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Marketing Mix In Hospitality Industry

The goal of your group was to associate marketing mix framework and its own uses in the hospitality industry. The primary objective in this is to explain why marketing combination is important in hospitality. So we attempted to apply marketing combine strategy in this specific area, using all the key elements of marketing combination and other specific especially for the hospitality industry elements: such as product/service offer, location (place), price, distribution, marketing and sales communications, physical environment, process and people.

The movement of work in our presentation included:

Analyse request of marketing combination in the hospitality business, which includes eight factors;

Identify the importance of marketing combine in the hospitality industry;

Discover how all aspect focus on practice. For this function there was a preexisting example of integrating marketing combination strategy used - Top Inn competitive principle.

Substantial amount of research demonstrates factors related to marketing mix play important role in the organization's development by using customer-focussed strategies. Successful exemplory case of execution of marketing blend strategy (Top Inn notion) has been analyzed inside our research as an effort to find out which benefits hospitality organisations might get from focusing their strategies on marketing blend. This possible results serves as grounds that makes the research interesting, important and relevant.

With regards to relationship between marketing combine and hospitality, the study identifies a number of factors that initiate or support each level in the process of creating marketing mix technique for hospitality organisation.

The methodology used in collecting and studying research materials is content research. The purpose of this research was to relate existing marketing mixture principle to the Hospitality industry. Marketing mixture is very important in the hospitality industry, as in any other business, as it is one of main strategies in marketing plan. Managers develop marketing mixture decisions to achieve agreed marketing objectives. All related marketing strategies are extremely important, because they are designed to get competition (market placement) and contact customers (target market segments), increase sales. Personally, I believe marketing mixture makes any product or service constant and professional. Without included marketing strategy, applying all marketing blend within the concept, hospitality business will never be in a position to operate efficiently. Marketing mix elements are crucial tools to effect demand over a hotel, food or any other hospitality market.

There was a large research manufactured in relation to this subject. That's the reason I could confidently say, that learned a lot out of this presentation planning. Marketing mix subject had not been new, but its applications and uses in the hospitality industry have been critically evaluated by me for the very first time.

How marketers work to impact demand before, during and after the service come across was another interesting and new aspect. This concept is suggested in the book of David Bowie and Francis Buttle "Hospitality Marketing", which was really helpful for our demonstration.

The marketing mixture is a center theory in hospitality marketing. Each aspect of the marketing mix is consistent with all the other elements. Those hospitality companies that do not give a constant marketing offer confuse customers by sending out mixed text messages. For example, luxury hotel can't be successfully situated in a 'down-market' or located definately not the centre (for case, the Dorchester is on the Area street). Cheap restaurant cannot efficiently sell a premium cooking food or vine.

In hospitality industry we have to give consideration to producing three marketing mixes, because of inseparability and perishability of hospitality products (services). In hospitality industry marketers are faced with making of pre-encounter, come across and post-encounter marketing mixes. The elements of the mixture may be different on each level of the service.

Pre-encounter marketing combine happens prior to the customer meet (come across) the service provide. They can be such marketing communications as advertising, retailing, price lists and brochures. Each of them influence customer goals, pre-encounter marketing combination is obviously about the client targets. Second, the encounter marketing mix happens at the point of sales. Marketers purpose in this stage is to avoid producing customer dissatisfaction. The third marketing mixture, post-encounter mix, designed to influence customers after their service experience. This is a stage of creating long-term romance with your client. Different part of the eight-element marketing combine are essential at each of the stages. For example, on the last post-encounter level we can use only marketing and sales communications and process. We cannot use location or product this second.

Strategies and strategies need to be developed for every single element of the marketing mix. There can even be a choice of different marketing strategies that can perform the same objective of the marketing combination strategy.

Brands are central to the marketing of multi-unit hospitality businesses. Leading Inn management created a new competitor concept. They developed branded concepts, blend the elements of the marketing blend and provide target customers with a much better brand offer than their rivals. They Properties that failed the brand standard's inspections were de-branded. So Properties that failed the brand standard's inspections were de-branded.

Such component as price resulted in for me to be the most challenging area of the subject. It was quite complicated to check out the strategy of the company and know how Premier Inn used a unitary price technique for the brand. They haven't any savings, but at the same second they have lots of different packages, offering different benefits for the clients. It was difficult to show this fine collection between price and online marketing strategy generally. But after some research it becomes clear how important are budget decision within the organisation, they can't be underestimated and have to be achieved in cooperation of marketers with fund department.

My personal role within the team was to create strategy, goals and targets for our research. I used to be a team-leader, so from the first day of our research there is a clear composition and plan of work offered by me. Tasks were allocated for every single member of a group with the respect to one definitive goal - to judge marketing mix standards and importance in the hospitality industry. My specific task included:

analysis of marketing mix in general and its software in the hospitality industry;

research and uncovering of clear exemplory case of the marketing blend strategy on practice;

Evaluation of three marketing mixes in the hospitality business.

All other customers did the evaluation of some particular elements of marketing mixture, their application in hospitality and on the practice (Premier Inn marketing mix application and competitor concept). Collected by them information, research and examination of allocated elements were accumulated by me, as a group-leader, generated, integrated, presented. After this conclusion was done

We had a restricted time-frame. So that it was not plenty of time to sit alongside one another and speak about the subject. Which means this limitation didn't give us an possibility to discuss the problem inside the group.

Another challenge for me personally was specification of the team-work by itself. After allocation of tasks I expected all associates of the group to beef deadline, and put together their task in advance. It would give me possibility to perfect and analyse their job better. But as most of us different, have different level of drive and opportunities, not everybody had their responsibilities prepared on time.

The other challenge and excuse for all of us was that people also had another display, which had to be ready the same week, just one day before marketing. It had been difficult, but such a pressure summons people's skills and opportunities for better performance. So overall performance of an organization, when preparing presentation, could be approximated as successful.

Personally, I really believe it was an extremely valued experience of the team work for me personally. I have an experience in preparation of several presentations individually. That's the reason it was challenging and useful for me personally.

We can not avoid team-work, since it is very important on any work place. Teamwork is the co-operative effort by a group of people to attain a goal. Achievement is usually measured by some type of performance sign (for example, client satisfaction, sales growth). From my viewpoint groups have to be combined according to the skills and opportunities of the group-members, so people can make equivalent contribution.

Teamwork can only be upgraded when the group change their behavior so that performance improves. I made many conclusions from this group-work that will improve my self-development. I am a kind of individualist, who wants than everything is done on time. That is why often it is simpler for me to prepare individual responsibilities and make any research. But I have to focus on it. So I can suggest this improvement for myself: to listen other folks carefully and don't use any pressure.

As due to the research the final outcome can be suggested:

Each aspect of the marketing is constant with all the current other elements;

Marketing mix is very important in Hospitality Industry;

Success of marketing plan and online marketing strategy will depend on marketing mix software;

Marketing mix in Hospitality is dependant on classic marketing combination, but is specific.

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