Marketing evaluation and tactical planning of Sainsburys

The business that I have chosen is J Sainsbury's. As everybody knows this is a very popular and well-established business and this is why I decided to make a written report which focus great deal on the UK Sainsbury Grocery. John Adam and Mary Ann Sainsbury founded Sainsbury's Supermarkets in 1869 and is currently Britain's one of the major retailing string. Sainsbury's store that has more than 1 million branches across UK.

The register address of the business is:

J Sainsbury's Supermarket

33 Holborn



A large Sainsbury's Supermarket offers over 30, 000 products - 40% of these are Sainsbury's own brand. In addition to a wide range of quality food and grocery products, many stores offer loaf of bread baked to get, fish and meats shelves, pharmacies shops, restaurants, coffee outlets and filling stations.

Sainsbury's Supermarkets uses more than 150, 000 people. Of these, 60% are part-time and 40% full-time. 62% of employees are women.

Sainsbury's Supermarkets provides more than 18. 5 million customers in a week and since at June 2009 acquired 525 303 convenience stores - and Sainsbury's Bankers throughout the united kingdom. Nearly 60% of our stores are in town-centre or edge-of-centre locations, several built on recently derelict sites.

According to advertise research group TNS World -panel, the UK's big four. Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrison's - now maintain almost three-quarters (74. 4%) of the food market. Sainsbury's Supermarkets is the number three UK supermarket with a market share of 16% talk about of UK supermarket sales in the 12 weeks, trailing just behind Tesco and Asda

Critical appraisal and performance review

1. 1 - Organisational Direciton and Strategic Planning:

J Sainsbury's mission statement is easy:

· To offer high quality service to customers and also improve or provide good Financial return to stakeholders.

· Their goal is to go beyond customer's prospects for healthy, safe, fresh and delicious food to make their lives easier every day.


Sainsbury's main goal is to fulfil its obligations to the communities and environments where they operate by providing high quality products at reasonable prices; and tailoring their products to match the needs of people. For example most of its products meet variety customers like kids. Vegetarians, Physically impaired, pregnant women and nursing mothers

Though J Sainsbury's mission, aims and aims have not modified, they hope to get better everyday like having great service drives sales, specific responsibility team delivery and keeping they vision simple.

They have begun this by hearing their customers and acquaintances. Furthermore they are looking to their stores to understand what the simplest way in their delivery to customers is. They may have began this with mending the basics and can accelerate through improving every day as they strive to achieve their goal.

And also Sainsbury's aims is to Increased accuracy and reliability in stock reporting and added efficiency in moving store product from stock to shelf for Increased availableness were considered by Sainsbury's older management to be paramount to the success of Sainsbury's stores.

Aims and objectives:

Aims and goals helps an organization know where they are simply, where they must be, the differences as well as how to measure the brief street to redemption and keep excellent results going. It sets the mission of the company in motion.

The aims and aims of businesses vary from each other. Whilst others strive to increase the welfare of the individuals it serve without making profit, others besides consumer satisfaction aims at making profits.

J Sainsbury has used some steps in their daily activities to improve services this includes recreating general customer charm through giving their customers an ever bettering shopping experience.

This means they'll look for ways to do things better every day.

This is exactly what J Sainsbury must say:

"They'll become part of the customers' day-to-day lives".

Example: By providing because of their daily weekly food and grocery, hoping needs, as well as providing the power to allow them to buy clothing and other product depending upon how big is a store and its own location. They will tailor offer to meet all the needs of these customers".

"Our key brand traits are excellent quality, value, service and choice. "

Business targets many be permanent or short-term objectives.

An exemplory case of a long term objective;

'To improve customer service and quality of goods'

An example of a brief term aim;

'To reduce the quantity of customer complaints by 5%'

The aims express the long-term intention of the business to develop in a certain way. The purpose of having them is to create a common eyesight which everyone available could work towards getting. (Business for you, Davis Needham and Robert Dranfield, in 1996)

To succeed, aims should be SMART. SMART is an acronym for:

SPECIFIC- The target should be clear and exact.

