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Mass Media Advert Assessment Marketing Essay


In the marketing field, advertisements is a form of communication which produced by marketeers to persuade a target market to get their products. Normally, an advertising campaign used the brand and the great things about the merchandise or service to persuade goal customers to acquire and use this brand. Advertisements can also use to persuade public to have a certain action, such as encouraging "1 Malaysia Environment" behaviours as well as do something to prevent unhealthy behaviours like "Anti Drug Plan".

Nowadays, modern advertising have been developed with the used of mass-media such as television set, radio, internet and website to disseminate information to the targeted market. Marketeers often make the repetition of an image or product name to affiliate qualities with the brand in your brain of concentrate on customers in order to generate increased consumption of these products or services through branding. There are many types of multimedia may be used to deliver these rub such as newspaper publishers, magazine, television, radio and etc. Among these several types of media, television is the most powerful form of media for advertising. Typically, most people spends more than two time a day before television anticipated to television viewing is one of the most common modern leisure activities.

Advertising on television allows marketeers to show and convey the benefits of their products or services to a broad audience. It allows marketeers showing how their product or service work and the advantages of using their service or product to a much larger audience than local papers and radio. It also allows marketeers to attain the audience in a brief time frame that can communicate massage with vision, sound, and motion which will make marketeers service or product instant trustworthiness.

However, advertising on television set could eat up a whole lot of marketeers budget. Therefore, before marketeers purchase advert time, it is important to allow them to carefully plan for their television set commercial development. Thus, this assignment is prepared to analyze of television set advertisements in term of content, effectiveness and visual appeals. A couple of two television advertisements of toothpaste product category such as Sensodyne and Colgate to be analyzed at length.

Over 40 years, Sensodyne toothpaste has been reducing the pain of very sensitive teeth. It's been developed and provided by the Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) which head office found in UK. Sensodyne can relieves very sensitive tooth by blocks the pain which induced by hot, cool and other contact causes through a defensive hurdle that blocks that aches and pains and maintains it from coming back. Sensodyne toothpaste has been clinically shown to be effective against delicate teeth and it will come in flavour such as original, fresh mint and fresh mint gel. Sensodyne is preferred by many dentists in the world scheduled to it:

Contains Potassium Nitrate, that can reduce agonizing sensitivity

Can comfort within two weeks

Cavity security through fluoride

Freshens breath

In order to persuade consumers to consume Sensodyne, Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) used dentist's competence to show credibility and stimulate the approval of Sensodyne by the consumers. Thus, we can discovered that dentist's skills has been used in the television advertisement of Sensodyne to make consumers form trustworthiness in them.

On the other side, Colgate has been successful in their business with the powerful and pointed focus on their target market for more than 200 years. The brand of Colgate is well known on the globe. In early on Malaysia, when consumers think about toothpaste the vital thing in their mind is Colgate. Thus, Colgate is among the most common brand for toothpaste in Malaysia. Everyone in Malaysia knows about Colgate and it has a whole lot of dedicated customers.

Colgate give attention to verity marketplace with toothpaste products like Colgate cavity safeguard, Colgate three way protection, Colgate natural ingredients, Colgate kids products, Colgate fresh breath, Colgate tooth whitening, Colgate delicate pearly whites and Colgate 12 hours antibacterial safety. However, this project will only go through the Colgate 12 hours antibacterial cover toothpaste only. Colgate also used dentist's skills to show reliability and encourage consumers to take their toothpaste. Colgate show how the 12 hour antibacterial coverage toothpaste works and the benefits associated with using the toothpaste in tv advertisement.

In this assignment, the television advert of these two strong brand name toothpaste (Sensodyne and Colgate) will be analyse, examine and compare of these toothpaste. Research of both Television set advertisements is more on overall look that can entice audiences. Diagnosis of both Tv set advertising in term of Action, interest, attention, trustworthiness and action is done to show if the TV ads can create quality adverts.

Analysis of both advertisements

Both television advertising and radio advertising are similar in the sense of promoting products in a restricted timeframe. In order to give the visitors relevant information or create a particular opinion of the merchandise or service, almost all of the television advertisements have duration either in 30 or 60 seconds. Normally, television commercials are put at commercials breaks during the main programming also to be repeated frequently to make a graphic or brand of product or services in the mind of the mark customers.

The most important things in tv set advertising will be the visual and audio effect. In tv set commercials, instead of only using an actor to read the advertising backup, stars have been used to create a visible image which can improves the visual appeal of the commercial. Thus, to make audiences will bear in mind long after observed the television commercials, many television set advertising firms produce professional calibre commercials by employ professional copywriters, directors and stars to make their television commercials.

