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Marketing case study on TUI Travel: PESTEL and SWOT


TUI illustrates one of the very most amazing and successful tactical change of a company, among the major Western european companies. From 1997 to 2003, its management turned one of the oldest metal and mining conglomerates, known as Preussag, into TUI the undisputed Western innovator in the tourism industry - an easy growing but very volatile and competitive industry.

TUI is a world leading international leisure group which works in 180 countries on the globe and provide 30 million people. It head office in crawly near Gatwick international airport in UK. It offers 5000 employees and 146 plane. From the previous ten years visitor industry growing at an gross annual pace of 4. 1%, 2005 is best calendar year of the industry. In financial calendar year 2009 TUI travel earnings is 13. 9 billion. In order to become a European leader, the group embarked on a steady programme of major acquisitions while divesting the non-cour business. 1st January 2000 the Happing Touristic union was renamed "TUI Group" and jumped in the Western market. Terriest problems in NY (2001), BALI (2003) and Madrid (2004) can traumatic influence on international travel from 2000 to 2004. In 2005 tui needed full control of leading Canadian box shipping line, and merged its box shipping division with it.


Factors that outside the organization which make a difference the business over all

These factors are



All the guidelines and regulation which may be imposed authorities of the country where the business can exit. What kind of facilities that the government can give the company to compete in the industry? Tax relief, in case of reduction how much duty refund? Can authorities give the merger and acquisition when TUI can enter in the other countries like Asian (china, India)?

Security problem is also face all around the globe, exactly like terrorist attacks in New York IN 2001, in London bus blast make a difference too much in the international overall economy and international tourist industry in 2000 to 2004. Because all word can connect with each other with as the global town that's why company can't face any issue to merge and acquisition with German companies, in UK, USA, India in china and other countries across the world European counties, Asia pacific, American, Africa, midsection east

Some authorities can impose heavy duty on companies that why it can create a problem with tui when they merge with them


Currency exchange rates can also a huge problem for tui when he can goes into the other countries. Difference between Pakistani currencies any UK as well as others same with the other countries.

In across the world whole economy run on essential oil prices when they can fluctuated in can create a problem same situation with tui. Lower barrier to type in the market can create a sophisticated position in competition.


Tui can provide the customer holiday packages, online scheduling facilities

Brand is a unique thing that company can offer to its customers. It's about the belief of the client different brand for different countries. If we can follow the BCG matrix is can tell the nice position of the business. All the other companies' tui can also adopt the insurance plan of going green


Tui can add on line center because of its customer to buy ticket and any information that they need. In this manner they can cut staff cost and intermediates. Your customer is only one click a long way away from you and somewhere else. Tui can establish TV programmes, save customer data basic to retain in touch by using training video conferencing.

In 2002 they can reengineering their work and decrease their fuel efficiency they can work on more productivity. Tui can also use EDS planning system for the price efficiency.

Health problem is also face by the holiday business. Even how WHO can't impose any bane going the countries in which swine flow is (HINI)


Different counties administration can impose different sorts of guidelines and legislation regarding health insurance and safety (Aviation Safe practices and Regulation). Some trade laws and regulations just like ban on merger and acquisition.

Different airport right for some carriers. If the government can want to monopoly he can't give agreement to the company to made air- slot in a country. Company may take agreement from the government


In German TUI AG can expose environmental system matching to ISO14001 in their brain quarter. Both the management system like local climate protection and biodiversity and in house system just like, wastage management, energy cover can provide tui world-wide identification to good environmental policy.


When we can discuss industry composition of tui we suggest industry life pattern or swot analyses of the company.


Swot analysis may be used to just like other analytical tools like PESTL and porter five pushes to analyses the internal and exterior position of the company

Strength and Weaknesses;

Strength is the inner factor of the tui travel which can use company to remove weakness. For this function company can use its fiance department, it accounting, HR, marketing to improve weakness, the business can improve its weakness. Company may use its technical, strategies, distribution channel, its product quality, management to conquer the poor examine to circulation, low customer retention, fragile brands, absence of important skills, etc.

Opportunities and hazards;

Today is a phrase of competition, tui travel can have a too much threats for the externally, tui can have a opportunities to triumph over the hazards like technological progress, new distribution channel, low taxes, liberalisation of geographic market, present new packages for the holiday, online ticketing center, to defeat the technological growth, change government insurance policies, tax increase

Competitive analysis

Competitive examination can help company to think about the following things. Its main rivals are Thomas make meals, My Travel group, Rewe Touristik.

