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Marketing Evaluation Of Virgin Press Marketing Essay

Services marketing are a kind of marketing which focuses on reselling services. Services can be tricky to market and the marketing strategy for them is much different than the procedure for products. Some companies offer both products and services and must use a mixture of styles; for example, a store which offers phone also will offer services such as supporting people select telephone as deal and providing broadband service and mobile repair. Such a store must market both its products and the supporting services it offers to appeal to customers.

Virgin Media can be an innovative new media company that was developed therefore of your merger between NTL and Telewest and a re-branding as Virgin Marketing. Its main power is based on the branding and the creativity that the name Virgin offers. Internally, Virgin Multimedia is the only real company in the United Kingdom that offers all of the primary marketing services, i. e. digital television set, broadband, fixed range telephone and mobile phone packages. The capability to offer these products all together in one bundle is the initial feature of Virgin Mass media and clearly models the company aside from its competitors.

Swot evaluation is the most important and first level of planning. It really is a feedback device to make new approaches for any organisation. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats will be the four components of a swot examination. Weaknesses and Advantages are correlated and look at the internal part of the business analysis whereas Opportunities and Dangers offer with the external environment of business procedure. Weaknesses and strengths refer to aspect of marketing, finance, developing or organisational structure. Swot evaluation helps clarifies the aims of the organisation


In offering these put together services, the business has considerable economies of size as it is able to combine many of its generic functions such as administration and finance, thus allowing the business to price more competitively for the benefit of its customers. Due to its perceived leading brand in the media, Virgin Media has managed to secure a continuing agreement with Sky, increasing further still its inclusive offering to its customers. Tech ability and infrastructure are also two of the main element internal advantages of the business, which have been exploited to make a market leading position.


Despite this, the company does have some internal weaknesses that require to be maintained. The merger between NTL and Telewest is still relatively new and there are social clashes between your two styles and the rising Virgin style. In recent years, there have been several redundancies and outsourcing of customer services, so that they can bring down costs. It has led to a degree of unsettled behavior and insufficient loyalty from personnel. Due to the size and complexity of the growing organisation, there will tend to be ongoing conflicts that will need to be been able if this ethnical shift is not to impact on the customer experience.

Opportunities and Threats

Externally, the opportunities and risks facing Virgin Advertising are ever changing. The advertising sector is expanding an exceptionally fast pace, resulting in both opportunities and threats for companies such as Virgin Press. Opportunities are accessible for Virgin Press, mostly in offering value added services such as online video games or even more reliable broadband cable connections. Bundling these press services alongside one another, as Virgin Media has recently done offers yet further opportunities within the press sector, in conditions of grasping increased market share. Consumers like simple, one-stop shopping when it comes to the media possibilities; this is something that Virgin Advertising can continue steadily to exploit, particularly now that it has signed an agreement with Sky.

Threats to Virgin Advertising come from other similar advertising companies such as Orange or BT who remain as large players on the market. In particular, Virgin Media is rumoured to own problems with its infrastructure consistency, which could possibly allow competition such as BT to increase market talk about. The mass media sector as a whole is extremely fast moving; therefore, the primary threat is the fact Virgin Marketing may fail to keep rate, thus burning off its customer bottom part to another more innovative company.

The flower of service

Facilitating elements(services)

Information: Customers often require information about how exactly to obtain and use a product and services. They may also need remainders and paperwork. Example,

Of virgin broadband information services are: Direction to service site and using instructions, alert and insurance, terms and condition of services.

Order taking: Many goods and services must be ordered or reserved in advance. Customer needs to really know what available and could want to secure commitment to delivery

Billing:"Just how much should i owe you?". Customers are entitled to clear, correct and intelligible charges and assertions.

Payment: Customer may pay faster and more cheerfully if Virgin makes trades simple and convenient to them.

2) Enhancing services:

Consultation: Value can be put into goods and services by offering advice and discussion.

Safe keeping: Customers favor not to be concerned about caring for the personal belongings that they bring with these to something site.

Exceptions: Customers appreciate some flexibility in a small business when they make special get. They expect it you should definitely everything goes according to plan.

Hospitality: Customers who make investments commitment in visiting a company and using its services have earned to be treated as welcome guests.

