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Marketing principles: Apple and Vodafone

Marketing is defined by many writers in their own ways, however the best defined explanations are mainly focussed on client satisfaction, customer orientation and customer needs.

Kothler defined Marketing as, "Marketing is the sociable process where individuals and categories obtain what they want and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others"

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), identifies Marketing as,

"Marketing is the management process that recognizes, anticipates and satisfies customer requirements profitably" -

The Chartered Institute of Marketing not only consumes view the needs of customers, but also in satisfying them in the short term goals but also how to anticipate the needs and requirements over time to keep carefully the business in gains and also attaining dedicated customers.

Marketing can be said is a Beliefs, which clarifies the needs of a person and its own main focus are client satisfaction.

I pad is the new product launched by Apple, and New product Development and SWOT examination are the two methods used to develop it.

Apple, designed, developed and advertised I Pads. It Launched I pad in UK in May 2010. Additionally it is known as tablet computer that was marketed for multimedia intake such as internet usage, games, music, movies, messages and web surfing as well. It works on the same Operating systems such as i pod, notebook computers and i telephones. It is quite simply a touch display screen system which is hypersensitive to fingertips. Since its release in April 2010, they have sold 3 million I pads.

Technique 1: The brand new product development approach helped to build up and modernize the latest product I pad for the success of an company. The eight stages of a fresh product development used to build up I pad are the following:

1) Idea Generation: Apple should execute a review and know about the views of the technicians, employees of the business, the competitors, vendors and last but not the least the key Consumer i. e. the client who has to consume the product.

2) Idea Screening:- after producing the ideas from above options the company should consider the best available options, which are feasible and may be developed relaxed.

3) Concept Development and Tests:- The I pad launcher may have come across a proper concept, and this idea to be well shown in front of the Consumers at large.

4) Market Strategy and Development:-A well investigated proposed marketing strategy should be studied to release I pad in the market.

5) Business Analysis:- The business enterprise analysis stage strains more over the money flow generated by the Sales of I pad and a abrasive estimation about its accomplishments of gross sales and the earnings produced from them

6) Product Development:- Within this stage prototype of I pad is finally produced which is presented to the buyer, for even more views or expanding or enhancing the product

7) Test Marketing:- The I pad would be launched within a particular area to screen marketing mix strategy before countrywide launch.

8) Commercialization:- After achieving success testing market stage, the I pad would go for national kick off. Certain factors must be taken prior to the I pad is launched nationally. These are- timing, how I pad will be launched, where it might be launched.

SWOT examination is another technique can be studied before starting I pad on the market.

S= Strength:- The main power of the I pad is its small size and light weight

Height: 9. 56 inches wide (242. 8 mm)

Width: 7. 47 inches wide (189. 7 mm)

Depth: 0. 5 inches (13. 4 mm)

Weight: 1. 5 pounds (0. 68 kg) Wi-Fi model;

1. 6 pounds (0. 73 kg) Wi-Fi + 3G model, the life of I pad is way better and durable, multiple touch screen

W= weakness:- The major weakness of the I pad is that it's very expensive one common man cannot manage it as its minimal cost is 400 GBP it does not have any direct marketing encounters; The staff who sells the merchandise needs a proper and detailed training, they ought to know the ins and outs of the product as its newly launched and if the client is paying this huge for a little computer tablet, it would have 100's of questions as the merchandise is new and the client is not aware of it

O= Opportunity= I pad is something with multiple functions. They have a wide global market and so the chance of business is very wide.

T= hazards= I pad being truly a new product may have impact of legislation, market demand will be un predictable, competition existing on the market would make the success of the merchandise difficult by putting in new offers and lowering prices and creating hurdles for the new product to support its position and this would also lead to the creating difficulty for the new trained staff to hold their positions.

Evaluation by porter's five makes:

Main Areas of Porter's Five Makes Analysis

The original competitive makes model, as suggested by Porter, discovered five makes which would effect on an organization's behavior in a competitive market. Included in these are the following:

The rivalry between existing vendors in the market.

The ability exerted by the customers in the market.

The impact of the suppliers on the vendors.

The potential risk of new sellers stepping into the marketplace.

The threat of swap products becoming available in the market.

Understanding the nature of each of these forces offers organizations the required insights to enable these to formulate the appropriate strategies to be successful in their market.

Explain the necessity to be innovative on the market using the appropriate

Principles of Marketing concepts (i. e. Market segmentation and Targeting)

A gorgeous development by the Apple Company is an I pad. Excellent quickness, best features like quickest web surfing, Best and quick navigation for map searching, Lightweight and light weight, e reading facility. Touch screen and multi touch screen facility are a very dissimilar and unique features. These are some impressive features that could be stressed to kick off the new product.

Marketing principles is a philosophy of reading the customer's needs and analysing them and then rewarding their requirements and needs accordingly and then putting it on to the product therefore the producer's primary goal is achieved of earnings maximisation and also to achieve the long term goals of sustaining their position throughout the market.

Marketing concepts described below should be used for introducing the I pad on the market.

Sales Orientation:

As defined from the Financial Times, "When a business bases its ability to make earnings on using powerful selling techniques to persuade visitors to buy its products, alternatively than on customer needs".