MEASURABLE- The objective will include a quantifiable component.

ATTAINABLE-The objective must be achievable.

REALISTIC- May be the objective achievable?

TIME CONSTAINED- The target is achieved in just a set time period or deadline.


Businesses have a objective statement, a objective statement is what the business enterprise is aiming for, a mission statement defines the core purpose of the business - why it is accessible, and shows employees' motivations for engaging in the business's work. Effective missions are motivating, long-term in nature, and easily realized and communicated.

Sainsbury's mission declaration is "To be the consumer's first choice for food, providing products of fantastic quality and great service at a competitive cost through working 'faster, simpler and jointly. " This quest assertion is a right to the point mission statement, it can be an understandable assertion.

This mission declaration is good. It says what the key points of the business are and exactly how they can achieve them. For example it says they will give a great service at good prices. This mission declaration is too obscure. It doesn't state all the ideals that the business has.

Strategic planning:

These are long-term plans that are established and completed by older management. The plank of directors will placed aims for the business as a whole


Planning for the future Sainsbury's have establish a renewal program to make a world-class grocery syndication network. Sainsbury's has recently guaranteed sites for new depots and begun building by 2005 they should be in operation.

Sainsbury's IT system is old and inefficient and costly for future development the system should be updated and personnel retrained, with the new systems it should save the business Ј600milion per annum.

Sainsbury's desires to broaden its e-commerce business to protect the whole nation at this time it only addresses 50% and also to increase the quantity of people shopping online.

Sainsbury's needs to plan the marketing that the business will take all together also within each store.

Increase market talk about and profit by 3% by advertising a wider selection of products and services


Tactical planning:

This is when the goals from older management are placed into short-term decisions for office professionals and store managers.


Make sure deliveries are promptly and this stock is put on shop floor


Customer satisfaction is increased and customer support is improved


Marketing information is viewed on the right day and in the correct location


Sales in the store increase by 2% within the next Year


1. 2 - Stakeholders and their effect on organisation

Huczynski and Buchanan (2001)

"A stakeholder is anyone apt to be affected, immediately or indirectly, by an organisational change. "

There are pursuing types of stakeholders,

Internal stakeholders

External stakeholders.

Internal stake holders are individuals who own the business enterprise or work for it and Individuals who have some say on a firm are exterior stakeholders.

I have discovered the following stakeholder that Sainsbury would have.

Internal Stakeholders

External stakeholders





Employees, etc. ,


The local Community


Funding Physiques, etc. ,

These key stakeholders can be mapped predicated on their different level of interests and vitality over the industry.

Power and interest matrix:

Stakeholder Mapping

Level of interest



Keep Satisfied

Key Players



Financial investors


Financial institutions


Financial corporations/banks


























Minimal Effort

Keep Informed

Local community


Key shareholders



































level of interest

Stakeholders Influence on company:

Customers: They encourage customers to choose much healthier food options. They make an effort to reduce queuing times at checkouts. They provide customers with easy auto parking for older and disabled people and parents with newborns. They also ensure that they have food to suit everyone. E. g. : American, Chinese language, Indian, Italian, Malaysian, Thai, Lebanese, Organic and natural, Dairy free etc.

Shareholders: THE BUSINESS has a DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan), which let us shareholders to reinvest their cash dividends in the Company's shares. In addition they provide the shareholders with information on how the company is doing, fiscally.

Staff: The staff obtains a 10% discount and present vouchers. They are able to work in a friendly environment. They get training.

Local community: they bring jobs for residents as well as new selections for customers. New stores usually bring new community facilities and a new supermarket. Nonetheless they understand that new stores can cause disruption. They try to be good neighbours, with consideration towards local residents.

Media/pressure communities: They regularly record on what they are doing for the surroundings. For example they are lowering carbon emissions from stores with energy conservation lamps and using alternative materials. They have also produced more products with less packaging.

