. When Digi promoted the Digi Campus, Maxis decided to come out the tactical with Hotlink Young ones Team. Digi Campus is a particular promotion plan for students which offer the call rate is 15sen per minute while demand absolve to any digi systems after RM2 daily spent. This may cause a threat of getting rid of customers to Maxis for a certain period. Maxis choose to defend but not counter-attack for a while when facing the competitor challenging strategy because they understood the concept of defend when fragile and offend when strong. It might take a longer period to Maxis to come out the better counter strategy to face the competitor. After concluding a detail research and development, Maxis come out the Hotlink Young ones Membership plan which is marketed a lower call rate in 12sen per minute and valid for 4 years. By this, Maxis will be able to overcome the lowering market demand from customers and catch the attention of more open public to be Maxis users.

Besides, it isn't an acme of superiority if you can foresee the triumph, even though every person was cheered for the victory. Sunzi theories stated that people should evaluate the chances of victory by estimating the degree of difficulty of the ground and establishing the probability of victory against the opponent. In Malaysia, communication service market encounters a sizable competition among the firms. Nowadays, many communication service companies go into the service market like U-Mobile and U-Tune. They also offer various types of competitive strategies and programs to survive in the market world. As a result, Maxis face many complications and not easy to remain stable in the prevailing market. Generally, many customers are price elastic and hypersensitive to the market prices, they can be easy to change to other company. So, that is hard for Maxis to lock their loyal customers in market. Suntzu said, "he will is aware the other side (the adversary) and know himself will never be defeated in a hundred battles. " Even though Maxis is facing the down sides of many strong opponents, Maxis understand well their strengths and weaknesses. They always utilize their strengths to pay their weaknesses, so they have got a solid competitive benefits and there are no opportunities for other opponents companies to affect their market size. They attempted to offer a great deal of special campaign to different degree of customers to construct they good image for the company.

As a result, by applying sunlight Tzu tactical disposition theory, the Maxis Company is an extremely well-organized company which has a great focal point on their maintaining their standards of creating quality of the communication service and keeping all customers, employees, business lovers, and shareholders have a good services while using the maxis package and to stabilize their position in the existing market.

4. 0 Recommendations

In Malaysia, there are several potential telecommunication companies such as Celcom, Digi, U-mobile, and Maxis. To be able to stay ahead among competitors, Maxis should focus more on research and analyze their success level and market size. Maxis should find out some better techniques to enlarge their market size. For instance, appeal to more customers by advocated more strategies or choices for customers. Thus, this will lead Maxis to a higher profitability level.

In addition, Maxis should also improve in the aspect of advertising weighed against DIGI. Nowadays, yellowish color or yellowish man has turned into a trademark of DIGI. This hallmark has a solid impression of DIGI for public due to its creative and effective advertising ideas yet Maxis has loss in this aspect. To get improvement, Maxis has to build a deep image through creative advocating. As Grasp Sun said, "It really is a must ensure themselves has the indefectible conditions before there can be an opportunity to beat their enemy. "

Moreover, Maxis should know well their weaknesses in order to remain beyond in telecommunicating industry. They are able to get suggestion and feedback from other customer through questionnaire or study to collect responses to get improvement on the weaknesses.

Maxis is one of the actual company that has capability to stay forward among competition. "Those who find themselves not able to win must defend, those who are able to get must invasion" (Sun Tzu's Arts of Warfare), Maxis may achieve the final victory.

5. 0 Conclusion

In business field, Sun Zi Skill of Conflict and Business Strategies are such a powerful tactics for staying ahead from opponents. In disposition of the army chapter, we have learned all about good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the opportunity of beat, and then waited for a chance of defeating the foe. As being a company that wished to be succeed, they need to be able to ensure that they can not be defeated by challengers, while they need to wait for possibility to achieve success which will depend on their rivals.

Furthermore, to accomplish victory, we have to foresee on our resources and another factors. We must able to protect and attack in line with the circumstances. We should defend when we have inadequate recourses. Alternatively, we should harm when resources is enough for success. Furthermore, if we have the capability to protect ourselves from attack, that can be considered as succeed.

In conclusion, Sun Zi Skill of Battle is a good tactics in business field which may be implemented in business to attain a company's goal in order to make it through in cruel business war.

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