Marriages In Take great pride in And Prejudice English Literature Essay

"Take great pride in and Prejudice" is a book compiled by Jane Austen during the Victorian time, this novel of manners shows us an interesting insight on the energy of money, love, family, sociable status and marriage. This novel represents relationship rituals from the perspective of the Victorian period, so it would be normal to think that there are extensive differences between get-togethers of this time and the existing ones. Matrimony rituals have highly developed throughout the span of time, however the strategy developed in this novel goes beyond, showing marriages as the pursuit of higher social position level and prosperity, not as an take action of real love based on the world of the nineteen century in Great britain. It ought to be considered that in the Victorian time marriages were seen as a very important communal issue and a powerful business, where husband and wife were chosen in matrimony of convenience as an function of survival to be able to get stableness in culture, companionship, comfort and riches. Within this novel, matrimony was strongly represented as an essential topic instead of love, which played a horrible role in the already set marriages of capability of that era. For that reason, "Pride and Prejudice" achieved showing both edges of the storyplot; the importance of marriage as it pertains to marry a good and rich man or a wonderful partner with strong moral principles, carefully informed, virtuous; and also being part of your exclusive family, but at the same time dealing with the energy of love, as displayed by Elizabeth Bennet and Mister Darcy. Taking these tips of view as a reference point, in this article I would like to explore and examine the differences of having a marriage of convenience such as a business as it has been shown in the Victorian age and in the novel, giving more importance to the social status and riches without fretting about the results to catch the best bidder instead of caring about feelings and discovering a clean and real sense, full of new emotions as love is. Considering that marriage is an enormous word, in terms that you will be choosing the person with you spend the rest you will ever have, I feel that a married relationship without love is a very boring engagement because mates who aren't in love with each other do not react to the desire of being love. It really is because of this that I will make a comparison between marriages, centered on the perspectives from the Victorian modern culture to be able to answer why it is so important being wedded, whatever the results are, what things should a better half possess and just why women accepted getting married under valuable conditions with a man totally mysterious to them, being very docile and unhappy instead of being one, but really happy. And at exactly the same time I will give attention to the point of view from the novel in which marriage and love were displayed by the characters in many various ways. I remember how the younger sisters of Elizabeth Bennet behaved in order to get a beautiful and wonderful partner who possessed wealth and good communal status, but unfortunately they didn't use the better strategies to get the highest bidders, promoting a action that had not been understandable for the whole society, mainly because her mother educated those females that relationship was very very important to them and for the social position of the family, but the only thing that those women achieved was to make a very bad reputation because of their middle class family. Thus, I am going to deal with the importance of marriage by taking items of view from the Victorian era and from the e book in order to aid my ideas about marriage, ambition, triviality and love.