Suppliers: they work directly with the suppliers to keep a close relationship. Lots of the suppliers that they use have been dealing with them for a long time.

1. 3 -Organisational culture and its impact :

Martin (1992, 3) provides following description of culture:

"As individuals touch organizations, they touch dress norms, reports people tell in what continues on, the organization's formal rules and procedures, its informal rules of behaviour, rituals, duties, pay systems, jargon and jokes only comprehended by insiders etc. These elements are a few of the manifestations of organizational culture. When social users interpret the meanings of these manifestations, their perceptions, memories, beliefs, encounters, and values will vary, so interpretations will fluctuate - even of the same sensation. The patterns or configurations of these interpretations, and the ways they can be enacted, constitute culture. "

The culture also offers an impact on the way that J Sainsbury functions as a supermarket incidentally that the culture of j Sainsbury is advertised through the advertising campaigns J Sainsbury launches through the advertising. "Making Life Taste Better" is currently a accepted slogan by all the customers of J Sainsbury credited to J Sainsbury advertising their culture so that J Sainsbury can exhibit what they are aiming to do for the clients? Some of J Sainsbury's "loyal" customers may possibly agree with the slogan that J Sainsbury uses, because customers may think that j Sainsbury offers them with food products of a superior quality, taste delicious and the price is competitive as well.

The staffs at J Sainsbury is definitely more than pleased to notify customers about products at a special offer etc, this is helpful to the customer scheduled to them realizing that there's special offers on, if it interests they would obviously choose the product. The people of staff also provide an outstanding form of customer support by the way that they make an effort to deal with customers as soon as possible, they have a lot of leaflets in the entry of the store that informs them about the other J Sainsbury services, such as the bank and now the house agent.

This motivates customers to utilize other J Sainsbury services, which also has an impact on the performance of J Sainsbury by getting customers. To provide a higher standard of customer services for the clients are also a couple of Customer service tables at the supermarket, which will have a staff participants there to help customers if help is needed, so that customers need not find a worker themselves.

This is how J Sainsbury offers a good customer support, which is also always improving with help to the study and development function. This can help the performance of J Sainsbury by customers feeling valued that they are cared for as individuals by the supermarket.


In order to judge the micro environment of the business basically we would have to check out different facets of the operation that the business undertake and the business enterprise strategies they follow to contend with the competitors. The best way to identify those elements is evaluate company's internal and external factors such as

SWOT examination:

This is a tool used by the organization to help the company establish itself in areas of its Talents, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Risks (SWOT). A SWOT examination is also used as a construction to help the organization develop its overall commercial, marketing, or product strategies. The Advantages and Weaknesses are inside factors and they're controllable the organization. The external factors are opportunities & risks and these can not be controlled the organization.

An exemplory case of this is shown in Sainsbury's SWOT Evaluation below;



Strength (Internal factors)

Weaknesses (Internal factors)

Strong brand name.

Market talk about.

Good reputation.

Good location

Expertise and skill.

National store network (638 stores)

UKs largest food retail purchaser

Sainsbury's Brand

Technology to get is weak and for that reason less effective.

Lack of Global Scale

Large profile ageing stores

Threat of takeover

Opportunities (Exterior factors)

Threats (External factors)

Joint ventures/Mergers

Increased market show.

Changes in society

New technology


No-food and Tesco Extra hypermarkets

Overseas developing marketplaces in Eastern Europe and Asia

Financial Services

Competitor's e. g. new opponents entering the marketplace, product, service and price provided by competitors.

Government insurance plan e. g. taxation, laws and regulations.

Changes in modern culture.

UK downturn/Price war

Entry of Wal-Mart

Other competitors



At this present occurrence the nature of the retail industry is changing its image dramatically and the importance to make it through with the opponents and continue to be as a leading company on the market has already reached its highest peak. However, there are a few issues which might have some impacts on the business enterprise.


