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Marketing Research Plan

A marketing research plan is the doc containing the information regarding the potential market. It describes specific actions to be studied to attract potential buyers to buy products or services. It really is developed as a standard part of your business plan to accomplish the goals of the organisation (Bradley 2007). This newspaper will discuss the development of a marketing research plan for entry in to the business of a coffee shop and the several methods to develop the program. It will also discuss different methods of marketing research and the research instrument used to build up the plan.

Problem Identification and Definition

The first level is to develop a and precise understanding of the research problem, allowing effective do of the study process. It is vital to analyse the problems to conduct the study effectively. In such a scenario, a veteran market researcher wants to enter the business of working a coffee shop and the challenge is to identify the potential market also to find the appropriate outlet and product mix for the products and services of the business. The conviction of product line and the price to be billed for the product is the identified problem. At exactly the same time, the business is also facing issues with the setting of the shop in the relevant market.

Research Objectives

The objectives for this marketing research process are to find an appropriate market and potential clients for the coffee shop by discovering the buying behaviour and behaviors of the prospective customers.

Research Approach

A research strategy can be an important part of the marketing research plan that really helps to find relevant data and information and really helps to convert information and data into numeric form such that it is easy to develop the marketing plan (Jackson 2008). A couple of fundamentally two types of research strategies: qualitative and quantitative, which is often used to gather data and gather relevant information.

Qualitative research strategy: Under a qualitative research methodology, the information is compiled in qualitative conditions to effectively answer the questions. In such a research strategy, an in-depth evaluation of people's behaviour and behavior can be analysed to learn their preferences. This process also helps to understand the difficulty of the possible customers perfectly so that relevant information can be compiled (Mane & Money 2011). The main thing relating to this research is that there surely is no set way or theory how best to collect information for the precise problem. It generally uses a small volume of respondents.

Quantitative research way: Alternatively, in quantitative research, the info and information is generally altered into numeric form to answer the research questions. Using this approach, the information is compiled in a alternative view to answer the study questions (Gliner & Morgan 2000). All of the people in the group are asked to answer the questions for a specific problem. This process generally is likely from general to specific to answer the targets of the circumstance problem.

In this circumstance, quantitative research methodology would become more appropriate to get the solution as it might be more effective in analysing customers' behavior regarding the coffee shop business. It would also assist in getting relevant information case through the info available and questionnaire. It will also help the researcher to decide the product lines as well as its prices structure.

Research Design

In this level, a model is created to perform the marketing research. A highly effective research design assists with answering the issues related to the truth. The descriptive way of doing the marketing research is being considered (Creswell 2003). The study design which is used here's of any descriptive research design, so that solutions to the issues can be obtained. The effectiveness of the study design only can determine the success of the marketing research process that finally affects the grade of the marketing research plan as well.

The descriptive design of the research plan will help to offer an in-depth evaluation of the situation through effectively analysing specific responses. It will create the research process fast and accurate (Bynner & Stribley 2010). At exactly the same time, it brings smoothness to the information gathering and analysis as it answers the truth problems effectively. In most cases, it has been seen that scheduled to lack of effective research design the researcher struggles to find relevant answers to problems. The descriptive research design will help to find current users of espresso as well as help to analyse the near future demand of the product.

As the look is the most time-consuming level, it needs to be developed carefully. The look can help the researcher to prepare a highly effective questionnaire for the study process (Maxwell 2005). This questionnaire will help the researcher to find appropriate market, products and price. For the success of any research process, it is important to choose appropriate respondents, to maximise the chance of attaining a valid outcome.

Data Collection

Data collection is one of the most crucial phases in a marketing research process. Different activities, such as data gathering online and questionnaires, will be used to answer the case problems effectively. (Zundel & Vignali 2003). Pursuing are a few of the ways through which data can be gathered.

Online data: The web data available can help to gather information which markets hold the most offer for a fresh restaurant. Although Michael doesn't want to make an online search for this research, to answer the first question it'll end up being relevant. The number of coffee chains in a particular area, the upsurge in the amount of percentage of espresso outlets and the income of rivals can be accumulated to analyse which markets are most appealing.

Online survey: The researcher also has the option of conducting an online survey to find appropriate marketplaces and customers for the proposed coffee shop. Its less costly and far preferred in today's world, where people don't possess enough time to respond in person. The online survey will also help the researcher to get several ideas from the respondents regarding the beginning of the coffee shop (Becerra & Korgaonkar 2011). In addition, it has additional benefits, such as having quick reactions that will help the researcher to get relevant information swiftly and thus to get started on business at the earliest opportunity. Additionally it is assumed that respondents in online surveys respond more seriously in comparison to other method of data collection and research. This source of information generation would be the most effective for the researcher to get relevant information.

