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Marketing Mixture For Diet Coke Marketing Essay

It allows the preservation and improvement of your organisational competitive position on the market. It is an advantage which allows business to stay alive against its competition. See Coca Cola Company's opponents and positioning in (Appendix1)

See Porter's competitive edge and cost advantages in (Appendix 2). When a company brings a fresh product into a market they need to think about who is the product targeted at, what benefits will customers expect, so how exactly does the company intend to position the merchandise inside the market and what gain will the product proffer over their competitors. According to Kotler product have three levels, primary product, genuine Product and augmented product, see Coca Cola product levels in (Appendix 3)

When companies introduce new product, it requires a while to be thoroughly accepted, of which point its sales and incomes will begin to go up. This will catch the attention of other competitors into the market, cause the market to mature. Finally, the marketplace will drop as companies begin to introduce the next product, and customers switch compared to that product. See Coca Cola product life routine in (Appendix 4)

Coca Cola Company provides different type soft drinks like Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Fanta etc. There good image makes the company more strong. Coca Cola Company provides good quality products with good taste. They are specialised in tender and fizzy refreshments. Coca Cola have created good image in customers mind, their image is reputable and reliable, and they have one of the very most well-liked carbonated drinks available. They may have well-known which explains why customers feel comfortable in buying Coca Cola products. Coca Cola can market too many different segments. Coca Cola can market their product to teenagers much easier than the elderly, because teenagers are their marketplace. See Coca Cola's quest declaration in (Appendix 5).

Distribution in marketing acts importantly to draw in customer's convenience and organisations use approach to distribution to see their potential. Two types of channel of syndication methods are available.

Distribution is underneath the group of place, therefore organisations create a precise distribution method so that it is readily available to the customers and it can improve possible sales for an organisation. See Coca Cola distribution stations in (Appendix 6).

The Coca Cola Company sell its products with bottling and canning procedures. The distributors reach the Coca Cola to the wholesalers and the wholesalers' obtain it to retailers and at final the clients buy Coca Cola from dealer shop. If Coca Cola does not work on its syndication services then their containers are just reachable at their factories then customers might not exactly be enthusiastic to get them. It's appropriate for the client to buy Coca Cola from a close seller as compared to setting it up from factory. Therefore distribution system of an organisation can be both its weakness and strength. Companies ought to know that their products are available at retailer outlets and stores where customers can easily buy it.

One of the parts in the marketing combination is rates. This area of the 4P's will be the one making comes back and which is also why it is important that an organisation decides the right price. Costing is one of the most significant elements of the Coca Cola Company marketing combine, which makes earnings for the coffee lover. Coca Cola use different types of rates strategies. The rates strategies are standing much on what aims the business has put itself to accomplish. See (Appendix 7).

Owing to the accessibility of wide variety products the rates is complete based on the market and geographic portion. Each sub-brand of coca cola has different charges strategy. Their prices strategy is bottom part on the competition charges, Pepsi is one of these competitor in soft drink industry. The Coca-Cola Company choose their costs objective they consider will be most effective in dispensing their brand to customer, to do this Coca-Cola use market-skimming rates.

Coca Cola Company use marketing-skimming as there's a enough number of purchasers that have a higher demand, also Coca Cola sets an most important high price and then lower the price to make the product available to a comprehensive market. Coca Cola Company use penetration costs strategy as they want to hold maximum talk about of the market by maximum revenue. Coca Cola use discount costing, where their products prices are often become down during sale periods and special events, like Christmas, Easter etc. Also Coca Cola use competitor pricing, where to meet the competition prices, their products prices are set about the same level as it competitors.

Promotional activities are essential factor because, these activities are performed to be able to inform customers about the merchandise and it includes personal offering, adverting, pr, sales promotion, direct marketing etc.

An ad, for illustration helps a buyer to access know about the business and it is products, this is done by invoice boards, banners or posters. The benefit of advertisement is the fact it informs people about different products and services, their utilities, cost and other requirements. The drawback is cost because advertising is more expansive.

In personal selling companies use their staffs to market their product after face-to-face communication with the client and seller efforts to convince a person to purchase the merchandise. Personal offering is one of the ways to keep good customers relationships, but this technique is expensive.

Here are some examples of sales deals activities and it offers buy-one-get-one-free, bonus tips, free gift credit cards, vouchers and coupons, contests and prize draws, etc. The advantage is the fact that sales advertising can help companies to provide right information to customers, and yes it encourage repeat purchases and customer commitment, but the advantages are that it increase price level of sensitivity and it is generally for a short duration

Public relations play an important role in advertising. It could be used to make a good image of the company for example journals, Television or radio etc. PR is inexpensiveness of the price, but it is hard to predict about the responses and it boost the risk.

Direct marketing is in which a company selling their products right to people such as fliers or road advertising. It allows focusing on specific customer and it could be measureable, but it is difficult to get it is immediate impact and it can be quite expansive.

Coca Cola use different methods of advertisement and the company spends a great deal to become seen on billboards, radio, publications, television set, and on the internet. The Coca cola Company uses advertising as its key way to obtain increasing buyer consciousness. It usually uses the television; this source allows the company's products to get more customers.