The importance of marriage in the lives of Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters can be very difficult to understand nowadays, however in the nineteen century, through the Victorian era, the value of relationship was something irrational and amazing in which mates were chosen to assemble their lives based on their social status and riches, with marriage playing a fundamental role for their own comfort and companionship for life because a lot of those marriages of convenience were created just with the purpose of having a total heir, so the mother of the bride was always protected by the heir and his family and did not lose any property or luxury. However, those relationships were made without love because in those durations of times matrimony and love were things which were not coming along. Furthermore, sociable classes were very important at the moment of choosing a partner; depending on their social class, people could negotiate their matrimony of convenience or "business package", because there were some habits that both of them, couple, had to accomplish to become the perfect one. Regarding the hubby, the set of patterns was shorter than the women's list. The husband just needed to earn certain quantity of money per year, and have bundle of money, great social position, and valuable properties. Regarding women, the list of patterns was more complex than men's list because women needed to be a sample into the world. Thus, the role of woman in the nineteen century was very passive, taking into account our society where women are totally unbiased and open-minded. Getting back to what I was expanding, the role of woman in the Victorian age was a very competitive role because some of the characteristics that they had to have got were to be women who acquired house as her favorite place. Their primordial reasoning was that their career was matrimony, and in order to ready for relationship, women needed to be able to sing, play any tool, and speak other dialects such as Italian and France. However, there were also more important attributes; those gentlewomen had to be really innocent, carefully informed, virtuous, dutiful and ignorant of intellectual point of view. This last feature is very important because the sillier a female is, the better for a man. A female with this special attribute could never rebel against her man or up against the society, because these were in order with few items, riches and properties. Regarding to education, women had several problems in the Victorian period due to previously mentioned reason and their own cultural class, seeing that the differences between sociable classes were outlined by the whole world. In those times women weren't allowed to access to higher education, and depending on the social level they were educated at home by private tutors, making their opportunities very limited. Women were totally mindful about their purpose of life and this was to be always a good wife able to maintain her husband and a good family atmosphere. Regrettably, the Victorian period was a very male chauvinist cause in conditions of marriage and the roles of the few, seeing that the partner was permitted to keep a mistress merely to relax and enjoy the life span while his better half needed to be at home getting friends, sewing, writing letters and dressing elegant clothes for her husband. It really is because of this a very clever writer called Jane Austen composed "Pride and Prejudice" as a personal goal to say and express thoughts about different issues where women were totally limited corresponding to their opportunities to reach an improved lifestyle. Many people think that Jane Austen was a very feminist female who handled many issues for the sake of battling for the women's rights, but others notice that Jane Austen just seemed for the way to show many situations that a young woman could be engaged in if she did not have moral autonomy. With this truth, we can discover why Elizabeth Bennet is the heroine of the novel, because through this character Austen could show us that the period of time in which you live is not as important as your ability expressing your emotions and thoughts about anything, as Elizabeth does in Delight and Prejudice. She was never scared of informing something and she could break the rules about matrimony of convenience. Elizabeth had not been happy to get wedded with someone who she had not been in love with, due to the fact that she never quit believing in true and genuine love. Despite that Elizabeth did not have the beauty of her sister Jane which her bad reputation was caused by their family, she was proudly ready to find love and happiness, and the best way expressing her way of thinking was showing her intelligence, love of life, and playful disposition. Elizabeth was her father's favorite girl because of her astuteness and quickness, and even though she and her sister didn't have better education, Elizabeth didn't worried about that considering that she was confident about her strengths and weaknesses. A good way to show this is taking into consideration the subsequent quotation ""such of us as wished to learn, never sought the means. We were always prompted to read, and got all the experts that were necessary. Those that thought we would be idle certainly might". This is what Elizabeth said when Female Catherine asked her about her and her sister's education, but Elizabeth, always sure about her knowledge, defended her educational process and family reputation displaying how brilliant and smart she was. Finally, we realize about the fantastic importance relationship in the Victorian age, certainly just as an economical issue as well as a consequence of any ambitious society that was worried about honor and renowned and the wealth of the population. However, there is always a hero able to change the mind of the world regarding love and relationship. In cases like this there is actually a heroine called Elizabeth, who under her enchanting intelligence tried to cope with her society to be able to stop doing marriage without love and starting to give more importance to love and women with the purpose of preventing discriminating unmarried women, and put special attention to those women who believed in a happy ending.