Questionnaire: The questionnaire can help the researcher to accumulate relevant information. It really is one of the most critical areas of the study and a good questionnaire must meet the two basic conditions of reliability and relevance. It ought to be carefully made to ensure the answers are relevant: thus, the way the questions are framed, the sequence of questions and pretesting of questions (Zikmund & Babin, 2007).

Research Instrument

There are various research devices available to be used because of this research to find appropriate solutions to the problems. The use of effective research tools is very important to look for the success of the marketing research plan. The effective use of the research instrument will help to analyse the situations effectively. To get a solution for the issues, the researcher can use a questionnaire (Gama 2011). That is an effective tool to find answers to the issues increased. It will help the researcher to find appropriate marketplaces and customers for the restaurant. Following is the explanation of how this tool can help the researcher to get the appropriate market

Questionnaire: A questionnaire is the most typical research equipment used to find solutions to research questions. It is a couple of questions by which the respondents' preferences and preference are determined by the researcher. It can help the researcher to get relevant information. It is very important to get ready effective questions, so that appropriate information can be made from respondents. Here, the effectiveness of the questionnaire can help the researcher to find the right market as well as prospective customers (Katono 2011). The wording, form and ordering of questions really concerns a whole lot in a highly effective questionnaire as these factors determine the success of the questionnaire. It will also be looked at, while identifying what questions should be included, that all question should concentrate on the problems detailed in the present case.

Research actions are an important part of a study question that help solve the research questions effectively. The strategy items for research question 1 are the following.

High denseness of customers: The high density of potential prospects would be effective to find the most encouraging market for a restaurant, as the maximum amount of users will ensure the success for the new restaurant (Herzog 2010).

Maximum espresso users: The amount of users who take in espresso is another solution item for the question one. The utmost amount of coffee users will ensure maximum business.

Low competition: Low competition is another important strategy item for this research question, as it'll ensure the chance for growth of the restaurant in this market.

The first key research question and the solution items are listed below.

1) What market segments in the USA hold the most guarantee for a fresh restaurant?

  1. Please identify metropolis you participate in . .
  2. Where does one drink your espresso the most?
  • Starbucks
  • BEANS & Tea Leaf
  • Local barista
  • Other (Please identify)
  • How often does one drink coffee outside?
    • Every day
    • Once in 2-3 days
    • Weekly
    • Fortnightly
    • Other (Please identify)

    The following will be the strategy items for research question 2.

    Central location: A centrally located place would become more appropriate to appeal to the maximum range of customers for the coffee shop, as people would be ready to go there because it would be within ready access by the customers.

    Shopping shopping mall: A retail center can also be among the finest places for the restaurant as the quantity of people browsing malls will improve its popularity.

    The second key research question and the solution items are as follows.

    2) What type of location is best for a restaurant?

    1. Where will you usually have/decide on up your espresso?

      • Shopping Mall
      • City Centre
      • Close to workplace
      • Petrol station
      • Coach/bus station

      2. When do you frequently buy coffee?

        • On the path to work
        • Day break
        • Lunch time
        • Evening

        3. Which kind of coffee shop do you like?

          • Sit-down coffee shop
          • Drive-thru

          The following are the measure items for research question 3.

          Coffee quality: The grade of the caffeine helps in making a coffee shop popular in a specific market. It can help to increase customer foundation for the shop, as most people prefer quality in everything (Herzog 2010).

          Price: Price is another essential requirement that determines popularity of the coffee shop in the market. The researcher can have competitive prices compared to its competitors to help make the coffee shop popular amonst the users.

          Service: Service is another important aspect that determines success of your business. In the event the services provided by the restaurant are not up to the amount of its competitors, you won't be able to catch the attention of customers.

          The third key research question and the strategy items are the following.

          3) The facts which makes a coffee shop popular?

          1. Which is the main factor while choosing a coffee shop?
          • Price
          • Quality
          • Service
        1. What will you generally purchase at the coffee shop?
          • Only coffee
          • Snack
          • Toastie
          • Treat and caffeine combo
          • Treat and toastie combo
          • Other (Please designate)
        2. What kind of service do you prefer?
          • Self-service
          • Desk service
          • Take-away

          The following are the strategy items for research question 4.

          Flavour: The tastes of the caffeine determines the preferences of the users of caffeine.

          Quality: Quality again becomes the explanation for the preferences of 1 product on the other (Miller & Strang 2010).

          Habit: Behavior is another essential requirement that decides the personal preferences of Americans about the use of coffee. It is in the behavior of individuals to prefer a specific type of caffeine.

          The fourth key research question and the strategy items are the following.

          4) What caffeine do Americans prefer?