Although the images may actually have less related with the actual service or product, but the audiences always remember stunning or nostalgic or humorous imagery in a commercial. Among the famous television advertising from Pepsi featured a celebrity called Datuk Siti Nuhaliza to be the spokesperson for Pepsi. Even though it only appeared for a couple of seconds in the actual Television commercial, the inspirational imagery can creates a favourable impression of the soda, Another essential requirement to be considered is enough time for tv set commercial to on air. Usually, marketers would like to place their commercials within the golden hours where it gets the most audiences enjoying television at that time. However, the expense of having a tv set commercial run on this specific period can go up to several million dollars ringgits for an individual TV commercial aired during the gold hours.

As an outcome, both Sensodyne and Colgate have been well planed in their television set commercial before they purchased for the advertisements time. An Research of both Sensodyne and Colgate tv commercial has been done on a number of important aspects of visual appeal in producing their television set commercial as below:


The length of both Sensodyne and Colgate Television set ads is approximately 30 seconds. Though it is merely 30 second, but it is long enough to make an image or brand of the toothpaste in your brain of target viewers and not long enough to reduce their attention.

Physical Attractiveness

Normally, humans are enticed by beautiful and attractive things. Thus, a good looking tooth doctor has been used in Sensodyne and Colgate Television ads where they can be wearing white colour and clean dentist's even credited to physical appeal such as attractive appearance and body condition can encourage or encourage consumer purchasing or intake on their toothpaste.

Expertise and Credibility

Others than physical appeal, both TV advertising also show two main characteristics like competence and credibility. Tooth doctor has been used in the both Tv set advertisements to make consumers form trustworthiness in it by showing competence such as dentists' experience, public position and frame of mind.

Sound Effects

In order to make viewers focus on the explanation about the great things about the toothpaste that distributed by the dental professional, Sensodyne will not using any sound effects in their Tv set ads. A similar thing happen in the TV advertisings of Colgate, no sound files being using to make audiences concentrate on the conversation between your celebrity and the dental office which present the benefits of utilizing their toothpaste.

Facts and Figures

Figure has been found in Sensodyne TV ads to enhance their products reliability. A figure of a tooth has been used to describe how Sensodyne can alleviate the pain of delicate pearly whites within 60 secs after utilizing their toothpaste. Catchy information being written on the amount to attract followers' attention. In addition, the dentist used some facts to explain how Sensodyne toothpaste work to relieve the pain of hypersensitive teeth triggered by hot, wintry and other contact triggers.

On the other hand, in the TV ads of Colgate, a dental practitioner tries to show an actress teeth on a screen which has a lot of bacteria which cause by the plaque and gum problems even though she has brush teeth in the morning. The dentist attempts to explain to her how Colgate 12 time antibacterial security can works to resolve these problems by way of a defensive shield around her tooth for up to 12 hours and keeps oral cavity free from bacterias even after eating and taking in. He also shows her tooth again where the bacteria in her mouth have disappeared after she has used Colgate 12 time antibacterial coverage. Thus, these has made Colgate successful in stimulate and affect the audiences especially from working people who have to leave their home more than 12 time a days to consume their toothpaste.

Use of Colour

It has been sometimes, colour has been used to encourage consumers to purchase for products or services. Usage of color in advertising has become somewhat of any technology unto itself. In the TV advertisings of Sensodyne, white coloring has been used as the backdrop and the tooth doctor wears white dental lab coating. The white colour been used to show the cleanliness of the toothpaste and also white is the common color in dentistry which can show professional skills.

However, Colgate selects to utilize more red colour in toothpaste packaging and also in their Television set ads. Colgate thinks red shade inspires impulsive buying anticipated to red color can cause excitement thus boosting the blood circulation pressure and triggering the consumers to purchase. In addition, Colgate uses a red and white combination in the Colgate 12 time antibacterial protection presentation in order to create eye-catching appeal by pairing a white package deal and red emblem.

Assessment of both advertisements

Nowadays advertising is necessary to persuade consumers to buy for marketeers products. Whether or not they have a little business or a huge one, they must tell the target customers who they are, what they sell, and where they can be found. Through advertising marketeers can talk to the target customers about their history and product difference and also the good thing about using the merchandise or services. Marketeers must notify the prospective customers when they wish to hear or find out about such things. So marketeers must place their ad in newspapers, on radio or Television set.

However, due to the limited budget, marketeers must be sure that their Tv set ads do the job they need it to. In order to justify the price of the advertising, marketeers must ensure the amount of money that they spend on TV advertising can generate enough profits to their business. Therefore, measuring TV advertisements results can help them to ensure their Tv set ads will keep their brand name in the brains of the public to generate more sales for their business. Anyhow, planning is more important. Before a Tv set advertisement can be evaluated for results, marketeers must decide for the purpose it ads should accomplish. This guide gives tips on planning advertisings and talks about several methods for you to compare advertising and sales.