Political factors:

They're many different facets to a politics influence. A politics influence may include:

Changes in today's taxing structure


Regulatory con-strengths

Availability changes in fresh materials

Trade Unions

At present the changing craze of globalised business is actually a challenge as well as a chance for the Sainsbury's because they might have to compete keenly against new pushes from all over the world to maintain best quality of the merchandise and services they provide.

Customer gets a negative impression due to investigation going on price fixing as Sainsbury's is shown in the very best four merchants in UK (Rigby 2008).

The UK Federal is to lessen corporation duty rates from 30% to 28%, which will help Sainsbury, to save lots of large amount of money (HM Treasury 2008).

Economical factors:

Economic affects are also vital in marketing. When discussing economic affects in marketing you must include:




The rising food prices because of global food problems may have influences on the business enterprise of Sainsbury's as it will definitely increase their purchasing and creation cost (economist. com 2008). And finally it will raise the overall price of the products in the super market

Supply chain of Sainsbury's gets damaged with the rising cost of fuel which may lead to an overall increase in prices.

The market meltdown will slice the purchasing vitality of the consumers as they might have less money to spend on luxury products. Therefore, automatically it is going to decrease income for Sainsbury's. On the other hand Sainsbury's operates financial services company with HBOS (Total annual Report 2007) and also a loan company. However, both of are directed affected due to recession.

As the competition in the market is really high other big opponents like ASDA, TESCO, MORRISON, LIDL, ALDI are cutting down their product prices and presenting lot of incentives to customer which may destined Sainsbury's to drop their prices to make it through on the market. (Annual Report 2008)


Social affects are also essential in marketing. When talking about social influences in marketing you must include:


Consumer lifestyles

Environmental issues

Demographic issues




Sainsbury's may bring in new quality recipes to cook easy and healthy food choices because more recently consumers have a tendency to eat fresh food and appear to be more health mindful.

According to medical department the rate of obesity in UK is increasing (department of health 2008). And because of that reason the united kingdom administration has emphasised on healthy eating (eatwell. gov. uk 2008) gives Sainsbury's for an opportunity to produce more healthy foods at a cheaper price to complement the ongoing craze.


Technological affects are also vital. When talking about technological influences you must include:

The new scientific process

Energy conserving techniques

New materials

Better equipment

New product developments

It is expected that by 2011 the online retail sales in European countries will hit around 263 Billion Euro because of the quick increase of internet shopping in which the shoppers in UK may accounting for greater than a third of all revenue.

Sainsbury's can take the advantage of utilizing internet as an advertising marketing as 8% of the global advertising is spent on the internet and the percentage is increasing day by day (The Economist, 2007). It will be very affordable and help the business to globalize very easily.

Self checkout machines may increase customer commitment as they don't have to wait in long queues sometimes for very few products. It will save you their time and increase comfort while shopping. It can be very cost effective as it will require less employee to work and can maintain run 24 hour outlets which will supercharge up the sales amount.

RFID (Radio Frequency Recognition Device) is a new technology yet to be popular but can play vital role in source chain management fort the company. It can benefit big companies like Sainsbury's to save lots of their valuable time as it needs less inventory and offers more efficiency. (Directions magazine 2008)


Environmental factors

Environmental factors are one of the key issues these days. Every company must ensure that they add in minimizing carbon footprint also to increase energy efficiency (Bream 2008) this means big companies like Sainsbury's would have to invest additional money to straighten out Green issues.

With the growing ethical issues such as selling organic foods and treating animals in a great way may have impacts on the business of Sainsbury's because they would have to retain their customers and balance their costs after maintain all environmentally friendly issues.

Legal factors:

Sainsbury's would have to develop its packaging and labelling policies to meet all the implications of LAW on food and refreshments. That may add extra cost with their overall budget?

As Sainsbury's operate a loan company and is involved with financial services they would have to be more worried about the legal issues and risks involved with their business.

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