Mars Research

Mars Exploration

Mars, the red world, is the next planet from the sun plus the most

Earth-like planet within our solar system. It really is about half the dimensions of

Earth and has a dried out, rocky surface and a very thin atmosphere.

Mars' Surface


The surface of roter planet (umgangssprachlich) is dried out, rocky, and mostly protected with iron-rich

dust. You will find low-lying plains in the northern hemisphere, however the

southern hemisphere is filled with influence craters. The land is

frosty; this permafrost extends for many Kilometres. The north and

south poles of Mars are covered by ice caps composed of iced water

and carbon dioxide. Researchers have long thought that there is not any

liquid normal water on the area of Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) now, although recent photographs Mars

suggest that there can be some water water near the surface. The

surface of Mars shows much proof of the effects of old

waterways after the scenery, there are old, dry water bodies

complete with large inflow and outflow programs. These channels were

probably caused by catastrophic flooding that quickly eroded the

scenery. Scientists feel that most of the water on Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) is freezing

in the terrain (as permafrost) and frosty in the extremely ice shelves.


Mars is about 5, 222 miles (6790 Km) in diameter. This is 53% (a tiny

over half) of the diameter of the Earth.

Mass and Gravity:

Mars' mass is approximately 6. forty two x 12. 23 Kilogram. This is 1/9th of the mass of the

Earth. A 100-pound person will weigh 35 pounds.

Length Of A Day And Year Upon Mars:


Each day on Mars usually takes 1 . goal Earth times (24. 6th hours). 12 months on mars

takes 687 Earth times; it takes this long for Mars to orbit the sun


Mars' Orbit:

Mars can be 1 . 524 times further from than the sun compared to the Earth can be. It

averages 141. 6th million a long way (227. being unfaithful million Km) from the sunshine. Its

orbit is very elliptical; Mars provides the highest orbital eccentricity of

any planet in our Solar System except Pluto.

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