Since each audience can be influenced in different ways it is therefore difficult to evaluate television adverts for effectiveness. To find out if an advert can influence aim for customer to acquire for products, a general solution "AIDCA" may be used to evaluate the advertisement. The "A" in AIDCA stands for "Attention, " the "I" is made for "Interest, " the "D" is made for "Desire, " the "C" is for "Credibility", and the last "A" means "Action. " Each one of these steps is believed to create an excellent advertisement.


This first aspect of the AIDCA formula 'Attentions' is important to ensure audiences are observing and hearing the TV advertising. To make audience pays full attention on the TV ad, Sensodyne will not using any sound effects that may have an effect on audience's attention on the explanation of the dental practitioner about the benefits of eating their toothpaste. Physique of a tooth and catchy note on that number has been use to encourage audience's attention on it ad. Furthermore, a beautiful dental office in Sensodyne Television set ads can also draw in attention from the followers. Thus, Sensodyne has been successful to make audience pay full attention on the TV advertisement.

To gain audience's attention, Colgate put a handsome dentist and a lovely actress in Television set ad. With the aid of bacteria scanning equipment, the tooth doctor able to show to the actress her mouth's body which has a lot of bacteria. This can draw in attention from the viewers. Catchy message "Reduced gums problems up to 88%" has been shown in their Television set ads to get audience's attention. The combo of white and red color can be used in Colgate's Tv set ad to build eye-catching charm by pairing a white bundle and red logo. As a result, Colgate also offers prevailed in increasing audience's attention on their TV ad.


Although Sensodyne has successful in attracting audience's attention, but it might be less effective in making audience's interest towards their toothpaste. This is because of their TV ad is not creative enough in making audience's interest towards their toothpaste. In addition, Sensodyne used only a dental professional to describe for the benefits of their toothpaste. This cannot create audience's interest on their toothpaste scheduled to it cannot create a aesthetic image that can enhance the visual appeal of the commercial.

However, Colgate will be at better situation upon this step. Throughout the combination of white and red shade in the toothpaste product packaging, Colgate may be better in creating audience's interest towards their toothpaste due to the eye-catching appeal by pairing a white program and red logo design. Colgate thinks red coloring can create audience's interest therefore more red shade is being found in their TV advertisement.


It is important to make viewers have desired to buy for products and services after watched TV ads, often the money devote to TV advertising is lost. Sensodyne has communicated the great things about using it toothpaste where it can relieves very sensitive pearly whites by blocks the pain brought on by hot, frigid and other contact triggers through a defensive barrier that blocks that aches and pains and maintains it from returning. For sure this may create a desire for the toothpaste where an audience who have sensitive teeth can drink or take cool or hot foods after 60 second used Sensodyne toothpaste.

On the other hand, Colgate tried to speak the benefits of their toothpaste which it retains users' oral cavity always clean and antibacterial protection for more than 12 time long. The dentist tries to clarify how Colgate 12 time antibacterial safeguard can works to solve these problems through the protecting shield around users' tooth for up to 12 hours and keeps mouth area free from bacterias even after eating and drinking alcohol. Thus, these can create desire to purchase for his or her toothpaste especially from the working people who've to leave their home more than 12 time a days and nights.


Normally, potential prospects will find whether the information provided in a Tv set ad is exact and that the merchandise comes from popular organisations before they try a new product. In case the brand is from a well-known organisation then this together can establish enough trustworthiness to fulfill most consumers. It's been over 40 years, Sensodyne toothpaste reducing the pain of sensitive teeth and originated and shipped by the Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) which head office situated in UK and with businesses based in the united states; these are one of the industry market leaders of the world's pharmaceutical market. The used of an dentist in it ads can raise the reliability of Sensodyne toothpaste. Thus, consumers will be worriless of using Sensodyne toothpaste anticipated to it is come from a trusted source.

Colgate started out in NEW YORK early in the 19th century; it is a truly global company serving millions of consumers in the world. The long background reflects the power and trustworthiness of Colgate Company. With more than 200 years record, Colgate has been the global brands sold in over 200 countries, it is recognizable home brand, respected and relied after by consumers worldwide. Therefore, Colgate has successful to make people trusted on their toothpaste.


Both Sensodyne and Colgate Television set ads do not encourage audiences to take immediate action. Their Television advertising only end with note having said that the toothpaste is recommended by almost all of the dentist on earth. But their Television set advertising do not end with phrases like "demand free examples" or "act now to receive a special offer" that can motivate audiences to immediate action. With out a call to act, a customer may have interest on the product but do not necessarily know about what must do next. This may cause the clients do not purchase for the toothpaste even thought they have desire to own it.