User Preparation

When applying new system, it is important that workers, employees, managers as well as others in the organization are prepared for it. This process is also called process of readying your choice makers, managers, employees, and stakeholders for a fresh system. In this respect, consumer training becomes very essential, because without it the success of the machine cannot be assured. This technique of user prep is prepared and carried out properly and involved a whole lot of design, and concern (Stair & Reynolds, 2008).

Virgin Mass media, the UK's leading fibre-optic broadband specialist currently has almost 60, 000 SME and open public sector broadband clients, but has declared that it is looking to grow this significantly.

Virgin Advertising has unveiled strategies to target the tiny and medium business customers of its rival broadband giant BT.

The move comes soon after BT's commitment to undercut Virgin Media's personal super-fast broadband prices, with its new fibre-optic broadband service which BT is rolling out this year.

There is a very big market up for grabs, as small and medium-sized corporations (SMEs) spend about 18bn yearly on IT and telecoms.

Virgin Media currently have revenues of about 600m pa from business broadband customers and this is forecast to go up to about 1bn pa in 3 to 5 years.

Virgin Media main operating official Andrew Barron said: "That is another step forwards. We've been working in the business division for 1. 5 years on getting the business enterprise processes to the right level. We've upgraded it dramatically. We can use the fibre-optic network to distinguish ourselves. "

Marketing communication Combine:

The marketing combination is the set of controllable tacticle marketing tools that the company blends to create the

Response it wants in the mark market (Melewar. T. C. , & Saunders. J, 2000)

Marketing communications are the means by which firms try to advise, persuade, and remind

consumers immediately or indirectly about the products and brands that they sell. A business s total

marketing communication mix also called promotion combine (Kotler, 2005) involves specific mixing of

advertising, personal offering, sales promotion, public relations, and immediate marketing tools that are used

by company to follow its advertising and marketing objectives.

The marketing communication activities which contribute to the

marketing of any new or existing product: by creating awareness of the brand; linking the right

associations to the product's image in the consumer's recollection, facilitating more robust consumer-product

connection etc.

Current expanded marketing blend marketing mix.

People - People is one of the elements of service marketing blend. People define something. . In case of service marketing, people can make or break an organization. Thus virgin media nowadays are participating into specially getting their employees trained in interpersonal skills and customer support with a target towards client satisfaction. In fact many companies have to undergo accreditation to show that their staffs are much better than the others. Definitely a USP in case there is services.

Process - Service process is the way in which a service is sent to the end customer. The process of something company such as virgin advertising in delivering its product is of utmost importance. It is also a critical aspect in the service blueprint, wherein before creating the service, the company defines just what ought to be the procedure for the service product reaching the end customer.

Physical Research - The last aspect in the service marketing blend is a very important element. As said before, services are intangible in character. However, to generate a much better customer experience tangible elements are also sent with the service. Physical data is utilized as a differentiator in service marketing.

This is the service marketing mix (7p) which is also known as the expanded marketing mix


Positioning in several areas is not always easy (I can say it is too difficult). Virgin Group was aware of the down sides so that they had to take into account the Virgin brand. They have never entered in a company before doing sound researches and evaluation. They have analyzed the industry and attempted to look from customers' sight. They were aware of the trade-offs they had to think before entering a fresh business venture plus they have never underestimated the risks behind new entrance.


Virgin Press launched to much fanfare in Feb 2007, with a public relations event and an expensive marketing campaign which protected major UK tv channels, papers and billboards. In order to increase awareness of the group and its own services, Virgin Media's advertising campaign used bright red colors to portray its brand image. Recent[update] tv advertising featured celebrity Uma Thurman and comedienne Ruby Wax, and presently[update] features professional Samuel L Jackson, whilst the printing advertising features bold typography. Virgin Media also sponsored the Channel 4 reality TV show Big Brother until the end of the ninth series.

Virgin Press Business/

On Thursday 11 February 2010, Virgin Press declared that its business department would be rebranded as Virgin Press Business with immediate result. The company, which have been operating as ntl:Telewest Business, is currently the largest B2B brand in the Virgin Group. This designated the end of the NTL and Telewest being employed by the company.

Virgin Marketing Business is the UK's only telco with a national fibre optic Next Era Network. Organisations working with Virgin Multimedia Business include London City Airport terminal, Arqiva, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Collaboration and South West Water.

