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Marketing strategy at ASDA

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This chapter includes the conclusions drawn from the research that contributes towards fulfilling the goal of this task. Also find out the key analysis from the many chapters of research. By the end of this section give the specified the restriction of research and suggests some point that Asda can provide its better services and increase income.

Chapter 1 supply the brief benefits of research matter. The purpose of the analysis is how technology is utilized as a marketing strategy to increase sales and better operation of specific shop and taken research study of Asda. The researcher has started with idea of technology and details how effectively changes coming in retail industry through technology. also show aftereffect of the adoption of new technology overall retail industry. It shows the way the internet technology useful to do web business. The chapter format the logical behind the analysis and how retail stores can use technology to gain competitive advantages again their rival. It also outlined the problem behind review, technology helps the company but technology is very expensive tools and must be package with professional way for taking advantages from it. The researcher has layed out the composition of whole review in section.

Chapter2 is approximately the books review; in this chapter researcher talk about Asda used its technology advancement in various field to satisfy their customer needs and need. New technology has helped to quicken and advanced business in this global market. The type of real human are always changing they need better products and technology has helped company to fulfill their customers' needs and wishes. UK grocery store market is very competitive and Asda has been ahead of this competition. The researcher also talks about the several types of technology utilized by Asda to get competitive advantage in a variety of areas. Asda uses checking machine and RFID technology in their stores, which is helped to maintain to date data and also providing the security to its customers. The literature review outlines Asda uses various solutions like ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) and security system like Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM). they also uses Net Construction technology for safe and secure exchange over internet. Asda provide top class online services and has gain competitive gain over its competitors, online service also comfortable shopping, because customer order products directly to their homes without going to the busy high roads. The researcher has pointed out the value of Marketing Mix which is basic of any business, that's four P's are extremely useful to gain competition benefit and Asda has been very successive to implemented the four P's regarding to their customer needs and requirements. Within this chapter also discuss that Asda supply the priority to supply the best services with their customers. Regarding to kotler (2003) you should happy to all business lovers, customers, suppliers and vendors for getting and long time business and Asda has been do this very effectively. Asda provide devotion schemes to draw in the clients and customers gain benefits on their acquisitions. Its adaptive websites has a 24hours online service which solves the customers' problem online. Asda has well trained staffs for customers to serve better. The section also shows Asda concentrate on customer retention instead of the new customer acquisition, it's rely upon making long term connection and always try to maintain it. Asda are using database technology to maintain to date details of customers who visit its stores and serve better for next time. Matching to Kotler(2003) pointed out that e-marketing is more skilful for data source marketing and customer marriage.

The chapter also concentrate on how logistic technology has helped retail sector and discuss Asda invested money for high class logistic technology and well designed supply string management systems. This helped to Asda for goods travel in time. Also some individuals criticism phase by Asda to used RFID microchip to scan products used at their stores but they have helped to provide better security at their supermarkets.

Chapter 3 gives the overview of the uk Country, The retail sector of UK and the business of Asda. The study of this section shows the top reality of company, retail sector and country. It also pointed out the technology utilized by Asda. It is also show how Asda increase the market share on the market. In short this chapter provides general information of the united states, the retail industry and the Asda Company.

Chapter 4 is about the Research Methodology. In this section researcher described the aim of the study, the procedure of the research to collect data methods, the study design, data collection methods, different sampling methods and the analysis of the info. The aim of analysis is too know how technology helped to increase the operation of Asda and achieve their business goals; the study design is detail plan of conducting the marketplace research thing and requires needed information to make composition for solve different marketing research problems, and it offers descriptive, empirical and exploratory research. Research has produced principal data through the questionnaire, THE UNITED KINGDOM local open public has crammed the questionnaire and researcher used of this gathered data to analyse the findings. The researcher accumulated secondary data from different catalogs, journal articles, information and websites. It was both types of qualitative and quantitative data. Within this chapter researcher described the sampling methods and also suggested and recommend things to Asda so that it can do improvement in its services. With this study, non possibility judgemental sampling method employed by researcher. Questionnaire place was distributed among the list of Asda customers. The researcher also pointed out the restriction of review.

Chapter5 is about the finding and evaluation, the researcher has analysed the accumulated data by using different graphs and charts. The researcher found out from the questionnaire which completed by individuals who pointed out they were happy and content with the entire services and facilities provided by Asda to them, the main problem for matter was the online payment method they were concerned about that their private information might be misused and thefts may occur in their bank or investment company accounts. The other fact which arrived from finding was that individuals were not happy about the Asda website as it was complicated and it was difficult to find the precise goods that customer needed, but individuals were more content about the charges of delivery which can be less compare to other shops. So overall consequence of questionnaire was very positive and customers were happy with the services provided by Asda to them but have to boost their services using fields.