1. Challengers past present and future history

2. Future investment criteria

3. Basic strategies

These can solve our different problems and answer the questions

What our challengers?

What are their goals?

What's their weakness and strength?

Porter five pushes can also tell us about the opponents position these all include exterior factors

Threat of entry

Barriers to new entrance

Too much capital and resources are essential.

70% show can be controlled by 10 leaders

Brand loyalty can even be problem for new access.

Economy of range should be high


In flight industry there is absolutely no substitute. People can use different ways but there is nothing much better than air jet. Company may offer different seasonal offer for the customer

Bargaining power of suppliers

If the company have low show on the market then supplier electricity is also to be high. Four market market leaders cover more than 50 present market segments there is risk of backward integration. Its show only supplier modest barging ability.

Bargaining electric power of buyers

Emergence of internet and online there is certainly low turning cost of purchasers. Companies have fewer substitutes limit the barging electric power of buyers

Competitive rivalries

Moderate degree of competition prevails in industry. Fix cost also to be high favour the company. And there is 8% market talk about between two companies (Thomas prepare 13% and tui 21%). Because of these reasons there is low chance of competition.

Resource and capabilities

Companies have some internal resources plus some external resources

Financial resources

Tangible resources

Includes the business air jets, busses, premises that they can hire, production herb which can work for creation of goods.

Intangible resources

The resources which we can't see directly, its include tui brand company can has near about 200 brand where include

Tui Thomson

Novellas frontiers

Tui Deutschland

The moorings

Tui ark



Late rooms. com


Hayes Jarvis

Air tours

Etc. They are the main brand which may be offered by the company for its devoted customers.


Company can add on line reservation system for the convenience of its customers, and reduce cost. Popular custom logo "smile ''to represent a number of companies in which UK travel operator Thomson Holiday. TUI has a 80 travel operator and 155 plane around the European countries. Tui have lots of big hotel, boats people can purchase ticket online anywhere from the earth.

Human resources

Culture and vision

We are a leading world travel group we've a solid value in and culture in the eyes of our faithful customers. We always keep in mind our customers expectation and enough time that they can spend with us. We want to take action new every day. We are able to look the opportunities which is often helpful for our customer and make value add for them

External resources and capabilities

Alliance with partners

Company can also alliance with Air Berlin seal and tui CEO says we are incredibly happy to offer with German company in this manner we can reach the German market and give excellent performance and we despite the recent doubt.


Our choice is to provide customer vacation option for meet their targets we also know the dynamics of the industry. Customer can buy on line tickets from our head to operators in all over the world.

Porter value chain

Firm infrastructure

Tui can have a huge structure it can truly add value at every part, like its marketing division, finance department, R&D division and all other can add value

Technology development

Tui can bring in new air craft's, busses, and accommodation and on line ticket facility because of its customers.

Research and development

To compete on the market company can increase its product line. Tui can create new packages on holiday, on special occasion at offences on Easter give extra facilities to its customers and demand them more

Supporting activities

Receive customer and security check is an important thing then company can luggage managing facility for its customer

In air travel service like evening meal, lunch, drinking alcohol and other faculties like paper, internet etc.

Marketing sales and booking service worldwide immediate or online from other retail retailers or online use of net.

Profit margin which the company may take to spent on these actives and money they can earn

VA=sales earnings - purchase on revenue and reduction A/C - depreciation

Company structure

Company can have 200+ brands and product for wide variety of differentiated and adaptable travel experience for fulfil targets of these customers. Company tactical goals is to increase shareholder expectation

Company want to

Leading International Leisure Travel Company.

Capitalized market 2. 5 billion.

More than 50000 schools working across 6 countries.