Comparison of Sensodyne and Colgate toothpaste

In the toothpaste category, the very sensitive teeth market portion is a large opportunity that keeps growing faster in toothpaste business. Thus, Sensodyne with desensitizing providers are specifically developed for individuals with sensitive teeth. It has been developed to protect teeth and prevent the pain brought on by hot, frigid and other contact triggers through a protecting hurdle that blocks that discomfort and continues it from returning. Regular cleaning with Sensodyne helps ease the pain of hypersensitive teeth and also helps to maintain strong teeth and healthy gums.

Sensodyne toothpaste really helps to reduce the pain of very sensitive pearly whites in two ways. This depends on the product's active component, which is either Potassium Nitrate or Strontium Chloride. Potassium is utilized to relaxed nerves to blocks that aches and pains like eating glaciers cream or sipping hot espresso. On the other hand, Strontium Chloride can stop the tubules, preventing the nerve from being stimulated. Every time brush teeth with Sensodyne can build-up a barrier to agonizing stimuli. Consumers may use Sensodyne double daily which can provide lasting rest from sensitive teeth and offer complete oral health care. However, Sensodyne toothpastes tend to be expensive than Colgate on the market.

Colgate 12 hours antibacterial coverage is designed for working parents who have to be employed by long hours every day. Most people mouth is packed with bacteria and bacteria which can affect the health of tooth and gums. Colgate toothpaste has gum and tooth decay fighting materials. American Dental Relationship (AMA) and the FDA (Food and Medicine Administration) give Colgate 12 time antibacterial protection the most notable rating of all toothpastes. This is found at the websites like Amazon. com or Drugstore. com to see for consumers' comments about Colgate toothpaste. A lot of the dentists, experts and administration agencies recommended to utilize Colgate 12 hours antibacterial safety more than every other brand. Colgate 12 hours antibacterial safeguard has Triclosan which can struggle gum disease and it also contains Gantrez which keeps the Triclosan focusing on our teeth even between brushings. In addition, Colgate will be better in using shade in the toothpaste product packaging and TV advertisements as compare to Sensodyne. Combination of red and white in Colgate 12 time antibacterial protection product packaging can create eye-catching appeal by pairing a white bundle and red emblem. Anyhow, Colgate 12 time antibacterial protection is offering at prices on market which is cheaper than Sensodyne.

As a result, when compare both Sensodyne and Colgate toothpaste, Colgate will be at better position where it is best using of shade in their Tv set advertisings and also selling at cheaper prices than Sensodyne on the marketplace.

Recommendation and Conclusions

Overall, both Sensodyne and Colgate has successful developed their Television advertisements to persuade followers to purchase for his or her toothpaste. However, to enhance the attractiveness of these TV ads, they have to make some improvement in their Tv set ads in order to generate more sales for his or her business.

From the examination of both advertisements, we can found that Sensodyne needs to change the colorings used in TV ad anticipated to shades can affects followers' moods and replies. So could it be important to choose the right shades in TV advertising because the colors that choose will effect the people witnessing those colours. Furthermore, Rather than just using a dental professional to clarify the advantages of the toothpaste, the story of both Sensodyne and Colgate Tv set advertising should be altered to an innovative account that can boost the elegance and attention of people which also make audiences will bear in mind long after viewed the TV advertisements. Thus, to make Sensodyne and Colgate Television set advertisings to be professional calibre advertisements, they may use professional copywriters, directors and stars in making their television advertisements.

In the diagnosis of both adverts, we can found that they don't motivate audiences to use immediate action. To make Sensodyne and Colgate TV ads can encourage audiences to adopt immediate action, both of Tv set advertisements should end with message like "demand free samples" or "act now to get a special offer" that can motivate viewers to immediate action to let followers to know by what should do next.

When compare Sensodyne and Colgate toothpaste, we can found that Sensodyne only give attention to the sensitive section of the toothpaste category unlike Colgate concentrate on verity marketplace with toothpaste products like Colgate cavity safeguard, Colgate three way protection, Colgate 100 % natural ingredients, Colgate kids products, Colgate fresh breathing, Colgate teeth whitening, Colgate hypersensitive tooth and Colgate 12 time antibacterial protection. Therefore, Sensodyne should formula more type of toothpaste so they can focus on a greater market segment instead of just focus on the sensitive portion of the toothpaste category. This can helps Sensodyne to offer more choice to their target customers and end up generate more revenue with their business. Sensodyne also needs to work hard towards reducing their toothpaste prices to become competitive enough in the high competitive market as what has been done by Colgate.

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