Research seeks and objectives

The activities concerned with Marketing Research you start with the objectives to carry out the research and this research proved that technology utilized by ASDA reach these goals and outline given below

To study how technology has helped retail areas to provide better customer service and keep maintaining customer commitment.

To discover that if the utilization of better logistics technology advanced ASDA sales.

Has online services provided by ASDA helped people shop more easily.

To show that how important is marketing mixture in retail sector.

Research questions are as follows

How online technology has improved the way business is performed in the retail sector?

How technology assists with better customer service and satisfaction in retail industry?

How logistics technology has helped ASDA retail market to gain competitive advantages against its rival?

2. 5 Logistics Technology and E-scm at ASADAAAA

Logistics technology takes on a key role in the successful management of the retail business. Logistics services are a channel of the source chain with the value of your energy and place utility. The web integrates business information between resource chain partners. Logistics Technology and offer chain is taking care of the circulation of products, their transformation in to finished products to the ultimate buyer. The primary functions are development, travelling, inventory procurement, client satisfaction. Logistics Management performs an integral role in the retail sector like ASDA have their business in various areas and supply of products and services must be efficiently completed, there are require good connection with the suppliers of the products.

/* ASADAAAA has developed the ASADAAAA Information Exchange (Tie up) in colaboration with GE Information Services (GEIS) it is an extranet solution that allows ASADAAAA and it suppliers to collaboratively exchange trading information. Information such as Electronic Point Of Deal EPOS) data, trail sales and internet telephone email (Chaffey, 2007). The huge competition between your supermarkets giants like ASADAAAA and Sainsbury resulted in the growing importance of the Logistics Technology and offer Chain Management.


UK major food stores are offering more focus on technological development and creativity. Radio-frequency id (RFID) is the computerized identification technology that uses radio waves to automatically checking and identifies objects. In RFID technology uses label for logistics purposes, this tags are bound with individual products in warehouses. They can be used as scanners with the number under 6 metres (ibid). after the used of rfid in the uk retail industry they have got advantages of better monitoring and forecasting, greater efficiency and acceleration in stock businesses. (Jones et al, 2005).

/*RFID technology used by ASADAAAA came into huge criticism and got to acquire agreement from the European Union Legislation to utilize it. (ibid). People experienced that if afflicted their personal privacy as the chip scanned through the individual personal carrier. on 07/11/09. ASADAAAA understood the value of satisfying the customers because of the increasing quantity of business that was done through its website, ASADAAAA thought the need for better after sales delivery services and made a contract with TNT Logistics UK for delivery services for its ASADAAAA Direct stores. TNT logistics has software system which include HDi home delivery system, Red Praine's Dlx warehouse management system, Paragon course planning and Pen Pod for collecting electronic digital signatures, which makes business processes reliable and easy to have customer satisfaction(www. shippingline. biz)retrieved 07/11/09.


E-SCM. It is apparent that supply chain management includes a firm's suppliers and customers, as well as the operations used to copy something or service from an order in inventory to delivery. An E-SCM must also combine technology, especially the internet, in order to speed communication and information circulation throughout the resource chain. The web has allowed cooperation among supply chain partners to be automated, providing access to real-time information and fostering a communication-based network for businesses to operate throughout its resource chain.


Figure : The IT Technology used in a retail Supply chain.

Nowadays Retail sectors are implementing the new program of the It technologies in supply string management. From the figure we can easily see that POS (Point of Sales) can be used for the retail store to sell products to customers. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) are mainly used for the data exchange between your SC individuals. RFID (Radio Rate of recurrence Identification) trusted for data take in warehouses; and DM (Data Mining) is utilized in the trunk office for data assortment of customers. The physique show the used of IT technologies in the retail sector in supply string management and their functionalities and features.

Electronic data interchange(EDI)

EDI can be define as computer to computer data transmitting of standardised business transitions (Walton and Marucheck, 1997), EDI is widely used to acquire highly precise and incredibly efficient information through internet and its own useful to increase their purchases and exchange process. Appropriately Bamfield (1994) EDI can be use for enhanced company's planning and control to less inventories with timely data or information.

EDI is play very important roles in retail organisation because it pays to for fast business business deal, EdI replace old traditional methods like exchanging documents such as different acquisitions purchases, order confirmations, payment of goods, invoices. EDI also reduces other cost like postage and newspaper structured work(Ferguson et al. , 1990, Murphy and Daley, 1999). Utilizing the EDI, organisation like Asda has improved upon their business, in sense of shorted lead time, quickly reduce stock out and improve demand forecasting of products(Vijayasarathy and Tyler, 1997).