Strategy synopries

Strategy is a well planned series of action. Tui strategy is to produce superior show holder value by being the world leading leisure travel group providing customers with the choice of differnetiated and good experience

For achieveing this purpose company can established four areas in which they can focuse

Product and content

Distribution and brand

People and functional effectiveness

Growth and capital allocation

Product and content

Attention on the customer and change booking rates

Earlier Arranging trend

Different product to your rivals and unique in the marketplace

People and functional effectiveness

Our employess are our asset

Business model that can respond to chage demand

Yeild management systemand development of advanced capacity

Increase profit percentage up 30 basis things from 2. 9% to 3. 2%

Integration progressing well with total synergies upgraded to 200m

Distribution and brands

Good marriage with the customer

Keep in mind customer choice

Highly respected brands that provide value and quality

Growth and capital allocation

11 topic high expansion businesses in specialist sectors

Progressing in development programs well in Russia &CIS

Increase go back on invested capital to 9. 2%

Consolidation with Canadian market through proposed strategic business with sun wing

Company challenges

Tui industry activates are shows that the business can contributes 11% of GDP and its own exports are 12%. Fifty worlds least develop countries rely largely on this activity for financial development and in this way and holiday spending shows that tourist spending grows to the bad position.

UN world travel and leisure organization estimates that industry emits around five present global carbon emissions of which 2 present are aviation and the rest are mainly for carry and accommodation. We are able to display our part in minimizing carbon wastage, protect biodiversity and limit this we can use directly and other indirect way to save lots of biodiversity as this sorts an integral part of our product when our customer are trip they can experience.

These all are the hurdles that your tui travel can face. Our policy in this example is this to avail cultural economical and environment benefits and make travel experience convenient and little environmental impact, respect the culture and people of places can gain more and more benefits

To achieve these goals we realize that we are by itself, but we alone lead the travel industry throughout. For this function we can take next steps.

Business decisions should be sustainable development.

Sustainability impact on our daily procedure should be minimize

Change the vacation options which can't meet our requirements

For attracting more customer take customers experience what they need from them.

Made new brands and new techniques in industry trend and placed a standard it there is no competitive

To avoid negative impact put something back to environment.

Use our influence for the development.

Give customer more motivation and rest for attract increasingly more customers.

We should support our resource chain for the purpose of minimizing effects.

Strategic choice

By proper choice we mean which strategy tui use to become most successful in every over the world? What's there policy? What techniques which they can use? What exactly are their suppliers? The way the company can grow in international industry? What's their expansion rate, what's their price insurance policy? What is their market insurance policy? What's their power? What their weakness? What their power? What are the opportunities that the business can avail to become a successful in the industry?

To evaluate these questions we can use following techniques and models

Ansoff matrix

Market penetration

Market penetration we signify existing product in existing market. If the company can introduce bundle in the prevailing market he should be penetrate the market he should start form the bottom level just cover its cost rather than make too much income. For the intended purpose of consolidation tui should use this insurance policy in market to remain competitive in industry. Companies can penetrate the market into the

Following three ways

Gaining competitive customers

Improve product and service quality

Attracting nonusers or the client who use other company product or services

Product development

If the business can present new product in same market they can spend too much on advertisement. He should unveiling specific location oriented packages, just like buy one get one free. Company can create low cost operation and deals, if he can introduce high cost less chance of success. Companies can use this technique to for

Utilization of excess production capacity

To increase its products in which to stay the market

Exploit new technology

Increase overall market share

Market development

Tui should be concentration on Russia, India, and china and make important to always show its presence in the market. This strategy is going toward pursuing two concepts

Business to business

In recognise the business can sale its solution to their franchise and their brokers can sale product or introduce new deals to the client. They have low pain to the company

Business to customer

If the business direct hook up with the client online and sell their product exactly like tui international for the intended purpose of given tickets, online ticket verification, changes, take customer bio data etc.


If the business can add new product in new market, what's policy? What's the position of your competitors? What exactly are their weaknesses? Can company use their weakness to make himself power?

Diversification may be related or unrelated. Diversification may be backward, ahead and horizontal integration

Backward integration when the tui can extends its activities towards its type such as suppliers of uncooked materials

Horizontal integration whenever a company become business related to its activities

International strategy of company

Tui can serve over 30 million customers worldwide and work in 180 countries of the world. Company turnover is near about 80million Euros per time. To set permanent strategy first choice holidays become a member of tui in July 2001 and in 2002. Tui is a founding member of toi.

As a specialist in emerging marketplaces sectors is an international portfolio of travel business, company can give attention to specific section or physical sector or country. Sector includes 40 business operation form THE UNITED STATES, Europe and recently emerging markets in Russia and Ukraine. Company can also concentrate on student education trips and outings to china and taiwan, Africa or Australia. Company to offering brands include mostravel, turchese and Hayes &Jarvis.

