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Marketing ARRANGE FOR Baskin Robbins Marketing Essay

With respect to the glaciers cream industry, it could be segmented on certain bases such as style and price. Whilst certain individuals would prefer high quality glaciers cream made with natural sweets and fresh cream due to its preference, others would simply not be able to separate the difference in quality and would buy primarily predicated on price and availableness.

We have recognized that Baskin Robbins uses certain main segmentation bases for dividing their market, namely demographic and psychographic characteristics. Under demographic segmentation, they give attention to the income bracket of consumers. Their products are mainly targeted at the affluent with higher disposable income group to invest on frivolous luxuries such as top quality glaciers cream. Also probably the most crucial type of segmentation bases which our consultancy considers is the psychographic segmentation. To become attracted to consuming a premium snow cream, consumers have to be part of a particular lifestyle segment. They might be among those who enjoy the luxuries and indulgencies from the particular brand.

Using these segmentation means we've conducted a research and identified that, Baskin Robbins has narrowed down its business to cater to specifically two main target market segments. Whilst Baskin Robbins portrays the image of concentrating on all age ranges, our research established that their main target market would be the middle and higher upper income group, basically the metropolitan professionals and young families with small children.

And our research recognized that young folks are more involved in socializing mainly in Colombo urban areas. Hence the existing location placed near two main Universities and schools in one of Colombo's main pavements (Galle Road) in a high foot traffic area of Colombo itself (Kolpity). Therefor the supplementary target group of Baskin Robbins could be categorized as teenagers, adults and students who are in the urban area of Colombo.

Primary Aim for Market

Upper middle and higher income group

The primary target market of Baskin Robbins is made up of middle (Rs. 150 000 to Rs. 200 000) and higher (Rs. 200 000 above) income specialists and families with toddlers. This market would possess a comparatively high throw-away income percentage. The approach to life of such individuals would be high value on family time spent, high give attention to child centered activities plus they would be those who associate something with brand name, quality over price, hence having snow cream at Baskin Robbins would be aligned with the social class. Also the prime devotion which is from the Baskin Robbins brand name, they with a high profile status course would be at the mercy of a strong attachment to Baskin Robbins and create a sense of belonging, which is then subsequently transferred along to the children. Because of this, the family members are adjudged profitable high amount customers.

Secondary Aim for Market

Teenagers, adults and students

The secondary segment of Baskin Robbins marketplace comprises teenagers, adults and students (University and college or university) within the Colombo city suburbs consisting of both genders and everything ethnicities ranging from the age groups of 18-24 and 25-30. These individuals would be having dynamic social lives, and it will be an important aspect according to our research suggests that this portion of the marketplace looks forward to socializing, leisure and entertainment mainly in Colombo cities. While most of this demographic appear to be similar, university students could be the prime segment to spotlight. Most college or university students whilst usually dependent on their parents likewise have part time jobs and usually get typically Rs. 20 000 regular monthly. Hence these students could be looked at as marginally profitable low to high volume level customers with latent to premium loyalty as they would be spending almost all of their income on interpersonal activities and entertainment. Relating to our research it was made aware that sociable class and cultural life is known as a high top priority to this portion of the marketplace. Hence they would feel the need to make a strong marriage or attachment to Baskin Robbins, as it is a premium product and a spot for this portion to meet their self-esteem needs. Also the forex market would follow-up the prospect of positive word of mouth and due to the fact that peer influence is high because of this segment of the market, it would definitely bring about the development of the client bottom of Baskin Robbins.

Design and Development

Brand Positioning

The brand placement used by Baskin Robbins Sri Lanka has somewhat been transformed to its global placement in order to localize the brand. According to the supervisor Mr. Hashan Baskin Robbins endeavors to be positioned in the brains of the consumer as a premium product that is not only targeted at individuals/families with toddlers in the top middle and higher income range, but also to teenagers, adults who are university/college students. Plus they try to be the "to-go" put in place providing them with an excellent and wide range of product, where individuals can come and relax and hang out whilst consuming their snow cream. That is according to our research a essential necessity for the younger generation of the Colombo urban area.

Also with alignment to its global positioning, Baskin Robbins Sri Lanka also endeavors to create an impression in the brains of the customer, that Baskin Robbins is not only a place where u purchase glaciers cream but where ice cream and fun come together. This is immediately synergized with Baskin Robbins's original tagline made by its co-founder Irv Robbins, "We sell fun, not merely snow cream" ("Baskin Robbins, Our History", n. d. )


Baskin Robbins brand has developed though their 65 year long record. Baskin Robbins log was actually with the number 31 in the center of what Baskin Robbins. This was done in order to incorporate Baskin Robbins branding of offering 31 tastes and the basic process behind this being to provide one flavour for every day of the month. ("Baskin Robbins custom logo redux", n. d. )

And in its 60th calendar year of businesses Baskin Robbins developed a new company logo with adding the number 31 subliminally within the 'B' and 'R' of the Baskin Robbins logo itself. This was done in intent of creating a more fun perspective to the emblem itself, which as stated above in Baskin Robbins positioning, it would also align itself with the tagline the co- founder of Baskin Robbins Irv Robbins in the beginning made, "We sell fun, not merely glaciers cream" ("Baskin Robbins, Our History", n. d. ) However despite having the intro of the new emblem we see that Baskin Robbins still uses its preliminary logo as a second logo. And here at Baskin Robbins Sri Lanka they may have adopted the revised logo.