Consumer behaviours

"Focusing on how consumer behaviour is changing will be an important dependence on Virgin Media's approaching music offering and, should they become rules, the Government's legislative proposals will additionally require measurement of the amount of copyright infringement on ISPs' systems. Detica's CView technology potentially offers a non-intrusive solution which enhances our knowledge of aggregate customer behaviour without discovering or storing individual customers' data. "

Consumer Segment

We face intense competition from a variety of entertainment and marketing communications service

providers, which offer equivalent broadband internet, tv set, fixed range telephony and mobile

telephony services. In addition, technological innovations and product enhancements have increased, and will

likely continue steadily to increase, the amount of alternatives open to our customers from other providers

and intensify the competitive environment. See ''Risk Factors-We operate in highly competitive

markets. '' However, we think that we've a competitive benefit in the U. K. residential market

due to the superior specialized capabilities of our own cable network in the network of the incumbent BT,

which quite a few competitors rely to provide their services. We also face intense competition in

the mobile telephony market, primarily driven by increased costs pressure from both set up and

new service providers, changing customer needs and technological developments.

We offer most of our products over a stand-alone basis or as part of bundled deals designed to

encourage customers a subscription to multiple services. We offer broadband internet, fixed line

telephony and mobile telephony and data services throughout the U. K. , and presently offer television

services entirely in areas offered by our cable tv network

Segmentation, Targeting, Setting (STP)

Before start think about marketing (4P), you must understand what is STP. Conditions of STP include : market strategy; aim for markets; positioning; market segmentation and concentrate on market segments; market segmentation and demographics


Segmentation : Figuring out all segments for the product/service. Lots of the resources shown in component 3 will be helpful to you when you develop sections. To become useful, sections should be:


Accessible (can you reach them)


Distinct in one another

the objective of segmentation is to find attractive market segments. Strategies include

Break market into components

Regroup into market segments

Select which segment to target


Virgin Media happens to be number two in the home broadband market in the united kingdom, but it obviously doesn't desire to be left behind as it pertains to broadband on the road. The business has its own-brand cellular phone service, so it's wasn't that a lot of a leap for this to add mobile broadband into the mix.

Virgin offers mobile broadband via a number of different discounts. For example, if you are already a Virgin customer using it's XL (20Mb) or L (10Mb) cable connection broadband deals or its ADSL Pack 1 offering, you can get mobile broadband with a 1GB utilization allowance for an additional fiver a month. If you're using one of the lower-end home broadband deals you can receive the same program for a tenner per month.

However, for this review we're looking at the standard retail load up which targets people who don't already have a Virgin service. This offer costs 15 per month with an 18-month agreement for a 3GB every month download allowance and a free of charge USB modem


Positioning is an essential element and skill in good marketing. Perceptual maps are used to determine the position of something, organization, person, service or idea. Positioning maps or perceptual maps can be simple, yet quite effective marketing tools. One definition of Placement Theory is: the technology of perceptual strategy. It really is based on a theory that strategy can only just be organized in your brain of the consumer, not the industry*.

It is important to understand the levels of competition because placing applies in any way competitors. For instance:

Product Level

Corporate Level

Industry Level

The STP Process

The growing use of the STP process has happened as the result of the prevalence

of mature marketplaces, the greater diversity in customer needs, and the power to

reach professional or niche sections. As such marketers are increasingly segmenting

markets and discovering attractive segments (i. e. who to concentrate on and why?),

in order to identify new product opportunities, develop appropriate positioning and

communications strategies (i. e. what communication to converse), and effectively

allocate resources to key marketing activities (i. e. how much should we spend

and where?). Organizations will often commission rate segmentation research when

they want to re-scope their online marketing strategy, investigate a declining brand,

launch a fresh product, or restructure their rates insurance plan. Organizations operating

in highly strong environments seek to carry out segmentation research at

regular intervals, to talk to changes available on the market.

STP refers to the three activities segmentation, targeting, and positioning


1. Virgin Advertising, fourth 1 / 4 2007 results display, February 2008.

2. Carphone Warehouse Plc fourth quarter trading update, Apr 2008.

3. "Domestic Competitive Market Review", 2004, Ofgem.

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