Joint business in Russia with CIS made tui profitable and present a chance to a company to work with their local companies.

Advantages of joint ventures and alliances

Tui travel can promote any sort of risk with others.

Government can give the company leisure to entry

Company can have a more resources and these resources can start new wind flow in the mind of thinkers

Company can't face any issue in licensing

There are some drawbacks of joint adventure

Make good relationship with foreign spouse.

Too much limited capacity to coordinating activities in other countries

Due to these limits company a while face a loss

General strategies of tui Travel

Cost leadership

Company could work at lower cost and broad concentrate on in all around the world. Environment can affect the company insurance plan just like Iceland problem in around the globe airfare, company can tolerate reduction, what company can do to sustain


To maintain its cost standard PIA (Pakistan international air travel) can take flight more flight for its cost

We should keep in head that cost leadership is minimizing cost to the business to deliver the merchandise or service. What the customer can pay it is different issue.


The way where tui travel can identify product or service to gain the competitive gain. For this purpose company need exact information of industry.

Company should need

Ability to provide high quality product or service.

Research and development

Attractive sale and marketing personnel to all above the world

Focus strategy

By which a tui travel focus on market where there is move forward and luxury hotel for faithful people, business course in air jets, excellent pick and choose and drop service to airport to hotel etc.

On the basis of these strategies company can't arranged its prices or goals great deal of other models like PESTEL, BCG, and ANSOFF MATRIX are a good idea for the business to make their decision.

If the company low priced strategy is attractive to attract more and more customer it is successful. But there may be lot of other factors like porter five causes how do company remove hurdles which he is able to face

Strategy in action

We can discuss the process recognise the business can follow, arranging resources, changing and which strategy is company can use.

Company structure

Tui can signed up in London stock market and it created 2007 by the merge of first choice getaway PLC travel and leisure division

Company main aim is to make superior shareholder value, and the business target is to get maxim earnings to merge and requisition

What the company want to do

Lead international leisure Travel Company.

2 200+ products and brands company can have.

3 2. 5 billion Market capitalisations$

4 Company can have 3500 retail shops and 146 aircrafts in European countries.

5 More than 50000 worker could work in 6 continents in all around the world.

Company primary goal is to make earnings and employee amount. For this purpose company can provide different deals to customer.

Change in strategy

Change in weather is actually a greatest environmental task facing in across the world and it is important issue for the tui international. As we realize carbon emission can effect on green cover and put important part in global warmness.

June 2009 tui travel complete carbon disclosure task regarding their planning to carbon management.

Adaption change

Tui travel can transform his strategy relating to situation of current economic climate. For made any kind of change company can ask himself pursuing questions

Can there suitable demand and conditions?

Can it give lasting competitive benefit?

Does it have a good tactical fit?

Does it avert risks and take opportunities?

Does it meet stakeholder prospects?

It comprises with center competencies and tactical capabilities?

Kinds of change

Adaption change

If tui travel can change his policy according to see current situation of stakeholders. For example company can bring in new offer in holidays, in Easter, in Crismis happening.

Evolution change

Sometime tui travel can provide plans to customer just like free insurance, free transfer to their own restaurants etc.

Revolution change

Due to any reason just like volcano ash in Iceland can create a problem in around the globe especially in European countries. All around the globe plane tickets for UK is disturbed.

Some companies fly extra flights to recover this loss. This can create a major record in life of flight industry.

Reconstruction change

If the change can around the existing situation, tui travel can change its policy daily.


Tui travel can have a good knowledge of internal and external issues; these exact things can help him to handle the stakeholders of the business. Its targets and ambitions developed on the basis of an inclusive process and do address its materials issues

In his sustainable development Record Company can have describe its focuses on, visions, missions, associated polices its plank level commitment to attain its goals.

Solution of sustainable development problems Tui travel can perform as a job model and made a long-term policy.

Tui travel focus on embedding and applying its sustainable development insurance plan and associated ambitious focuses on.

Tui travel should be less management emphasis and much more on stakeholders to find out their overall effects to see their strength and weakness.

Tui travel formalise its exterior stakeholder engagement process to raised capture and report specific outcome with their stake holders and find answers to its lasting development challenges.

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