At the beginning of the novel Satisfaction and Prejudice, the first word says: "It really is a fact universally acknowledged, a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of any wife". This term show us how important is relationship for the contemporary society of that period, but we can observe that the phrase emphasized the man having a fortune. So, it is easily understandable that marriages were totally necessaries for the reason that the perfect time to increase financial funds. Besides, the offer never talked about something related to "love", indicating once again that relationship in the Victorian time was something totally superficial and negotiable with the individuals mixed up in commercial engagement. With this premise, it's very easy to expose the purpose of Jane Austen through the type of Elizabeth Bennet. Jane Austen was not in arrangement with the relationships of convenience; she actually backed the idea that any marriage could arise without the feeling of love because she thought a man had to understand the woman who possessed next to him without worrying about her style, her properties, family's reputation or education. Thus, in order to persuade her culture, she confirmed the visitors both associations in the storyline juxtapositioning lovers who got committed for love and other people who got married for social reasons. The idea of Jane Austen was to influence her society about relationships: they could only happen when love exists. Satisfaction and Prejudice is an invitation to notice what was wrong with the world of those times and start believing in love, which is totally represented by the primary characters of the storyplot and how they had to fight the harsh contemporary society where the people were involved in order to achieve happiness. The storyline is developed in the nineteen century, where the society in England was reluctant to start out thinking in love, because the sole really important thing for them was electric power and money. Men were responsible for earning big money per calendar year while women were in charge of the home, writing letters, sewing (after they are committed) or buying a good husband in the way that the younger sister of Elizabeth have. She was anxious looking for any man who could solve her family problems, because her mom Ms. Bennet educated her that the most crucial thing according compared to that culture was to be committed. Thus, those young ladies could do anything in order to obtain a husband. They visited fancy balls, to start to see the troops, looking for the correct man everywhere, thus giving their family a horrible reputation. However when there is certainly real love, no matter whether the family of your future wife has a terrible reputation because when love strikes, the sole important thing is usually to be happy. This was the case of Jane and Bingley; when they fulfilled in a celebration, it was love initially view, but both of them were very timid expressing their feelings. Bingley was a very rich and good-looking man, and Jane was the most amazing of the Bennett's daughters. A while back, after many misunderstandings caused by the first impressions of Mr. Darcy regarding the Bennets, they could exhibit their feelings and Bingley suggested to Jane. This was also a set marriage, but both of these were deeply in love with each other. A tale a bit different occurred with Mr. Collin and Charlotte Lucas who received married in a marriage of convenience after hearing that Elizabeth did not agree to to get married with her cousin Collin because she had not been in love with him, and Elizabeth believed in real love. In previous lines, I stated that certain of the purposes of marriage of convenience was having an heir, this is one reason why Collins wanted to get married with Elizabeth, but unfortunately for him she did not acknowledge. So, a disappointed Collins proposed to Charlotte Lucas, and she accepted immediately because she wished financial and social security, and also she was really old and she felt that Mr. Collins was her most suitable choice, plus they would be eventually very happy with their agreement. Regarding to the relationship for convenience between Wickham and Lydia, it was a very awful marriage because Wickham was obliged to get hitched after Lydia ran away with him. She was too nave and ignorant, but she was happy because the important package was that she was wedded regardless of the actual fact that Wickham had not been in love with her. So, she'll never enjoy a him. Finally, the true love account of the novel which ultimately shows us what love is, as well as how to fight against first impressions in order to achieve enjoyment and overlook the former because Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth acquired a relationship based on first bad impressions about the other, but as time went by, both of these realized that they were madly in love each other, and they learnt that love could not be judged by looks. Darcy's view of Elizabeth was she is "tolerable but not good-looking enough to tempt me personally", and Elizabeth's thoughts and opinions of Darcy was that he was a self-centered man. However, they finally acquired married displaying that pleasure was only attainable when there exists real love. Now, this booklet can change my brain about matrimony of convenience because even though this e book was written in the Victorian time, it did not support the ideas that the only way to attain the perfect business was getting married. The writer of the book tried to influence the audience about this the perfect matrimony is where you are completely in love with your partner because only in that way you can achieve eternal happiness. It was also shown in this book what happens if you get wedded of convenience; those problems weren't going absolutely help be totally happy because there is no love. Finally, we can discover that in few situations of relationships of convenience, you can perform a certain degree of joy like Mr. Collins and Charlotte Lucas, who at least attempted to be happy in their marriage. So, marriages of convenience aren't always so bad, thinking about that there are many people who get hitched with somebody who they do not love because of ambition, poverty or loneliness.

As a final brief and summary to this article about relationships, I learned that marriages through the Victorian era were simply business in which both bridegroom and bride-to-be were chosen for interpersonal, financial and humanistic purposes. Furthermore, the nineteen century world was totally dominated by men, therefore the role of women had little importance because they certainly became the slaves who relished spending almost all their times at home, sewing or words writing, or at least they pretended to take action. All that revolution happened because of the concern with men who weren't able to lose their power over the culture where they could spend time with their own mistress, while women were in charge of keeping the family atmosphere. Thankfully, there was a lady writer who was able to struggle her contemporary society. Jane Austen composed a book of manners in which she covered the role of female in that modern culture, the value of marriages with the perfect mates corresponding to their public status and the lifestyle of each couple. This book also offered us wish that true love is out there and that you can achieve happiness, but only if you are entirely deeply in love with your mate. Pleasure and Prejudice revealed a mixture of situations in which our modern culture can identify who is engaged and getting married because of love and who is engaged and getting married because of social issues. Nowadays it could be very difficult endeavoring to explain why before people got married just for convenience and in which love played a minor role. The role of women was humiliating, and the population was about social status, wealth and comfort. There is a very superficial population that was concerned about any materials source. Finally, when you read Satisfaction and Prejudice, you will understand which personas are displayed by true love and can finally achieve contentment, what characters signify a marriage of convenience. You will also try to find a comparison to your current world because ability, ambition and interpersonal classes still are a challenge which is another obstacle to find real love.



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DATE: 15. 07. 2010

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