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Marketing Strategies in Health care Business

Current Marketing Strategy

Health, structured by two business owners who are expert in medicine supply market, is about to enter the adult healthcare market. Improve digest system, product nutrients are common dependence on personal, professional, and other folks. Research implies that the United States has 262millions spirulina members, and 70 percent of the populations take in spirulina.

Our challengers, Elken is the spirulina head, with 39 percent of the global market. The runner up is - Dongtai City Spirulina Bio Engeering Co. , Ltd, with 25percent of the global market. Inside the U. S. market, - Dongtai City Spirulina Bio Engeering Co. Ltd. is the market leader. To be able to gain market share in this marketing environment, we must fully concentrate to focus on specific market segments with features that can deliver benefits valued to each consumers.

Market Description

Health's market involves consumer and business consumer who have strong knowing of health for health caring or living with the high standard life. Specific market sections being targeted during the launching stage which is include professional, firm, students, businessman, and medical users. Desk below show how the Health tackled the needs of targeted consumer and business segments.

Consumers can decide on a suitable product among models predicated on several different healthcare product, including kinds from Elken, DongTai City, Ruler Dnarmsa and other variance. Health licenses an organic and natural species because it bring more benefits to body and boost our immune system. Tablet and powder are popular spirulina options. Health is equipping organic and natural, providing more nutrition, and far more convenient to digest. This may allowed users to soak up nutrients at how just from eating tablet of spirulina. Researching technology of spirulina costs are increasing as the capabilities of spirulina are increasing too, and it creates value-priced product more attract to consumers and business users with traditional way to get every one of the nutrients that body need.

Target Segment

Customer Need

Corresponding Features/benefits


(consumer market)

  • Reduce the chance of various cancer
  • Supplement 48 nutrients
  • Strengthen immune sysrem
  • Provide B-carotene, the nutrient that people really need to keep blood flow successfully
  • Easy to fully capture 48 nutrition compare to eat more than 40 types of vegetables


(consumer market)

  • Strengthen immune system system
  • Improve process system
  • Provide B-carotene, let them will have good anti system and good spiritual to get involved activity
  • More easy to soak up the food nutrients
  • Present health every one of the period

Female or Ladies

(consumer market)

  • Beauty and weight-loss
  • Rich nutrients enhance skin in brightness status
  • Cell of spirulina help absorb system process well

Corporate users

(business market)

  • Improve body constitution
  • Brain supplement
  • Eye-sighting
  • 48 nutrients are extremely useful to avoid easy to get disease
  • Improve the power of sighting and stop eye painful after using computer
  • Supplement your brain with rich nutrition to make them more intelligent

Medical users

(business market)

  • Reduce the chance of varied cancer
  • Strengthen immune system system
  • Improve absorb system
  • Provide patients have strong immune system and their disease are certain to get cured soon
  • Easily to soak up any nutrients that are eaten
  • Strong anti-system decline various cancer

Product review

Our main product, the Health Spirulina, it offers benefited features with organic species:

  • Have total guarantee of quality - all sic major techniques are certified and recognized.
  • Develop the spirulina to contain forty eight nutrition that body actually need, however body can't make those nutrients.
  • Harvested Health spirulina go through a high-tech-spray-dry process.
  • Health Spirulina's powder form are pressed into tablet form.
  • Health Spirulina tablets are placed into food-grade clear plastic containers before distribution.
  • It contains high amount of carotenoids like beta carotene and yellowish xanthophyll which contain antioxidant properties.
  • It also contains chlorophyll, fatty, nucleic acids, lipids, flat iron, magnesium and trace minerals and is easier to absorb than flat iron supplements
  • It also an anti-aging food, which is concentrated nutrient value, and can be easily digested, it also loaded with antioxidants.
  • Proves eating beta carotene abundant fruit and veggies given us malignancy prevention.
  • Achieved CERES organic and natural skilled, GMP food qualifications, Golden Prize by Taiwan health Food Modern culture, Certified Halal by Malaysia Islamic Development Apartment, Approved by Drug Control Expert, and Skilled JHFA by Japan Health Food Association.

First-years sales income are forecasted to be $75million. In the second year, we intend to introduce a fresh product Health Spirulina A, also with organic and natural species, as a higher nutrients spirulina offering the next standard features:

  • Contains 52 nutrients that happen to be innovate from our strong R&B team.
  • More well suited for folks who allergy to iodine.
  • More convenient and creative product packaging.

