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Masturbation: Prevention and Treatment | Article Review

  • Jamie Burden

Scholarly Article on preventing Masturbation:

The scholarly article under consideration is Masturbation: Prevention and the Treatment compiled by A. Shekarey, M. Sedaghat Rostami, Kh. Mazdai, A. Mohammadi first released in Procedia (A. Shekarey, 2011) as a peer examined scholarly article. This article investigates the topic of masturbation thoroughly. The author's goal was to provide traditional evidence displaying the ill effects of masturbation and the article is focused on providing a solution to the erotic dependency called masturbation. Inside the articles they may have discussed various scenarios that can be put to execution in order to avoid masturbation. Based on the authors a study conducted in Iran demonstrated that Iranian women and men, ninety-two and sixty-two percent respectively, have masturbated during their life and no sexual activity is really as controversial but common as masturbation (A. Shekarey, M. Sedaghat Rostami, Kh. Mazdai, A. Mohammadi, 2011). This research attempts to research the main and the commonest sexual risk, masturbation, to young adults and the youth, especially one of the university students and provide some information about physical, mental, religious, moral and honest damages of masturbating (A. Shekarey, M. Sedaghat Rostami, Kh. Mazdai, A. Mohammadi, 2011).

Further in the studies, the article explains the possible factors behind masturbation. Based on the journal there can be several reasons that can and will lead from sexual annoyance and develop in to masturbation. In addition they discussed the percentage of masturbation among women and men, based on the journal men tend to be dependent on masturbation than women. They further state that teenagers are probably to start out puberty when they are in senior high school, so they should be given enough knowledge of erotic harms and steps (A. Shekarey, M. Sedaghat Rostami, Kh. Mazdai, A. Mohammadi, 2011). Masturbation is an action similarly condemned by both female teenagers and male teens. Although, there are several purposes a teenager will participate in this practice such concerning avoid despair and pressure in lifestyle. Authors highlighted the unwanted effects of the masturbation on the physical and mental health of the teenagers. Symptoms were also talked about with their social damages. Coming to the main goal of the paper, writer gave enough ideas to treat and stop the work of masturbation (A. Shekarey, M. Sedaghat Rostami, Kh. Mazdai, A. Mohammadi, 2011).

In the conclusion the authors state that there can be several ways to gratify the sexual wants; some are deemed acceptable and some are not. Based on the journal masturbation is known as to be an unacceptable way of gratifying ones sexual wishes. Young adults should be better educated regarding the mental and physical problems that can be expected from masturbation when they get started puberty. Making love education should be provided through many technological programs and treatments. It should be noted that a mentally and literally healthy teenager may become a resourceful young ones. The instruction of parents and teachers should be there in order to clear almost all their doubts in regards to a healthy sexual patterns. In short the authors tried out to confirm the side effects of the masturbation through the information and primary resources. The analysis mainly focuses on the teenagers and children near puberty. Matching to them sexual education is the best way to prevent masturbation and other sick sexual behaviors (A. Shekarey, M. Sedaghat Rostami, Kh. Mazdai, A. Mohammadi, 2011).

Popular Multimedia Article on the Prevention of Masturbation:

The popular multimedia article that was chosen in regards to the prevention and the treatment of masturbation is How exactly to Stop a Masturbation Obsession compiled by Gary Wickman this is first offered online from the website of the Healthy Instruction. In this article the author shows support in regards to the take action of masturbation. According to Wickman masturbation is wonderful for your erotic health in certain ways, but one should be moderate as it pertains to the act of masturbation. An excessive amount of masturbation make a difference your daily life and it can become highly addictive (Wickman, 2014). It is very important to control the addiction of masturbation, if not handled even the slightest arousal can cause intimate arousal. You will discover individuals who use masturbation as a form of self-medication with the intention of dealing with their various daily life issues. It is almost impossible to control daily issues, but remains vital to control the habit of masturbation, as extreme masturbation can be damaging in many ways (Wickman, 2014).

The writer Gary Wickman provides various techniques with the intention to control masturbation; he clarifies how one can be their own doctor and really should have the data of how to regulate ones desires. You need to create guidelines and follow them purely; such as masturbating only one time per day. Along with this setting a time limit and firmly following this standards will help with self-control. Perhaps one of the most crucial things is to give attention to the negative effects of masturbation; by educating one's self that point is valuable and really should not be squandered by becoming dependent on masturbation which learning to be a person of self-control and the guidelines shouldn't be broken. There are certain parts of your day, when one desires to masturbate or the wants for masturbation become stronger, by becoming associated with activities or hobbies during that period will help maintain self-control (Wickman, 2014). By identifying the underlying factors behind obsessive masturbation, whether it stems from sexual disappointment or the physical vulnerability. Whatever the reason, the chance allowing one to address the dependency directly somewhat than suppress the issue of masturbating will show to be more beneficial.

In this article the author Gary Wickman focuses on the male and female audience whom are dependent on masturbation; his main concentrate was to provide lovers with various ways to avoid over masturbation. Wickman did not use any scientific data or the general public data figures to show his point and address the problem. He also used general methods as the treatment, not the medical and the subconscious techniques.


Both the scholarly article and the popular media article deal with the issue of the masturbation and offer different techniques to control or prevent the habit of masturbation. Regarding to both, the craving of masturbation can be harmful for your mental or physical health. In the scholarly article, several reports and primary referrals received to prove the idea. Within the popular marketing article no such types of recommendations were given. Audiences are located to vary for both articles; scholarly article is a journal released paper and addresses the teens hitting puberty on the other palm popular marketing article is for individuals with the addiction of the masturbation. Though, they both are the woman and the males in their audiences.

The ideal difference is found to be in the support of the genuine act of masturbation. The scholarly paper obviously expresses disapproval of the idea masturbation and clarifies how it considers masturbating to be a great menace to the physical and the mental health of a person. As the Healthy Information article by Gary Wickman evidently states which it considers masturbation to be always a healthy sexual activity. But does discover that increased masturbation can be dangerous for your health.

Due to the released paper standard, scholarly article can be utilized as the primary source for the further research as the popular advertising article can only benefit the web audience. The primary difference of demonstration is the lack of the references in the favorite mass media article. This helps it be weak source for the further inspection. The scholarly article is effective in lots of ways for the audience in the similar religion country, however the popular advertising article is helpful for the population around the world with the masturbation habit issue.


The primary goal of the paper is to research the outcomes of the intimate learning through popular marketing and the peer evaluated journals. There's a huge difference between the two. It is very much obvious that scholarly articles derive from a lot of research and the information and they usually deal with all kind of problem in a specific discipline as the popular advertising articles only address the problems that are common and frequently requested. One supplies the formal intimacy education while the other provides standard love-making ideas.

Sexual issues are delicate issues and it is very much necessary to consult this article with the traditional views, popular mass media articles can be easy to find and access however they do not necessarily provide all the necessary information that is relevant to address the issue. By comparing both of the sources, there is one thing that may be highlighted effectively and that is the thoroughness provided. Scholarly articles are thorough in their conclusions and can always provide enough support to validate their point while the popular media article can be based on one's assumption or the hypothesis. Scholarly journals are not usually accessible and are difficult to hunt down, popular multimedia articles are available on all the programs.

Therefore it could be figured both of the articles are an excellent way to obtain knowledge, but scholarly articles end up being more genuine; popular multimedia articles are often available nevertheless they usually speak of the general issues and favor standard point of views.


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Addiction. html

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