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Marketing Concepts And Practice Marketing Essay

Marketing is a mix of all activities which have an effect on the modifications to ownership of products or items. Many experts have identified marketing in different terms. Some think that marketing is a total system of relating business activities in order to plan, fix a cost, promote or advertise the merchandise or service and disperse it effectively and effectively to the consumers or customers of the merchandise or service. Yet other experts give a broader description of marketing by stating that marketing is the function which creates and offers the living standard to a community. Other experts have added their own idea by determining marketing as a skill by which value of consumer goods or service is provided to the customers. Some refer marketing to just a skill of offering products to the customers however, it is generally believed that selling a product is just a subpart of the complete process called marketing. To elaborate further, it can be said that marketing is a function which a business undertakes to generate, deliver and connect not just the merchandise but also value to the consumers. This technique is all done to get customer base, keep customers which in turn will advantage the shareholders of the business and the organization itself. Marketing is basically a consumer biased conception and is also utilized to fulfill accessible and possible customers in order to meet up with the objectives of a business.

In the modern world, no business business, whether it is a multinational business group or not for earnings organization, can manage to sustain without effective marketing. Along with other business functions of a business e. g. financial, accounting, operational etc, the economical triumph of a business is largely dependent on function of marketing. The contribution of marketing to the success of an enterprise organization cannot be undermined. A firm which develops a fantastic product with high tech features, exceptional quality and best packaging but does not spread awareness of the products to its prospective customers is always baffled. As no one would find out about the product, nobody would buy it and therefore the company would be deprived of the sales and therefore the profit which it aspires to make. That's where marketing process comes in. It could therefore be deduced that the primary function of marketing process is to develop awareness of the merchandise and services among the potential consumers and maintain customers through offering of value added services. By using the process of marketing, the consumers become more knowledgeable about the item or service provided by the corporate organization and the organization in turn reaches increase sale and make surplus.

Due to the strong competition on the market, something or a service is offered to the consumers by multiple businesses. On what grounds do the merchandise or service provided by one organization differs from the main one provided by other firm, what exactly are the characteristics of the product or service which make it more advanced than those being proposed by other businesses and just why should customer choose the product in one business organization and not from the other are the types of goals which can be attained by marketing intelligently. Smart marketing process therefore, allows a business group to make new customers, retain customers, shoot maximum show of the market and improve the trust of brand name. Because of such profound ramifications of marketing on business organizations, the majority of the organizations have created a post for a marketing officer equal in list to key financial officer or key maintenance officer. The development of an organization, retention of market show and retention of customers will be the biggest challenges experienced by an organization all of which are afflicted by how the organization carries its strategy regarding marketing.

The exterior factors which influence the online marketing strategy of a business are numerous. First of all, the demographic of the marketplace greatly influence the online marketing strategy of an organization. The business can keep an eye on the buying habits of the customers and modify the program according to the changing demographics. Subsequently, competitors functioning in the mark market are another factor which affects the marketing plan. The business enterprise needs to keep an eye on the operating key points of the competitors and determine the foundation on which these are competition. An intensive study of the is required to formulate an effective marketing plan. Finally, the suppliers and vendors in the operating area are also a huge impact on the marketing plan of a business. Too few suppliers indicate inconsistent tendencies and problems for businesses. Fourthly, authorities regulations which are apply for the safe practices and safety of the clients may vary from destination to place. Therefore some other marketing strategy is essential for every place the federal government has implemented a new regulation. Fifthly, the fitness of economy of the region also has deep influence on the marketing strategy of a business. With the climb in inflation and unemployment, customers have a tendency to spend only on necessities, thus requiring a altered marketing plan with attractive prices and value for the clients. Last but not least, technology and marketing affect the way organizations practice their online marketing strategy. The ever changing technology being unveiled in the areas changes the buying patterns of the customers profoundly. Likewise, effective usage of media can change the perception of a consumer regarding how an organization performs. Therefore careful planning and execution of marketing process is required to gain reap the benefits of intrusion of technology and multimedia in to the daily lives of the customers.

It is a general conception in the not for revenue organizations that shelling out for marketing is a waste materials of your time and resources. However, almost all of the studies have shown it to be normally. In the event of not for earnings organization opting to go for marketing, they can be making people aware of their cause and manifesto. A lot like for profit organizations who inform the customers about hazards of not providing dairy food with their children and in effect end up providing their milk products, the not for income organizations can also advertise their cause e. g charity for impaired in a powerful manner to get sympathies of the society and raise cash for the cause. However, by just advertising the reason on advertising is not enough to gain attention of the community. An effective online marketing strategy would employ the service of services of proven and reliable reports sources in order to convince the community of their legitimacy and sincerity. Marketing process actually has got the organization's image; whether it be income or non revenue, into people's thoughts. Ample amount of information must be marketed by the business to produce a positive impact in the imagination of the customers. This will not imply that not for revenue organizations start spending more than they can afford, it only means that they must devise a online marketing strategy to determine the cheapest and most effective ways to market and get their note over the community as successfully as possible.

As already discussed, marketing is an activity to create, deliver and converse not just the merchandise but also value to the consumers. All these and many more activities e. g advertising, branding, and costing are performed in marketing process however, there are few critical elements which play a essential role in the success of marketing process. They may be research, strategy, planning and strategies. In order to launch an enterprise into a fresh market, research has to be done to evaluate the must customers, their personal preferences and the opportunities in the region. Similarly, research has also to be achieved to in order to discover the how the organization could communicate it subject matter to the customers generally in most effective manner. This might entail the utilization to improve medium and positioning to hit the required market portion. Having purchased all the info regarding the market position and advantages and weaknesses of the business, the next phase in the marketing process is to chalk out an effective strategy. This step plan will depict the eye-sight, mission and objectives of the business and how it wants to operate on the market. The next critical aspect of marketing process is the look part in which the marketing planning is performed by the organization in order to achieve the laid down objectives of the business. This consists of but is not limited to financial, sales and creation planning. After completing the period of planning, the organization consists of itself in the region of implementing methods that happen to be small action designs to achieve long-term goals of the business. Decrease in prices of the products for a limited time duration is considered a promotional technique.

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