Competitive Review

The appearance of organic spirulina, including the Elken Spirulina, has increased competitive pressure. The Competition in specialize healthcare product for nutrients supplement, such as Taiwan Chlorella Making Company, Ruler Dnarmsa Spirulina International Inc, Dongtai City Spirulina Bio Engeering Co. Ltd. , Green Health Ltd, Ningbo Green-Health Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, is major factor. Key competition include the pursuing:

  • Taiwan Chlorella Manufacturing Company (TCMC) was established in 1964. TCMC is the world's greatest and oldest Chlorella designer. The Chlorella is not so easy to be digested or ingested even it contain higher nutrients than spirulina. It sell a bottle of chlorella (600 tablet) with $158.
  • Ningbo Green-Health Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd is a respected Producer of food and drugs with CGMP and American NSF Certificates. They have great advantages in developing, processing and marketing of Plant medicines, Botanic Extracts, Volume Drugs of Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Preparations and NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS. THE BUSINESS spend a lot of cash in research and the company try to innovate their product. However, the development less function. The business still produce spirulina with the old technology machine and it require the spirulina is not too clean. Spirulina has remained in the market for long moment. it sell a container of spirulina (500 tablet) with $165.
  • Elken Sdn Bhd among the leading advertising companies in Malaysia, Elken has become a sterling example of a home expanded success. It has also set up a stronghold in six countries in the Asia Pacific region, specifically Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore. The business achieve many international prize. The company really point out on the quality of the spirulina. Therefore, they harvest the spirulina using their company own cultivation pool, and it ensure quality and pure of the spirulina. It sell a container of spirulina(500 tablet) with $168.




Taiwan Chlorella Making Company

Chlorella is not so easy to be digested or absorbed, it contain higher nutrition than spirulina, 600 tablet a bottle


Ningbo Green-Health Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd

spirulina is not too genuine, produce spirulina with the old technology machine, 500 tablet a container.


Elken Sdn Bhd

Achieve many international award, good quality of the spirulina, spirulina off their own cultivation pool, 500 tablet a bottle.





Taiwan Chlorella Creation Company

  • Taiwan Chlorella Manufacturing Company is recognized as the world's greatest and oldest Chlorella maker.
  • Their creation techniques are up to date and retained.
  • They have two big factories in Chung Li and Lung Chun. They have got achieve an annual productivity capacity of 180 metric tons
  • Chlorella in the past has been its limited digestibility
  • A copyrighted process for breaking down the cell wall has increased digestibility to 80 percent.

Ningbo Green-Health Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd

  • Advantages in Developing, manufacturing and marketing
  • Has stayed searching for long moment
  • Main products is spirulina, it includes many product about spirulina like powder, pills, food of spirulina.
  • The invention less function. The company still produce spirulina with the old technology machine
  • the spirulina is not too pure

Elken Sdn Bhd

  • It has a strong distributor
  • It has a broad section of business in Asia-Pacific.
  • Their employees are cooperative and well disciplined
  • There might be dangers of skin rashes, muscle weakness, bloating.
  • It can be saturated in fat and nutritional cholesterol.
  • Some folks have trouble digesting lactose, which will be the natural sugar within the products

Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Hazard Analysis

Health attained several strengths which to create, but our fatal weakness is lack of brand recognition. Not just that, we've our major opportunity is the damand for health care product that deliver value benefits. We also face the risk of competition from consumer medication maker such as charges pressure. Below show summarizes Health's durability, weakness, opportunities, and hazards.


Spirulina can build on three important strengths:

1. Pure cultivation. Pure environment really play important roles in super food. Because of that, clean cultivation can ensure the best quality of the spirulina, and make sure consumer are really safe to consume the nutrients super fruit.

2. Strong R & D team. Keep improve or innovate or product always better than the prior product. We will higher the nutrition value and decrease the allergy problem to whom allergic to iodine.


By hanging around to enter in the spirulina market as a newcomer, Health has discovered anything from others challengers. Nonetheless, we still have several weaknesses.

1. Lack of brand popularity. Health was a fresh company that does not have image, however other competition already is old company and also have strong brand acknowledgement. We will cope with this problem, we should keep aggressive campaign so that, the customer will only remember our company.

2. Drug sensitive. People who are allergic or sensitive to iodine should avoid taking the dietary supplement. Besides that, seaweed or seafood could also want to avoid taking spirulina.


Health have the next advantage opportunities:

  1. Cost-efficient improve. Good improve is offered by a lesser cost than before. Thus, Health may use advanced features at a value-added price to obtain a reasonable income.
  2. Increasing demand for healthcare product or super food. The marketplace for health care product are increasing rapidly as the earth development growing fast. People are too concentrate on their work and they might omit their health. We produce spirulina to enhance knowing of their health functions to more emphasize on health.


We are facing two dangers with the beginning stage of the Spirulina.

1. Increasing competition.

2. The pressure of prices.



  • Pure cultivation to cultivate high characteristics and good kinds of spirulina.
  • Strong R & D team to boost our species
  • Value pricing
  • Lack of brand consciousness cause our product aren't known by public
  • Drug sensitive especially a few of the patients who allergic to iodine



  • Cost-efficient improve
  • Increasing demand for health care product or very food
  • Increased competition
  • Downward pressure on pricing


We have created various goals for early level of market access.

  • Our first aims is through the Health Spirulina first 12 months on the market, were aiming level of 300, 000 container for device sales.
  • Our Second objectives is in the next year, we're able to sell a mixed total of 1 million units of your two product.