I pad has the ability to achieve its sales goals and sustain its position in this cut throat competition, hence the next geographic segmentation may be used to sell it on the market which is new for I pad but not for Apple.

In UK, the market has shifted significantly from a market of rapid growth in the overdue 1990's to a mature market where individuals are placing a lot more value on the equipment brand as opposed to the network brand. At the same time, equipment operators reply by offering progressively rich deals to consumers which is an attempt to capture market share. Because of this, the proportion of consumer spend assigned to telecommunications has commenced to plateau.

Geographic segmentation:- Since it is extremely hard to launch a product in a variety of places at one single time so it is necessary to portion and divide the market into different geographical units. It is possible if we split accordingly with how big is the population density, the class of the culture, which would be using the gear, then the taste and also the affordability of the same. Goal is given to highly or densely filled areas. As more is the populace in the area, more is its popularity and this would automatically rise the sales

Recommend price, distribution and communication strategy for "I Pad" using the Prolonged Marketing Combination concepts.

The blend of marketing activities needed by an organisation to accomplish its focussed focuses on. The 7 P's which may be stored as an bottom part to extend market are: Price, Product, Place, Advertising are the 4 main P's and the others which are the extended varieties of this are, People, Process and physical evidence.

Price Strategy:- The price of I pad should be realistic so that lots of people can afford it. A pricing strategy needs to address competitive pricing, of course, but often, a more expensive product may be seen as an excellent. Consumers still succumb to discount rates and special offers, and most are very sensitive to warranty and return questions. Each one of these aspects should be considered when formulating the costs strategy, as price wars are rarely successful for a firm over time.

Distribution Strategy: - After selecting appropriate price of the I pad, it could be distributed on the market by various ways. WHEN I pad is a fresh product, best stations should be chosen to supply the customer with the info they need before buying. It is necessary to analyse how to buyer's want to purchase the I pad i. e. from merchant, locally, via mail order or simply from the internet done accordingly. Several alternate stations of distribution may also be used for example distributor- who markets to dealer and dealer- who offers to the finish customer. Furthermore, it could be done from manufacturer - wholesaler-retailer- consumer.

On the other side, selective circulation strategy can be utilized. In this method, a number of retail ``shops are chosen to spread I pad.

Communication strategy:- Communication strategy takes on an important role in order to unveiling the I pad in the market. The easiest way to promote I pad is advertising. It could be done on the net and online press. Different offers can be brought to attract the views of the clients. Besides, it can be communicated by making good relationship with the public. Additionally, if an Apple mackintosh initiate, sponsorship program showing the various features of I pad, it could be one other way of communication strategy.

Q Identify and touch upon measures to monitor and review marketing

Performance of your organization.

Basically, marketing performance is the position of marketing activities and strategies used to analysis and improvement of the efficiency and performance of the marketing.

The performance of the Apple's company can be supervised and reviewed financially and non- financially.

Financial method:- It normally targets generating and maintaining profit by providing a large number of I pad. In addition, it determines the costs of the company on various factors for example advertisement on I pad, salary of the employees, training costs etc. It decreases the extra spending. It generally targets on the revenue making system.

Non- financial method:- it appears on various factors rather than financial. WHEN I pad is a fresh product, It in essence targets the reputation of the new product and its company Apple. It also determines the goodwill of the business. Furthermore, non- financial sector evaluates the customer satisfaction and customer devotion because customers are the motto of any business.

The purpose of measuring performance is to increase the management of marketing possessions by providing quantitative proof for decision making.

v. Evaluate each stage of your marketing plan and the associated activities

Marketing plan is a written file that details the necessary actions to accomplish one or more marketing goals. In another words, it can be thought as a permanent vision of the company. Furthermore, it offers factors such as deciding which customers to focus on, how to get their business and keep their customers satisfied now and always.

Analysis Level:- Before placing the I pad in to the hands of customers, it's important to start to see the current marketing situation. On this stage, necessary plans are made to be able to formulate I pad in the market. In addition, it analysis the organisation's existing product or services.

Planning Level:- This is the second level of marketing plan. After analysing the existing situation of the market, new programs are set to build up marketing objectives. In order to sell more i pad on the market and to meet the objectives of the Apple's company, necessary and effective ideas are made.

Implementation Stage:- It is an important stage of marketing plan. After making effective plans, an Apple mackintosh should put into action them in the correct way. This level can be involved with the operationalization of the marketing strategy. An Apple's company should identify to whom and where I pad comes. It will also targets the pricing guidelines of the I pad; a proper price should be fixed before launching. Along with costs policy, main concern should get to the promotional and syndication strategies. As I Pad is a fresh product, it should be completely advertise about its features and distributing stations should be announced before advertising to the customers.

Monitoring Level: - It's the final stage of marketing plan. It displays the controlling plan of the company. it handles the techniques for monitoring the plan's performance. To start I pad into the market, different techniques should be applied because an Apple's company is sending this product for the very first time.

Investigate and comment on the ethical replies in marketing of your

Competitors: "Dell I Webpage" expected new entrant. Please identify and

Comment on TWO relevant Ethical instances.