Old emblem: New emblem:


According to your observation at the Baskin Robbins Sri Lanka, store, the Baskin Robbins ice cream is made available for simple view of the client in a look out of display area, offering the customer an obvious view of the various flavors distributed around them on entrance to the store.

And with regard to the precise packaging of the merchandise, Baskin Robbins adopts using a plastic oriented tubs and glaciers cream bowls to serve its snow cream, whilst handheld snow cream is delivered using newly made pancake batter to produce that perfect waffle with the Baskin Robbins emblem imprinted using a high temperature pressing machine.

However our consultancy suggests that Baskin Robbins Sri Lanka move from the environmentally unfriendly vinyl tubs and bowls to a more environmentally friendly types of packaging. A suggestion may be the adoption of corn founded ice cream cups which has already been used by Cargill's. ("Corn Based Snow Cream Packaging", n. d. )

Value Proposition

The basic value proposition which has allowed Baskin Robbins to possess a sustainable competitive benefit has been its offering. At this time Baskin Robbins globally provides over 2000 + flavours unmatched by most competition. ("Baskin Robbins, Glaciers Cream", n. d. )And at Baskin Robbins Sri Lanka they offer the standard 31 Baskin Robbins flavours, and according to your debate with the manager at Baskin Robbins Sri Lanka, they may be preparing to generate 9 more scrumptious flavors to add to the current 31 tastes.

And according to our research at present the improvement that needs to be made at Baskin Robbins Sri Lanka remains the improvement of store atmosphere, providing that fun and homely factor.

Product Management


According to the results of the study it was made noticeable that customers weren't that glad or drawn to the current mood at Baskin Robbins Sri Lanka. It is the quality of the atmosphere of the store that attracts the customers to go into the outlet and buy the merchandise. Poor ambiance can result in declining of sales no subject how reputed the brand is or how good the product is.

Hence we suggest that Baskin Robbins Sri Lanka to increase the ambiance first of all by setting up a good first impression. Although very recognized in the colour theme, the store logo or signage at the moment is not very noticeable for vehicles which are moving on Galle Road until close selection of the store. It requires to create an impact, hence our consultancy suggests a comparatively large the "BR" signage with lighted lights (Matching with their theme) attached to a tall framework near to the store in order for consumers to understand the Baskin Robbins wall plug from at least a 100 meters distance away. (Like the McDonalds "M" sign)

With regard to the inner store mood, Baskin Robbins needs to focus on making the store more inviting (homely) and comfortable. Their goal ought to be to retain the customers in store so long as possible. For the much longer the customer tends to linger at the store the more they would usually spend. Hence we suggest that the iron chairs used at the moment, which tend to get cold due to the inside air-con be replaced with more comfortable chairs, such as solid wood chairs with a cushioning part to it for added comfort. Also the store atmosphere could be produced more homely/inviting (More Sri Lankan/Asian) if the images of the models used wasn't mainly European or traditional western and add somewhat of Asian flavor as well. Also more appealing decor should be utilized waiting for you.

Our research advises that people enjoy having some type of gentle music in the backdrop of the area they use for socializing. Hence we suggest Baskin Robbins use southing/peppy vocals within the store (As the Brand requires). Music topics could be establish according to periods or occasions, such as Holiday, Easter or New Year.

Also our research has shown that 70% of the customer purchase decisions are made in store, and are basically affected by the set up of the merchandise or merchandize, the in store signage, the interior decoration and even the layout of the product pricing exhibits. The store signage at Baskin Robbins at present is very boring and not out there noisy and clear. It will give out the information the customer wants immediately and guide them to the purchase price and product range. Hence we suggest the merchandise and price display boards at Baskin Robbins to become more clearly and creatively put forward segregated by different product category so the customer can make a far more helpful decision.

Also add-ons such as store related kiosks are which Baskin Robbins uses for special events such as birthdays, should be made more exclusive and light and displays have to be improved to make that particular portion of the store more prominent or attractive than the rest of the store.

However the aroma at Baskin Robbins could be said is excellent, as once you go into the outlet you would obtain the sensuous smell out fresh ice cream and waffle smell which entices you and functions as a catalyst in the purchase of the product. And our research shows that the glaciers cream smell even holds out as the customer leaves the electric outlet, which would subsequently attract more customers because of the attraction. That is known as 'aromatherapy', which is the use of scents and smell to attract the client and impact on their purchase by praying on their sensory system, mainly smell. ("What is Aromatherapy", n. d. )This technique would be ideal as Baskin Robbins glaciers cream is known as a low involvement product to the relevant concentrate on segment and it is generally done on impulse.

