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Marketing strategies-target markets

Consumer Marketplaces. Ovaltine will continue to aim for its existing consumer markets. The principal consumer target market for Ovaltine drinks serves as a follows:



High income city in Malaysia such as Kuching and Miri


  • Kids, male and feminine teenagers, adult, baby-boomers

Ovaltine appropriate with kids, male and feminine teenagers, adult, baby-boomers, because Ovaltine Maximum for Milk has 11 natural vitamins and 4 mineral deposits, is lower in fat, salt and sugars, and does not have any manufactured colors, sweeteners or chemical preservatives. It's much better for you than many other carbonated drinks.


As a busy new mum there are a zillion and one jobs to do, and considering yourself is actually last on the list. But a brief pause to take pleasure from a mug of wholesome Ovaltine is perfect for multi-tasking mums. Combine a 10 minute pause with Ovaltine. . . breathing deeply and get things back in perspective. . . and you'll soon be ready to make contact with the important job of being a mum again.

  • Pregnant Mother

Perfect for pregnancy

Ovaltine is the natural choice for mums-to-be because Ovaltine offers you the right balance of folic acidity, calcium, zinc and iron - all the things you need to help keep you healthy throughout your being pregnant. Besides, Ovaltine is a delightful and gratifying drink.

Put your bump up!

Make sure you take the time out simply for you! With so a lot of things to take into account and new experiences to cope with, it is important to re-gather yourself and collect your thoughts. Even more so when baby comes! So incorporate this pause with a mug of wholesome Ovaltine daily and you will soon be sense back on the right track.

Certain vitamins, nutrients and trace elements are a must for mums-to-be and their bumps, including calcium mineral, folic acid, zinc, and flat iron, some of that you need more of when it comes to pregnancy diet.

Essential vitamins and minerals:


Calcium helps develop strong bone fragments and teeth and is really important throughout pregnancy, particularly in the later stages, whenever your baby's bone fragments are hardening. Milk and dairy products like cheese and yoghurt are excellent sources of calcium. If you don't eat these, make an effort to get your RDA of calcium from similar foods to these (you may also need a calcium supplement):

  • Enriched soya dairy and soya products
  • Beans and green vegetables, e. g. broccoli and spinach
  • Almonds and sesame seeds
  • Oranges and dried out fruit
  • Fish eaten with bone fragments, e. g. pilchards
  • White flour products, e. g. white bread

Ovaltine Original helps provide you with the calcium you will need during being pregnant.

Folate and Folic acid

Folate is a natural source of vitamin supplements B. Folic acidity is the produced form of folate.

Pregnant women need increased folic acidity/folate, specially when trying to get pregnant and then for the first three months of pregnancy. Insufficient can lead to birth problems such as spina bifida. So, before you conceive and through the first 90 days of pregnancy, take a daily folic acid solution supplement. Another way to take in folic acidity is to eat fortified breads and breakfast cereals, also to drink Ovaltine.

You need folic acid solution/folate throughout your pregnancy to assist in preventing anaemia and fatigue. During your pregnancy, it's a good idea to try and have 400mcg of folate every day from natural food resources.

Folate is found naturally in many foods, particularly fruits (melons, apricots, oranges), inexperienced leafy vegetables, butternut squash, carrots, and beansprouts.

Try and get these food types fresh and don't overcook them as folate is easily destroyed by safe-keeping and cooking. A bowl of fortified cereal with fresh milk, plus two slices of fortified loaf of bread and five folate-rich fruit and veg. can offer 300mcg of folic acid solution and folate.

A mug of Ovaltine* every day provides practically 1/3 of the folic acid you need when you are pregnant.

*A 25g serving of Ovaltine Original made out of 200ml of semi-skimmed dairy.


Our body need flat iron for the formation of red blood cells but pregnant women need more to supply their growing fetus and placenta. Inadequate can result in tiredness and anaemia.

Pregnant women, especially vegetarians and those who don't eat red beef, can become iron-deficient. Your doctor or midwife should test your iron levels and prescribe supplements if you want them.

Good resources of iron include red meat, pilchards, coffee beans, lentils, eggs, nuts, bread, fortified breakfast cereals, green vegetables (especially spinach), and dried out fruit.