During the product launching period, our major concern is to develop a well-known brand name. We will put many initiatives in marketing to make certain that people can make a creative, memorable and distinctive brand image. Furthermore, we could keep collecting marketing data so we can take care of our marketing strategy at the earliest opportunity.

Marketing strategy

Health's online marketing strategy is will depend on product differentiation with a robust positioning. We established our key market aim for is middle to top income experts who need abundant nutrition tablet to bring improvement their health status and convenient to ensure them strong in heart. From then on, our secondary institution consumer aim for is students who want a universal solution to ensure their well-done performance in college or else. These portion can be categorize demographically by age group (13-25).

Our main business focus on is middle to large-sized business that want to help their personnel to gain superior welfare also to ensure them always in good mood to deal with or work with company. This segments including companies with more than $25millions in annual revenue and more than 50 employees. Not only that, we live also aiming other business target such as enterprisers and small business owners as well as medical users this especially suitable for who want to keep their body health from spending too much time on calculating the nutrients that still insufficient.

Product Strategy

The Health Spirulina, will be sold with shown certificate of world protection food approval. We will add a more highly nutrition and ground breaking new varieties of spirulina-advance (Health spirulina A) within the next few years. Creating the Health brand is a part of our product strategy. In order to let consume discover our brand, the product will be viewed with brand and the brand and its product packaging and with this introductory marketing campaign, the merchandise can be strengthened by its prominence. Our product is belonging to consumer product which will be the product is actually for personal utilization. Our product under convenience product that are daily use and the customer usually buys frequently. We likewise have created creative and safety packaging than our competition. Test marketing is one in our product strategy too. Thus, we will disseminate our testimony product to the market and let them have a go whether it are well suitable by them or not. Our company is the new company so there are a whole lot of preparation we need to consider. Even as we are in intro part, we have to hire a great amount of folks or staff member. Besides that, we need to execute a research whether our product are really very safe to the public. Other than that, we also have to spend a great deal of account to choose the machine and innovate the product.

Pricing strategy

Health Spirulina will be launched at $210 general /$239 retail price per product. We are expected to produce a lower the price of the initial product whenever we expand the product line by introducing medical Spirulina A, wholesale price will be 225 per unit. Relating to major costs strategies, cost-based charges are more suitable to Health Spirulina. We will preparing the prices according on the cost for each process that the product experienced and plus a good rate of return for return and risk. We might provides a mark-up to the price of the merchandise and it eventually will make significant amounts of profits to your company. Among the cost is fixed cost which is include high rate interest from bank or investment company, executive earnings to workers. Changing cost include security uses packaging as well as the spirulina cultivation rate. In addition, we have been selecting market-penetration as our pricing strategies. Because of the market-pricing strategies, we establish a low price for 90 days as you want to penetrate the marketplace at the earliest opportunity and then appeal to deeply to a huge number of clients. Thus, most of the buyer can try our product, and they might continue steadily to choose our product if they are satisfying to your good quality product. If we didn't place a low first price, then just less people will attempt our product, therefore the sales in our product are not so good. It means we create the value to the client, however, we aren't capturing the value from them. We could planned to improve up the price after three months in order to help the company make huge markup in the future.

Promotion Strategy

Business firm always utilize advertisement to promote their product, so do to Health Sdn Bhd. We will create an attracting advert of spirulina and point out the function that provided in spirulina. The ad have split into two types, the first is paper form designed to use to distribute to open public and the other is video form which are being used to play in tv. Our company will also disperse our product advert by the roadside, then the majority of the pedestrian can easily see and find out about us. We will try to build creative TV and radio advertisements to make our product be popular or popular. Advertisements will show the very value of the spirulina and how it maintain people health in current occupied world. In addition, Health Sdn Bhd will also set up a superior advertising for public to know this best product ever on earth. We will sell spirulina with 30%discount to the general public at the first 3 month to let community more understanding upon this product. Because of this, more general population will know about our product as our campaign ongoing. They will be more confident to get our product compare to our competitor product it is just because our product really are the best product and also have achieved many international certificate. In addition, we can be considered a sponsor and contribute some funds to some non-profit organizer (school, orphanage) as charity. Then the society will learn about us. We are not only concentrate on our business, but also matter to the society. Undeniably, it is our product honour and it is the proof showing to public our product is safe to consume.

Place Strategy

Our strategy is selective placing, marketing Health Spirulina through popular pharmacy and online retailer. During the beginning stage, we will add distrbutor companions until we have coverage in every major market. To get our distributor companions, they will be given demonstration products and aspect specification hand-out by Health. Then, we will manage some special obligations terms for stores that place amount order. We also have provided the best delivery service to each consumer who have purchased more than 2000 tablet. Otherwise, we will ask for much fees on the delivery product. In addition, we will distribute our product to retailer. Then, they'll help to accumulate and distribute information. Besides that, they may also help us to promote our product when our new product new to the market. However, our delivery service is within good standard and ensure the product get destroyed or else.

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