Marriage In Pleasure And Prejudice British Literature Essay

The idea of marriages has altered throughout the generations a whole lot, but they have always presented the existing values which folks from the particular population follow. Jane Austen's reserve Satisfaction and Prejudice reveals two very different concepts about marriage and the temptations which lead the characters to enter into a matrimony relationship. On one area, marriage is presented as an idea and a chance for achieving something hardly related to love. The consequence of such matrimony is a marriage of no love, esteem, amity or even communication. On the other side marriage is offered as a culmination of ongoing observations and connection between the two people. As overall the relationships in Satisfaction and Prejudice aim to criticize the individuals' materialistic perspective and highlight the significant and important emotions and emotions what is the best an effective and happy matrimony is based on.

Society in Satisfaction and Prejudice is rolling out a simple and strategic dogma considering the marriage of a female to a guy. Some of the female people in the publication have considered marriage to participate their plan to raise financially to an increased position in the world. In the culture of Satisfaction and Prejudice the words "possession" and "good fortune" present the true reasons why a man is "in want of any wife" (5). Matrimony sometimes appears by the majority of the young female character types as a great chance of stepping into the high communal strata as well as providing a good financial and secured future of their lives. The actual fact that this notion is "universally recognized" (5) says the reader that the decisions of the majority of personas in the e book are partially influenced by the public stereotypes. Any action which does not match these stereotypes is known as to be strange and unacceptable. Mrs. Bennet obdurately disapproves the refusal of Elizabeth to marry Mr. Collins and instructs to her little girl that she's "no pleasure in talking to undutiful children" (111). Mrs. Bennet does not recognize that Elizabeth desires to find delight in marriage somewhat than an alternative solution to her middle-class life. The understanding of Mrs. Bennet is similar to the knowledge of Pass up Charlotte Lucas who's entirely specialized in winning a man who'll provide her a financial security. Matching to Elizabeth's good friend happiness can not be achieved in matrimony and it is "entirely a matter of chance" (24). Pass up Lucas' idea of relationship bows down the moral and religious values and need for marriage by showing the marriage not a as a culmination of love feelings and feelings, but as a strictly followed plan which has nothing in connection with love. The matrimony for Neglect Lucas is also "really the only honourable provision for well-educated young women of small fortune" (120). This shows that matrimony can be an alternative to the inability of the woman to earn happiness using her flexibility to choose. All characters from the e book are absolve to choose, but handful of them have the strength to utilize this liberty to oppose the interpersonal stereotypes. Thus very few of the personas reveal the true characteristics of the marriage, as the others create a fresh bogus appearance which slowly but surely replaces its true values. According to the majority's judgment in the book seeking for pleasure is not the major leading pressure which makes people marry. It is extremely security and a far more opulent life that the ordinary girl from the book wishes to find in matrimony.

The second type of matrimony connections which is provided in the publication is the relationship for the incorrect reasons. An example for this marriage is the marriage between Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. They have been married for a number of years and they have five daughters. Their marriage is because a marriage which is dependant on something different from love. They rarely interact and the moments in which this happens are situations where Mr. Bennet jokes with her "nerves" saying they are his "old friends" (7). Making fun of Mrs. Bennet and working with her with levity seems really the only possible satisfaction that the husband obtains from his romance with Mrs. Bennet. In the other cases he "will be glad to really have the library" to himself and surface finishes any argument with his wife (110). There is no love or value even in the words which these people say to each other. It is clear that Mrs. Bennet has also married Mr. Bennet because of material benefits and now she needs to get her daughters married to the richest men in the neighborhood. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet very evidently present the unfortunate future of a married relationship "by plan" where the two spouses have nothing to share except quarrels and mockery.

The real beliefs of matrimony are available in the concept of Elizabeth and Darcy about marriage and their strong and progressing romantic relationship. Elizabeth Bennet is one of the few characters in the booklet who oppose the wrong artificial social guidelines regarding marriage. She actually is a personality who goes through a huge progression. Her ideas and understanding change a great deal throughout the book. Her character enhances and she becomes in a position to stick out from the key points and demonstrates a strong volition and a distinctive interpretation of the individuals around her. An example for that is the way she cared for with a whole lot of prejudices Mr. Darcy in the very beginning of the book. From then on, however, she discovers a great deal about herself and she realizes that she "had been blind, incomplete, prejudiced, absurd" (201). Elizabeth is a free-spirited person who is also not depended on communal stereotypes. That's the reason she won't marry Mr. Collins after his proposal, even though that their future marriage would bring her a big financial stability and the esteem and satisfaction of her mother. Elizabeth says that Mr. Collins is "a conceited, pompous, narrow-minded, ridiculous man" (133). On this ways she really opposes to the normal thoughts and opinions of her family and especially of her mother who would like to make Elizabeth marry him. Elizabeth is one of the few heroes who present the prices and virtues of relationship and this love is the key driving make that brings two different people to relationship. She shows to the reader her feelings toward Mr. Darcy that progressively develop and make her confess "with tears in her eye; "I love him" (356). Mr. Darcy also changes a whole lot regarding his treat toward love and Elizabeth. In the very beginning of the e book he says that Elizabeth is "tolerable but not good looking enough to tempt" him (13). He's too pleased to say that she actually is an object of his interest. But later in the e book Mr. Darcy's maladroit action changes because he realizes the love that he feels towards Elizabeth. Her contract to marry him makes him feel pleasure which "he previously probably never noticed before and he indicated himself on the occasion as sensibly and since warmly as a man violently in love can be supposed to do" (346). Love makes Mr. Darcy gain a whole lot of self-knowledge about him as he understands that love and marriage may bring him pleasure. He realizes that concealing his real thoughts behind the mask of pride causes him only pain. The changes in both Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy in addition with their strong feelings that burgeon between them show the reader that the true values of relationship are the religious benefits.

In bottom line Jane Austen symbolizes two different kinds of matrimony in her book Pride and Prejudice. Marriage can be a result of strong feelings and fascination or ambitions for higher sociable position and financial security. Both of these concepts are however united by her aim to show to the reader the real proportions of matrimony and also to extol the real nonmaterial prices that can make a person happy in matrimony.

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