Coca Cola uses the radio as another approach to advertisement which is a cheaper then TV. They use personal selling, where the company train their sales staffs, which they preform as a representative of the business to the shops. Newspapers and journals are other types of advertising that is thoroughly used by Coca Cola.

Moreover, Posters, signs and billboards are also broadly used as an important area of the Coca Cola campaign. Coca Cola billboards are usually placed at metropolis centres and their posters are usually displayed at the retailers, public transport and restaurants like McDonald's, KFC, etc.

In addition, Internet is another method where different forms of Coca-Cola advertisements are put. Specially, the brand online ad is assumed through the extensive use of banners, on-site sponsorships and several other forms of online adverts.

Marketing combine has three additional elements: People, Process and Physical Evidence

People are one of the elements of service marketing mixture. People define a service. This mentions to the individuals who are in straight connection with the client such as personnel. Among the important parts in offering something is the company's personnel because most customers rely on a reasonable service before purchasing a product. For instance, the employees in Coca Cola Company have a typical uniform. The companies always give attention to friendly and quick service to its customers of their staffs. The procedure of the merchandise is essential in marketing. This establishes the ability of the merchandise to supply the demand of the consumers.

The process at Coca Cola Company is concealed which is not noticeable to the clients. Coca Cola has two types of techniques which is involves bottling and labelling solutions. The most important level that Coca Cola consider is control of the company to get products at the arranged time and good quality, and the previous step they consider is, the offering of beverage for aim for customers of vendors.

Physical evidence can be an important component of marketing combination where customers will starting their decisions based on the service which intangible. Companies' physical facts is recognized by signs, icons and artefacts of the business itself. Types of this might be the signage in Coca Cola which reassures the client through branding.

Coca Cola Company is concentrating on marketplace; when it markets a product it mainly consider on demographic and physiographic segmentations; where demographic segment before it market segments it identify the buyer groups in: years, sex, education, race, and job, and in physiographic it divides the marketplace into different levels as: lower school, middle income, and upper course to identify their customers. Coca Cola segments different ages. The business focus on complete population in the world, but young era is the target marketed of the business. Also Coca Cola segments different income levels by packaging, where for small income people they has returnable a glass bottle, for middle people they has small non returnable container and for wealthy and higher income people, the business has Coca Cola tin.

Marketing blend for Diet Coke:

Coca Cola developed a new product. This product is a diet plan drink by the name of Diet Coke. They have got designed the marketing mixture of product which is aspect in below:

Product: Diet Coke is a very fresh and delicious diet drink and provide enthusiastic feel with good preference. Diet Coke can be acquired in various sizes of which begin from This drink is principally for the

Price: Price of Diet Coke is very ideal as compared to its main rivals.

Place: placement comes with an important role to try out in the merchandise success and failure. That's the reason the company makes sure that the dietary plan Coke is place in such a way in market that it's in reach of each customer. They have very strong syndication channel and their product is on maximum stores in the city.

Promotion: For a product of such high expectations like Diet Coke it requires good promotional activities. For this purpose the Coca Cola Company have chosen pursuing promotional tools: for advertisements the business have use different kinds of multimedia like television, papers, mags, internet and radio.

There are some characteristics to something such as: lack of ownership, intangibility and inseparability. Each of these taken into account when marketing something, see (Appendix 8). A product is something which is tangible while a service is intangible. Something is a lot easier than the service because after marketing and retailing something there is something tangible to be observed by the clients for they are satisfaction but in services they cannot because it's intangible. On the whole, the marketing of product is targeted on 4P's in marketing mix i. e. product, price, place, and advertising.

The Coca Cola Company consider on their customers demand to be able to find out a product that can answer the marketplace demand. To begin with, Coca Cola Company focuses on the strength as well as eliminates the weaknesses of marketed products in order to improve products to meet customer's demand as much as possible. Secondly, they give attention to the pricing factor in product marketing because the purchase price must be established to complement with the buying authority of aim for customers. Thirdly, the Coca Cola concentrate on place because host to product marketing refers to distribution channels to deliver and sell the merchandise to customers. Finally, they create promote the merchandise to be able to persuade customers and motivate the deal in a short term.

On the other side, a service is the action that provide for customers. The service marketing is normally use 7P's which is expanded from 4P's by including people, process and physical proof. It's important for just about any business to hire suited staffs or people. Employing and training of staffs have good impact that is why the Coca Cola Company provides training to their staffs because almost all of customers will assess the quality of their service from staffs. Therefore, Coca Cola make use of staffs that have good and interpersonal skills.


The essay demonstrates marketing mix (4P's and 7P's) is a very important part of creating marketing strategy, and yes it is vital for an organization to apply their marketing concept effectively. The Coca Cola Company evolves their product or service to meet the customer's needs and would like; then they seem to be into deciding how their consumer going to receive the item and they consider direct or indirect stations of syndication. The Coca Cola Company will make a decision a price for his or her products that ensures a profit. Finally, they promote their product by using different advertising solutions to appeal to customers.

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