In today's corporate and business world honest marketing is playing a larger role in marketing strategy. An increasing variety of individuals are buying products/services because they feel that the products, services or organisations accountable for those are moral. In response to the consumer demand organisations have increased their concentrate on ethical marketing. THE UNITED KINGDOM Co-operative lender is good exemplory case of an company that tries to check out a ethical principal, based on what the clients feel strong about.

As I pad is a new product launched by Apple company, it has to give attention to various factors in marketing. It has a tough competition with the I web page that is clearly a new competitive product produced by Dell getting into market with particular features. Following could be the ethical responses.

Ї Price discrimination and unfair rates.

Ї Dishonest advertising

Ї Miscellaneous unfair competitive practices

Ї Cheating costumers, costs collusion by competitors

Ї Dishonesty in marketing or keeping a contact

Ї Unfairness to employees and prejudice in hiring.

Ethical marketing is about whether businesses marketing decision is morally right or incorrect. Two ethical good examples that can be applied to I site are:-

Price discrimination and unfair costing:-The price of the product should be affordable. It will not be too high as well as too less. It the purchase price is very less there would be reduction to the Apple's company and when the price is too much, it can't compete with the competition.

Dishonest Advertising;- It is an important ethical response in marketing I pad because Dell company advertise I page in an incorrect way and that may results to I pad. There should be proper advertising. Advertising shouldn't be done so that make a difference to the other product. Furthermore, dishonest advertising make a difference the product of the business.

For example a recent analysis of Vodafone:


INTRODUCTION: Vodafone is the world's largest mobile telecommunications community, employing over 65, 000 staff and with over 130 million customers. The business enterprise functions in 26 countries worldwide. Vodafone is a general public limited company with listings on the London and NY stock exchanges. To greatly help promote its image worldwide, Vodafone uses leading activities stars from visible global athletics, including David Beckham and Michael Schumacher

HISTORY: Vodafone made the UK's first mobile call at a few momemts past midnight on 1 January 1985. Within fifteen years, the network was the greatest company in European countries and the major of its kind all over the world. By the move of the century, almost every second UK citizen got a mobile - and a 3rd of these were connected to Vodafone.

The Vodafone tale is one of investment, advancement and award-winning customer support. Most importantly, it's one of development and the ability to deliver the incredible advantages of mobile communications, not simply in the united kingdom but worldwide.

VISION: To be the world's mobile marketing communications innovator, enriching customers' lives and supporting individuals, businesses and communities to become more linked in a mobile world. Vodafone works hard to mobilise tomorrow's world, but we need source from your area and you also help us condition the near future.


Industry: Mobile telecommunications

Products: Mobile networks,

Telecom services, etc.

Revenue: - US$ 69. 138 billion (2008)

Operating income: - US$ 12. 867 billion (2008)

Profit: - US$ 6. 756 billion (2008)

Total investments: - US$ 218. 869 billion (2008)

Total equity: - US$ 123. 499 billion (2008)

Employees: 79, 000 (2009)


A longer term online marketing strategy is underpinned by careful planning and a successful marketing mix. The marketing combination is a blend of several features that can be represented by the four Ps.

Ї product - features and advantages of a good or service

Ї place - where in fact the good or service can be bought

Ї price - the price tag on a good or service

Ї Promotion - how customers are made alert to a good or service.


Ї A product with many cool features provides customers with opportunities to talk, play games, send and receive pictures, change band tones, get information about travel and sporting events, obtain billing information - and soon view videos and send video communications.

Ї Vodafone live! Provides on-the-move information services.


Ї Vodafone UK operates over 300 of its stores.

Ї It also markets through independent merchants e. g. Car mobile phone Warehouse.

Ї Customers are able to see and cope with products they are thinking about buying.

Ї People are readily available to ensure customers' needs are matched with the right product and also to explain different options available.


Ї Vodafone needs to make its services accessible to as many folks as is feasible: from the young, through apprentices and high driven business professionals, to the more mature users.

Ї It offers various pricing structures to suit different customer organizations.

Ї Monthly price plans are available as well as prepay options. Mobile phone users can top up their phone online.

Ї Vodafone UK offers NECTAR reward items for each 1 allocated to calls, text messages, picture emails and ring shades.


Vodafone works with icons such as David Beckham to converse its brand ideals. And also is the sponsores for the Manchester united

Above the line

Ї Advertising on Television set, on billboards, in journals and in other marketing outlets reaches large followers and spreads the brand image and the communication very effectively. This is known as above the range promotion.

Below the line

Ї Stores have special offers, offers and point of deal posters to catch the attention of those inside the stores to buy.

Ї Vodafone's stores, its products and its own staff all task the brand image.

Ї Vodafone actively develops good public relations by sending press releases to national newspaper publishers and magazines to explain new products and ideas.

CONCLUSION: Vodafone uses marketing to keep and grow its brand. The Beckham campaign has been a huge success to them and with a 25. 3%market share, 2nd rank in UK among the list of network providers and a customer foundation of 18, 447, 000 and 100% ownership in UK will get forward in the upcoming years presenting its main competition O2 tough deal with and will endure in the market.

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