Future Ideas - add nadeesha's development plan here

Our consultancy is convinced that Baskin Robbins should expose its range of coffee and drink line as well as the milkshakes made available at the moment. We think that introducing their signature beverage products such as the Cappuccino Blast, Super fruit Blast will be a huge consumer attracter as our research suggests that the market segmentation which Baskin Robbins is focusing on prefers to use their leisure time socializing, hence providing the customers with not only snow cream and milkshakes, but launching a range of coffee and other fruit and dairy based mostly drinks by Baskin Robbins would be an added attraction to the consumer.

The Prices Strategy

Baskin Robbins being an international brand which is put as reduced product and our research shows that they adopt a Price Skimming method whilst they concentrate on their Colombo metropolitan market. That is possible due to the fact they have a unique, high quality product as well as they focus on a less price hypersensitive market.

This means that Baskin Robbins has projected its device price to be positioned in the heads of the consumers as reduced product. Hence consumers would be ready to pay a higher price in substitution for quality. Normally, this is seen amongst sections which are interpersonal class mindful.

We suggest that the regular, loyal customers be awarded special attractive packages designed to provide them with a feeling of belonging and thereby keeping the client further. For example, devotion programs awarding silver and platinum credit cards for consistent customers awarding them with special privileges.

Sales and Distribution

Distribution channel could be defined as the pipeline which is used to stream goods and services from the vendor to the consumer. ("Business Dictionary, Distribution Channel", n. d. )

The method of distribution or place followed by Baskin Robbins is a high feet traffic area in the Colombo suburb of Kolpity, which is dependant on one of Colombo's busiest roads. (Galle Street) And the actual fact that it is uniquely placed in close proximity to several colleges and institutions as well as several business organizations has managed to get a high ft. fall region. Hence since the trend or tendencies pattern of the prospective market of Baskin Robbins can be involved of social course they would want to be associated and be seen in the main Baskin Robbins shop by their peers.

Our consultancy recommends Baskin Robbins to embark on moving in to the selections of the major hotels in Sri Lanka, such as Cinemon Hotel String, Hilton Hotel, Galle Face Hotel etc. and even open small stores in top quality consumer department stores such as, Crescat Boulevard and Odel, all places that are associated with the social course of the target market of Baskin Robbins which pursue social position symbols, and would therefor possibly want to connect Baskin Robbins to stand for their social course.

Advertising and Promotions

According to our talk with the manager we proven that at present Baskin Robbins Sri Lanka will not under go much advertising or campaigns. Therefore our consultancy decided to make a few recommendations with regard to adverting and special offers.

Baskin Robbins at the moment is only available in one main wall plug in the city of Colombo. Therefore implementing a media advertising technique would not be suitable. Maybe it's advised a more energetic online and Facebook advertising should be achieved to build up its online customer community.

However we do recommend advertising in exclusive magazines such as IN FASHION or the HI publication, which are highly used periodicals by Baskin Robbins marketplace, hence this could be used as a way of creating awareness of the store itself and its promotions.

In addition we suggest Baskin Robbins take up having the BR signage on light posts from at least 100 meters from the store to build awareness of the store itself. This is therefore that our research confirmed that there was still a certain portion of the marketplace which was unaware of the exact located area of the store and acquired generally driven approved the electric outlet.

Also our consultancy implies Baskin Robbins to look at a photo wall membrane in a highlighted prominent section of the inner shop to include the "Face of the Month" campaign, where one lucky boy and lady would be picked randomly and obtain the possibility to get his/her photo taken and fastened on the "Baskin Robbins Face of the Month Hall of Fame". This would indeed give a sense of owned by the client who enters the store.

Our consultancy suggests that Baskin Robbins attempt to give school students with a particular discount program. Where after showing their university Identification card they would be given a particular university student discount and create a loyalty program. This might be similar to the discount program honored to for international students with the international learner card.

Also at present our research has discovered that from Monday to Wednesday over 2pm to 6pm is considered the off peak hours of Baskin Robbins Sri Lanka. Hence we suggest that Baskin Robbins choose a 'Happy Hour' advertising within this era presenting customers the possibility to receive various bonuses and promotions during this period.

And with creating commitment we assume that frequent customers should be given a certain amount of preference. Therefore we suggest the utilization of a devotion program where Baskin Robbins offers a Platinum and Platinum cards for the consistent customers with respect to the occurrence that they go to the store and purchase their product. (Example: a person who goes to the store 3 times weekly would get a Silver Card whilst a customer who trips the store more than 5 times would get a Platinum Greeting card)

Also the 'Birthday Membership' promotion used in the US could be adopted at Baskin Robbins Sri Lanka concerning give special benefits, coupons and other promotional offers for the online recorded customers and other consistent waiting for you customers on their birthdays. ("Baskin Robbins, Birthday Club", n. d. )

According to your discussion with the director Mr. Hashan we set up that Baskin Robbins Sri Lanka could adopt the 31% Discount on the 31st Campaign scheme. This might be carried out on every 31st of the year and for acquisitions for above Rs. 500 customers would receive a 31% discount.

In addition our consultancy suggests that Baskin Robbins Sri Lanka also take up the flavour of the month offers so that there would be that added little bit of excitement. This may be implemented where in fact the consumer would be given a free flavour as they get into the store and special incentives on acquisitions above Rs. 500 on that one flavor would be awarded.

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