          1. Which kind of caffeine do you like?
          • Flat
          • Cappuccino
          • Mocha
          • Black
          • Espresso
          • Other (Please identify)
        3. Which of the following coffees do you prefer?
          • Hot
          • Cold
          • Iced
        4. Would you prefer to buy some other type of drinks (other than caffeine)?
          • Yes, please identify. .
          • No

          Sample Plan and Size

          Sample size can be an important part of the marketing research process that decides the success of the marketing research plan. In quantitative research, a large test size is taken to get treatment for the issues (Cacic & Markovina 2011). Here, a sizable sample size of respondents will be taken to derive the effective outcome of the problems. Many people often go to the coffee shop and mainly take tea rather than espresso (Usui 2011). Taking their response in a tiny sample size make a difference the results of the circumstance and the researcher would be unable to determine the precise market for the restaurant as well as the customers for the shop.

          At once, the large sample size will effectively deal with the responses of the people to derive a good outcome. The large sample size will also help in minimising the sample problems associated with small test sizes. Further, it will help to minimise non-responses in a small test size (Grossberg 2011). In cases like this, it is very important to get relevant information regarding espresso users, so that it can capitalize on the information. This is merely possible when a big range of customers are being asked about their likes and dislikes. At the same time, it will require extensive analysis of potential customers to choose a proper place for the coffee shop.

          Data Structuring and Analysis

          In this stage, the data and information accumulated will be analysed to derive an optimistic outcome. It is important as it can help to set up data in a systematic way. It will help in identifying the specific group of men and women using espresso. Data structuring helps to analyse the data properly so that effective results can be derived from the data and information obtained (Alexander & Rhodes 2011). The ways by which data structuring can be used to help a researcher to derive a positive outcome include the following.

          Data mining: Data mining is the process of analysing the data from different perspectives to derive exact information. In data mining, data is analysed from different sides to find appropriate market segments and customers for its restaurant. Here, mining the info would be effective to get relevant information regarding potential customers (Fichet 2011). The info collected through collection will effectively help analyse relevant information regarding customer tastes and preferences. Data mining will further help the researcher to determine a strong customer platform for his coffee shop, considering customer tastes and preferences and give help with product positioning and repairing prices.

          Data clustering: Data clustering is the procedure of separating the data obtained into different groupings according with their needs and choices. Data that has some similarities are maintained in a group to help the researcher to analyse it effectively. Here, the data compiled for the coffee shop will be separated based on possible customers' preferences and choices, so a researcher can quickly derive the required information (Mehlhorn & Sanders 2008). Data cluster helps to get information regarding not only the number of customers consuming caffeine but also helps to find other relevant information regarding those customers.

          Perpetual Mapping: Perpetual mapping is an effective tool that analyses the marketplace conditions and the purchasers' buying behaviour. It also helps to analyse the difficulty among competitors in the market. It really is an important tool for the data structuring as it provides complete market knowledge regarding any particular issue or problem. In this case, perpetual mapping would be most reliable to analyse the info, as it'll provide information about the competitors in the market (Alexander & Rhodes 2011). Perpetual mapping helps to analyse strategies regarding rivals and provides understanding how to meet the clients through analysing their buying behaviour.

          Statistical graph: The researcher also offers the option to make a statistical graph to analyse the info gathered. These graphs would effectively analyse the info to enable the researcher to find appropriate place for his business. The look of the graph is based on the amount of data and occurrence of the questionnaires used so you can get relevant information. These statistical graphs can help the researcher to find relevant information regarding prospective customers (Mehlhorn & Sanders 2008). There are different types of graphs that may be used by the researcher to analyse the data like pictograph, pie graph, map chart, bar graph etc.

          Report Generation and Presentation

          With this stage, the whole process of marketing research process is summarised and its conclusions included in a brief document. The result produced with the data and information gathered during this process is analysed to answer the study questions from the research study. Effective documents of the whole process gives an overall idea about the possible solutions of problems (Belk 2006). Important elements of the study process are one of them section to help the researcher to find a proper market. It will help the researcher to make effective decisions based on the marketing research process.

          In this case, the paperwork of the procedure will help researcher to find out his potential market and customers for the restaurant, as well as help him to put the coffee shop in the best market. The researcher will be able to find answers to questions lifted by making use of effective report technology and demonstration (Gliner & Morgan 2000). The survey will include the amount of prospects, their consumption behaviors, the statistics and types of rival etc. Thus, it is important to possess effective and relevant display of research finding to help the researcher to find appropriate marketplaces and potential clients for the coffee shop.


          From these dialogue, a marketing research plan is very important for the success of a small business. It provides an overview of the complete market condition to find appropriate markets and customers for its business. The effective evaluation of the marketing research process can be an important area of the marketing research plan that helps businesses to get established in a particular market. In this case, the marketing research plan can help the researcher to find appropriate market and customers for his restaurant. The plan may effectively help him to find solutions to the issues about the location and choices for the design of restaurant.

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