Furthermore, EDI is also beneficial in resource chain. They have one additional feature which are of help for integration and coordination ( Hill and Scudder, 2002) through regularity and automatic copy of information to supplier and distributers which is bettering information accuracy and reliability and communication between them(Murphy and Daley, 1999). This increased communication provides timely information of purchase status to customers which boosts customer service of

Organisation (Angeles, et al. , 1998). Accordingly Ellram et al. (1999) "supplier and stores must work together to implement compatible systems in order to realise the benifits of EDI"

Data Mining

Data mining is a way to observing large volumes of data gathered in databases. firstly, company using computer acquire the all business data like retail sales, bank data/information and developing data records (Lee and Siau, 2001). then in the end collected data would go to warehouses where in fact the make databases and analyser analyse the data and explore the full total business situations.

DM is also beneficial to analyse the different effect of 4Ps Price, place, campaign, Production and market show. DM is also beneficial to recognise that which customers group will be highly responsive to market promotion plan.

Asda also used this technology in strategic and tactical decision such as making competitive strategies, to find out market opportunities, establish services in markets, customer acquisition, retention and that all are of help to cost decrease.

DM technique is useful for SC people to make intelligent online marketing strategy on market targeting, segmentation, positioning and differentiation (Forcht and Cochran, 1999). By analyse point of sale data and other research data of database, the Marketing director can able to segmentation of customer market, evaluate market segment and choose particular marketplace portion by using DM knowledge in retail industry.

The software of DM techniques is beneficial for efficient retail supply string management, warehouse management and distribution system. The information about earlier order, distributor performance and earlier price are used by procurement device for judging and selecting suppliers. DM techniques also ideal for analyse the warehouse stock in manner to goods type, goods location and its own management. DM approach is included existing software and hardware which provide existing information resources.


It is useful for Real-time data collection. RFID is give the information of products to the director, how much stocks are available in store and exactly how much sold to customers. Regarding to Attaran (2007), "Organisations should consider RFID if indeed they want to increase their income growth, lower cost, reduce inventory, better utilise fixed assets and gain favour over its rivals".

RFID is utilized for provides both time founded and content founded information. Because of this shop can get the complete, relevant and overall information of products and their customers (Jones et al. , 2005(a)). that may useful to enhance their customer services. By the use of RFID, organisation has fast and reliable information transmission so decrease the manually inventory costs and increased accuracy and efficient of travel. Which automatically make the better warehouse management and reduced other operation cost (Jones et al. , 2005(b)).

RFID is also advanced the quickly respond to product question of customers. So, we can say that RFID bring huge range of benefits to retail sector resource chain, After the RFID technology unveiled in the retail sector that Revolutionizing retail Source Chain and developed the long run strategic based on decisions which show to be always a valuable element of RFID adoption.

So we can say that in other words UK major food merchants are providing more focus on technical development and advancement. Radio-frequency id (RFID) is the automatic id technology that uses radio waves to automatically monitoring and identifies objects. In RFID technology uses tag for logistics purposes, this tags are bound with specific products in warehouses. They could be used as scanners with the range under 6 metres (ibid). after the used of rfid in the united kingdom retail industry they have features of better traffic monitoring and forecasting, greater efficiency and acceleration in stock procedures. (Jones et al, 2005).

RFID has some constraints. Parker (2003) state governments that, 'Caspian - a US shopper's

rights group has called for worldwide boycott of Gillette for its use of RFID

technology. Because they thought it would interfere customers' personal life'.

The customer's personal transactional data being kept in the RFID tag following the POS

may be misused, utilized unauthorised or disclosed, which really is a potential problem in

adopting RFID.

Logistics technology is expensive so industry must use it flawlessly for gain benefit against their rivals. If the elements of logistics not managed effectively than its remarkably expansive. (Fernie&Sparks, 1988). The products or stock also expensive if harm might become out day or may not sell. Syndication centre and ware house are costly to keep up and operate, also use for transportation vehicles are costly and require maintenance. Companies always want to get their goods to the market fastest, make an effort to minimize the their inventory costs and the most mileage off their services and delivery fleets will be the the one which succeed and most ultra market are joining their logistics process with purchasers and dealer. (Aghazadeh, 2004)

ASDA has large scale purchasing vitality and established well planned source chain management and logistics system, so that it can control it suppliers and distribution, it includes latest information system and associated with leading software solution providing companies and deliveries of products has helped it get benefit over its competitors. the trained personnel of asda utilize this logistics technology to serve the buyer better and make them to fulfill. The competitive mother nature of the UK retail sector has structured supply string and logistics management very important and the huge investment placed into in by company like ASDA emphasizes its importance.

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