Many women only eat 2/3 of the flat iron they need and taking in tea doesn't help either. The tannin in tea can inhibit iron absorption, so avoid having it an hour before and after meals.

Try a mug of Ovaltine instead; sipping it every day* provides you with 1/4 of the iron you will need.

*A 25g serving of Ovaltine Original made out of 200ml of semi-skimmed milk. Have some food or drink containing vitamin C with iron-rich dishes to help your system absorb the flat iron.


Zinc is vital to your baby's development - especially through the first stages of being pregnant. Zinc will boost your baby's natural immune system defences and help their healthy growth. Meat, shellfish, milk and milk products, loaf of bread and cereals (e. g. wheatgerm), are all good sources of zinc.

A mug of Ovaltine* per day provides nearly one third of the zinc you will need.

*A 25g portion of Ovaltine Original made out of 200ml of semi-skimmed milk.

B-group vitamins

You need certain B vitamins during pregnancy to help your system get the extra energy it requires from the food you take in.

In addition to folate, these B supplements include thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), pyridoxine (B6), and B12 (cobalamin). These vitamin supplements are water-soluble, this means your system can't store them, and that means you need to be sure to get enough every day.

A mug of Ovaltine is a great way to obtain folic acid, riboflavin, thiamin, and natural vitamins B6 and B12.

Vitamin C

Pregnant women need extra vitamin C using their diet (plus, an extra 10mg a day during the last trimester). It's essential for healthy gums, blood and epidermis for you as well as your baby throughout pregnancy.

Vitamin C also helps you absorb flat iron better - another important nutrient during motherhood. The body can't store supplement C, which means you need to be sure you get enough every day. Plus, it's easily demolished by baking, so don't overcook vegetables - try steaming or blend frying.

Lots of fruit and vegetables contain vitamin C, especially peppers, broccoli, brussel sprouts, sugary potatoes, citrus fruits, strawberries, blackcurrants, and kiwi berry.

One mug of Ovaltine* provides more than a third of your daily vitamin C need.

*A 25g portion of Ovaltine Original made with 200ml of semi-skimmed milk

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for the healthy development of your baby's sight and nerves. In addition, it helps to improve immunity and keep maintaining healthy pores and skin and mucus linings (in the nose area, for example).

A well-balanced diet should provide you with all the vitamin A you need during your motherhood. Retinol comes from animal options and carotene is found in vegetables. Good sources of vitamin A include milk, parmesan cheese and yoghurt, eggs, greasy fish (e. g. mackerel and herring), fortified margarine, and vegetables - especially red or yellow colored veg. However, particular foods are rich in Vitamin A and these should be averted during pregnancy, as should supplements of Vitamin supplements A.

One mug of Ovaltine* provides over 25 % of your daily supplement A requirement.

*A 25g offering of Ovaltine Original made out of 200ml of semi-skimmed milk


  • Health-concious people who considering living a wholesome lifestyle.

Ovaltine is a nutritrition Swiss chocolate malted drinks which has 4 vitamin supplements and 6 vitamins to help support kids and family residing in a healthy life-style.

  • Spend much time and money on taking care of their own and family physiques.
  • People who like chocolate flavour drinks.

Ovaltine is made from premium blend of Swiss chocolate that provides it that rich, smooth chocolate tastes. Combined with pure malt remove, this Swiss chocolates malt drink is delicious and nutrition.

  • Busy one who reside in a occupied life and need to control time wisely.

For example active mum need to do housework and caring for their children everyday. Busy mum may use just 10 minutes a day to take a breather with Ovaltine and get yourself back on the right track. Its malty-goodness is also available in helpful sachet packs so that it is ideal for active person on the run - be it office elevenses or young child taming.

  • People who on diet.

Ovaltine also comes in lighter add-to-water varieties which is low in fat, and saturated in satisfaction. These are as scrumptious and healthy as our original varieties, but all you need to do is put 4 heaped teaspoonfuls of Ovaltine Chocolates Light into a mug, then add 200ml of hot (not boiling) drinking water and blend, so they're fast and simple to make and contain fewer calories and excess fat than the add-to-milk kinds - handy if you are trying to reduce any post motherhood weight. And being caffeine-free, they're ideal if you're breastfeeding too.

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